Aids How To Cure It & What is HIV Anyway

Aids How To Cure It & What Is HIV Anyway chris Milbank

We on this website through our own research and that of my own personal experience do not believe HIV causes Aids.
We are not doctors we will never claim to be, but if I was I would not prescribe retro viral drugs for HIV or Aids here are some of the facts.
Doses mentioned here are for adults, all material needs to be researched and medical advice needs to be sought, especially when on drug medications. Remember research gives you options and choices sometimes your medical advice does not give you. You are responsible for your own research, this blog shares some research links. Decide for yourself.
The Padian experiment of 175 couples with one person in each couple having hiv were encouraged to have a mixture of sex protected and yes unprotected over a period of a whole six years, and not one hiv negative person became positive, even after ten years.
The HIV virus has never been isolated or seen under an electron microscope , what has been seen are DNA strands presumed to belong to HIV but could be put of a chain of DNA belonging to something else. HIV is supposed to be a retro virus. Viruses as well as retro viruses reproduce rapidly and act quickly. All viruses will affect the host within days or weeks having an effect with the very longest time being a month according to the number one Retro Viral Expert in the world Dr Duesberg. Yet HIV is supposed to take years to appear after infection.
There is no real HIV test at all and nothing to show you are negative either. Let me explain, most HIV tests will be either an antigen or an antibody test. An antigen is a foreign particle like virus, bacteria, allergen chemical etc that produces an immune response, the immune responds with antibodies that lock to the antigen in order to kill it and or pass it out of the body. The HIV test may be for the specific p24 antigen or the particular type of antibodies that attatch to the p24 antigen. Now the thing is the p24 antigen is a set of viral proteins that are also part of over 60 common diseases, ie herpes, some colds, flu, hepatitis, TB, and are also in Hepatitis and Flu vaccines to name but a few. So millions of people are misdiagnosed. A nurse recently told me she does not have HIV but if she were to have HIV tests she would show positive because she had to have hepatitis and flu vaccines. When I had my test results a nurse then followed by a Dr, asked me a series of questions the answers helped them tick boxes. Gay yes, then they would then say yes you have HIV, Do you share needles etc, if yes you have HIV, are you a sex worker, if so then again they will declare HIV, If you say you are straight married your partner does not have HIV, etc they can find a way to say oh probably antigens and or antibodies to herpes flu etc. Of course I had aids infections so it was easy to put me in the HIV bracket for them. Yet did you know thousands of people with AIDS have been continuously tested negative for HIV. also
AIDS stands for autoimmune deficiency syndrome. The important CD 4 Killer T cell immune count if fallen below 200 and if below 400 in other countries means you have aids. This means the immune system cannot contain and neutralise opportunistic infections like pneumonia TB hepatitis and many other illnesses. The pharmaceutical world, thought ooh lets add some common illneses in their and if they have HIV positive test we can say they need the hiv retro viral drugs as hiv is killing their immune cells. They included cough and diarhea , so all of a sudden millions in Africa were diagnosed with Aids, they had antigens or antibodies that showed their illnesses ie cough diarhea etc their immune was responding too, yet were then diagnosed with aids.
The pharmaceutical medical lobby would have us believe that one virus can cause over 30 different illnesses that have already existed.
They want us to believe that the HIV Virus is the only virus that can act faster than anything else and infect more cd4 immune count cells and kill them faster than the body can produce these cells, this would mean it would act on it’s own unlike any other retro virus can do. Retro viral experts around the world that do believe HIV Virus exists, says it is like any other retro virus, that it is completely harmless to the body other than a small reaction when it first shows in the body. There is no evidence still today that shows that HIV is sexually transmitted. Also these experts say if you are showing antibodies for HIV then the body has already contained and is already neutralising the infection, ie if you have antibodies for something it means the body has already cleared the infection or protecting you from it, so how can an antibody test say you have HIV? Again from Professor Duesberg.
Okay I have painted a picture, study the links I have given look up yourself experts from around the world who say HIV is not the cause of AIDS.

