Getting Well Simplified

Getting Well Simplified.
chris Milbank

  (I am not a Dr any advice is my experience and or my research only, seek always medical advice, The doses I have taken here listed are an adult dose, Naturopathic Drs can talk aboout a childs dose or what may be beneficial for children, or a medical dr )
Our doctors often give a label that covers our symptoms, like Asthma, Parkinsons, Auto Immune Disorders, and pretty much the whole A TO Z of labels. But what are the causes, why do we have a label, why do we have an infection, why do we need surgery, what is the cause of needing surgery. So often they do not answer these questions well.
Simply put, when we are ill, we have low voltage, our electrical pathways are not good conducters, in fact we show resistance. All this means a lowered amount of electrons are flowing through the body.
Toxins like toxic metals (lead, cadmium,mercury, alluminium, uranium, nickel, bio unavailable copper that we cannot use), also pesticides herbicides, toxic preservatives, toxic food colourings, fumes from carpets and furnishings covered in flame retardants, and many more, are Electron Stealers. Yes that means they lower our electrical flow and increase resistance. Also germs like bad bacteria, bacterial infections, viruses, parasites, mycobaterium, fungi such as candida, and molds, all steal electrons.
Many alternative therapists diagnose low voltage areas in the body and then test to see what increases the voltage to treat an illness or weakness. Accupuncturists, use needles as good conductors of electricity to help increase electrical flow.
So what increases electrons. Water helps us to rehydrate and increase flow, also flush out toxins. Antioxidants donate electrons. We need more electron donors than stealers to start correcting health issues.
I have below outlined two steps with parts in , for reducing toxicity and reducing pathogens ie germs parasites fungi mold etc. Generally if your condition is chronic and you are not in acute pain or in a life threatening illness, clearing toxicity first is a good idea, the more toxic you are the more germs viruses candida parsites will want to stay with you or even reinfect you. If however your infection is acute, or life threatening of course seek medical advice but you may choose to use the anti pathogen treatments first in step two, I did when suffering with aids hiv for instance. This blog is about removing electron stealers and adding electron donors, this makes the foundation for health, for some people this may be all they need to do, for others they may need to address causes in extra ways or specific ways, as well, so remember this is a foundation to build on, please on doing so send questions, if specific symptoms are still apparent, maybe I can offer you information.

Step One Detoxing toxic metals and other toxins.
First rule stop putting the toxins in, if you have mercury amalgam metal fillings, get them removed preferably by a biological dentist, if not at very least get them removed by a mercury safe removal dentist, who has at least minimum training. Ordinary dentists may drill your fillings, they already leak on average 15mcg of mercury vapour daily, drilling heats them and you may get a seriously high toxic load, or you may swallow bits of mercury. More is explained in my blog Total Toxic Body Burden.
Reduce packaged food and add more fresh and organic foods, up your vegetables, and aim to look for more alkaline diets.
2 Make sure your exits are clear, you will need to be defecating three times daily, if you are not, take a supplement of essential minerals, one called Concentrace is a good one amongst others. If you are still not doing three number two’s a day, you may want to do a herbal colonic treatment, search for Dr Natura Colonix, or try a supplement that combines oxygen and magnesium called Oxy T. We need your exits clear as it’s basic plumbing for draining a toxic swamp.
3 Draining the toxic bdy swamp. We want to do this safely, as mercury and lead are so toxic, they can cause damage and a lot of distress, if we use powerful detoxers but do not protect ourselves. Over the years I have tried many and researched many, the one I like the best is a product called ZeoGold. This is a purified first zeolite, a volcanic mineral negatively charged that pulls in positively charged toxins, mercury lead, cadmium, nickel, other toxic metals, dioxins, certain hormone disruptors, and even bacterial infections and virus particles in time. It will powerfully clean the gut of these toxins, the gut holds about 70 to 80%of our immune system, it is where we digest our food, and also we set much of our brain chemistry. Toxic Metals destroy the gut, weaken immune system, and destroy nervous system, all in time, they create a celluar imbalance, and cell destruction, paving the way for candida to be fed with dead tissue, and bacteria and other pathogens to use the metals in biofilm mucous and metals combined that protect them from the immune system, and even many medical drugs like antibiotics.
The ZeoGold also has absorbable vitamin c as an antioxidant, fulvic acid which hooks in toxic metals, and balances minerals in cells, R Lipoic acid that crosses blood brain barrier, neutralising toxins in the brain, it also has the number one top antioxidant gluathione, which detoxes deep inside cells and cleans liver. An adult would start off with one a day and work up to four a day. I recommend the 3 month detox which is 12 containers,for $300.00 . This will give time, to cleanse gut of toxicity, lower toxic metals in circulation, and get ready for killing pathogens. After killing pathogens we should aim to repeat the three month metal detox again, as when we kill pathogens like candida bacteria parasites more toxins can be released back into the body. So we reduce toxicity in circulation, kill pathogens and again cleanse more toxicity.
An ideal partner, to the ZeoGold during this process is a good collidial silver that is clear, and between ten to 25 parts per million ppm. I would aim to take two tablespoons daily, but start off at a smaller dose gently killing pathogens, as you get used to it increase. For those very ill, we can take a lot more silver, but this is about as much as we need if the illness is more chronic or it’s about prevention.
So to sum up Step one, stop putting toxins in, make sure you are defecating three times daily or more, drink plenty of water, work through the 12 containers of ZeoGold in their special 3 month detox and take the silver for that three months.

