Oxidative Stress HIV & AIDS

HIV & Aids The Oxidative Stress Formula
by chris Milbank October 31st 2017.


Healer Researcher Educationalist

I am not a medical doctor just a researcher who unfortunately suffered from this disease, but came out well without drugs of any kind.

1st What Is Oxidative Stress ?

When our bodies and ultimately our cells have a high toxic load, our cells and body through oxygenation try and oxidise these toxins, but when there is too many it has a rusting effect kind of corrosive and this damages our cells ie oxidative stress and causes damage even kills them, it affects also our dna and rna, and our ability to balance the immune system, creating an imbalance of inflammation where our body attacks, and less search and find immune cells that can see what to attack. Inflammation further affects our immune system and detoxification pathways. Ultimately antioxidants control the oxidation process, we can think of oxygen and hydrogen peroxide in the body being like a fire to burn away toxic loads and pathogens, but if we have too many pathogens and toxins the fire gets out of hand and burns, destroying cells in organs glands blood immune etc in fact everywhere the brain anywhere where there are cells. Antioxidants remove excess toxicity and pathogens but also cool the fire like fire fighters. Here is a more scientific explanation. https://www.news-medical.net/health/What-is-Oxidative-Stress.aspx .

HIV and Aids , everybody that fits into any combination of having aids or hiv or hiv and aids that has been tested has very high oxidative stress. Mostly high oxidative stress creates the enviorment for the immune system to weaken, allowing hiv which is actually very hard for a healthy person to contract if not impossible by sex, to be susceptible. Also infections themselves cause huge oxidative stress, but it’s rare that an ifection will take hold if someone has very low oxidative stress in the first place.
The quickest and most powerful methods for reducing infections are ozone treatments and chlorine dioxide and perhaps food grade hydrogen peroxide treatments. However whilst they rapidly treat infections better than any drug, they can cause oxidative stress. So unless someone has extremely high viral loads or actually already has aids with aids infections, then it’s better to reduce oxidative stress first before treating with oxidative therapies. If however you suffer from very high viral loads, the immune count is very low, or you have serious aids infections or life threatening infections, then it would be wise to immediately feel better by using the oxidative therapies first, then revert to reducing oxidative stress. I will explain these treatments a little later in the blog.

The obvious answer would be to use oxidative treatments and antioxidants all a the same time, but you may waster your money as they can cancel each other out rendering both useless when used this way.

Reducing Oxidative Stress & Halting HIV Progress.
There are a minimum of five things people need to do that are very powerful. Of my top four I can’t tell you which is the best because they are all needed, however I could take a guess, but telling you may mean you opt out of others that make the difference between success and failure.
1 Liposomal Glutathione. Liposomal means fat soluble lipids (liposomes) that are nano sized carry the treatment directly into the cells, avoiding digestion and excess energy use. Ordinary glutathione is broken down into three amino acids in digestion meaning you get little or none of it in ordinary supplemental form. Intravenous injection is very good and you get a high amount in blood, but it is used up very quickly and is expensive. However Liposomal Glutathione is cheaper, a little less in blood but a lot more in cells where it will be highly useful.
Gluathione, is the master inter cellular antioxidant it works in the cells, neutralising toxins, but it also recycles other antioxidants, and every cell needs this and the liver needs lots of it to break down toxic waste. Glutathione helps stop hiv replication and that of other pathogens, and it limits greatly the ability of hiv to enter cells, where it does a lot of oxidative damage and reportedly destroys immune cells. I believe oxidative stress in general kills more immune cells but either way glutathione is defending you. Providing it is a liposomal glutathione with real liposomes, it should do the trick. Making liposomes with ultra sonic equipment at home does allow for better absorbability but they are not real liposomes they are really an emulsion so you may get ok blood intake but not much cellular intake. I recommend Liposomal Glutathione by Quicksilver scientific. Dose use 2 x sprays swish in mouth for 2 mins then swallow, 4 x daily, follow guidelines on container, For a very good quality asured product. Here is a video re glutathione you can search many references to HIV and or Aids https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqclweTUg5M