So what is the cause of aids ?
In fact several causes of aids. Malnutrition ie lack of food and or junk food, will severely weaken the immune system.
Heavy metal build up like mercury from enviroment, amalgam fillings, vaccines, cosmetics, cigarettes and elsewhere, other heavy metals, like lead, aluminium, cadmium arsenic, nickel. Heavy metals are some completely a poison damage cells and dna, others may block nutrient receptors in cells from taking on nutrients, disturbing immune system, detoxification, nervous system and hormonal signalling in the body some do all of this.
Benzene , you may have seen in my blog when I had it detoxed I made a major recovery. Benzene is a chemical that is added into petroleum products, including petrol. Benze finds it’s way to the thymus gland, the immune system gland, this gland then is limited, the Thymus gland produces immune T Cells, yes less t cells weakened immune system.
Lubricants including lubricants on condoms contain many petro chemicals which often have in benzene. This will suppress immune system and during anal sex damage colon lining through thrusting of sex and the chemicals in lubricants thus the chemicals and any foreign bodies like other people’s sperm if not using condoms can enter the blood system quickly. For the giver of anal sex may pick up infected fecal matter from someone already immune supressed and more likely to have infections.
Popers ( amyl nitrate ) poppers taken by the gay community especially in night clubs severely deplete’s the immune system.
antibiotics not only kill specific bacterial infections but also kill good bacteria too, 70 to 80% of the immune system is thought to be in the gut. Antibiotics make certain bacterias more resistant and weaken the immune system dramatically.
Steroids weaken the immune system.
Recreation drugs like cocaine lsd ecstasy nitrates heroin weaken the immune system.
Did you know a can of coke can weaken the immune system by up to 50% for up to four hours.
Many Vaccines contain thiermosol that has a deadlier version of altered mercury in but also formaldehyde and many other toxic substances that dramatically weaken the immune system.
AZT the original HIV anti retro viral drugs, were a kind of chemotherapy that was so poisoned it was outlawed for cancer treatment, is reckoned to have killed more aids victims than anything else. It kills healthy cells as well as cells with so called HIV in, an d like any poison say strychnine it will temporarily raise immune system as the immune is kicked into reaction but then your immune system drops very low.
A leaky gut syndrome can dramatically weaken the immune system, it will cause mal nourishment, pass undigested foods into circulation uses up immune resources, triggering dirty blood ripe for infection, triggering inflamation in the body and further weakening gut bacteria biome.
Parasites,pathogens like worms and flukes, other parasites that defecate in your body sometimes in blood or organs like liver heart brain pancreas lungs intestines and elsewhere as they toilet they release toxic chemicals.
There are other causes of weakening immune systems but the main triggers are listed here.
Sexually transmitted diseases will sometimes be the straw that broke the camels back when it comes to an already com promised immune system. So detoxifying syphilis chlamydia herpes and others can be extremely beneficial during an aids diagnosis.

