I Got Myself Well, Perhaps You Can Too, chris Milbank

  I Got Myself Well Perhaps You Can Too.
                           chris Milbank

  chris was seriously ill with immune problems and many serious infections, he treated him self naturally and shares his knowledge to help others.
In my classes I ask the students, how many times there Doctor has actually told them the cause of their problem, on average it’s less than one in ten times. They just do not know, other than what they have been taught about managing symptoms, antibiotics, drugs to chemically change symptoms and a bit of surgery, they follow the software on the computer and have maybe seven minutes per patient. #Yikes.
Most illnesses have a Total Toxic Body Burden , of toxic metals like mercury lead nickel cadmium, absorbed via air pollution , chemically altered shit food, and industrial waste in food soil and water supplies, also nasty toxic vaccines and mercury amalgam fillings, but also inhaled furniture flame retardants, and over 70,000 new chemicals introduced into the enviorment since WW2. We live in a toxic epidemic. Boom Boom.
The metals limit mineral absorption in our cells,this in turn has the body absorb more toxic metals in place of the minerals they really need, throwing our body into dissaray, they cause leaks in gut lining, triggering inflammation that’s in every illness, which makes symptoms far worse, they weaken the immune system, so we can’t protect against germs in the usual way, they create a dirty enviorment so germs, and fungus and parasites like worms and flukes can invade our blood our organs gut lungs etc. This adds far more poison, the fungus like candida grows roots in the gut and spreads throughout the body, eating away at the extra dead tissue in the body the toxic metals have been destroying, causing more inflammation, more toxicity, a weaker compromised immune system, chemical changes in the brain, triggering heightened stress, causing more problems, with acidity in the body, a further weakened digestive system, poorer elimination and detoxification channels, the immune system to weaken even further. The list is endless, it goes on and on.
So what do we need to do.
1 Stop the tap running a flow of toxins into our body. If we have mercury amalgam fillings get them out, adult fillings leak on average 15mcg of mercury vapours a day, this is killing brain cells, and hurting you everywhere. Don’t use tap water unless filtered, eat a bit more wisely, I am not telling you to become an organic meditating monk, but eat the good stuff more.
2 Make sure our exits are clear ie we are getting three bowell movements a day, and drinking 3 litres a day minimum as an adult as a general flush, toilets need a flush so do we. It’s basic plumbing.
3 We need to cleanse the body and gut of toxic metals in circulation, that help make an enviorment for germs fungi mold and parasites.
4 We need to start killing the germs, fungi, mold and parasites in the body.
5 We then need to dig deeper and detox and grab the toxic metals that are held in deeper tissue, organs and bones, and start detoxing the brain cells of these metals.
6 We need to replace lost minerals, rebuild digestive system and repair gut.
When we address these problems, so many health issues clear up on their own, either way it’s the ground work we need to do, to get well, inevitably some people, after this may need a naturopathic doctor to run a few tests, and find ways to boost specific body systems, that may need further help. Yet remember the diagnostic tests can be expensive, the above needs to be addressed. Many occasions, I have known people to have alternative testing, and the cause of their problems are toxins, and pathogens like viruses bacterial infections and fungi or mold etc. The treatments I recommend, blanketly work with these.
I am not a medical doctor, my work is my own research and my own experience. Always seek medical advice 1st, but ask the doctor, what is the cause of my asthma, heart disease, neurological problems like Parkinsons, osteoarthritis, allergies etc, if they do not know, will they ever heal the issue or just disguise it.

I have a process, I guide people with a simple Skype call and follow up email, with simple steps. I will share an overview of all the steps. I charge a simple affordable fee to guide people through each step. I do not earn from the chelation detox supplements I recommend I am independent.
To enquire just email me milbankchristopher@yahoo.co.uk If you are on medications by a medical doctor, advise them what you are doing, they may not understand, they wern’t trained in detox and nutrition, but as your body changes, medications may need to be altered and monitored.




