How Toxic Are You ? Three Simple Home Tests.


How Toxic Are You ?
Three Simple Home Tests . July 2017
chris Milbank Consultancy


Many of us are gradually getting sick, not noticing the general decline in our energy and function, a deterioation in mood, higher stress levels aches pains and more. Then all of a sudden wham bam it hits us.

Food intolerance’s, trigger inflammation, and inflammation can be thought of as the opposite of detoxification. Inflammation throws our immune system out of balance, and therefore we have the inflammatory part in excess, and the find the toxin and pathogen part in suppression.
You can be properly tested for intolerance’s but a helpful guide is as simple as this.

1 After sitting for ten minutes take your pulse over 15 seconds, take the total pulses and times by four. This gives an average over 1 minute.
2 Without standing take a suspect food sniff and inhale even taste (providing your not allergic) allergy is different from intolerance. Then take pulse again over 15 seconds and times the total by four. Now if you have an increase of pulse of five or more, I would expect you are intolerant, near ten or more, I am pretty sure you are intolerant. It’s not a perfect test, but an indicator. You can then eliminate those foods you are suspect of for two to three weeks, then introduce one at a time noticing any symptoms in energy, mood headaches , sleep pain etc. See the Book by Arthur Cocoa, 2The Pulse Test”.

Garlic Test For Gut.
Providing you are not allergic or intolerant to sulphur foods, you may want to try this. If you have illness whether chronic or acute or are on blood thinners do not do this, as you will feel sick, and garlic thins blood already. Do not do if intolerant or allergic to garlic, do not do if under 18.
Garlic is a very potent antimicrobial it can cause instant die off of a range of fungi parasites mycobacterium bad bacteria and viruses. When they die they release toxic waste that can make us feel sick.
1 On an empty stomach, you ca take a mouth full of water and place one peeled whole clove of garlic in your mouth, chew, the water will dilute as garlic can burn when raw, when thoroughly chewed swallow. Those that are toxic will feel sick right away, and this herxeimer (detox) reaction will soon pass, if not take some vitamin c and or drink water and eat apples and or carrots raw, as the fiber binds the toxicity.
2 If you were fine on clove of raw garlic wait 24 hours and try on 2 raw cloves of garlic.
If fine on two raw cloves, likely your gut is in reasonable order, if you get sick even a little bit, you could lower dose of garlic and do daily for a few weeks until you can tolerate garlic daily without detox affects. Topping up with probiotics can be helpful. Yet probably a full GI tract detox would be useful, this is on another blog.

Vitamin C Flush.
This is a favourite of mine.
Any plain vitamin c with no added extras ie other vitamins minerals etc is fine.
However, some people have sensitive stomachs to vitamin c if so, I guess a gut detox and rebuild, is in order at some point, but you can use vitamin c as sodium ascorbate, which is buffered to protect stomach and is easily tolerable. Do not use time released vitamin c or liposomal forms for the bowel test.
1 On an empty stomach, take two to three grams of vitamin c every 15 minutes, exactly, this allows vitamin c to build up gradually. There is no known toxic limit to vitamin c, when your body has enough it flushes it out via bowel and urine. The more vitamin c your body takes without getting anal pee gushing through the higher the toxic toxin and or pathogen load your body has. So for instance a healthy person may start getting bowell intolerance at 20 grams even less, however if you have the flu you may get to 40 grams or 80 grams etc, I experienced 120 grams once then had major bowel flushing, I had flu and was not long before being diagnosed with a serious illness myself. If you get a lot of bloating stop, you may need to address gut issues and or change to sodium ascorbate version of vitamin c.
2 Now what ever the dose is before you are gushing out water from the anus, is remember it, as 24 hours later approximately 75% of that dose is what your body is likely to need the next day, but this time the vitamin c should be spread evenly throughout the day over 12 hours or so. Anytime you get a bowel flush, stop, 24 hours reduce to 75% of that level, again keep reducing on bowel intolerance. This is how you keep an eye on your toxic body load. If the body has little or low toxic and germ levels, it will need less so bowell intolerance will happen quickly. If you tolerate high levels of vitamin c then the body needs high levels of vitamin c.
Do if there are no contraindications of health, vitamin c will neutralise any toxin and any pathogen at high enough levels. Used intravenously in blood has been used effectively even against eradicating polio. There is no known infection or toxin that cannot be neutralised with a high enough amount of vitamin c. Even snake bites have been neutralised iintravenously. Take well away from medicines , oxidative therapies like ozone, and also anasthetic as it can neutralise all of these.

I am not a medical doctor, my information is for research purposes only.
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