How to detox and strengthen immune system and clear aids infections.
If you have serious aids infections and have only days weeks or 2 months to live, like I had, I would not hesitate to do the 21 day chlorine dioxide ( cd) treatment PROTOCOL 1000, also known also as activated MMS. If you have had serious malnutrition and you are not in immediate danger of dying , I would address nutritional factors first. Good healthy eating plenty of vegetables, and take at least 20 grams of vitamin c daily and recommended doses of vitamin e and a good brand of multi vitamins and minerals and glutathione, selenium and n acetylcysteine. For at least three weeks to build you up ready for CD. CD is an oxidiser and cannot be taken alongside antioxidants as they will render each other useless by neutralising each other. CD can also strip plaque very fast from the arteries which is good but mal nourished people may have weak arteries and CD as it strips the plaque may show up artery weakness, as plaque can act as a strengthener all be it in a bad way. Vitamin C particularly strengthens the arteries.
Okay CD kills bad bacteria on contact, also it kills viruses, oxidises some toxins in the body, and kills some mold and funguses as well as some parasites. CD acts really quickly. If you are seriously ill, most people will actually start feeling better within a few days and maybe feel brilliant by day ten, and by day 21 will be free of the aids infections and many may have undetectable hiv viral load, others may need to work harder to get that. As the CD gets also into the cells it draws out the dead pathogens and they arrive dead into the circulatory system (blood). When you get your next hiv test it will be either an antigen or antibody test or bit of both, it may show a huge increase in what they call the viral load, as they will be counting antigens and or antibodies but they will be attached to dead stuff, they cannot differentiate that, (you will know if you feel better). So after the protocol 1000 or CD (Activated MMS) you won’t get an accurate reading until after 4 to 6 months have passed. Tests done before that may well show increases in viral load, your all important CD4 count may also show a huge decrease as the immune system resets itself. Wait if you c an until 4 to 6 months has passed for more accurate tests.
So what is CD / activated MMS. It is not bleach so forget the scaremongering of pharmaceuticals but like breathing it has an oxidising (bleaching effect). You take a bottle ordered from the internet of 28% sodium chlorite, and a bottle of either citric acid or better still hydrochloric acid (hcl) (stomach acid) which is gentler on tummy, you take a dry glass and mix one drop of either of the acids above and mix with 1 drop of the sodium chlorite as above. Wait 30 seconds and it will start turning yellow maybe even dark yellow brown. This is then CD or known as activated MMS. Then half fill the glass or to about 120ml with water. Start off like this at 1 activated drop of CD /MMS per hour, if you get the runs or feel sick or headache , miss an hour or drop to half a drop per hour, after 3 hours of managing the 1 drop per hour increase to two drops and if fine increase to 3 drops. Again if you get any detox symptoms like sickness head ache the chills the runs etc, back off, as you will do more harm than good. The detox symptoms are pathogens like bacterial germs and viruses that release toxic chemicals in to your body as they die, it’s temporary. Drink water in between and keep yourself hydrated. The protocol is completed once you have done 3 drops of the cd/ activated MMS an hour for 8 hours per day and for 21 days. Expect to feel tired as the body heals and detoxes, I would set my alarm at 5am, 6am 7am 8am 9am, etc to do the CD, falling back to sleep between doses, and then finish by midday each day. Do not take antioxidants like vitamin c and others or fruit juices or anything with added vitamin c in during the detox. Tea and coffee avoid, or if you must try and have away from the 8 hours of CD. CD will be best when it’s not mixing with food, but you must eat, they say CD and food should be at least an hour apart, but it is important you eat, so when I needed to I just went ahead and kept 30 mins clear. Here is the link to Protocol 1000
The huge advantage of CD is it is so cheap to buy at retail on internet enough sodium and chlorite and hydrochloric acid to make CD to treat six or more people of full blown aids including delivery was just 35 UK pounds. Here is a link where you can buy the products. Suppliers are careful because big pharma pays politicians lots of money to keep these products out of reach so they are listed under water purification systems. Remember sodium chlorite and Hydrochloric acid are best but you can but sodium chlorite and citric acid which does taste worse and is not as gentle on tummy.