Getting Well Simplified

Getting Well Simplified.
chris Milbank

  (I am not a Dr any advice is my experience and or my research only, seek always medical advice, The doses I have taken here listed are an adult dose, Naturopathic Drs can talk aboout a childs dose or what may be beneficial for children, or a medical dr )
Our doctors often give a label that covers our symptoms, like Asthma, Parkinsons, Auto Immune Disorders, and pretty much the whole A TO Z of labels. But what are the causes, why do we have a label, why do we have an infection, why do we need surgery, what is the cause of needing surgery. So often they do not answer these questions well.
Simply put, when we are ill, we have low voltage, our electrical pathways are not good conducters, in fact we show resistance. All this means a lowered amount of electrons are flowing through the body.
Toxins like toxic metals (lead, cadmium,mercury, alluminium, uranium, nickel, bio unavailable copper that we cannot use), also pesticides herbicides, toxic preservatives, toxic food colourings, fumes from carpets and furnishings covered in flame retardants, and many more, are Electron Stealers. Yes that means they lower our electrical flow and increase resistance. Also germs like bad bacteria, bacterial infections, viruses, parasites, mycobaterium, fungi such as candida, and molds, all steal electrons.
Many alternative therapists diagnose low voltage areas in the body and then test to see what increases the voltage to treat an illness or weakness. Accupuncturists, use needles as good conductors of electricity to help increase electrical flow.
So what increases electrons. Water helps us to rehydrate and increase flow, also flush out toxins. Antioxidants donate electrons. We need more electron donors than stealers to start correcting health issues.
I have below outlined two steps with parts in , for reducing toxicity and reducing pathogens ie germs parasites fungi mold etc. Generally if your condition is chronic and you are not in acute pain or in a life threatening illness, clearing toxicity first is a good idea, the more toxic you are the more germs viruses candida parsites will want to stay with you or even reinfect you. If however your infection is acute, or life threatening of course seek medical advice but you may choose to use the anti pathogen treatments first in step two, I did when suffering with aids hiv for instance. This blog is about removing electron stealers and adding electron donors, this makes the foundation for health, for some people this may be all they need to do, for others they may need to address causes in extra ways or specific ways, as well, so remember this is a foundation to build on, please on doing so send questions, if specific symptoms are still apparent, maybe I can offer you information.

Step One Detoxing toxic metals and other toxins.
First rule stop putting the toxins in, if you have mercury amalgam metal fillings, get them removed preferably by a biological dentist, if not at very least get them removed by a mercury safe removal dentist, who has at least minimum training. Ordinary dentists may drill your fillings, they already leak on average 15mcg of mercury vapour daily, drilling heats them and you may get a seriously high toxic load, or you may swallow bits of mercury. More is explained in my blog Total Toxic Body Burden. http://chrismilbank.com/ttbb-total-toxic-body-burden-reduction/
Reduce packaged food and add more fresh and organic foods, up your vegetables, and aim to look for more alkaline diets.
2 Make sure your exits are clear, you will need to be defecating three times daily, if you are not, take a supplement of essential minerals, one called Concentrace is a good one amongst others. If you are still not doing three number two’s a day, you may want to do a herbal colonic treatment, search for Dr Natura Colonix, or try a supplement that combines oxygen and magnesium called Oxy T. We need your exits clear as it’s basic plumbing for draining a toxic swamp.
3 Draining the toxic bdy swamp. We want to do this safely, as mercury and lead are so toxic, they can cause damage and a lot of distress, if we use powerful detoxers but do not protect ourselves. Over the years I have tried many and researched many, the one I like the best is a product called ZeoGold. This is a purified first zeolite, a volcanic mineral negatively charged that pulls in positively charged toxins, mercury lead, cadmium, nickel, other toxic metals, dioxins, certain hormone disruptors, and even bacterial infections and virus particles in time. It will powerfully clean the gut of these toxins, the gut holds about 70 to 80%of our immune system, it is where we digest our food, and also we set much of our brain chemistry. Toxic Metals destroy the gut, weaken immune system, and destroy nervous system, all in time, they create a celluar imbalance, and cell destruction, paving the way for candida to be fed with dead tissue, and bacteria and other pathogens to use the metals in biofilm mucous and metals combined that protect them from the immune system, and even many medical drugs like antibiotics.
The ZeoGold also has absorbable vitamin c as an antioxidant, fulvic acid which hooks in toxic metals, and balances minerals in cells, R Lipoic acid that crosses blood brain barrier, neutralising toxins in the brain, it also has the number one top antioxidant gluathione, which detoxes deep inside cells and cleans liver. An adult would start off with one a day and work up to four a day. I recommend the 3 month detox which is 12 containers,for $300.00 . This will give time, to cleanse gut of toxicity, lower toxic metals in circulation, and get ready for killing pathogens. After killing pathogens we should aim to repeat the three month metal detox again, as when we kill pathogens like candida bacteria parasites more toxins can be released back into the body. So we reduce toxicity in circulation, kill pathogens and again cleanse more toxicity.
An ideal partner, to the ZeoGold during this process is a good collidial silver that is clear, and between ten to 25 parts per million ppm. I would aim to take two tablespoons daily, but start off at a smaller dose gently killing pathogens, as you get used to it increase. For those very ill, we can take a lot more silver, but this is about as much as we need if the illness is more chronic or it’s about prevention.
So to sum up Step one, stop putting toxins in, make sure you are defecating three times daily or more, drink plenty of water, work through the 12 containers of ZeoGold in their special 3 month detox and take the silver for that three months.

