Fridge Magnet I Agree / Disagree

Intro How To Use A Fridge Magnet To Make Change With Reflective Repatterning ( RR ) Laws of Opposites Framework.

WIN_20150516_004235 This photo shows two opposites sums up I agree disagree. Lol.

Imagine a mid line going up from your top lip along your nose up mid line of forehead, along mid line of top of head and down spine of neck, in just that one direction. This is the Governor Meridian a powerful set of acupuncture points that treat and energise and treat all the others.

Also Imagine another line from the pubic bone going up the mid line over the naval up the tummy up the chest between breasts up throat and chin to lower lip. This is the Central Vessel meridian again a powerful set of acupuncture points that energise and treat many others.


A magnet can be used to break up the electrical activity in any emotional situation, to set you free.


Think of any bad experience and you can swipe approximately 20 times the Governor meridian with the magnet, ie run the magnet along the line described whilst focusing on the problem, and if it is still there do a further 20 swipes along the central vessel meridian.


If new aspects of the problem come up ie particular thoughts different memories or emotions , repeat again and keep going until you feel detached from it all.

Difficult and persistent problems will need to be diagnosed and treated by chris Milbank see contact page, yet many people will be able to seek help from this.


Reflective Repatterning (RR) Laws of Opposites has a special Framework of healing that I designed for all Tapping therapies like EFT AND TFT, and also Fridge Magnet Therapy that works even deeper in the meridian energy lines to clear deep rooted emotional problems.

The RR framework is called I agree, I disagree.


Take a statement any that you or client believes. Ie I am Not Good Enough.

Now if someone says that we have  to presume they at least partly believe it.

So we ask how much do you agree out of 10, 10 being the most, 0 being the least.

Then whilst thinking I am not good enough (or another statement thought belief you have if different), swipe the magnet along the governor meridian about 20 times, the number will for most people be less, if it is not a zero swipe the central vessel meridian. Keep this going, until your at a zero in agreeing, sometimes memories and emotions may surface that may need some extra swiping.

Now your agreeing with statement at a zero we can only presume you are at least partly disagreeing as you feel less attached to it. Rate the disagreement out of 10 ie , 10 is the maximum you disagree and 0 is the least. Swipe governor meridian 20 times saying inside your head (not out loud) I disagree I am  not good enough, if your not at a zero, then swipe central vessel meridian 20 times. Repeat until a zero.

Now that your at a zero in agreeing and disagreeing there is more neutrality which is the core aim of RR, however your not done yet.


Now choose a completely Opposite statement Like I am superb and the best.

We then ask do you agree or disagree, with the statement, then you use the Fridge Magnet swiping the meridians Governor and Central Vessel in the same way, , so if you disagree with the statement, keep saying (inside head quietly) I disagree that I am superb and the best , swipe governor meridian 20 times, if not a zero do central vessel meridian 20 times. Repeat again if necessary. Maybe certain memories need swiping if they surface or emotions just keep swiping the magnet til clear.

Once clear, ie at a zero with I disagree I am not good enough, we presume you then must at least partly agree with the statement, again give it a number out of 10, 10 being the most you agree 0 being the least. Swipe as before until you are a zero.

When this is finally complete, it may feel a bit confusing as, you will no longer think or feel in the same way. I have treated some of the biggest names in Psychology and therapies with this, and they are blown away by how different they feel, I treated an agoraphobic in one session with this, and they have been out and about ever since. I had originally booked them five sessions.

 Golden rules, treat all four parts, Ie I agree and I disagree with the problem statement and also it’s opposite,

How do you know you agree or disagree, you may have a feeling in the heart chest tummy head or elsewhere it may be a thought, if you can locate the knowing when you treat, it will be even more effective.

Treat memories emotions and fears internal voice messages that stay stuck , in the same way then carry on.

For more resistant clients and more complicated cases do refer to me chris Milbank via contact page for help. I treat people in this life, ancestral traumas, past lives, all 14 meridians, chakras, emotions , thought patterns entities, organs glands fascia, musculature and skeletal and more, to make progress. However much can be done at this basic level, and many will get complete resolvement of the issue.

Remember if under psychiatric care and or on medications, consult your Doctor and or Psychiatrist before attempting any self help. I am not a Doctor or Psychiatrist, I am a healer that reaches the many but there will always be some people that need extra help and care by a trained Professional.

Enjoy best wishes chris, ps do keep me in formed of how your doing, do see the contact page on this website. Many thanks x