The Structure For Getting Well

chris Milbank

chris Milbank

Quite simply getting well involves some physics. Let me explain.

An electron is a stable subatomic particle with a charge of negative electricity, found in all atoms and acting as the primary carrier of electricity in solids. An electron is all about energy flow, the more electrons we have to a point the more flow we have in our electrical circuitry ie the more energy we have, this healing energy helps repair the wear and tear our bodies have our cells have.

Okay now stress, trauma negative emotions, shock, depression, viruses bad bacteria and toxins are all electron stealers, uh oh yes they harm us, toxins cause oxidation in the body a  bit like the body rusting like a metal does in a damp enviorment.


So simply put we need to heal our traumas fears anxieties, shock, phobias emotional issues, stop putting toxins in, and clean up our enviorment of viruses bacterias in our bodies and detox the toxins.


We also need to add in electron donors, Well antioxidants are electron donors, we can also add in electrons mechanically from a north end of a magnet, or carefully through a six volt battery see my popular blog

When we have more electron donors than electron stealers , our bodies will not only detoxify but they will also begin the healing process.

The answer to getting well, is well known in Russia and Eastern European countries and older countries all that did not go down the pharmaceutical chemical approach to health, that created so many patents and complicated  formulas to earn them trillions. The answers are simple.


Using combinations of therapies I mention and add to this website we can certainly heal  the emotional electron stealers effectively. Reflective Repatterning RR, is one such powerful healer of emotional stress, and I do use other methods as well.


Now a bit of combined physics and chemistry, most ill people are highly acidic, acidity is a low oxygen state and low electron state,when we are at a better ph level our oxygen levels and electron flow increases. When we increase electrons we alkalise and increase oxygen, when we increase oxygen we increase electron flow and alkaline state.


Taking a broad range of antioxidants and a multi vitamin mineral formula from a health store (not a pharmacy or supermarket where many are tainted with toxins and or maybe synthetic vitamins), yes when we start taking these supplements we are adding in electron donors.


Yet we may well have more electron stealers if we don’t stop eating crap food. Put it like this if you buy food in a packet or a tin in the supermarket it is more than likely an electron stealer, and sorry to say a lot of fruit and veggies covered in pesticides are too, so try and locate organic and or grow your own.


Deep detoxification is also a great idea, detoxing heavy metals we get from mercury amalgam fillings car exhausts 2nd hand and 1st hand cigarette smoke, additives in foods, and so much more is important.

I will be writing further blogs in how to detoxify these electron stealers and how to add in electron donors, te purpose of this blog, is to give you the knowledge, that to halt your illness, take less electron stealers and balance with electron donors, to get well you need to radically shift the balance.


In any illness I have heard of a major part of the symptoms are inflamation, where there is inflamation an acidic stae is going to be there and low electron flow, we call resistance, which can be measured with a good volt meter. One of the major causes of inflammation is food intolerances and or allergies. Intolerances cause in flammatory markers in the body, we need to stop eating such foods, until treated for them,and we need n atural anti inflammatories, such as Lamberts high potency Turmeric, a good mix of omega oils 3, 6 , 9 and 7, antioxidants, and a good high dose of daily vitamin c.


Now I am not a Dr, and if you are unwell contact your physician and or better still a Dr in Naturopathy about what supplements you need and if there are any contraindications on pharmaceutical drugs you have been prescribed by your drug dealer/ Doctor.


Specific blogs on how I detoxified will follow shortly, how I had diagnosed food intolerances, and how I diagnosed viruses bad bacterias and parasites that were stealing electrons from me and how I detoxified those. I will let you know cheap ways and more exspensive ways on detoxifcation and adding in electrons through tools and equipment based in physics.


Remember simple rule less electron stealers more electron donors.


Please feel free to contact me through the contact page on this website, and return occasionally to view new posts as I add them.

Best wishes chris Milbank