Step Two Pathogens.
Pathogens are viruses, bacterial infections, parasites like worms and flukes and more, candida, other fungal infections and mold. If you have been struggling with step one, it may well mean you have such a huge load of toxic metals in your system, you need to repeat it, right away. At anytime you can lower dose, skip a day give your body a chance to catch up etc, and lower dose. To reduce most metals takes two to three years to completly do it lead takes 15 years as it gets deep in the bone.
If the phase one has left you feeling really good, it will mean that your toxic metals and other toxins have been reduced enough in circulation, and we can kill some pathogens, and if thhey release more toxins into blood stream we are already cleaner to cope with it. Also our detoxification pathways will also already be clearer.
The big pathogens may well hold the most toxicity ie candida often holds it’s own weight in lead and mercury, parasites can hold bacteria and viruses as well as toxic metals. Clearing fungi and candida may release more bacteria and viruses held in it’s biofilm. Parasites may do more toilet in you as we begin to kill them.
At this point it can be good to kill the big pathogens first, for the reasons above. Candida releases so many toxins into the body, and so do parasites, and one treatment tool kills much of both. This is 100% pure gum spirits of turpentine. If it does not have that label do not use it, do not use the hardware type either that has other chemicals in. Turpentine has been used to kill parasites and also as an anti bacterial and to slow down the replication of viruses for hundreds of years. Our great great grandmothers so often talked of Turpentine. Everybody should read the pdf by expert Dr Jennifer Daniels 1st before doing this treatment. http://www.sgn80.com/docs/The_Candida_Cleaner.pdf
Dr Daniels wants us to respect this treatment no adults should ever take more than a teaspoon, she states that children have far lesser doses. In fact start with a quarter teaspoon for adults. Children have to have considerably less follow her protocol. As an adult, I first used turpentine, 1 teaspoon in 3 cubes of white sugar, the parasites and candida thrive on sugar so they eat it and then die as turpentine enters them. Turpentine has huge antioxidant qualities, but may make you very sleepy, it may make you feel a little sick for an hour, just drink plenty of water and lie down. I have also used the turpentine with castor oil, to soak my small intestine and clear many pathogens there too, 1 teaspoon of turpentine I mix with one tablespoon of castor oil. Sun fruit Dan of you tube has excellent 5 and 10 minute videos on taking 100 % pure gum spirits of turpentine. I did take it twice a week, but upped to 5 days on two days off and on 2nd week all the candida came out of me in loads , white stuff that was stringy like mesh in the toilet, worms also passed.
When the parasites and candida all seems cleared or you are feeling even more super well, you can go back to repeating steps one. However, if you think you have other parasites, or suffering from infections. You have two choices either carry on with the turpentine, or using another method. Like chlorine dioxide (CD).