Selenium to be taken in the form of Selenomethionine. This most absorbable type of selenium, helps increase immune t cells, reduces inflammation, protects from oxidative stress of heavy metals like mercury and lead. It also helps to lower the ability of hiv to replicate in the body, and strengthens the immune cells ability to lower hiv viral loads. Also other viral loads thus being an important oxidative stress reduction suppplement.
Now take a look at this pdf all about the dramatic effect selenium has on hiv and aids. Foster also talks of supporting amino acids that actually help people make glutathione in the body, although some toxic people no longer have that ability so taking glutathione is very important. http://hdfoster.com/sites/hdfoster.com/files/users/user10/Selenim%20Article.pdf

Vitamin C
Vitamin c is the most important extracellular antioxidant ie it works very well outside of the cell, although it works inside too. Vitamin c boosts the immune system in over 20 major ways, it also helps recycle glutathione so you can keep your reserves up. There is no toxin or virus or bad bacteria known that cannot be neutralised by vitamin c if there is enough of it and it reaches the right places. Yes eve snake bites, and poisonous mushrooms although tis may have to be treated instantly by huge amounts of vitamin c 100 to 200 grams it can be done. Vitamin c powerfully reduces oxidative stress, and helps reduce inflammation. Many people who are ill may be sensitive to high amounts of vitamin c with bloating gas etc and anacidic feel. The best way is to spend a bit more and get the most recommended form of vitamin c which is sodium ascorbate. Ascorbate is vitamin c, sodium buffers the vit c ascorbate so it’s gentle on your tummy. Oral doses of vitamin c, detoxify digestive tract and some of it gets into blood.
Intravenous doses done by a doctor go straight into the blood and if you can afford this get this done.
Liposomal vitamin c get more into the cells, very very important.
Vitamin c is a water soluble antioxidant which is great for blood and digestion etc, but there is a fat soluble version to get vitamin c neutralising oxidative stress in fat cells this is called ascorbyl palmitate .
If money were not a problem, then use all the forms of vitamin c. But many cannot afford this. I suggest a minimum 20 grams that is 20,000 mg daily of oral vitamin c a day if an adult with HIV AND OR AIDS. However you may need more, you can take on an empty tummy 3 or 4 grams of vitamin c per 15 minutes, until you get loose stools this is what we call bowell tolerance, ie the body uses up vtamin c until it doesn’t need it anymore. When bad I reached 130 grams yes 130,000mg. Yet many will reach 20 or 30 grams. Now whatever it is, you then stop on that day, and then the following day drop dose by 25% and spread the dose over the whole day. For instance if you got bowel tolerance at 40 grams, next day over 8 hours take 30 grams. Each day you hit a new bowel tolerance reduce again the same way. The more you need to take indicates the more toxic you are.
If you opt out of the oral dose, you can take the liposomal, ideally I would be on ten a day , however even five a day will be very very helpful. Yes its fine to do both, there is no known toxic amount of vitamin c, if your body does’nt want it, you defecate and urinate it out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpptUsJFCEY You Tube video Dr Thomas Levy on vitamin c must watch.
I use the livon labs liposomal vitamin c but quicksilver scientific will also be very good, but make sure its just vitamin c not with added lipoic acid as you can overdose on the quantities above mentioned. If just vitamin c it’s fine.