Step Two Pathogens.
Pathogens are viruses, bacterial infections, parasites like worms and flukes and more, candida, other fungal infections and mold. If you have been struggling with step one, it may well mean you have such a huge load of toxic metals in your system, you need to repeat it, right away. At anytime you can lower dose, skip a day give your body a chance to catch up etc, and lower dose. To reduce most metals takes two to three years to completly do it lead takes 15 years as it gets deep in the bone.
If the phase one has left you feeling really good, it will mean that your toxic metals and other toxins have been reduced enough in circulation, and we can kill some pathogens, and if thhey release more toxins into blood stream we are already cleaner to cope with it. Also our detoxification pathways will also already be clearer.
The big pathogens may well hold the most toxicity ie candida often holds it’s own weight in lead and mercury, parasites can hold bacteria and viruses as well as toxic metals. Clearing fungi and candida may release more bacteria and viruses held in it’s biofilm. Parasites may do more toilet in you as we begin to kill them.
At this point it can be good to kill the big pathogens first, for the reasons above. Candida releases so many toxins into the body, and so do parasites, and one treatment tool kills much of both. This is 100% pure gum spirits of turpentine. If it does not have that label do not use it, do not use the hardware type either that has other chemicals in. Turpentine has been used to kill parasites and also as an anti bacterial and to slow down the replication of viruses for hundreds of years. Our great great grandmothers so often talked of Turpentine. Everybody should read the pdf by expert Dr Jennifer Daniels 1st before doing this treatment.
Dr Daniels wants us to respect this treatment no adults should ever take more than a teaspoon, she states that children have far lesser doses. In fact start with a quarter teaspoon for adults. Children have to have considerably less follow her protocol. As an adult, I first used turpentine, 1 teaspoon in 3 cubes of white sugar, the parasites and candida thrive on sugar so they eat it and then die as turpentine enters them. Turpentine has huge antioxidant qualities, but may make you very sleepy, it may make you feel a little sick for an hour, just drink plenty of water and lie down. I have also used the turpentine with castor oil, to soak my small intestine and clear many pathogens there too, 1 teaspoon of turpentine I mix with one tablespoon of castor oil. Sun fruit Dan of you tube has excellent 5 and 10 minute videos on taking 100 % pure gum spirits of turpentine. I did take it twice a week, but upped to 5 days on two days off and on 2nd week all the candida came out of me in loads , white stuff that was stringy like mesh in the toilet, worms also passed.
When the parasites and candida all seems cleared or you are feeling even more super well, you can go back to repeating steps one. However, if you think you have other parasites, or suffering from infections. You have two choices either carry on with the turpentine, or using another method. Like chlorine dioxide (CD).
CD also known as Miracle mineral Supplement (MMS). Is made at home by buying a mix of sodium chlorite and either citric acid or HCL acid, when we mix the two together it forms chlorine dioxide. A seriously effective treatment for any bacterial infection and or viral infection ie herpes hiv , hpv, cmv, etc etc. You can follow protocol 1,000 this is slowly working your way up to 3 x drops of the cd, in a galss of water every hour for eight hours a day for 21 days. There is also a chlorine dioxide enema you can do that can also limit parasites, and personally this enema I have found has flushed many out in just a few goes. However do not use at same time