Simple Affordable Vitamin C

By Chris Milbank April 2020

Vitamin C is an antioxidant, this protects from oxidation, like an iron bar rusting in the garden.
Oxidation although it can have many benefits in the body like oxidative therapies (ozone , hydrogen peroxide , etc killing pathogens) it can also cause a lot of cellular damage and inflammation without an antioxidant balance. There are many harmful things that cause serious oxidative damage , like free radicals. There are many including toxins, poisons, and perhaps the most oxidative is any infection whether viral, bacterial, parasitic, stress etc.
Any oxidant free radical toxin or infection steals electrons, antioxidants donate electrons. It’s the stealing of electrons that triggers the oxidative stress and causes inflammation.
Every health symptom and disease has oxidative stress and inflammation, you may say that is the cause of all illness disease etc.
A cell needs to be running at about 50 millivolts to be healthy and about 70millivolts to repair itself. Electron flow, ie electricity is needed for energy life sustainability and repair.
Vitamin C has neutralised every toxin and poison it has ever been tested against, every virus it has been tested against it kills, most bacteria, it boosts the immune system in over 20 different ways, it reduces oxidative stress and inflammation.
Ascorbate is vitamin c, most if not all the the research done on the effectiveness of vitamin c on infections and toxins has been done with ascorbate, ie man made version of vitamin c. Some say natural vitamin c is better and with bioflavanoids, bioflavanoids are also antioxidants, and so can aid vitamin c ascorbate, but they don’t actually make the ascorbate vitamin c itself anymore effective, you would need many tubs of these bioflavanoids to equal a tiny amount of vitamin c in effectivenss. So by all means take them as you would good nutrition, but vitamin c donates more electrons two in fact compared to one in other antioxidants.
Cheap simple vitamin c treatment Bowel Tolerance.
All day long any oral vitamin c will do for this whether capsule or tablet granules or powder, however doctors generally prefer sodium ascorbate, ie ascorbate buffered in natural salt, which is less acidic and is easier on the gut and yet keeps it’s effectiveness. I buy 1 kilo of sodium ascorbate online for about 13 pounds, you will have to do your own online search, find a distributor right on price , location and availability for you.
Bowel tolerance helps you diagnose how much your body needs, the unhealthier you are the more the body will take. Bowel tolerance is what it sounds keep taking more til you get stomach rumbling gas loose stool or the runs if you want an extra good gut cleanse as well.
I take about 3 grams every 20 minutes until I get to bowel tolerance. Warning for some this may be 20 grams, for others it may be 70 grams, even well over 100 , an example would be if you have the flu your body will use lots more vitamin c, if your currently healthy, it won’t and bowel tolerance is at a far lesser dose. I have had 70 gram colds, 50 gram allergies, and a 130 gram flu before as an example. If using granules or powder, 4 grams is about a teaspoon full.
The next thing you need to do is count how many grams it took you to get to bowel tolerance, then next day lessen by aproximately 25% , ie drop by just over 7 grams to 22 or 23 grams. This dose is spread throughout the whole day to keep you saturated in vitamin c, to stop infection replicating etc and keep important health functions going well.
How long should we do this for, well if you are addressing acute problems at least 3 days after the symptoms have disappeared to prevent symptoms returning. If you have chronic health problems a minimum of three months may be better, or just stay on the treatment.
Some retro viruses like herpes etc may take longer and may need other vitamin c treatments as well as they hide deep in the body.

Other Vitamin C treatments
Bowel tolerance vitamin c is like the foundation treatment, cheap and effective and great for cleansing gut where many infections hide. However, if your symptoms are not clearing consider these options too.
Intravenous vitamin c only administered by a doctor, although may not be available near you or affordable, offers some of the best results in research. It takes vitamin C straight into the vein and into the blood, crucial in emergencies like sepsis, acute infection for rapid results, and poisoning, when vitamin c is needed quickly in life threating situations intravenous can be a life saver. Used with pneumonia, polio, flu, viral infections as a doctors vitamin c treatment of choice.

Liposomal Vitamin C.
New research shows this treatment may in many cases be more effective in treating health conditions than intravenous. It is vitamin c encapsulated in tiny fat lipids that get absorbed into the cells at far higher rate than oral or intravenous. Considering that is where vitamin c needs to be to fight the most action, it’s well worth considering. I use either Altrient C by Liv On Labs, they come in 1 gram sachets. 1 gram of this is considered to be equal to about 12 grams of intravenous but not as quick in an emergency.
Or I use Quicksilver Scientific liposomal vitamin c, as these I have mentioned are both manufactured properly and have excellent research. The Quicksilver liposomal c comes in a bottle, 1 gram is about a teaspoon full. If you are trying your best to heal symptoms and bowel tolerance was not enough take about 5 grams of vitamin c daily as well, it wont’t add to bowel tolerance as its absorbed quickly into lymphatics blood and cells bypassing colon. If you have serious illness use 10 grams of liposomal c spread throughout the day. Again carry on for at least three days after symptoms have disapeared.

Ascorbate Palmitate
A fat soluble vitamin c. The body protects itself by slowing down metabolism growing more fat, and storing toxins in fat it can’t deal with, as is safer than toxins affecting organs glands other cells etc. Weight can often be triggered by toxicity. So particuarly if overweight, or wanting to get vitamin c to more different places in the body, using Ascorbate Palmitate for a while can be evry helpful.

Inter Muscular Injections
Done by specialised Doctors only, can be useful for very young children who would not tolerate sitting an intravenous drip for hours, it’s another way of applying vitamin c effectively.

Golden Rule and summary.
If your health symptoms have not at least improved with your vitamin c treatment, the chances are high, you have either not taken enough and or for long enough. Keep going.

Whilst there are many amazing treatments out there, like ozone, heavy metal chelation (detoxification etc) and more. Vitamin c can prepare you for those, and it can be very affordable. As stated above Sodium ascorbate or other vitamin c can be very affordable and very evry effective. Liposomal is more expensive but still a lot cheaper than intravenous, and in most cases may well make a great alternative, I swear by it personally. However for most using sodium ascorbate or other vitamin c may take longer for some things but in most cases will resolve or relieve the health symptoms you are addressing.

I am not medically trained, this is my experience and or research.

For more info see on youtube Dr Thomas Levy Dr Cathcart Dr Saul all talking about vitamin c. Read up about Dr Klenners 100% succes rate in curing polio a serious viral infection with vitamin c online.
New research from China of the preliminary amazing vitamin c against Corona Viral infection. You can find online or at the Orthomolecular Medicine website. Thousands of research articles can be found on even the governments medical Pub Med website.

Become your own investigator and decide, whether it interests you.
Okay thankyou, I am now going to have a quick cuppa.