Emotions & Thoughts Are Opposites




To understand The Reflective Repatterning Laws Of Opposites of thoughts and emotions will be helpful in any Mind Body Spirit Healing. Some people talk of Thoughts they cannot get away from others that are emotional for no reason seemingly.

The Laws of Attraction and those that have read the classic book The Secret, will have learned that we make our own reality, at least most of the time, and that we attract what we are thinking. If we think bad we attract bad, when  we think good we attract good things, and when we think a bit of both we attract a mix of both. Yet they don’t tell you that also at play are the Reflective Repatterning Laws of Opposites. You see emotions are the opposite of thoughts, they react therefore in an opposite way, what we are emotionally needy of we repel ie push away, I expect you may recall some emotionally needy people so needy they push their partners away. You see emotionally we attract what we don’t want. Wherever there is an emotion there is also a thought and vice versa even if hidden. Just like an electrical field has a magnetic field and vice versa they are both there.

Today I worked with a lady who was angry all the time for no reason, she said no thoughts wen t with it, as we lessened the anger in Reflective Repatterning, the overwhelming emotional signal she was sending and receiving calmed and she had space to realise the thought that was creating the anger. Now here is the chicken or the egg bit, which c ame first, it doesn’t really matter, but just know they both exist, so that a deeper healing can take place, heal the emotion and reframe the thought with a solution.

Emotions and stuck or excessive thoughts are signals that action is required, to solve some sort of conflict. The more we ignore the signals the louder and stronger they get so we deal with them. My mentor Miss Mandy Langford, visited a lady in hospital so bad with psoriasis her skin was so raw she was wrapped in  selaphane plastic, clothes could not be worn, the dr’s were at a loss of what to do. Mandy had the lady close her eyes create a light trance and asked her ” who or what are you not listening too”, her unconscious mind bought up a conflict from her childhood that still remained un resolved, her unconscious tried to signal through thought and emotion to resolve this, but she ignored it, so this lady who had been a model developed psoriasis on her hand, her unconscious mind was signalling her thought she would listen at that point, of she didn’t and the psoriasis got worse and worse. Of course the conflict then got resolved and the lady made a full recovery.

Now let’s revisit emotional neediness, do you thin top business people like Trump, and those from the Dragons Den etc, are really emotional about their sales staff, money etc, are they really emotionally needy, no most are absolutely business is business, matter of fact can you do a good job yes or no, whats in it for me etc etc, they have a clear thought of what they want, with good intention, no or little emotion worry etc going on to repel a sale. Yes emotions dramatically harm business when they are needy. They also trigger their opposite magnetic pole to have needy thoughts, we remember we attract what we are thinking. Now I have known many men and women in  business who are great and not emotionally needy in their work, yet in relationships some are, of course when this is the case they so often fail in  the relationships.

The long and short of this all, is that if there is an area in your life you want to improve, lessen the emotional neediness, work and clean your thoughts ideals beliefs value conflicts up , and something dramatically favourable will happen.

I use a number of differing therapies in this field, and Reflective Repatterning RR will lead the way.

If you have any questions feel free to us ethe contact page on this website, and I will reply as soon as I can, you may even get a phone call to alandline or Skype, where I can hear your story and ask questions.

best wishes chris Milbank.