CD also known as Miracle mineral Supplement (MMS). Is made at home by buying a mix of sodium chlorite and either citric acid or HCL acid, when we mix the two together it forms chlorine dioxide. A seriously effective treatment for any bacterial infection and or viral infection ie herpes hiv , hpv, cmv, etc etc. You can follow protocol 1,000 this is slowly working your way up to 3 x drops of the cd, in a galss of water every hour for eight hours a day for 21 days. There is also a chlorine dioxide enema you can do that can also limit parasites, and personally this enema I have found has flushed many out in just a few goes. However do not use at same time as the turpentine, either use one protocol or the other, or complete one then use the other. Take a few days break in between too. With any of these detoxes if they make you feel queasy sick or have the runs headcahes etc, stop when better restart at a lesser dose. Work up gradually. Here are the links for the CD/MMS oral method and enema method. Protocols scroll down on right hand side http://jimhumble.is/ You can look up Protocol 1,000 and enema protocol from here . I have used this many times, it saved my life when I was attacked with aids. MMS CD suppliers called water purification suppliers for legal medicine law reasons http://waterpurificationsuppliers.is/
Do not use antioxidants whilst doing MMS / CD, as they neutralise each other they will be ineffective. One can stop the silver when on the chlorine dioxide or turpentine. After doing the chlorine dioxide protocols, it’s a good idea to replenish your body with antioxidants as they get depleted with MMS/CD.
Now if you are feeling better, it is time to do another 3 x month of ZeoGold detox, if you have emotional and or psychological issues, it may be an idea to also use some ACZ Zeolite spray or Waiora Zeolite drops, these are nano sized and cross the blood brain barrier to detox the brain tissues of lead and mercury.
At this point some of you may like to contact me, as some of you may have very deep lead issues, some may be more mercury toxic, by this time if you are feeling better, some of you may want to go even further to even more deeply rid metals, at this point there are many options. However they all come with a warning, so do email me at milbankchristopher@yahoo.co.uk and or contact a Naturopathic Dr, or a metal chelation specialist. You will have already doe a lot of preparation, gu will be cleaner detox pathways and cells cleaner pathogen load less, etc. If you are still struggling, it is far better to take lower doses and take more time, you have taken many years to get toxic allow time to detox.
When detoxing candida follow the advice in the pdf. There is at least 7 months of detox above, this is a great start, but not exhaustive at all. two to three years to fully rid mosst of the metals, lead 15 years from bone, however you may well show good in blood tests hair tests as a huge amount of toxins will bre reduced that were in circulation..
Steps were 1 Reduce toxins
Steps 2 Reduce Pathogens
Steps 3 Reduce more toxins.
ZeoGold if in UK make an order request by email to enable a UK Shipment, address to Sloan info@longevityplus.com info on ZeoGold https://longevityplus.com/products/zeogold-90-day-detox-12-bottles?variant=13973776006 It is also available one at a time in UK but works out dearer from Spectrum Supplements.
Collidial Silver as long as it’s clear and between 10 to 25 ppm is good I have used before https://www.amazon.co.uk/Silver-Tec-Promotion-Delivery-Confidence-Manufacturer/dp/B016DTO76Y?SubscriptionId=AKIAILSHYYTFIVPWUY6Q&tag=duckduckgo-ffsb-uk-21&linkCode=xm2&camp=2025&creative=165953&creativeASIN=B016DTO76Y or Active Silver www.active-silver.co.uk
Or something you can just spray in mouth 20 x sprays twice a day as its a stronger silver https://www.resultsrna.com/advanced-cellular-silver-200-extra-strength/ also available in UK from Amazon ebay and other suppliers.
Any of these Collidial silvers above will help with the detox, just choose one. Or research and find one that feels right for you.

