I Got Myself Well, Perhaps You Can Too, chris Milbank

  I Got Myself Well Perhaps You Can Too.
                           chris Milbank

  chris was seriously ill with immune problems and many serious infections, he treated him self naturally and shares his knowledge to help others.
In my classes I ask the students, how many times there Doctor has actually told them the cause of their problem, on average it’s less than one in ten times. They just do not know, other than what they have been taught about managing symptoms, antibiotics, drugs to chemically change symptoms and a bit of surgery, they follow the software on the computer and have maybe seven minutes per patient. #Yikes.
Most illnesses have a Total Toxic Body Burden , of toxic metals like mercury lead nickel cadmium, absorbed via air pollution , chemically altered shit food, and industrial waste in food soil and water supplies, also nasty toxic vaccines and mercury amalgam fillings, but also inhaled furniture flame retardants, and over 70,000 new chemicals introduced into the enviorment since WW2. We live in a toxic epidemic. Boom Boom.
The metals limit mineral absorption in our cells,this in turn has the body absorb more toxic metals in place of the minerals they really need, throwing our body into dissaray, they cause leaks in gut lining, triggering inflammation that’s in every illness, which makes symptoms far worse, they weaken the immune system, so we can’t protect against germs in the usual way, they create a dirty enviorment so germs, and fungus and parasites like worms and flukes can invade our blood our organs gut lungs etc. This adds far more poison, the fungus like candida grows roots in the gut and spreads throughout the body, eating away at the extra dead tissue in the body the toxic metals have been destroying, causing more inflammation, more toxicity, a weaker compromised immune system, chemical changes in the brain, triggering heightened stress, causing more problems, with acidity in the body, a further weakened digestive system, poorer elimination and detoxification channels, the immune system to weaken even further. The list is endless, it goes on and on.
So what do we need to do.
1 Stop the tap running a flow of toxins into our body. If we have mercury amalgam fillings get them out, adult fillings leak on average 15mcg of mercury vapours a day, this is killing brain cells, and hurting you everywhere. Don’t use tap water unless filtered, eat a bit more wisely, I am not telling you to become an organic meditating monk, but eat the good stuff more.
2 Make sure our exits are clear ie we are getting three bowell movements a day, and drinking 3 litres a day minimum as an adult as a general flush, toilets need a flush so do we. It’s basic plumbing.
3 We need to cleanse the body and gut of toxic metals in circulation, that help make an enviorment for germs fungi mold and parasites.
4 We need to start killing the germs, fungi, mold and parasites in the body.
5 We then need to dig deeper and detox and grab the toxic metals that are held in deeper tissue, organs and bones, and start detoxing the brain cells of these metals.
6 We need to replace lost minerals, rebuild digestive system and repair gut.
When we address these problems, so many health issues clear up on their own, either way it’s the ground work we need to do, to get well, inevitably some people, after this may need a naturopathic doctor to run a few tests, and find ways to boost specific body systems, that may need further help. Yet remember the diagnostic tests can be expensive, the above needs to be addressed. Many occasions, I have known people to have alternative testing, and the cause of their problems are toxins, and pathogens like viruses bacterial infections and fungi or mold etc. The treatments I recommend, blanketly work with these.
I am not a medical doctor, my work is my own research and my own experience. Always seek medical advice 1st, but ask the doctor, what is the cause of my asthma, heart disease, neurological problems like Parkinsons, osteoarthritis, allergies etc, if they do not know, will they ever heal the issue or just disguise it.

I have a process, I guide people with a simple Skype call and follow up email, with simple steps. I will share an overview of all the steps. I charge a simple affordable fee to guide people through each step. I do not earn from the chelation detox supplements I recommend I am independent.
To enquire just email me [email protected] If you are on medications by a medical doctor, advise them what you are doing, they may not understand, they wern’t trained in detox and nutrition, but as your body changes, medications may need to be altered and monitored.