Deta Elis Bioresonance

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Bioresonance, everything has a frequency we measure in cycles per second called hertz, everything on the planet vibrates at it’s own frequency, a butterfly will be different from a tortoise a human and a daffodil, we have frequencies that represent our optimal health and frequencies that we will absorb that can expand us til we explode. Just like the opera singer hitting the high note and smashing the crystal glass.

Royal Raymond Rife, invented the world’s most powerful microscope in the 1940’s and  viewed live viruses for the 1st time, he discovered certain frequencies would expand and kill these viruses,he found he could kill cancer tumors with the exact frequencies they needed, and actually cured many terminally ill cancer patients with his Rife machines. The Federal Drug Agency boss in USA under the watchdog of his pharmaceutical friends saw the danger to their cancer profitable industry, and after being offered to be bought out, he had his equipment confiscated, and horrible things happened to his scientific colleagues.

I have a Rife machine and am a member of several Rife groups, my equipment is antiquated but good.

Bioresonance is built on Rife technology with the added extra that it scans the body and treats at the same time, finding the frequencies needed to encourage healthy cells organs glands muscles etc, and treat the pathogens and toxins and stress causing us harm.

I have worked with bioresonance since 2002, I had an Elybra bioresonance equipment costing about 10,000 pounds, I was not impressed didn’t get any real results, and having scanned my body and finding a list of ills’ I scanned it again and found the diagnosis different, then one day I scanned myself and realised I hadn’t even plugged the machine into my computer yet I was stil getting a reading, ie the software on the computer just runs and makes up a random diagnosis. I sold it for 1,200 UK pounds telling the buyer I didn’t believe in it.

The Bicom bioresonance has always been a superior device but at a cost of over 30,000 UK pounds unaffordable to most people.

The Russians during the cold war had little access to Western pharmaceuticals and decided to look at physics as a way of diagnosing and treating health issues, they became the world leaders in this area.

Deta Elis worked for years at the forefront of Rife and Bioresonance and they have now come up with pocket sized (mobile phone sized) devices. That are so affordable and really work well.

A friend of mine struck with cancer and not eating down to 7 stone (44 kilos) I knew something needed to be done. So I bought her the Deta Elis Devita Ritm which came with 30 programs to balance stress and health issues and organs etc, and also the Deta Elis Devita AP 30 which came with frequencies that would kill the most common parasites, bad bacterias viruses fun gi molds etc in her body, she would wear one during the day around her neck hidden behind her t shirt and the other at night under the pillow. She began to feel better shortly within a few days, yet I needed to know exactly what was wrong with her. So we visited Dr Georgiou at the DaVinci Clinic in Cyprus, who diagnosed her with advanced bioresonance equipment see Deta Elis Professional . Once she was diagnosed with the exact toxins bacterias parasites viruses fungi molds etc and organ function tests, I used the Deta Elis Therapy 8 usb stic that has about 3,000 set bioresonance programs in, to program the pocket sized Deta Devita Ritm 30 and Deta Devita AP 30 machines with exactly what was needed for her wellness. She also followed a detox diet and took supplements to aid the bioresonance. Three months later everything we had worked on with the devices were already cured.

I also use these devices and students of mine have also used, one friend of mine who had many serious health issues just cried and said I cannot believe how well I am why did the Dr not help me and just give me drugs with side effects all these years, I replied “that is all the drs knew as they have been taught in medical universities funded by pharmaceuticals not physics or natural medicine and nutrition”.

The Deta Devita Ap 30 has 30 catagories of pathogens it is programmed to kill plus frequencies to lower inflamation at the heart of any illness.

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The Deta Devita RITM 30 has 30 catagories of frequencies that help resonate the body back to optimum health relaxation and healing.

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The Therapy 8 USB STICK has about 3,000 extra frequencies split roughly evenly to be used with Deta Devita RITM 30 and Deta Elis Devita AP30.

