Identity Changing Weekend

C lair Brain Stare picture    A full weekend of retraining the brain mind and body to identify with yourself differently. How we identify ourselves has a huge impact on everything we think believe and how we behave and what we manifest. Each time we say or think the words I, me, myself and or your name, you refer to this identity, our body mind brain and energy systems resonate with this, we become our own tuning fork, yet what we resonate also resonates with those around us and who we think of.


The weekend of February 20th and 21st 2016 in Oswestry Shropshire, will demonstrate a number of techniques that not only identify how we identify ourselves negatively and positively but will begin to improve this.

Much of our identity is hidden also in holding patterns of the physical body and chris will guide you through some physical exercises whilst focusing on body shape and identity, to make a meaningful change and build awareness.

Imagine if we believe we are lazy or not good enough our physical body will hold those in tense patterns, when we release energetically it’s good to release physically too.

This is something chris has wanted to demonstrate for a long time and has finally put it into his schedule.

The weekend will be fun, meaningful and will combine, energy,brain, fascia and physical movement techniques . Some of these have not been shown by chris before


Cost 250 UK pounds please use the contact page on this website

Manifesting change to change manifestation .