Asthma How I turned it around

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I am not a Dr,  this is my story, view it as fictional, all health matters should be discussed with your MEDICAL DOCTOR BECAUSE THE LAW SAYS SO. I personally prefer a Dr of Naturopathy of course. The products in this blog or self recommendations. Blah blah blah.

I was born with severe asthma and respiratory problems, always in hospital and 30 years of steroids antibiotics and hospital visits, much of my childhood I remember gasping in the night unable to breathe fainting, my chest was severely pigeon shaped, Doctors never expected me to live.

Breakthrough a cranial osteopath, got me through a very bad patch, I do recommend visits, I was able to go back to school and even enter school sports day, after six sessions. Yet as a teenager I started smoking, and doing all the wrong things, and I got real bad again. A hypnotherapist got me to stop smoking.

I went to visit a Bowen therapist and Neural Structural Technique therapist see My first session i felt my diaphragm was working for the first time ever, obviously it had been working but now my breathing got deeper it felt a huge relief. I later went on and had some amazing transformational work called Rolfing, it changed for ever my pigeon shaped chest and the steel band that was always around my chest disappeared.

Yet I was still asthmatic and my bronchial tubes would constrict and I would still get chest infections and a lot of catarrh (as a child I would have to hang upside down over the back of the sofa for an hour a day to drain my lungs).

So what radically changed my condition after this work, well four main things. Let’s explore these ingredients.

1 A quarter of a teaspoon of cayenne pepper in hot water helped break up the catarrh in my lungs so I could spit out, catarrh is a breading ground for bacterial infection. Also four drops of Lugols 5% Iodine with 10% Potassium Iodide in water, this iodine is used in the mucus of the lungs as an antibacterial mineral.

2 Very High dose vitamin c starting off with a vitamin c detox flush. Day 1 I would start on an empty stomach, and take a teaspoon and a half of vitamin c powder (either as sodium ascorbate or magnesium ascorbate) every 15 minutes passed loose stool until I have an enema type of flush from my anus. Ie until your passing out gushing water. This means the body has absorbed as much vitamin c as it needs to neutralise bad bacterias and viruses and toxins. The vitamin c is also a powerful anti inflamatory, therefore increasing volume of air through the bronchials. After day one I would stay with about two thirds of the amount that would create an enema flush spread throughout the day and evening, and generally never less than 15 grams a day spread throughout the day. My first enema flush I took about 86 grams worth, that showed my body needed the vitamin c in that quantity, the less you need the healthier you are. How much you need is determined by the amount that causes the flush.

Do see this Doctor yourself website re vitamin c and asthma


3 Magnesium is needed in at least 300 enzyme processes throughout the body, it’s the most important of minerals and is known as the calming mineral. Magnesium is known to relax bronchial tubes, and ease asthma symptoms, it is also so depleted in asthmatics, and is also depleted by stress and alcohol pharmaceutical drugs and junk food. There is n ot enough magnesium in the soils these days for vegetables to have the pre war amounts, due to pesticides and herbicides and fertilisers used in farming and filtration techniques removing a lot of magnesium from our water.

So I used Magnesium chloride flakes / granules, I dissolved four to five tablespoons of this in warm bottled water, and poured into a 1 litre aproximate size, glass bottle (don’t use plastic or metal) I then topped up bottle with bottled water and used a cork. At night I would splash this everywhere all over my body and even face neck etc and head as I have short hair. Magnesium Chloride works best transdermally ie the body absorbs this very well and not so well orally. When you rub it in the body takes the magnesium to where it’s needed the most whether the heart or lungs or tight and painful msucles which will begin to relax. Most people find they will sleep very well with this, at fist it may tingle or itch or feel hot, that shows your body is super absorbing it fast because it has a deficit of magnesium.

I would also as an and or strongly advise Lamberts MAG Absorb which is an oral tablet that is well absorbed by the body, I as an adult take two at evening meal and one in the morning with breakfast. Do see DR Carolyn Dean website re Magnesium


3 Niacin also known as vitamin B3. Warning this can affect blood pressure check with your medical or preferably Naturopathic Doctor 1st. Niacin will cause a hot flush and your skin may feel tender to touch and hot for an hour or so after taking it, after a few days it will lessen as your histamine levels reduce. I found Niacin to be amazing, I started low at 25omg and worked my way up to 1000mg a day, start low because of the flush as it can be intense. The Niacin works best when you take a separate B vitamin complex. The Niacin is a major detoxification supplement, about 80% of the body’s toxins will be stored in fat, Niacin tears open the fat cells and releases the toxins, so good exercise ie walk then to sauna afterwards, to rid these toxins circulating, or at least a few hours afterwards on empty stomach take activated charcoal that will absorb many of the toxins for elimination. The niacin improves circulation dramatically and helps flush the lings, also lowers histamine levels that may be affecting asthma trough allergies ie dust foods etc. Niacin also has a calming affect after the flush. Do see Dr Lam website on Niacin for more info

Taking the supplements above made an enormous difference on my asthma finally not having to use the array of medications, I was once on over 20 medications a day and having many xrays each year.

Extra things you can do, is to message me on the contact page and ask me to send a free breathing exercise manual.

Reducing stress is very important do see reflective Repatterning known as RR

Also Havening Malika Spethenson used Havening on some breathing difficulty memories and I found my breathing improved emotioanlly

I recommend finding a therapist give you a few treatments with a quantum scalar laser that is a cold laser that relaxes chest muscles and is very calming, see link

Also and or finding a therapist that uses a Scenar Cosmodic that increases energy flow through the vital organs this can make a deep and profound difference to asthmatics


Generally asthmatics are not good with wheat dairy and foods with sulphites in, but you can check this out with Vega testing to be sure. Also they will b e able to run other diagnostic tests too,


Many asthmatics may have a burden of heavy metals for nstance an excess of copper that becomes bio unavailable ie the body cannot use this particuarly affects the lungs. To detox heavy metals, do see you can arrange hair analysis tests to determine mercury lead copper arsenic cadmium nickel levels etc.

A new product by medical Dr Zac Bush, called Restore, helps repair leaky guts caused by low good bacteria in the gut and yeast overgrowths, this product reduces inflammation , and restores gut health, when the gut is healthy, less toxicity arrives in the lungs, in fac t in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the large intestine and lungs are energetically connected, clean exits will result in cleaner lungs and less food in tolerances.  Also here is an email address for a UK vendor of Restore [email protected]

Most naturopaths would agree a general multi vitamin and mineral supplement is helpful as well as a full range of omega oils.

Two other anti inflammatories to consider are Lamberts Turmeric which is a high petency formula, not only reducing inflammation but also an important antioxidant. Also Blockbuster Serrapeptase an anti inflammatory enzyme from a silk work work that has many amazing benefits see


All of these things I found useful, please do your own research and talk with your medical dr and naturopath before making any changes, I am not a medical dr and am just a private researcher, who shares info for others to research and consult with their medical Dr’s.


My contact details are on the contact page on this website.