The Zeolite spray for more specific brain detox https://www.resultsrna.com/acz-extra-strength/ again also available in UK Amazon ebay etc this is not instead of the ZeoGold but as an added extra for brain detox.
Colon Cleansing products
Enema Bag https://www.amazon.co.uk/Enema-Douche-Intestinal-Vaginal-Irrigation/dp/B00EEAA958/ref=sr_1_2_s_it?s=drugstore&ie=UTF8&qid=1493651380&sr=1-2&keywords=enema+bag
Dr Natura Colonix http://www.drnatura.com/ also available from other UK Suppliers just search internet.
http://www.healthleadsuk.com/oxy-t-600mg-x-90-capsules.html/ Oxygen magnesium formula for softening fecal matter to increase defecation elimination.
During the detox apart from when using MMS/CD using a general vitamin mineral formula is a good idea, and adults should consider upping their vitamin c intake to 10 to 12 grams spread troughout the day. If your tummy is sensitive to vitamin c, try it as sodium ascorbate, which is less acidic, or a Lyposomal vitamin c by liv on labs.

My Get Well course is linked below. By following this blog you will be reversing electron stealers and increasing electron donors towards better health.
I can be emailed re questions at milbankchristopher@yahoo.co.uk

Longer Deeper Calmer Sleep chris Milbank

Longer Deeper Calmer Sleep chris Milbank


Me me me lol

There can be many reasons for poor sleep, including stress and anxiety, fears, poor nutrition body toxicity, and even being over tired. When the body heals the most is during deep sleep, and healing takes a lot of energy, so if body energy is low then you will sleep poorly. Sometimes a high energy snack before bed can make a difference here.
A great place to start is magnesium citrate as an oral magnesium. You see when we are emotional stressed or anxious we deplete huge reserves of this calming mineral, but so does junk food, and alcohol depletes it so quick our magnesium levels get real low, and almost all pharmaceutical drugs tested deplete magnesium levels in the body. So even if your original insomnia c auses were not magnesium related they may well be worsened by this vicious cycle.
Magnesium is an essential mineral, but is also so widely used in the body creating and helping three or four hundred enzyme processes in the body , being key to hormanl and neuro chemistry yup that means our feel good natural chemicals our brains and emotional self rely on. Magnesium is also key to the heart, those that die of heart attacks have been found to have severe deficits of magnesium.
Magnesium as in say Solgar Magnesium Citrate as an adult one with morning meal and two with evening meal or as directed will often kick in on the first day to help with your next sleep but if not after a few days in most cases. Lamberts have a highly absorbable magnesium called Mag Absorb which is perhaps even better. Magnesium will end in many cases restless leg syndrome or sometimes that is a potassium problem which a naturopathic Dr can test you for. Magnesium will reduce overall anxiety and stress levels and most often help with depression too.
You can make your own magnesium oil, by buying magnesium chloride adding 5 tablespoons to clean bottled or filtered water in a one litre glass jar with a cork, shake it up and then rub it in all over, and this will absorb very quickly through the body and soothe aching muscles too. This can be done daily.
Alternatively get either magnesium chloride granules or magnesium sulphate granules known as Epsom Salts and add three cups to a hot bath and soak in for an hour, this will also help give you a good night sleep.
Food intolerances cause inflammation in the body, so avoiding what you know is not good for you helps, if not you can internet search a Vega tester who will test you hopefully locally.
A way of self testing for food intolerances is to be seated for ten minutes and then take your pulse for a minute, or for 15 seconds and times the result by four to make a minute. Then stay seated, and if not allergic, eat or smell or taste a suspect food, then if you repeat the same pulse test and get a pulse increase of ten or more, likely that food you are in tolerant to, and possibly suffering with more in tolerances.
Inflamation in the brain is found to be in those that are depressed and anxious so natural anti inflamatories are a real good idea, do not mix these though if you are taking the medical pharmaceutical crap as anti inflammatories so check with Dr if your on Pharmaceutical medications. Anyway natural anti inflammatories are BlockBusters serepeptase, Lamberts Turmeric high potency, a full range of omega oils so great for the brain functioning, and about 6 grams or 6000mg of vitamin c daily. There is a great product called Brain Link from www.painstresscenter.com with plenty of am ino acids that m ake you feel great in minutes but you must check with a Dr if these interfere with any anti depressants and other medications, so always check first. There are man y other brilliant natural products like taurine gabba glutamine that produces calming gabba, 5htp which increases seratonin but many of these may be dangerous if on Drug Medications.