Colloidal Silver .
Known to kill over 650 pathogens including mold fungus candida bacteria viruses. This can be used alongside antioxidants although probably best taken an hour or so apart. If you are making your own silver then as an adult with hiv aids, you will need good quality and to drink about a liter a day. However if you get a superior brand, ACS200 By RNA (This is what I used) then you will need about 20 sprays in mouth swish in mouth for 30 seconds to one minute then swallow. Do this x 3 a day. Or you can get the highly recommended Argentyn 23 which many naturopathic doctors swear by this and drink 4 ounces twice a day.
Silver will kill hiv it will stop it replicating, it will kill other infections, it will lessen inflammation and make more immune system available to fight the bad stuff. Buying silver is expensive, but making it can be pence per gallon, but you need to make high quality with distilled water. If you use the right quality silver you will find it impossoble to get the grey or blueing colour of the skin that scare stories on internet funded by drug companies tell you about. Silver is amazing. I have written blog about how to use silver in different ways to reach infections in lymphatics colon blood etc, but for this stage of reducing oxidative stress, oral consumption is good. Too much info easily overwhelms too.

Multi Vitamin Mineral formula and fatty acids.
Your body and all of the supplements listed above work best in tandem with the broad spectrum of vitamins minerals and fatty acids he body needs, Skipping this will just make everything more difficult and areas of the body and mind will be in deficit. Concentrace is a good mineral formula,there are many vitamin and essential fatty acid packages too, choose one, that is recommended by a good health store. I needn’t list hundreds of brands here. Make sure it has zinc, magnesium vitamin e vitamin a in etc. Taking extra vitamin e a fat soluble vitamin can be very helpful against hiv too.

Ideally you do as much of the above as you can for three months before starting oxidative therapies. Some people worried about their very high hiv viral load or aids infections, may choose to do a few weeks of the above to partly replenish antioxidants then go on to oxidative treatments before going back to do a full three months of reducing oxidative stress with the antioxidants.
Note on either treatment it is not uncommon for viral levels to go up and cd 4 immune counts to go down before they dramatically get better. There are many good reasons for that, I can answer emails etc about this or you can read the other hiv aids blogs.
Oxidative Infection Killing Treatmets
Retail for 40 pounds you can buy a kit where you can simply make chlorine dioxide. It will last six months, yet most people treat themselves for a full 3 week period. Warning it tastes ghastly and you will need to be off work ideally and at home where you can rest whilst doing this treatment.
Some people call it Miracle Mineral Supplement, but really what we are doing is mixing sodium chlorite with an acid, we use either citric acid 50% strength or hydrochloric acid (hcl) at 4%,. When we mix 1 drop of sodium chlorite to one of the acids, we let it mix wait 30 seconds it turns amber then that is 1 drop of chlorine dioxide, this has to be added to a small glass of water. For HIV and AIDS the protocol they call protocol 1000 , is to gradually get used to one drop of the chlorine dioxide (CD) per hour in a glass of water, if you can tolerate tat go to two drops, if you cannot hen drop back, gradually work your way up to 3 drops. The protocol is to then take 3 drops in a glass of water every hour, for 8 hours per day for 21 days. This will drastically cut viral load. Those that have even full blown aids usually feel better withing 1 to two weeks even less, if you don’t feel better at end of 21 days I will eat my hat, however if your not fully well extend to 28 days or more. When well, drop back to a maintenance dose of 6 drops per day, or if going back to antoxidants skip the cd and use a high quality silver as above for maintenance. Chlorine dioxide finds pathogens that are acid based and literally kills the bad bacterias in seconds, with viruses, it stops them in their tracks one by oxidation but also with some viruses disabling he way they reproduce so they become inactive and die. This is a very very powerful treatment. When dealing with advanced illness, or hidden infections , my other blogs explain other ways and do’s and don’ts of takig this product, like enemas, and with dmso for lymphatics, baths etc. But for now it’s the 21 day 8 hour a day protocol. http://mmsinfo.org/protocols/protocol_1000.pdf
Andreas Kalcker talks about chlorine dioxide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9aUuXdlr5p0&t=2264s

