The Mirror Brain Stare


Avoid if under psychiatric care, or if needing or seeking that type of care. If unsure contact your Doctor or Psychiatrist first.

To connect deeply into your Spiritual self, and gain understandings view old memories and connect with your self deeply. Just take a mirror, keep your head absolutely relaxed but still, and with both eyes, stare into the mirror into just one eye. Stay with your eyes fixed looking into the reflection of your eye, and just keep at it, maybe five minutes will pass or more before things begin to happen. Common occurences are a deep connection to feelings and or thoughts, processing of thoughts and feelings may occur, old memories may flood in and then calm, emotions and thoughts may intensify and then  they get processed and all begins to calm. Often people get new understandings of self and or others. What needs to be processed will get surfaced. Some people will gain physical changes in the body as the brain lets go of stress the body relaxes, the body may well let go of old tight tense holding patterns. Having some body work like Massage Shiatsu Bowen or Rolfing can further assist these old stuck states let go.

Sometimes scary memories come up, and that is because different parts of the brain hold onto certain memories traumas fears anxieties, and our eyes locate these areas, as we hold our eyes in  a fixed position, it’s like the handle to the flood gates allowing the stress to just leave. Things will always calm again if you stay with it.


The eyes are known as the doorway to the soul, so this exercise is not just for emotional healings but also spiritual understandings.

Many people externally focus on others making people gurus and heroes, putting people on  a pedestal, people they admire because they have characteristics we do not. So looking in to our eyes, helps us observe ourselves our vulnerabilities and strengths, the strengths may strengthen even more and the vulnerabilities so often get a healing.

Many people will do the Mirror Brain Stare for forty minutes or an hour or so, a minimum time is generally ten or fifteen minutes, however do try, and another day try the other eye, for a different experience.

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best wishes chris Milbank