Simplifying HIV AIDS Treatment Naturally

Simplifying HIV AIDS Treatment Naturally
chris Milbank July 2017.

First of all people all around the world are curing aids naturally, and many are also getting their hiv viral load down to undetectable. It can be done relatively easily.
I do recommend if you fear hiv or aids you contact me, because the medical world uses fear, to drag you into pharmaceutical medications, which in my opinion are not helpful. I am not a medical doctor, so legally I have to say follow your doctors advice. I do offer emotional treatment sessions over Skype or landline to treat any anxiety and fear you may have that prevents you following a natural treatment. Contact at bottom of page.

Where to start with either hiv or aids diagnosis.
If you have been diagnosed with aids and have aids infections already you will need to quickly address those infections, as your immune system is already compromised. These therapies are oxidation type treatments these are the opposite of antioxidants so we do not mix oxidation treatments and antioxidant treatments at the same time. It is always good and in fact better to have an ample supply of antioxidants in the body before oxidative treatments, however if your infections are serious they will need addressing straight away, otherwise, go to next section, and rebuild immune system first. Then you would need to follow either Protocol 1000 of using MMS (known scientifically as chlorine dioxide) (cd) and would be helpful to also follow the MMS cd enema protocol, see this link it tells you how to do and make the protocol 1000 This protocol uses MMS (CD) with dmso which is a product that enables the MMS CD to go deeper into the body. You can opt to do the protocol 1000 without the dmso to save money, it was the protocol 1000 that saved my life when I had aids. Where to buy MMS (CD) you will need 28% sodium chlorite which is best mixed with 50% citric acid, so one drop of the 50% strength citric acid is mixed with 1 drop of sodium chlorite known as MMS, this makes one drop of activated chlorine dioxide. The protocol is to work your way up to 3 drops an hour for 8 hours per day for 21 days. Never carry on at same dose if you feel sick or get the runs, drop right back on dose until you can build up again slowly. Read instructions on how to do protocol 1000 several times. Chlorine dioxide suppliers known as water purification or MMS will need a 50% solution of citric acid and sodium chlorite solution normally 28%

Alternatively if you have aids infections you can seek a doctor who will use Ozone, the treatment is called major autohemotherapy, they draw blood from a vein add in ozone and then put the ozonated blood back into you. This is a very powerful germ and virus killer, and has quite rapid results with aids infections. Alternatively with Ozone you can either find a clinic that does rectal insufflation of ozone, the procedure is to clean colon with colonic flush, then gently put ozone gas into the rectum, where the body absorbs this through the portal vein into blood supply and lymphatics. There are clinics in UK and around the world that do this procedure, you hold the ozone for up to 45 minutes before releasing it, hey may start you off at a lower time and dose and work up. This treatment done four times is the equivalent of the intravenous major autohemotherapy version of ozone.
One can buy their own ozone machine and then get an oxygen bottle, so they can do at home, a thousand pounds will more than cover this. DO watch the videos, Obviously the chlorine dioxide is a lot cheaper but it can be hard to drink.
What To Do If You Have Aids ( ie cd4 count below 200 but feeling okay )and OR HIV but have no serious other infections.
Then we can start looking at rebuilding the immune system, and looking at the causes of aids ( a suppressed immune system) and what happens with hiv . 1st f all I personally do not believe HIV is the cause of Aids, many like Professor Duesberg a retro viral expert believe it’s a relatively harmless virus we hold. I believe aids is a weakened immune system, generally weakened by heavy metals like from mercury in amalgam fillings and vaccines fish etc, benzene a petroleum product known to diminish immune function, a party lifestyle lots of recreational drugs alcohol poppers and late nights, poor diet and malnutrition poor sanitation etc.
This blog is not going into the politics of HIV aids, but do view and also look up Gary Null and his studies of HIV and Aids.
Okay so rebuilding the immune system. Those that have aids and or hiv are found to have very very low levels of the antioxidant Selenium, and the master inter celluarĀ  antioxidant Glutathione, also they will be low in the amino acids glutamine, cysteine and tryptophan. Also likely to be low in other antioxidants and minerals.
Selenium generally sold with methionine as selenomethionine is considered best Thorne and Solgar sell these. Adult doses of up to 400mcg a day, start off lower and work up, after a few months it may be wise to drop down to 200 mcg, or be tested for selenium levels.
Glutathione as a supplement is very poorly absorbed orally, which gives two options either take the separate ingredients so the body can make it, or perhaps better still give the body a boost by taking a liposomal form of glutathione that bypasses digestion and has fantastic celluar uptake. The best I have found is the nano liposomal glutathione by Quicksilver Scientific UK supplier & USA Supplier RNA have a liposomal glutathione product too called Advanced Celluar Glutathione.
Best in the form of N Acetylcysteine which is a sulphur based antioxidant that also helps the body make glutathione, many companies sell this I have used Solgar before, people can take up to 1,800 mg daily but work your way up slowly, here is some info on NAC and HIV

You can this in any health store, do download this pdf re glutamine selenium etc and hiv aids too , follow doseage guide on container or recommended for hiv aids.

Some countries don’t sell this after research was done that had contaminants in, it’s safe but you can buy the precursor 5htp follow packet or container doses.

