Time Travel

Chris MilbankI was fascinated with the concept of Time Travel as a kid watching Dr Who and his Tardis, in fact my favourite Dr was Jon Pertwee, who waved to me one day whilst I was crossing Hammersmith Bridge.


I have read Stephen Hawkins, and how if we could expand a wormhole, we could travel through it, and how these wormholes are everywhere, all around us but about a billionth of the size of a millimetre.   Or how if we traveled around a blackhole the gravity pull would slow down time, and how time is slower in outer space than on earth, also how if we traveled at near the speed of light, again we would slow down time and potentially time travel


Yet all of the above would need specialist equipment, and huge budgets. However what if there was another way. Well I have found one. How about instead of traveling through time, we have time travel for us.


Whilst working on some people in a healing capacity, I may pick up that they, have energetic patterns passed down through their dna from their previous past lives and or their ancestors,in a family ancestral line. Sometimes they are energetic patterns of disease, shock, trauma, emotional problems, and even energetic entities. I have many ways of clearing these quickly and effectively. Yet sometimes it’s an advantage to know what actually went on.  Sometimes I was able to get a sense, and I would use my testing, to diagnose the problem and then treat it. However this can take a long time, but what if I could actually experience what happened.


I soon discovered, that to access this we could do so with the help of the persons eyes we we working with. In dowsing, an anticlockwise vortex pulls energy and information out and a clockwise one puts stuff in, just like the opposite ends of a magnet, will attract and same ends will push away.


I used this same tool on myself interested in my old lung conditions, and was soon witnessing myself as African American in the 1950’s in California, unfortunately in a Gas chamber, with many others, I felt myself choking, my lungs burning. I found the exact date at the time, when I looked this up on the internet 200 black American Africans were killed in the gas chamber in California as part of a syphilis experimentation.


I started to use the method a lot, and was able to experience, many peoples past lives and that of their ancestors, that was currently affecting their health and or emotions and behaviors, each time being able  to view, and feel what was going on, this has helped a whole range of emotional issues and behaviors in people.


All I do, is get a feel of how I am reacting to the clients problem, then I create a negative vortex from the clients eyes, and wait and wait sometimes for five minutes or more until, my  mind tunes into the clients brain functioning, and I start to pick up what they are resonating with, and I get shown, I have time traveled in  this way, through thousands of years of accidents, to treat a lady whose family was constantly having them, I have time traveled, a lady whose problem started, with a young man with learning difficulties falling in love with her, hundreds of years back, and as he got more affectionate got rough and aggressive causing the lady to violate men later on in her lives, right the way up to her current problem with men in this life. There have been so many and profound stories I can tell you from this work.

By all means leave me a message through the contact page, if you want to be treated this way or want to learn how to  have time travel for you. When you connect to the traveling time, the images you can see are very real clear vibrant and three dimensional, some of what you see may be explicit, violent even, yet once uncovered, it can be treated offering real and credible healing.