We have lives with work and deadlines and kids and school and washing work, etc all stressful so we must be aware of the hormones adrenaline and cortisol known as stress hormones, whilst these are essential for life and survival, we do over pump these around our body, so a daily walk of at least say 20 minutes where we are slightly out of breath or similar exercise will rid the body of these excesses, this will help you all relax and chill out.
Now if your mind is racing with thoughts you may try one or all of these quick techniques.
1 Take index finger of either hand and place on the forehead where the nose meets, place thumb of same hand on your right eyebrow at the inner end ie nose end. Close your eyes and make your thoughts race even faster, think about all that is wrong now hold this position until your mind and feelings begin to calm down. This can take from 5 mi utes even less to about 20 minutes.
2 Take thumb and ring finger and hold top of bridge of nose, then middle finger place in middle of forehead, and opposite han d horizontally across lower back of head. Whilst in this position close your eyes and say only inside your head “I can’t sleep” then “I can sleep” each one about 30 to 50 times, many start drifting off in this powerful energetic hold.
3 Take this brushing movement from Havening, take your palms and alternate from brushing with both palms forehead and face about 30 times, then cross over your arms brush only downward down the back of the arms from shoulders to elbow only, and next place is rest one hand palm up in your lap and slowly brush one palm over the other saying I can ‘t sleep for at least 30 b rushes in each position and then again for each position saying I can sleep now. These brushing moves help mimic delta b rain waves designed for deep sleep and healing, this wil calm the nervous system down usually within 20 minutes.
If the three techniques are not calming your mind you can always contact chris Milbank who may suggest some emotional treatments that he can address over skype or suggest another way to use those techniques described above (everybody is unique).
4 The Straw Technique , breathe in if possible through nose, now breathe out about one third of the air out slowly through nose, and last two thirds very slowly making a sshing sound (very important) as if through a straw, you can even use a straw if you have one. Once all the air is exhaled, let in your breath it may begin to feel more automatic, Breathe normally for three breaths then repeat again, keep doing this with eyes closed and your whole nervous system and mind will calm right down. I have awoken man y time the next morning having done this technique.
Thyroid can play a part and a Naturopathic Dr can do very good tests and check for real functioning sometimes patients are short in iodine which is so needed by the thyroid, some people do well on zinc because they don’t absorb it through their food too well, and supplementation of that can be helpful as well as having the digestion and elimination channels tested too. If you have a toxic body you will have an acidic body which also entails a low oxygen threshold at cellular level and a lowered electron flow which aids healing and rest and all systems in the body. There are many detoxes that can be done again a good Dr of Naturopathy can diagnose what you as individual best needs.
Being hydrated is of course crucial and every system is needing this.
House mites and dust can add to inflamation issues, but also be aware to throw out artificial air freshners in the house they play havoc on our systems and really affect peoples behaviours as well as some perfumes etc.
Fluoride in water will coat the pineal gland in the brain and this may disturb sleep patterns and endocrine ie hormonal patterns to.
Eating about three hours before bedtime, will mean digestion is almost over and sleep time can kick in .
Feel free to use the contact form on this website, and I will get back to you when i can.
Remember there will be a cause to your sleep disturbance and so in the vast majority of cases I think this blog will help but do remember a good Doctor of Naturopathy has training in many areas that a Pharmaceutical medical doctor does not like nutrition.

Fears and Their Opposites chris Milbank Talk

Free Yourself from Fears and LEARN HOW to have them stop from running your life.