ACS200 Silver made by RNA
Shown to be up to a 1000 times more effective against viruses mold bad bacterial germs and other pathogens than the leading makes of silver. I used this everyday for four months as unlike oxygen oxidative therapies you can use silver along with antioxidants. This silver is very powerful, I buy the larger size of 120ml or 4ounces, at the height of my infectios I was using 80 oral sprays a day, but the maintenance dose is lower at 6 sprays twice a day. I would be doing a minimum of 40 sprays a day, and providing you have no allergy would consider this worthwhile staying on for at least four months. This will be working at destroying viruses germs and other pathogens in your body. I found this to be very very important. The less your total pathogen load the more immune system you have available to fight hiv virus and keep your immune system upregulated, it will further help by reducing inflammation if the immune system goes haywire with infections. It can be bought in UK via online suppliers including AMAZON EBAY etc.
All of the products above are to boost your immune system. Antioxidants help lower toxic waste and lower pathogen load.
High dose vitamin c in liposomal form is very effective but any vitamin c you can tolerate, about 12 grams daily is good spread throughout the day, if you are aking orally you can take more, but stop at bowel tolerance. Liv on labs have a liposomal form that bypasses digestion if stomach gets upset, two of their sachets a day is easilly worth 12 grams of oral vit c daily. there are many online suppliers for thsi great product.
A general multivitamin and mineral complex is a great idea.
Ridding The Causes of a Compromised Immune System
One of the most important things you can next start doing is ridding the causes of a weakened immune system, what caused glutathione selenium and other antioxidants to be lowered and allowed hiv virus and or other infections to take hold and become out of control.
1 Mercury, get your dental amalgam fillings out asap, if you struggle to financially, find a way, biological dentists are best, but dentists do advertise mercury safe removal so look online, if need be sell something, downsize your home etc. Get a lodger do whatever you can, mercury is a leading player in weakening the immune system.
2 Other heavy metals like lead and cadmium, metals can be detoxed only when amalgam fillings are 1st removed. If you have had limes chronic fatigue or have high anxiety following Quicksilver scientific protocols may be best.
Otherwise a great metal detox is ZeoGold emptying 4 capsules into clean water daily for 3 months, start off with one capsule and gradually build up. ZeoGold has a number of ingredients including zeolite which is a negatively charged volcanic mineral that pulls positively charged mercury lead and other metals into it’s structure where it can no longer harm the body, the body passes this out 7 to 8 hours later mostly via urine. 3 Months will not remove all metals in most people, but your energy levels will be up and your immune system will be boosted, zeolite also pulls in patogens and viral particles when there is no metals about. So a perfect adjunct to your treatments.
You will need to eat healthfully lots of fresh fruit vegetables daily, drink plenty of filtered or clean water not tap water. Cut the alcohol right back, and avoid any recreational drugs. The metal detoxes I have outlined above will remove many toxins in the body that I may have listed above and also the glutathione will do the same. It is important to cleanse the colon through home colonics and or enemas, or via a colonic specialist. It is important to cleanse the liver, some like to do liver flushes or use liver cleansing supplements. Infections hide in many places like the gut, the lymphatic system, spinal fluid deep in organ gland tissue etc. I have written more comprehensive blogs like Total Toxic Body Burden, How to Kill Viruses etc. I offer 1 hour health consultations for just 40 pounds. Remember I am not a Dr, just a researcher. There are many treatments I have not listed here, that may be useful. However this blog is to simplify where to start, and that things can be done.
Parasites are another cause of lowered immune system, these are best addressed as is also fungi issues when heavy metals have been substantially reduced, when we kill them off they may let go of metals and toxins they have absorbed. Depending on a number of factors will depend on when to do a deep parasite cleanse, often 6 weeks or more into a heavy metal detox when the metal burden has already been lowered, perhaps contact me when you are that phase. Dimateous earth is one such product but some will better on other products depending on what else is going on.

My Progress.
I have naturally treated all my aids infections, everybody saw me days from death at 1st undiagnosed other than salmonella typhi, the Dr did not perform HIV and immune count tests until later, I had already treated myself on protocol 1000 for ten days before I was diagnosed. Anyway I no longer have syphillis aids, hepatitis, herpes, reactive arthritis, arthritis, rheumatod arthritis, mortons neuroma, salmonella typhi, staph strep infections, all over body severe pain day night sweats fever, and countless other infections and symptoms. My hiv viral count is down 85.5% I never took antivirals and refused vaccinations when offered. My CD count shot up 230 points in 3 months alone. I worked in the automobile industry so had huge amounts of lead and mercury in my body, and benzene from petrol having served as a petrol attendant in my younger years for many years too. I am still detoxing and improving. Am currently revisiting protocol 1000, to lessen again my much lowered HIV Viral load, aiming to get it down to undetectable soon. I don’t believe hiv and aids are connected I am currently walking 6 miles a day and have more energy than I have had in decades, however I want the hiv also as undetectable.

HIV Viral load and CD 4 count are likely to go astray when you use the oxygen type therapies, as both chlorine dioxide and ozone dig deep, many virus particle are likely to enter blood stream as they are flushed out, these will mostly already be inactivated virus, but the blood test does not differ between dead inactivated or live virus particles, the body will take a while to rid these, so maybe 6 months so do not be perturbed. Inactive virus means they cannot reproduce, and they die. CD 4 count often goes down again before it starts climbing again, some people skip the tests because of the stress, I don’t, I use the knowledge here and as an indicator of what is happening. Tests are not always that accurate either.
I and only I myself chose this route, it is what I did, research and make your own choices seek medical advice.

Switching from immune boosting to oxidative treatments.
As stated earlier if you are already aids diagnosed with infections, it’s probably best to start killing infections with either ozone or chlorine dioxide unless very weak. If very weak use the silver ACS 200 and build immune system, then use oxidative treatments, when you are ready and have a good supply of antioxidants this can also help avoid oxidative stress, where oxygen treatments burn too much toxicity which is metaphorically a bit like a fire in the cells getting too hot antioxidants do the cooling.
Otherwise some people do immune building for a month or two then do oxidative therapies for 3 to 4 weeks and back to immune building and detoxifying heavy metals. Do remember, get those amalgam fillings out as soon as you are strong enough, I have procedures you can do for several weeks prior and after removal. See Total Toxic Body Burden on
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