WooWoo and HaRRming To Heal Combined Training


WooWoo and HaRRming To Heal
Combined Training. Chris Milbank.

Oswestry 8th to 12th October 2018

Learn the ability, to use any effective treatment you know, remotely to help someone wherever they are in the world. This can be done via memory or picture of the person, hair blood dna, as long as there is a connection.
The unique WooWoo methodology of remote treatment stems from the Reflective Repatterning Laws of Opposites. It works on the laws of changing our own resonance and feelings physical and emotional, about something or someone else , and as we change our resonance whilst keeping the connection not only do we get a healing but so does the something or someone else.
This can be applied to situations, behaviours events, health and wellness and emotional problems.
Woo Woo has it’s own specific tools for remote healing, but can be applied to any effective therapy or treatment you know to help something or someone remotely.
Chris Milbank invites people who are already trained in healing and or therapeutic modalities to use their own tools remotely following the Woo Woo system.

HaRRming To Heal.
Learn how to protect yourself from other eneries and entities, that can drain you. Learn how your own thoughts and feelings dramatically impact your friends loved ones and also any clients.
Learn how the art of Voodoo Black Magic Witchcraft , any evil energy systems, can actually be created and inverted to something very very powerful and effective that changes lives.
HaRRming To Heal, raises peoples worst hidden fears, that are like huge magnets that can draw in a bad day, a bad week month year and worse, and then inverts this, to someting that can dramatically help their lives change for the better.
This system needs respect, we have to address some of our own fears first.
Chris will tell you of stories in how he used this methodology in the early days, with incredible reults, it has the ability to affect world events, corporate bodies, personal lives.
Chris wondered what was the point of bad, of harm of evil if there couldn’t be a good use from it. His inversion techiques in HaRRming to Heal, make this possible.

The combied Training is over 5 days in the Memorial Hall In Oswestry 8th to 12th October
600 pounds UK. Email [email protected]