Remote Healing the chris Milbank way

imagen003 I have developed a unique way of healing from any distance via a photo, or computer image, even a surrogate person, hair sample or name.   It will work with every effective therapy I have ever heard of, as well as the the many therapies and healing practices I have created.

Let’s take a rule of Reflective Repatterning’s Laws of Opposites, we heal ourselves to heal others and we heal others to heal ourselves. Yes we are all interconnected with each other, we are all like radio antennas and broadcasters, when  we feel down people who know us are often affected, when we feel down and think of someone for a length of time we are bringing their happy healthy vibrational resonance down with us, it’s the same when we feel good we will make others feel good.   When someone is feeling really negative many of us will feel their presence even before we see them enter the room, they are broadcasting negativity and our radio receivers pick this up, this is because we have been negative in our own lives, and their resonance will match the stored resonance we have, from whatever time in our lives.


As a therapist I will tune into the clients issue, and notice how I feel about it, whether I feel empathy, upset stressed sad indifferent or think it’s funny. I use then any effective treatment on  myself whilst focusing on the client in mind and how I feel, as I begin to change how I feel the client gets better.

I use this with mind techniques like Thought Field Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Reflective Repatterning, Havening, NLP, EMDR, Brain Stare, physical bodywork therapies too like massage Bowen, and many others, they all work in this way. In fact in my trainings of the tapping therapies and Reflective Repatterning and Havening,on the 2nd day, everybody uses the techniques I have taught, in the remote healing way, and the trea imagen003 tment is quicker, m ore in depth and effective, and client and therapist will experience very similar experiences even though they can be very much apart. The client does not have to be aware that healing is taking place to gain from it. Thus it is a very good treatment for those sceptical, or unconscious etc.


I have several times used this method in medical emergencies. A c all came from Hong Kong one day a desperate mother was in an awful state her pregnant daughter had been rushed into hospital bleeding and in severe pain, the Dr’s had not been able to stop the bleeding or the pain, I quickly went to work, the second I was done I felt the relief, and the Mother called back to say that exact mi nute I finished the bleeding stopped and the pain went. I have many more amazing stories like this, and will shae them on a future blog.

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