Fears are of course a great thing, I applaud every time my fears surface of walking to near the edge of a cliff, being rude to a violent person, feeling fearful and negative about investing my savings with a fraudster and or marrying a serial killer. Fears and negative thoughts and emotions save us everyday, from terrible mistakes and life threatening situations for ourselves and loved ones.
Fear is a survival mechanism, yet the way our nervous system uses them and stores them, can in today’s high tech busy stressful world be way too in tense, they build and begin to act negatively against us. Our fears can generalise from protecting us against a fraudster to not trusting anyone, or having to protect us from making us feel bad about heights to not being able to climb a ladder use a lift or elevator or cross a bridge. Fears are particuarly good in our early years we have the fear of falling and loud noises that many mammals have, yet as we grow older and we k now the bang of thunder is okay when we are in our secure homes, we shouldn’t have to tremble, we should fear stepping out in front of a car, but not crossing an empty road etc.
Fears can be positive and negative, but so can positive feelings of confidence, great to be confident in public speaking and have no fear, but fear can be a driver for us to learn competence, I want the pilot of my aeroplane to be competent at flying even more so than con fident, a false confidence with a stranger can lead to nasty con sequences, I don’t want to be so confident that I lose my awareness. Sometimes it’s good to be able to have the freedom choice and flexibility, to jump from one opposite to the other, experience fear as a warning, but logically accept it’s message and then feel confident in your understanding, and of course vice versa.
Reflective Repatterning (known as RR) uses a special energetic hold that works all fourteen meridian energy lines that carry good and negative emotional energy, when we clean this energy of any emotion whether fear or guilt or any conflict with it’s opposite we create a neutrality, a free flow to be one thing or the other that we choose. RR also teaches us reasons why the bad and negative things can be good, and the good positive things can be bad, this grows the flexibility of the brain, better enabling it to adapt .
So how do fears affect us, well lets say a base of any negative emotion is fear, we fear we may have done someone wrong so we feel guilty or ashamed, we fear we will make a fall of ourselves and get anxious or embarrassed, we fear not being able to move on and feel trapped etc, when people get angry it’s a response to a fear sometimes of being rejected not listened too misunderstood , being left out etc.
Addressing Opposites is crucial for real in depth healing. An example would be someone feels fear that they have harmed som one, they feel guilty and ashamed, yes these are all emotions that can be treated within the meridian system, yet they will resurface at some point until you can also treat the huge resistance to loving the bad things you have done, where you treat shame treat the pride in what you have done, this is so very often a bigger emotional issue you are holding onto than feeling bad about a bad thing, yes you need to feel good about it too. We then also need to find what the right thing would have been or is, ie rather than harming someone supporting someone, well we need to treat the excess need to support someone and the resistance to hating supporting someone. After all give too m uch support you will wear yourself out and people will become dependent on you and not able to be responsible for themselves let alone others. Treating the resistance to harming is so important too, sometimes to protect loved ones family children we may have to harm an attacker, some people will not fight back they have a fear of harming which is strengthend by their love of supporting caring or nurturing.
When we balance our fears as good and bad with the areas in our life we love or are most confident or excited about, we allow for more logic to come through, we can have more choice, we needn’t be overly kind and nice or overly stressy and agressive we can be somewhere in between or jump into either opposite depending whats needed.
RR gives us that choice that freedom that flexibility where we have been fearful and trapped in our lives.
So what will this work with, just about any issue, belief, value and moral sets, anxiety depression stress, fears phobias traumas and more.
Let us look at traumas, if somebody loves safety and security as their most favourite values, then a car accident will be more traumatic than for a person that loves danger and adventure.What we love drives what we hate, when we love safety we will avoid danger, when we love freedom we will hate being trapped, when we hate dishonesty we will love honesty, if we hate disloyalty we will love loyalty. These opposites are all like magnets with north and south poles. If the north pole is the love of freedom it will attrac t the south pole the hatred of being trapped, and yes you will attract the things you emotionally don’t want in your life. When we clear what we fear versus what brings us confidence, when we clear what we excessively love that makes us hate and we treat what we excessively hate, our world comes in to balance, and this balance this feel good neutrality is like a flow, when everything is just flowing and feeling real good.
Many people get treated for depression but may not be treated for the resistnace to joy or happiness, yet it’s obvious when we look at it when someone says I have nothing to feel joyful or happy about, because so manythings are wrong in my life, husband has left me, lost my job, my pet parrot says it hates me etc, the resistance to the good thing empowers the hatred of the bad thing and vice versa.
Reflective Repatterning RR works at a minimum eighteen times the effectiveness of other mind emotional treatments, by working in depth with The RR Laws of Opposites.
Please contact us through the contact page
best wishes
chris Milbank