Option 2 Treat the causes of aids and kill infection.
If you have more than a few months to live, here is a longer and easier protocol where you can detox the toxic waste in your body that is causing you to have low immune system, ( I do however think it’s important to do the 3 week CD MMS Protocol 1000 when you are ready also), reseal the leaky gut that most hiv aids people have and take adequate antioxidants and a very specialised silver product that will fight viruses, bad bacteria, fungus including candida and also molds in the body, thus also making more immune system that is working available to fight new infections and current ones.
It is so important to realise that heavy metals like mercury, aluminium, nickel cadmium, lead , uranium and radiation are everywhere in what we breathe and digest in our foods in cosmetics and car exhaust, vaccines etc. We cannot avoid them, they suppress the immune system, they destroy the gut lining, have our nervous system misfire, screw up our hormonal systems, and block nutrient absorption and encourage bad bacteria candida and viruses. When we can clear these our major detox organs can better detox other poisons from the body such as benzene and recreational drugs etc. There are many ways of detoxing metals, some can be hard work but very effective, I recommend an easy yet effective option to start off with that has good research behind it.
ACZ nano zeolite.
The oral spray, of ACZ Zeolite, you will need the 4oz or 120ml bottles. Just 20 sprays under the tongue twice a day or 10 sprays four times a day, is all you need to do. This purified zeolite is negatively charged and draws in positively charged heavy metals into it’s volcanic honey combed structure where it cannot escape.
It also absorbs virus particles as they separate before rejoining each other, this inactivate’s the virus particles left over, this zeolite also sucks in antigens such as those that are attac hed to toxins allergens and pathogens, if you were not aware, antibodies attach and lock into the antigens, so this may even improve the dubious hiv viral load test, that is testing for so called hiv antigens and or antibodies.
The body then rids the zeolite with the metals in within 5 to 7 hours of taking it, through urine mainly and also feces. The ACZ Zeolite has the strongest pull on mercury, which is one of the deadliest poisons on earth. This zeolite has nano sized particles so it easily gets through digestive processes into the blood and also can cross the blood brain barrier and is small enough to get in cells. Most people notice a difference with increased energy levels in just a few weeks, but if you are highly toxic with metals you may feel tired or get some detox reactions for a while first. Whilst to rid the majority of most metals takes two years, in just a few months your immune system may well beginning seeing the benefits, so keep at it. (Lead sits deeper in the bones and may take 15 years to rid as bone cells are replaced not nearly as rapidly),. I would suggest different detox protocols for the long term.
The ACZ Zeolite has no real taste, I would do the protocol if affordable for three to four of the 120ml or 4oz bottles before moving onto zeogold, which is not nano sized, but is a very pure stronger zeolite that will pull out even more from the body. Yet remember best start with ACZ Zeolite. ACZ Zeolite is also available in UK and other countries but here is the main website for info.

ACS200 SILVER Nano Sized Particle.
This silver in laboratory tests showed in some cases it was millions of times more effective than other silvers. It is also recommended by Detox expert of over 60 years Dr Gary Gordon (you can find him on Youtube). I take this 20 sprays twice a day under tongue I swish in the mouth for 30 seconds to kill oral microbes then swallow. Dr Gordon says in life threatening conditions where there is hours or days to live take 120 sprays in a day, I have taken 80 in a day when infections were quite acute. The ACS200 tastes fine, just a spray that will keep reducing pathogens ( ie viruses bad bacteria and leaving alone good bacteria, it will also kill candida and fungus and mold. You can use vitamin c and antioxidants whilst using the silver and the zeolite, but I generally take them an hour or more apart.
Using both the ACS200 silver and the ACZ zeolite will reduce the total toxic body burden of pathogens and immune suppressant’s and boost the immune system. Here is a link to the ACS200 which gives great info it is also available in UK and other countries.
If and when you are ready to move on from ACZ Zeolite to ZeoGold here is a web link for info , (again you can source this also in UK and other countries.

Restore 4 Health
This earth found carbon molecule discovered by three times board certified medical Doctor and oncologist, Dr Zac Bush, immediately begins to reseal the tight junctions in the gut lining, it also creates the diversity for the 30,000 different types of gut bacteria needed to have a strong immune system and a nutrient absorbing digestive system. It will further encourage more bowel movement and larger stools which will aid the detoxification process. You can read all about Restore 4 Health info here The combination of Restore 4 life that seals leaky gut, leaking blood brain barrier, reducing food intolerance’s allergies, reducing autoimmune problems keeping blood cleaner, increasing communication in gut bacteria and human cells (Redox Signalling) reducing inflamation, and the ACZ Zeolite reducing heavy metals whilst the ACS200 is killing pathogens is a force to be reckoned with. The Restore 4 life is available in UK from and also elsewhere.

