Heavy Metals Lead chris Milbank

Heavy Metals Lead & Why & How To Detox Them

By chris Milbank

Through industrial waste in water and air, through leaded fuel and paint, cosmetics, hair dyes, water supplies, leaded water pipes, lubricants with lead added, and even foods, the average human being has 1,000 times more lead in their bones than 400 years ago.
Lead is known as the death metal. It is hard to detox out as not only does it sit deep in all of our body tissues, it hides very deep into the bone.
Psychologically lead, in the brain causes, dark thoughts, agression, violence and violent behaviours., lower IQ, attention deficit, dementia, suicidal thoughts, a sense of me, me, me and less consideration of others and a lot lot more.
Physically in the body lead causes cardiovascular problems, hardened arteries (atherrosclerosis), osteoporosis , anemia.
Lead is an antagonist to both calcium and magnesium. Calcium loss caused by lead triggers many bone diseases, calcium loss will also create acidity, and cause blood anemia. Lead is also a leading cause of cataract problems and high blood pressure. Because of the damage lead does and blocking mineral and nutrient absorption and damaging the gut lining, will cause inflamation throughout the body and brain and wherever it resides.
Calcium is used in hundreds of bodily systems. Magnesium is crucial for every cell, and three or four hundred enzyme processes in the body, the heart needs heaps of magnesium.
There is no safe limit of lead in the body, it damages at a celluar level way before any government maximum limit in the body is hit. In fact lead also displaces iron, manganese and zinc all crucial for our health. It affects the brain chemistry by deactivating enzymes affecting hormones such as dopamine. It affects the krebbs energy cycle and can be a cause of chronic and acute tiredness or fatigue.
Lead destroys the nervous system, leading to neurological disorders like MS, ALS, Parkinsons, tremors, fits, epilepsy, vertigo, the list goes on and on and on, muscular skeletal issues another biggy.

Ageing should not be an issue, but as we get older we experience more bone loss (even more so the more lead we have). As we get more bone loss, huge reserves of lead leaks out from the bone into the body, yes this is a major cause of how and why older people get sick, suddenly get a stroke or a heart attack, dementia, memory losses, aggressive etc, or overly emotional.
Lead is a major cause of still birth, reproductive problems, hypothyroidism, insomnia, psychosis, mood swings bi polar, anxiety, adrenal issues, pituitary issues, and so so so so much more. Try and name a health issue lead is not involved in.

