Treating AutoImmune Disease

Treating Autoimmune Conditions.


Chris Milbank

Most chronic health conditions have an element of autoimmune triggers at the least. This is when the immune system starts to attack parts of the body’s own tissue. This can be Multiple Sclerosis thyroid issues allergies Parkinsons Asthma Arthritis and so much more.
What are the common causes and triggers of autoimmune .
1 Diet & Nutrition
2 Leaky Gut
3 Toxicity
4 Infection
5 Emotional and physical stress
6 Lack of exercise
So let’s explore how we can address these 6 common steps.

One and Two Diet and Leaky Gut
“Diet” recent research has shown that everybody reacts to gluten whether they show signs and symptoms or not. This sticky protein actually tears the gut lining, when the gut lining is torn, it will pass all sorts of undigested foods but also pathogens and toxic matter into the blood stream. The immune system will attempt to attack and devour these foreign particles, but when they get absorbed into the body’s tissues the immune will attack those tissues to get at the foreign particles. Hence auto immune disease.
So 1 avoid all grains, because grains have other proteins that are similar to gluten. These are generally large proteins that the body does not break down to well.
2 Many people are dairy milk intolerant for a similar reason that the proteins are large and often get passed undigested into the blood stream.
3 If you can find your food intolerances through testing it is worthwhile to avoid those foods. But for now avoid all grains and if you are serious in ridding your autoimmune issues then avoid dairy as well at least for a month and notice if you further improve, you could try slowly introducing it and notice your symptoms and energy levels.
Restore 4 life will seal a leaky gut within minutes, it will also restore cell membrane integrity and build a larger diversity of synergistic bacteria in the body, that will further help with food digestion and balance the immune system and fight pathogens. This should be a long term supplement.
A short period of Mega SporeBiotics of about two months, will enable you to lower the levels of unhelpful yeasts candida and opportunistic bacteria that have overpopulated. These spores will 100% survive stomach acid, they are powerful so gradually build up to two a day.
One of the most important things you can do is supplement with Systemic proteolytic enzymes. These enzymes are taken on an empty stomach. They will reduce free radicals that cause oxidative stress and damage to cells and trigger inflammatory responses from the immune system. They will reduce excess auto antibodies that attack our own tissues. They will devour foreign proteins, remember most of what triggers autoimmune attacks are foreign protein based, like viruses bad bacteria candida yeasts molds etc, also plaques and excess fibrin in the body. These enzymes will devour them, break them down clear debris in the blood, remove viral coatings so they become inactivated, remove fibrin from cancers, help break down biofilm that harbours lots of infectious material. They will improve circulation oxygenation, make the immune system more eficient and the list goes on. One such supplement is Immune Defense Extra Strength by Enzymedica or Vitalzyme XE
I would also take digestive enzymes with meals Digest Gold by Enzymedica is a good brand, this will help you digest fats with lipase carbohydates with amylase various sugar enzymes, and proteases for proteins. If you have very specific gluten or dairy intolerances you could build up with specific enzymes for those intolerances. I can advise which ones can be helpful. However Digest Cold is a great all rounder.
The diet that is generally best is one that will help you rebuild cellular energy production, every system in the body is made of cells, so you want them defending protecting and rebuilding with as much energy as they need. A low sugar low carbohydrate higher fat diet called a Ketogenic diet will help achieve this. It will be anti inflammatory, and you will gradually switch from creating cellular ATP energy by sugar and carbohydrates to making that energy via burning fat. Sugar and carbohydrates burn hot they cause more damage use more oxygen, and in turn need more antioxidants. For a while your energy levels may dip before they soar. I did the change over gradually, and wow my energy levels soared in time.
Essential amino acids, these are the building blocks of proteins and enzymes and hormones. Most people are not digesting proteins well to release the amino acids, the enzymes will help, but by taking amino acid essentials as well, you will produce more enzymes, regulate hormones, and build up broken down tissue in the body, create more lean mass body weight. Dr Minkoff has a range called Perfect Amino or Dr Reinwald has a product My Amino do look them up, they are the building blocks for body repair. They will make a difference.
Three Toxicity
The worst offenders here are toxic heavy metals and glyphosates, the avoiding grains and the use of Restore 4 Life that protects you against glyphosate are of course very important.