My approach to getting well before I learned what was available took longer and if I had known then what I knew now I would have been well in a fraction of the time. My last blood test was not quite two months after taking the CD and it had already shown a 45% drop in HIV viral load, I had cured my syphilis and all the aids infections. At the end of January 2017 I will be retested again and in Feb 2017 I will have my new results. I am fine since curing my aids and await to the day when I am hiv un detectab le and c d 4 count has risen. Each day I am stronger and I walk 6 miles each day.
When not on the CD but when maybe on the immune boosting option two protocol I highly recommend an all round multi vitamin mineral complex, and good vitamin c I think the best is Lyposomal Vitamin C by LivonLabs as it gets into the cell, 1 gram of that is worth 7.5 grams of intravenous, or 15 grams of oral. I would take at least 5 a day and often 9 a day here is a link you can also purchase in UK and watch You Tube videos of Dr Thomas Levy expert on vitamin c and cardiologist for more info.
I would also either add liv on labs glutathione product or get the glathione spray the suppliers of ACS200 and ACZ zeolite produce.
Magnesium magnesium magnesium in any illness, it performs so many hundreds of different crucial actions in the body and aids sleep detoxification, hormones, enzyme action and more it’s a must. Solgar magnesium citrate, or Lamberts magabsorb or great, or you can order very cheaply magnesium chloride salt or flakes and make magnesium oil see

Some people will want to do both the CD and the option two list, this is perfectly fine as long as you do them separately. Ie when you do the chlorine dioxide do not do the silver and the zeolite and antioxidants etc as none of them will work, you will see no progress and you will have wasted valuable time money and resources.

More stubborn and complex cases tips.
Normally the CD will fully do the job, and after you stay on a six drop maintenance dose, or switch to the oral spray ACS200 and the zeolite ACZ until you are tested 4 to 6 months later HIV undetectable. However if there are pockets in the body where the CD or silver could not reach, the viruses may just be reproducing and very slowly infecting the whole body again. One virus can reproduce 100 more in an hour then the next hour 101 will produce another 100 each etc. So a maintenance dose is a good idea and or also switching to the ACS200 nano sized particles of zeolite and the silver. Yet HIV or whatever it really is likes to hide in the intestine, so either CD enemas or using a suppositry capsule which dissolves in the anus with the silver in could be worth investigating. Personally I did CD enemas buying a blue european type enema bag from the pharmacy, I did the CD enema’s every other day anyway whilst doing the protocol 1000, many people do not like the idea, but you feel amazing afterwards and it really does clear the crap out, also some is absorbed by the portal vein which takes the CD to the liver where more infections can clear. It also detoxes worms, and one major link to hiv aids is the intestinal worm, which some believe carry the germs that are detected via the hiv test. Here is a link to CD enema’s . do research this, I used stronger doses in the water as I got used to it, but I only used afew inches of the enema nozzle in anus for safety yet it filled easilly and safely too, or maybe a nurse can do this for you or a colonic expert.
Treating intestinal worms can be important some believe these are a major cause of bacterial and or viral reinfestation in the body, along with CD enemas, the use of diamotaceous earth, a compound in the earth from fossils that dries out parasites in the intestines and shreds them is thought by many to be very good against intestinal worms.
You may also like to try liver cleanses to detox liver which will help considerably removing toxicity and pathogens that can be hiding there
If you have root canals have them out, this is old dead tooth in jawbone rotting, this will harbour dental germs up to 100 times more toxic than botulism with very little blood supply for the immune system to attack these horrid germs . If you have even gum disease like gingivitis, rinse and brush twice a day your gums very hard with either the CD or the silver. You can buy a magnetic pulsar, that pulses very strong magnetic waves over an area that pushes out the germs into the blood supply where either the silver or the CD depending on what you are using can kill them, but this has to be done really for a couple of hours each day, a pulsar can be used over the lymphatic areas that hold more fluid than blood, and the spine which holds viruses in the spinal fluid such as herpes which hide out there. You can pulse the liver and intestines too, you can internet search the lymphatic points to best pulse. I used a Sota instruments pulsar but this link reckons there is a better one either way I got great results in pulsing my dental infections they made me feel real sick when they enetered the blood but the CD then killed them. Yay.
Another way of getting either the silver or the CD into the body in a specific place is the use of a carrier called Dimthyl suulfoxide or c commonly known as DMSO. This extract from the bark of a tree is the most oxygen absorbent product known to man. It will carry nutrients and silver and CD straight through the skin and help it into the blood stream. Clean the skin area you are targeting making sure there are no chemicals or anything else there that will get carried in, Put either the CD (diluted in water) or the silver as is over an area say liver or wherever needed and splash some dmso over top rub in very slightly and leave at least 30 minutes uncovered and the body part will absorb it. To learn more check the CD Protocol 3000
There is also the overnight cancer cure technique which great for ridding viruses and bad bacteria in the body follow instructions carefully, in probably more than 90% of cases the CD protocol 1000 will be enough and then running through option 2 of the silver ACS200 the ACZ Zeolite and Restore 4 life HOWEVER if you are still in difficulty here is a link