Emotions & Thoughts Are Opposites




To understand The Reflective Repatterning Laws Of Opposites of thoughts and emotions will be helpful in any Mind Body Spirit Healing. Some people talk of Thoughts they cannot get away from others that are emotional for no reason seemingly.

The Laws of Attraction and those that have read the classic book The Secret, will have learned that we make our own reality, at least most of the time, and that we attract what we are thinking. If we think bad we attract bad, when  we think good we attract good things, and when we think a bit of both we attract a mix of both. Yet they don’t tell you that also at play are the Reflective Repatterning Laws of Opposites. You see emotions are the opposite of thoughts, they react therefore in an opposite way, what we are emotionally needy of we repel ie push away, I expect you may recall some emotionally needy people so needy they push their partners away. You see emotionally we attract what we don’t want. Wherever there is an emotion there is also a thought and vice versa even if hidden. Just like an electrical field has a magnetic field and vice versa they are both there.

Today I worked with a lady who was angry all the time for no reason, she said no thoughts wen t with it, as we lessened the anger in Reflective Repatterning, the overwhelming emotional signal she was sending and receiving calmed and she had space to realise the thought that was creating the anger. Now here is the chicken or the egg bit, which c ame first, it doesn’t really matter, but just know they both exist, so that a deeper healing can take place, heal the emotion and reframe the thought with a solution.

Emotions and stuck or excessive thoughts are signals that action is required, to solve some sort of conflict. The more we ignore the signals the louder and stronger they get so we deal with them. My mentor Miss Mandy Langford, visited a lady in hospital so bad with psoriasis her skin was so raw she was wrapped in  selaphane plastic, clothes could not be worn, the dr’s were at a loss of what to do. Mandy had the lady close her eyes create a light trance and asked her ” who or what are you not listening too”, her unconscious mind bought up a conflict from her childhood that still remained un resolved, her unconscious tried to signal through thought and emotion to resolve this, but she ignored it, so this lady who had been a model developed psoriasis on her hand, her unconscious mind was signalling her thought she would listen at that point, of she didn’t and the psoriasis got worse and worse. Of course the conflict then got resolved and the lady made a full recovery.

Now let’s revisit emotional neediness, do you thin top business people like Trump, and those from the Dragons Den etc, are really emotional about their sales staff, money etc, are they really emotionally needy, no most are absolutely business is business, matter of fact can you do a good job yes or no, whats in it for me etc etc, they have a clear thought of what they want, with good intention, no or little emotion worry etc going on to repel a sale. Yes emotions dramatically harm business when they are needy. They also trigger their opposite magnetic pole to have needy thoughts, we remember we attract what we are thinking. Now I have known many men and women in  business who are great and not emotionally needy in their work, yet in relationships some are, of course when this is the case they so often fail in  the relationships.

The long and short of this all, is that if there is an area in your life you want to improve, lessen the emotional neediness, work and clean your thoughts ideals beliefs value conflicts up , and something dramatically favourable will happen.

I use a number of differing therapies in this field, and Reflective Repatterning RR will lead the way.

If you have any questions feel free to us ethe contact page on this website, and I will reply as soon as I can, you may even get a phone call to alandline or Skype, where I can hear your story and ask questions.

best wishes chris Milbank.