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I highly recommend to buy all three to start with that is the Therapy 8 USB STICK, the Deta Devita RITM30 and and the Deta Devita AP 30.


The Deta Cosmo is a bioresonance device for treating cosmetic issues like ageing and wrinkles and many more conditions.

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The Deta UDT is a combination of the Deta RITM and Deta Cosmo in one.


The Deta Pharma is a bioresonance diagnostic device only, this device diagnoses abd frequencies in your body enabling you to program your pocket Deta RITM 30 and Deta AP 30 with exactly the frequencies your body needs to get well.

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Deta Professional is a device that not only diagnoses your whole body but automatically treats it as well, it also ahs another amazing function, you can add things you are intolerant to, it will read the frequencies and invert them putting te inverted frequencies back into your body to neutralise the intolerances, this can also be used in many other ways, like inverting stresses pathogens and more. This device is sold with training which is for a small fee extra. The Deta professional Russian device is about one third of the cost of the Bicom Professional bioresonance, thus making it affordable for practitioners. 


I am free to be conatcted through the contact page on this site and am happy to guide people through setting up their pocket sized machines and using the diagnostic stick, also what frequencies and in what order are best used. Please just ask, I am not a doctor I don’t treat disease but I guide people to help their own bodies treat disease, just as people do when they sleep destress, relax eat well and exercise. Feel free to click on any of the picture links and browse the items.

best wishes chris Milbank


Me doing Mr Bean whilst teaching Reflective Repatterning

We all have areas of vulnerability. I have certainly had mine. Yet vulnerability can actually make us more loveable. Because we all have different vulnerabilities we so often don’t understand others, maybe we say ” I don’t understand why they are bothered about this or that etc” yet at the same time those people will wonder about our vulnerabilities and  may think ” well that wouldn’t bother me at all”.

Because vulnerability is unqiue to each person, it so often becomes part of their character of who we love, we are able to reassure them give them a hug, it helps with interactions.

Yet vulnerability can also bring us down, it can make us anxious, stressed depressed. However it can also bring us dramatic positive change. When we think about our vulnerability, our body will signal an emotional reaction or anxiety signal like butterflies in our stomach or a tightness in chest, perhaps our body will tighten and create tension, maybe we sweat or heart rate pulses, the body is signalling there is something we are not happy about in our lives, we have several choices here. We can shut off thinking about it ignore it shovel it away, or we can continually fear it, or begin to heal it stage by stage to begin to love it.


What made me vulnerable, well many things years ago, but later on in life my sexuality, I wasn’t comfortable with all of my straight friends knowing I was gay, a good friend once said hey, chris we love you for who you are your gay and don’t change that or you wouldn’t be you anymore, this shocked me,and spurned me on with the Reflective Repatterning’s laws of opposites with the use of a fridge magnet, to bring a boyfriend to the party. I had been ocd to this issue going to amazing lengths to hide my vulnerability and control my obsessive excessive thoughts and reactions behaviors and anxiety feelings. Even tough I had made so many improvements elsewhere in my emotional issues. When we begin to love our vulnerability, all that we have to learn in life begins to unfold, people loved that I was bothered about not upsetting people with my sexuality but they loved it even more when I resonated happiness and became an example to their vulnerabilities. Everybody gained a new fun friend too.

There are many ways I work to heal peoples vulnerabilities, but the first job is to recognise them, list them, and work with them in the order of importance to you.

Vulnerability offers a choice, a pathway of continual fear and avoidance, or a new path of new experiences, adding to our magnet of attracting good fun into our lives. Vulnerability signals these choices.

I hope this blog inspires people to learn from their vulnerabilities and to embrace them in a positive way.


Feel free to use the contact page on this website, and chris will be happy to answer questions, and may offer to call you, listen to your story, and offer insights.

Voice Technology (VT)

imagen003Developed by the late great Dr Roger Callahan, VT is a method of diagnosis and treatment of emotional and physical pain, even entering into the realms of many health problems.