How do we know if we have lead toxicity. Unfortunately simply enough we all have, we breathe it in, drink it, goes on our skin in cosmetics, we are passed lead down through the placenta from our mum’s, Mum’s detox when they give birth, so each generation we are getting more and more toxic children. When we consider other metals like mercury , nickel, cadmium, alluminium, etc block mineral absorption destroy gut and block detoxification pathways, we absorb even more lead and nasty toxic metals plastics etc. Lead weakens the immune system, when our detox pathways get blocked we store more benzene a leading cause of breast cancer and immune dysfunction leading to aids.
Okay yes you have lead, however there are some tests. Hair analysis and urine and fecal and blood analysis, these are only good if your detoxification pathways are somewhat clear, if not the tests may show clear but you may be hiding lead deep in cells and bone. To test the bone is not affordable for most.
A hair test can be done, then follow two months of a heavy metal detox protocol and then see if the next test shows more lead pushed into the hair, if so there is lead that needs to come out, you would detox another two months and retest until hair is clear.
A urine challenge test, would be checking urine samples over 24 hours, then taking some DMSA prescribed by a naturopathic Dr or metal detox (chelation) therapist. This pulls lead out, then a 2nd 24 hour urine test is performed and again if there is a lot of lead in the body, the test will show a marked increase of lead in the urine. These tests are probably the best.
Personally I have had tests, but would not bother now, as we all have this and other nasty toxic metals in us. There are many ways of detoxing lead and other metals, if it’s not done right it can be dangerous, and or can have huge detoxification side affects, including emotional, psychological, and physical, until the detoxing has stopped or until the lead is greatly reduced.
Detoxing Lead.
Fortunately having experienced many heavy metal detox protocols and having had huge amounts of lead in my body, I talk from experience. I worked and grew up in the motor industry serving leaded petrol and working in a car workshop with exhaust fumes running all day for almost three decades. Having tried many, I would suggest starting here, for further advancement past these first two steps, email me, as it gets a bit more complicated depending on a number of factors.
First step if you have amalgam fillings, most metal detox treatments will pull even more mercury from your mouth and cause more problems. Getting mercury amalgam fillings out is a very important 1st step. However there is a mineral called zeolite in almost homeopathic form, which you can start with even with amalgam fillings. It is called ACZ nano zeolite spray by RNA. Spray into mouth, swish round in mouth for 30 seconds and swallow. Follow guidelines and work up gradually the amount of sprays each week. The zeolite is a volcanic mineral reacted with salt or sea water. It has a negative charge and pulls in toxins positively charged. ie Lead mercury etc. THE ACZ Zeolite spray has nano sized particles so can detoxify the brain crossing the blood brain barrier. Generally four bottles will create a great detox for the brain some use five, just a few sprays twice a day and thats it. When your amalgam fillings are out, do at least anotehr two bottles as each filling on average leaks 15mcg of mercury vapour daily.
Then if your fillings are out and you have used the ACZ Zeolite, you can switch to ZeoGold. This very very powerful formula, will cleanse the gut deeply, get ready and clear detoxifcation pathways, and clear body and blood of metals. After it has cleared metals it will clear many other toxins and also it will absorb bad bacteria and even viral particles.
ZeoGold has in the capsule, master antioxidant gluathione, a highly absorbable vitamin c, fulvic acid which rebalances mineral content and hooks out toxic metals, calcium edta, which helps clear calcified arteries, and hooks into lead and pulls it out, it also has other detox properties. One capsule of ZeoGold has the power of one bottle of ACZ Zeolite spray, they are both important as they have slightly different functions.
How long should I take ZeoGold for? well the minimum is to commit for three months, as you can build up to taking 4 capsules a day for three months which is twelve containers and longevity plus has a special offer on twelve. However, normally people go on for 3 to 6 months after their symptoms have gone to be sure. But remember it takes 15 years to fully replace all cells in the skeletal system so to 100% rid lead would take 15 years, but most people feel better in months some even in weeks of reducing this nasty poison.
The three months of taking zeogold will leave the gut cleaner, at first it can feel like a magnet pulling in your tummy as you feel the pull of the metals coming out and being absorbed in the zeolite cage structure where it can no longer harm the body and brain, about 8 hours later you will urinate most of that zeolite back out again. Thus the metals leave too. Your detoxification pathways, will be better too. If you then wanted to up the detox, you could add in Essential Daily Defense or CardioFlow, these have higher doses of calcium edta, which has an affinity especially for lead, I would still take the Zeogold as it will help rid the lead out as the EDTA digs deeper to find it. Calcium EDTA is the main ingredient for cardiovascular chelation treatments to increase blood circulation, and reduce risk of needing cardiovascular drugs, stents, and surgery. See Dr Garry Gordon chelation videos on Youtube.
There are other products called DMSA (Dimercaptosuccinic acid) that hooks into lead, and the QuickSilver method, also the Andy Cutler protocols, however for the least side effects, I personally would always at minimum, work with 4 bottles of the ACZ Zeolite spray by RNA and then a 3 month use of ZeoGold as the base before adding or using or swapping other chelation (lead, heavy metal detox) methods.
https://www.resultsrna.com/acz-nano-extra-strength-advancement-in-detoxification-technology/ info also available in UK by other suppliers including AMAZON EBAY ETC.
https://longevityplus.com/products/zeogold-90-day-detox-12-bottles?variant=13973776006 ZeoGold is also available in single containers from Spectrum Supplements in UK.
With any metal detox support with daily dose of vitamin e, and about 12 grams of vitamin c daily spread throughout the day, vitamin c as sodium ascorbate is more gentle on your tummy.
I would also take a full mineral complex, to replace any metal minerals that may have been displaced by the toxic metals and or the detox. A product called Concentrace which can be found online is an excellent source of minerals. Magnesium and zinc are important.
Drink as an adult two to three litres of water a day, and make sure you are defecating about three times daily, if not adding more minerals will help.
If side effects of nausea, headache, light headedness etc appear, stop the detox until your feeling well again, then restart at a lower dose. Follow product guidelines, seek advice if you have nay health conditions. I am not a medical dr, this is just my own research.
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I will be adding more blogs on further lead and heavy metal detoxification treatments, however the above are my foundation for most toxic metals.

The Zeolites I have mentioned are purified zeolites, so you can ignore warning blogs that relate to unpurified zeolite.