Summing Up
When you can get the CD ie Chlorine Dioxide known also as activated MMS protocol 1000 done. If you do not have mal nourishment this can be good to do 1st as all aids infections can be cleared and you can be feeling hugely better in days. The CD does not taste good, but it is only a maximum of 3 drops in water an hour for 8 hours daily for 21 days job done for vast majority. If you are mal nourished and not urgent, Do Option two 1st at least for 3 weeks then switch to the CD protocol 1000 and after completing go to Option two again of the ACS200 Silver the ACZ Zeolite and the Restore 4 Life until you are HIV undetectable and your CD count is back in the normal range.
Remember do not take antioxidants and supplements whilst on the CD protocols. Only possible exception maybe the Restore 4 Life.
Restore will help if your digestion is extremely poor.

Trouble raising your CD 4 count what to do.
Remember it is important to detox using the zeolite, it will remove many immune suppressant toxins.
This can even take two years to have an effect although many will notice differences within months.
Remember the Restore 4 Life will create a far better gut enviroment which harbours 805 of the immune system, again this may take a few months.
Remember CD4 immune count testing can change on the day the results can be a bit up and down, and can drop considerably before raising after CD MMS treatment, so wait 4 to 6 months and review. If the immune count is still not up then Beta Glucan 1.3 (only researched properly of the brand name Transfer Point) has been known to raise CD4 Count by as much as 50% in 6 weeks, which is huge, it is an immune system modulator so it balances underperforming as well as over performing immune systems. Remember nearly all naturopaths agree this is the brand to purchase, other brands are nowhere nearly as effective and may be a waste of money, this product has been researched independently and has all the data.
Also remember, although this may boost CD4 count and help immune system work also with the zeolite and detoxification to rid the causes of weakened immune system.
Remember helpful products when on the detoxing Option 2 protocol
High dose vitamin c
Gluathione either by spray from the company that makes ACS200 SILVER or Lyposomal by Liv On Labs.

Astragalus (Solgar sell this) may boost the immune system is cheaper than Beta Glucan 1.3 but should only be taken for short periods as it is not an immune modulator just a booster.

There are other cures out there many talk of Oleander plant which is a poison unless boiled for 3 hours so there are special supplements formulated for hiv aids, which can be searched for. There are options to limit infections for those that cannot tolerate the CD MMS and cannot afford the zeolite and silver products such as blood electrification with a 6 volt battery, (yes I cured the worst flu of my life doing this in just 20 minutes) also [email protected] you can buy all you need which is some bandage, 2 crocodile/ alligator clips 1 x 6 volt square lantern battery and some electrical wire for about 8 UK pounds or less and this will do it.

I will write another blog of how to treat the shock of diagnosis of illness. I do not sell any of the products listed I am independent completly of any companies listed that sell products. I am not a medical Doctor and the law forces me to say get medical diagnosis and seek medical advice.
However remember you have choices.
Get sunshine, get exercise, fresh air, and remember medical HIV science may well be based on quackery x