as the turpentine, either use one protocol or the other, or complete one then use the other. Take a few days break in between too. With any of these detoxes if they make you feel queasy sick or have the runs headcahes etc, stop when better restart at a lesser dose. Work up gradually. Here are the links for the CD/MMS oral method and enema method. Protocols scroll down on right hand side You can look up Protocol 1,000 and enema protocol from here . I have used this many times, it saved my life when I was attacked with aids. MMS CD suppliers called water purification suppliers for legal medicine law reasons
Do not use antioxidants whilst doing MMS / CD, as they neutralise each other they will be ineffective. One can stop the silver when on the chlorine dioxide or turpentine. After doing the chlorine dioxide protocols, it’s a good idea to replenish your body with antioxidants as they get depleted with MMS/CD.
Now if you are feeling better, it is time to do another 3 x month of ZeoGold detox, if you have emotional and or psychological issues, it may be an idea to also use some ACZ Zeolite spray or Waiora Zeolite drops, these are nano sized and cross the blood brain barrier to detox the brain tissues of lead and mercury.
At this point some of you may like to contact me, as some of you may have very deep lead issues, some may be more mercury toxic, by this time if you are feeling better, some of you may want to go even further to even more deeply rid metals, at this point there are many options. However they all come with a warning, so do email me at [email protected] and or contact a Naturopathic Dr, or a metal chelation specialist. You will have already doe a lot of preparation, gu will be cleaner detox pathways and cells cleaner pathogen load less, etc. If you are still struggling, it is far better to take lower doses and take more time, you have taken many years to get toxic allow time to detox.
When detoxing candida follow the advice in the pdf. There is at least 7 months of detox above, this is a great start, but not exhaustive at all. two to three years to fully rid mosst of the metals, lead 15 years from bone, however you may well show good in blood tests hair tests as a huge amount of toxins will bre reduced that were in circulation..
Steps were 1 Reduce toxins
Steps 2 Reduce Pathogens
Steps 3 Reduce more toxins.
ZeoGold if in UK make an order request by email to enable a UK Shipment, address to Sloan [email protected] info on ZeoGold It is also available one at a time in UK but works out dearer from Spectrum Supplements.
Collidial Silver as long as it’s clear and between 10 to 25 ppm is good I have used before or Active Silver
Or something you can just spray in mouth 20 x sprays twice a day as its a stronger silver also available in UK from Amazon ebay and other suppliers.
Any of these Collidial silvers above will help with the detox, just choose one. Or research and find one that feels right for you.

The Zeolite spray for more specific brain detox again also available in UK Amazon ebay etc this is not instead of the ZeoGold but as an added extra for brain detox.
Colon Cleansing products
Enema Bag
Dr Natura Colonix also available from other UK Suppliers just search internet. Oxygen magnesium formula for softening fecal matter to increase defecation elimination.
During the detox apart from when using MMS/CD using a general vitamin mineral formula is a good idea, and adults should consider upping their vitamin c intake to 10 to 12 grams spread troughout the day. If your tummy is sensitive to vitamin c, try it as sodium ascorbate, which is less acidic, or a Lyposomal vitamin c by liv on labs.

My Get Well course is linked below. By following this blog you will be reversing electron stealers and increasing electron donors towards better health.
I can be emailed re questions at [email protected]