We diagnose certain electrical points on the body that are involved in healing and communicating with the nervous system that are stressed through emotional stress and or intolerances to food and enviormental problems. We call these points meridian points or also known as acupoints, the same points that an acupuncture practitioner would use with needles or electrical stimulation.

The VT practioner diagnoses the exact meridian acupoints to treat in the exact order that person’s healing system requires by using a specific self muscle test as the client speaks, then he/ she will tap those points, guided by the practitioner. Sometimes a reversal of energy ie an opposing force blocks the treatment we call this psychological reversal and the practitioner will further diagnose this and have the client treat in specific ways to clear the reversal opposing the treatment. These reversals can be triggered through trauma stress shock and even in many cases intolerance’s to foods or enviormental products.

We recommend the client does  not wear perfume, and tries to avoid washing their laundry in the usual brands of washing detergent in the super markets. Buying a non perfumed brand of laundry soap from a health store, is generally a good idea. Also throwing out air fresheners and especially the plug in variety as these are the most common enviormental products that trigger reversal states in people.

chris teaches VT at cost effective prices in comparison to elsewhere, and offers years of experience and how to enhance VT with NLP and The Reflective Repatterning Laws of Opposites. chris also offers sessions over a landline phone and Skype.

Feel free to use the contact page on this website to ask questions, chris may also call you and listen to your story and offer insights.

Thought Field Therapy (TFT)


Developed by Dr Roger Callahan Psychologist, in 1979, Thought Field Therapy commonly known as TFT, is a way of using acupuncture points by simply tapping them to heal emotional trauma, anxiety and fears phobias and more.

chris Milbank trained in this method first in Ireland after a TFT practitioner saved his life during an anaphylatic shock after ingesting peanuts, TFT immediately stopped the anaphylaxia, and chris was so amazed he went back to Ireland to train in the method. He then bought every book video dvd audio tape and all the home study courses. He then flew to California and trained at diagnostic level TFT with Dr Roger Callahan and his wife.

chris then further trained at the highest level of TFT one on one with Dr Roger Callahan at the Voice Technology level this was then a $100,000 investment. The most advanced form of TFT. chris later went on to research TFT on Malaria in Tanzania and Kenya, and teach the world over, teaching on behalf of the Callahans their most advanced trainings and working his way up through the board of the Association Of Thought Field Therapy from director to Vice President and President. Eventually chris decided to go independent and make affordable the trainings.

chris currently teaches all levels of TFT by request

TFT algorithim level. This training is the first training chris did, using about 20 different tapping sequences, that work very quickly with a number of emotional states, ie traumas fears, anxiety depression and even pain and more.

TFT Diagnostic level, how to use a muscle test on someone to determine food intolerance’s and how to boost their immune response to the intolerance temporarily to aid a health or emotional treatment. The study of psychological reversal that blocks any form of treatment from working and how to correct this. How to diagnose the exact acupoints to tap and in what order to correct an emotional and or health issue.

Voice Technology , This supercedes the diagnostic level as far more accurate, and also can be used to diagnose anybody over the phone or by Skype from any distance and treat their emotional and health issues. I personally recommend the Algorithim training and then straight to voice technology training.

chris teaches the TFT just as it was taught him, but will also teach how to use TFT to remotely heal anyone of their issue, a method of treating self to treat family friend or client, this works even more effectively and is fun to demonstrate and practice in class. chris will also share a little knowledge of Reflective Repatterning’ s Laws of Opposites and how using this alongside TFT will make this tapping therapy even more amazing.

Please feel free to use the contact page to ask chris questions, he may even Skype call you or call your landline for a chat and listen to your story. chris offers Skype sessions in TFT .


Emotional Treatment Sessions


Cost of individual sessions 250 UK pounds

Cost of five sessions 1000.00 UK Pounds

Payment Options can be discussed via phone/Skype and or email. Once payments are made the sessions can begin.


Chris is known as the therapists therapist, when therapists are stuck with their clients and even themselves they come to Chris.


