How To Use Brain Stare

chris Milbank me If you want a very powerful way to unleash stress from the brain that is simple to use, that you can do on yourself at home lying down, then this is the tool to use. There are two categories where people fail, they over complicate it, and or they have no patience.


All you have to do is think of an issue that is bothering you, this maybe an old trauma, illness symptoms, anxiety, rejection, feeling trapped, shock, or any amount of fears phobias hurt etc. Then sit or lie down, and very slowly move your eyes from one position to the other, until you either and or sense more stress, emotion, tension or focus in a certain point. This is a point that the eyes are linked to a certain part of the brain that holds the stress. Keep your eyes fixed on that point exactly maybe there is a small mark on the wall or ceiling you are looking at, now you can blink, but stay focused on just that point. Yes if you are literally following these instructions you are doing it right, there are no but’s or exceptions just follow these instructions.

Now as you stare, just stay with it ignore those thoughts am I doing this right (yes you are, simple as that). Keep staring after 5 minutes or more thoughts and feelings old memories may surface, keep staring, it can get quite intense, maybe anxiety will surface or your body will shake, or emotions and intense memories surface, stay with this, eventually they may calm down, keep staring for at least 5 minutes after everything has calmed down, because you may experience the next wave of emotion surfacing or memories etc. When you get to the point of everything calmed down and you have waited 5 minutes and your at peace, you may relax and normalise your eye movement, this point may take anything from 15 minutes to an hour and a half to achieve. However long it takes, it takes, each issue and each person will be different. You should then at a time when you have time think of the same issue again, and again move your eyes very slowly to different positions and notice whether your brain  holds the same issues or connected issues in other areas, if so repeat the same old exercise again when you have time. 


Please see my original blog, on how I discovered this whilst playing with some self correcting Neuro feedback device caled P Roshi, and how although I discovered this in my own way, it was also discovered before by David Grand who called his version Brain Spotting.


Warning when you practice this Technique and keep it simple ie just stare, throw away your doubt and just do, it can be so very powerful you will unlock Brain Stress by the bucket load. Remember if you have been ill, there will be a lot of stress involved and may take several hours of clearing, which you can do step by step over days and weeks, you may well be surprised what has been linked to your illness, and what some of the emotional triggers are.


Please feel free to use the contact page on this website to ask questions.

Many thanks chris Milbank


  • Hi Chris, your work is so interesting! I decided to have a go at the mirror brain stare and just wrote a blog about the experience ( ), which I have linked back here, so that people can see what it entails. Many thanks!

    • Chris

      Hi Julia many many thanks for sharing and writing this blog, it’s awesomely written I have shared it on the Brain Stare Facebook page here is the link Many people experience past life and also ancestral healings this way, and your account and detail are so much appreciated, when people share others can take advantage too, for that I am truly grateful. Thankyou.

    • Chris

      Hi many thankss or your great blog and the details you have shared with us all, I will add this to the Brain Stare Facebook page for you, many thanks for the update,I have received various messages over the years where people have used different versions of Brain Stare, something I give away freely, and have had several people who was so desperate that were considering suicide, who just did the process and it changed their lives dramatically. Brain Stare really does shift bucket loads of brain stress.