Ozone, this is administered by a clinic and usually a doctor intravenously, this has an enormously powerful affect of lessening pathogens quickly, some drs find they can do intravenous glutathione 1st then the ozone. This incredibly powerful treatment highly oxygenates the cells, giving energy and improving many bodily systems instantly. But can be expensive. If you can afford it get assessed and get the treatment. However there are clinics where for a fraction of the cost you can get rectal ozone insufflation, where the ozone goes to the colon which gets cleansed hiv can hide there too. The ozone will pass through colon wall into blood via portal vein. Four rectal isnufflation treatments are equivalent to about one intravenous ozone treatment. You will need to internet search clinics in your area for this. Dr Rowen Ozone therapy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOf-li6mATI&t=310s
You can buy your own ozone generator and seperately the oxygen tank and do home rectal insufflation, www.trulyheal.com provide all the info re videos and info how to treat different parts of the body too. Remember 4 home treatments of rectal insufflation is equivalent to one intravenous, and you could easilly treat everyone in your street.

Of course there are many alternative and natural treatments, and everybody differs, however the information I have shared is rock solid with supporting evidence and has much scientific support. I am not a medical doctor, the info is my research and what has helped me and or colleagues. I can be emailed [email protected] but please read the blogs 1st as I get many enquiries, the more time I have I can help more people, so read through and most importantly do your own research.
www.chrismilbank.com has many hiv aids blogs also this Facebook page has great tips https://www.facebook.com/HIVAIDSALTERNATIVEHEALTH/ best wishes chris ps supposed to say go and see your medical dr, and if you do remember you have choices.
Oral Vitamin C most people tolerate sodium ascorbate best.
Liposomal Vitamin C Quicksilver scientific https://www.prohealth.com/shop/product.cfm/product__code/N1432
Or LivOn Labs sachets of Liposomal Vitamin C https://www.altrient.com/liposomal-vitamin-c

Liposomal Glutathione Quicksilverscietific https://www.prohealth.com/shop/product.cfm/product__code/N0746
Or as 2nd choice LivOnLabs Liposomal Glutathione https://www.altrient.com/liposomal-glutathione
Selenium in the form of selenomethionine as long as it’s is this form buy from any good source, I have used Solgar some use Youngevity or Thorne just look on line here is a link https://uk.iherb.com/pr/Solgar-Selenium-Yeast-Free-100-mcg-100-Tablets/48602

Silver Either make your own, and if so go to Facebook Like The Natural Health Library when they accept you read the files section and look at the silver files you will learn honestly about silver and you can purchase a great kit that will make a gallon of silver for pence, you may need to drink up to a litre a day of it, and you must follow directions and use distilled water, or make your own generator with 9 volt batteries, it shows you how. https://www.facebook.com/groups/612308275622725/

Or I used ACS200 Silver by RNA https://www.resultsrna.com/advanced-cellular-silver-200-extra-strength/
Or Many Naturopathic Doctors wear by Argentyn23 this silver not as strong as ACS200 but there is less clumping of silver particles which may mean they reach around and circulate the body better. https://www.natural-immunogenics.com/products/argentyn-23.html and https://www.amazon.co.uk/Argentyn-Professional-Bio-Active-Silver-Hydrosol/dp/B006JG7138?SubscriptionId=AKIAILSHYYTFIVPWUY6Q&tag=duckduckgo-ffsb-uk-21&linkCode=xm2&camp=2025&creative=165953&creativeASIN=B006JG7138

Any decent Multi Vitamin Mineral Formula your health store recommends.
www.chrismilbank.com Remember HIV AIDS is not a death sentance, if you get very ill, ozone or chlorine dioxide also known as MMS can have you feeling better in just a few days such is their patogen killing power.
I recommend everybody watch the video House of Numbers on Youtube this will calm any fears, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BsT4GrimfLQ&t=4006s
Do as much info researching on the products I have mentioned be informed reassure yourself have friends family do research too,
x chris, okay time for a cuppa


Chlorine dioxide suppliers (called water purification treatments) https://waterpurificationsuppliers.wordpress.com/  also known as MMS also see testimonial videos on youtube.