He likes to listen to your story and get on and treat the issues you are facing deeply and effectively and quickly.


Chris’s main work is Reflective Repatterning a way of neutralising excessive emotional states and thought patterns, he particuarly specialises in the area of anxiety and is well known in all areas of emotional and psychological well being. He will use sometimes a collection of the best techniques and tools to cater for each individual persons needs.


Sessions are done over Skype so can be done in your own home or office or convenient place. Each session may well be two hours, if the treatment has worked before two hours he banks the time for you, to use at a later date. If two hours have passed and Chris is still working, it’s so he can make sure you are in  a safe emotional state before another session, and gives you the extra time freely.


Some people may have a lot of issues and clearly would benefit from a set of five sessions. This can be discussed by email and or sometimes Chris will call you first, listen and advise the course for recovery.

Chris can be contacted by email (Always check spam and trash mail he does reply), or through the Contact Page at

Emotions & Thoughts Are Opposites




To understand The Reflective Repatterning Laws Of Opposites of thoughts and emotions will be helpful in any Mind Body Spirit Healing. Some people talk of Thoughts they cannot get away from others that are emotional for no reason seemingly.

The Laws of Attraction and those that have read the classic book The Secret, will have learned that we make our own reality, at least most of the time, and that we attract what we are thinking. If we think bad we attract bad, when  we think good we attract good things, and when we think a bit of both we attract a mix of both. Yet they don’t tell you that also at play are the Reflective Repatterning Laws of Opposites. You see emotions are the opposite of thoughts, they react therefore in an opposite way, what we are emotionally needy of we repel ie push away, I expect you may recall some emotionally needy people so needy they push their partners away. You see emotionally we attract what we don’t want. Wherever there is an emotion there is also a thought and vice versa even if hidden. Just like an electrical field has a magnetic field and vice versa they are both there.

Today I worked with a lady who was angry all the time for no reason, she said no thoughts wen t with it, as we lessened the anger in Reflective Repatterning, the overwhelming emotional signal she was sending and receiving calmed and she had space to realise the thought that was creating the anger. Now here is the chicken or the egg bit, which c ame first, it doesn’t really matter, but just know they both exist, so that a deeper healing can take place, heal the emotion and reframe the thought with a solution.

Emotions and stuck or excessive thoughts are signals that action is required, to solve some sort of conflict. The more we ignore the signals the louder and stronger they get so we deal with them. My mentor Miss Mandy Langford, visited a lady in hospital so bad with psoriasis her skin was so raw she was wrapped in  selaphane plastic, clothes could not be worn, the dr’s were at a loss of what to do. Mandy had the lady close her eyes create a light trance and asked her ” who or what are you not listening too”, her unconscious mind bought up a conflict from her childhood that still remained un resolved, her unconscious tried to signal through thought and emotion to resolve this, but she ignored it, so this lady who had been a model developed psoriasis on her hand, her unconscious mind was signalling her thought she would listen at that point, of she didn’t and the psoriasis got worse and worse. Of course the conflict then got resolved and the lady made a full recovery.

Now let’s revisit emotional neediness, do you thin top business people like Trump, and those from the Dragons Den etc, are really emotional about their sales staff, money etc, are they really emotionally needy, no most are absolutely business is business, matter of fact can you do a good job yes or no, whats in it for me etc etc, they have a clear thought of what they want, with good intention, no or little emotion worry etc going on to repel a sale. Yes emotions dramatically harm business when they are needy. They also trigger their opposite magnetic pole to have needy thoughts, we remember we attract what we are thinking. Now I have known many men and women in  business who are great and not emotionally needy in their work, yet in relationships some are, of course when this is the case they so often fail in  the relationships.

The long and short of this all, is that if there is an area in your life you want to improve, lessen the emotional neediness, work and clean your thoughts ideals beliefs value conflicts up , and something dramatically favourable will happen.

I use a number of differing therapies in this field, and Reflective Repatterning RR will lead the way.

