What is Havening .


Me doing Mr Bean whilst teaching Reflective Repatterning

Havening developed by Twin brothers Dr’s Ronald and Steven Ruden, a treatment that man ages to bypass the fight or flight stress triggers in the brain called the amygdala and the hypothalamus.

An example we are walking down the street, all of our senses are working detecting warmth cold, what we see hear smell taste etc, these senses send in formation via the amygdala, which will shift through to see if anything is unusual or out of place, if so, then it will send the in formation on to the hypothalamus, which will search the memory to see if this has been a problem before. So perhaps we spot a crack in the pavement, amygdala goes aha something different, the hypothalamus checks the memory data base and find you have tripped before on a crack, so sends an immediate fight or flight stress response so you can jump out of the way avoid it or tackle it. Now of course this can get very over reactive, the more problems accidents traumas scares we have had in our life, the more the amygdala and hypothalamus goes into overdrive, and before we kn ow it, it is over reacting all of the time.

So Havening is simply brushing or stroking certain points on the body that help create deep delta brain waves, these delta waves we achieve in deep sleep and healing, naturally. As we go through the process, we distract the client from their issue with a number of mental tasks, we keep brushing away until metaphorically, the amydala is sleepy and hypothalamus too, when this is achieved we have the client focus as hard as possible on their issue, and they will find that over reaction that was thought of as hardwired has been rewired, they will remain relaxed and calm. 

There are a number of ways to use Havening, and it can be helpful for many conditions particuarly Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and panic attacks, fears phobias and unwanted behaviors. I have added to Havening in the Reflective Repatterning Field of Opposites and other methods too.

I trained with the great Kevin Laye http://www.kevinlaye.co.uk/

The Havening website is http://www.havening.org/#!creating-and-developing-the-ha/c10vb

I am an experienced Havener who opted away from the certification process to keep my independence which enhances my creativity. If you want to ask me questions please feel free to use the contact page on this website, I may even find time to call you, hear your story and have a chat,

best wishes

chris Milbank