About Brain Stare

        Brain Stare Chris Milbank

This Treatment  encompasses a way of offloading huge amounts of stress fear trauma and negative emotional states in the brain , with a diagnostic element that can often uncover negative memories, as well as new ways of thinking.

By using a certain eye focus, holding the eyes still in predetermined locations, our brain can offload bucket loads of emotional stress and anxiety. For some people they need to hold their eyes fixed for several minutes before thoughts, memories, emmotions and tension surface, others it’s more immediate. I would often have people lie down for this, sometimes peoples bodies get involved wanting to release trauma, I have often witnessed, jaws opening and shutting as anger and rage is rleased through the TMJ Tempro mandibular joint or jaw joint, sometimes the legs want to kick out, or the pelvis wants to jump or shake, other times it’s a more relaxed affair.

Brain Stare is not for the light hearted, with some clients we may do more gentle release work first. Interestingly if you look at someone as they are speaking to you, you will notice their eyes move around to different positions, depending on whether they are remembering something or creating something, and also which sense they are thinking in, ie visual or auditory, smell etc, also whether they are chatting to themselves in their head or experiencing feeling, this is because the eyes move around accessing memories, including where trauma anxiety fear is stored. By holding these set positions, we can release these negative held states. We can also enhance positive states.


Note on discovering this process, and using it for a while,then researching it, I found that it had been discovered before and was called Brain Spotting, so although there are subtle differences in our discoveries and how we apply them, I had no idea Brain Spotting existed, Brain Spotting came first .


Brain Stare can be used as a treatment, also in RR Laws of Opposites, and to enhance other treatments.


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best wishes chris