HaRRming To Heal

chris Milbank me What we fear the most has the most hold over us, and causes us the most stress when we are connected to it. Many people therefore try and ignore or shut out their worst fears, some cannot and are connected to them for much of the time. We have learned from the Reflective Repatterning Laws of Opposites, that emotionally we attract what we don’t want and push away emotionally what we are emotionally needy of. The Laws  of Opposites tell us that emotional feelings are the opposite of thoughts, and thoughts attract what we are thinking good or bad, if you are thinking good and bad you attract a bit of both. Where there is a thought there is an emotion and vice versa, they are like different ends of a magnet, a north and south pole.


Now what we love creates a hate in it’s opposite field, ie if we love honesty we will hate dishonesty, if we love all things good we will hate all things bad, if we love being with our loved ones we will hate losing them. Negative emotions and feelings very powerfully affect our lives. When we tune into our worst nightmares, ie losing a loved one, think of a horrible if even an unlikely scenario, like an accident, or of a horrible way of being tortured executed etc, even for a quarter of a second before shaking our head and ridding the thought therefore the feeling, we have just used a very powerful magnet to attract some bad towards us, maybe enough to give us some bad luck a bad day, week month year etc. All depending on how long we thought about it how much feeling came in and how powerful a thought and feeling it was ie how much do we fear it, does it make us feel bad.

We are all like antennas we also pick up negative and positive vibrations of others, especially if that person thinks of us in a powerful state, when we pick this up we also become broadcasters, of these states if we resonate them and then affect the people we think of or that surround us.

It is very important that we list our worst fears and nightmares however unlikely they are to occur, many of them are lessons we need to learn from earlier in our lives, and also past lives we may have lived and of those from our ancestors that remained unresolved in their life times. Reflective Repatterning may well be the most effective mind emotional treatment there is and I would widely use this therapy, but also there may well be stress very acutely held in a particular meridian and I may use my Fridge Magnet therapy to clear these, and or dowsing of entities,I may use Brain Stare, and even Havening developed by Stephen and Ronald Ruden.


Yet there is another way, a very powerful way, that we can surface multitudes of very powerful fears and emotions in people, whether they kn ow what they are or not. We can surface in ourselves huge reserves of negative emotional feelings and thoughts and direct them straight at someone or somebody, and when it is as intense as it can be, we quickly reverse these states in us and use Reflective Repatterning to neutralise them in the person we are working with, this takes great skill and is only used with absolute knowledge of how to do this. Yet what it achieves is a neutralising of that persons specific or even n on specific worst fears and nightmares, and therefore of their own negative pull magnet. Instantly the persons positive attractor starts to react,and peoples lives get so much better.

Please see my original blog http://www.liveonlinechat.org/blogs/4425/38/ha-rrming-to-heal-heal-to-ha-rrm  Only those that have trained in Reflective Repatterning RR can train in HaRRming To Heal which is a five days specialist course, that prepares you in a number of different meridian and brain exercises, before teaching the amazing healing of HaRRming To Heal technique.

Feel free to use the contact page on this website to send email questions.Here is a link to Solar Events who promotes the Reflective Repatterning Trainings. http://www.solar-events.co.uk/workshops/reflective-repatterning-chris-milbank/