If you have any questions feel free to us ethe contact page on this website, and I will reply as soon as I can, you may even get a phone call to alandline or Skype, where I can hear your story and ask questions.

best wishes chris Milbank.

What is Havening .


Me doing Mr Bean whilst teaching Reflective Repatterning

Havening developed by Twin brothers Dr’s Ronald and Steven Ruden, a treatment that man ages to bypass the fight or flight stress triggers in the brain called the amygdala and the hypothalamus.

An example we are walking down the street, all of our senses are working detecting warmth cold, what we see hear smell taste etc, these senses send in formation via the amygdala, which will shift through to see if anything is unusual or out of place, if so, then it will send the in formation on to the hypothalamus, which will search the memory to see if this has been a problem before. So perhaps we spot a crack in the pavement, amygdala goes aha something different, the hypothalamus checks the memory data base and find you have tripped before on a crack, so sends an immediate fight or flight stress response so you can jump out of the way avoid it or tackle it. Now of course this can get very over reactive, the more problems accidents traumas scares we have had in our life, the more the amygdala and hypothalamus goes into overdrive, and before we kn ow it, it is over reacting all of the time.

So Havening is simply brushing or stroking certain points on the body that help create deep delta brain waves, these delta waves we achieve in deep sleep and healing, naturally. As we go through the process, we distract the client from their issue with a number of mental tasks, we keep brushing away until metaphorically, the amydala is sleepy and hypothalamus too, when this is achieved we have the client focus as hard as possible on their issue, and they will find that over reaction that was thought of as hardwired has been rewired, they will remain relaxed and calm. 

There are a number of ways to use Havening, and it can be helpful for many conditions particuarly Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and panic attacks, fears phobias and unwanted behaviors. I have added to Havening in the Reflective Repatterning Field of Opposites and other methods too.

I trained with the great Kevin Laye

The Havening website is!creating-and-developing-the-ha/c10vb

I am an experienced Havener who opted away from the certification process to keep my independence which enhances my creativity. If you want to ask me questions please feel free to use the contact page on this website, I may even find time to call you, hear your story and have a chat,

best wishes

chris Milbank

What is Fridge Magnet Therapy

Me more teachingYes an ordinary magnet that people stick on their fridge doors, mine has a picture of sun flowers and was bought in a tourist destination. This little magnet just like yours can help you heal man y emotional issues and help your health too.

Emotion means energy in motion, and when we are very emotional we have a build up of this energy, that consumes us, it will disturb the electrical activity of our nerve pathways therefore our organs and glands, and when of course these are not firing as they should do our body sends and receives incorrect messages, and generally misfires like a car with a blackened sooted spark plug.

A magnetic field is the opposite of an electrical field yet each one is present with the other. An electrical field draws energy inwards and a magnetic can draw energy outwards. Hence all we have to do is tune into an emotional issue, and swipe the magnet a number of times on certain powerful energetic pathways, and it reduces the emotion al excess negative energy that is enhancing our emotional problems.

chris Milbank an experienced therapist in many fields will use the magnet within the Reflective Repatterning Laws of Opposites to help create neutrality in conflicts, but will also use the magnet, with entities, traumas, shock, phobias, anxiety, depression, health issues, clearing past lives correcting affected dna from old ancestral lines too. The advantage of  a magnet is that it can work very deeply in any on e given energetic electrical pathway at a time. chris will use muscle testing techniques and or dowsing as he tunes in to someone’s conflict and test which issues and in  which order and where they need to be treated to get this done. 

This work has been inspired by  Dr Bradley Nelson  who developed both the Emotion Code and The Body Code. Some of chris’s work will be the same but he has also adapted it, to fit the Laws of Opposites and other energetic work, he does. The Emotion Code by Dr Bradley Nelson  is a worthwhile read if you are interested in this field.

Please feel free to use the contact page, to contact chris and ask questions, he may even give you a call if he has time for a quick chat.

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