Yet it is heavy toxic metal removal that is my very foundation of improving health. We cannot avoid these toxins we are born with a thousand times more lead in us than our ancestors. Lead causes nervous system damage high blood pressure, mineral depletion, destroys hormonal pathways oxidative stress so much more. Mercury in amalgam fillings and fish air pollution, is the most toxic non radioactive material on earth. Parasites candida bad bacteria viral loads rise in it’s presence, it damages cells, nerves melts brain tissue, makes a bee line for the thyroid, uses up antioxidant stores.
You can only detox metals once any mercury amalgam fillings have been removed, they must be removed by a dentist that is trained to do this safely. Holistic dentists are best, check them out.
Now with over 20 years advising people on the best ways to detox metals, I say individuals need individual advice. However one of my most favoured products is the Detox Qube with added liposomal EDTA by Quicksilver Scientific. 1st Detox Qube is done five days on two days off over 3 months, the 2nd which most people will need is done ten days on four days off over two months.
Removal of metals will prevent germ producing bio films that protect pathogens and infectious agents from the immune system and antibiotics herbals etc from sticking to the body. Thus when working with infectious agents they will be more readily dealt with. Heavy Metal removal is crucial in fully rectifying long term health and emotional conditions.
Four Infections.
If you have followed the above steps your infectious loads will already be lessened, you may have already resolved your autoimmune issues or quietened them.
However if you further wish to address infection, I have various suggestions, I can only offer advice which ones may be best for the individual but here are some.
ACS200 Silver by RNA is at least a thousand times more potent than leading brands, tested independently funded by Dr Robert Rowen. Silver proven to work against over 600 pathogens, may well cause less oxidative stress than ozone chlorine dioxide and or hydrogen peroxide which are potent pathogen killers. I would still use Mega SporeBiotics whilst killing pathogens to replenish good bacterias. This nano sized silver you swish in mouth for two minutes before swallowing this helps absorption into the blood stream, where it will quickly spread around the body. It’s sometimes a good idea, to swap formulas and switch for a while. Cistus Incanus Tea, is also very antiviral drinking four to five cups a day is the norm but it’s strong so work up to that amount, mixing in stevia will mean the tea will get into deeper tissue to address pathogens. Ki Science is a supplier that uses the plant from Sardinia where it has the best properties.
Candida can look like flowers with roots, in the gut, it’s roots eat through the gut lining causing inflammatory issues and toxins to enter the blood. Candida grows to mop up toxic metals, it loves sugar too, it releases billions of mycotoxins daily. Candidase enzyme formula by Enzymedica will start to devour the candida as well as Mega Sporebiotics. However in heavy infestation, rectal insufflation of ozone gas by an ozone clinic, or through home equipment, can be very effective quickly. Ridding the metals is essential to ridding candida. I can advise or you can look online how to use 100% gum spirits of pure turpentine, this is also very effective. Candida is a major cause of autoimmune issues.
Parasites, ie worms and flukes, that eat our nutrition, pooh and urinate in our blood, and eat our own tissues, carry also bacteria and viruses, need to be addressed too. They also mop up metals to protect themselves from our immune system and then react with wifi, and cause us even more damage. So Idalia Suppositry made by BioPure available in Europe and USA , has artemesian ozonated castor oil and other very anti parasitic components, this products is quickly absorbed through the colon wall and into the gut and blood stream and liver. I would also take something anti parasitic orally so both ends of the gastro intestinal route are addressed BioPure has a great garlic high allicin supplement. Between the two you will address much of the parasite issues you may be addressing. Remember less metals, less cellular debris ie taking enzymes will already have helped, these supplements will then do a lot more.
5 Emotional Stress
Stress causes an emergency reaction in the body digestion and healing shuts down cortisol adrenalin are abundant pumping the heart to take blood oxygen to arms and legs to fight or run. There are many nutritional ways to help reduce stress, in fact much listed already in this blog will help loads, however if there was one emotional therapy that stands out as working deeper and more effective than any other I know it is Reflective Repatterning, a treatment of opposites creating neutrality and energy flow. RR has shown to be a minimum of eighteen times more effective than comparison treatments. Email me if you have questions, however all people are unique and other treatments like Brain Stare and Thought Field Therapy or it’s spin off Emotional Freedom Technique can be helpful.

Five Exercise.
Walking Exercise reduces stress hormones, getting out into the country will help or by the coast, in combination with the enzymes mentioned, you will improve oxygen absorption help alkalise the body, pump waste around and through the lymphatic system. If you do hard exercise you will need more enzyme and amino acid support, so walking is great.
I advise a good vitamin mineral formula to support the body, especially critical when detoxing metals. Essential fatty acids to reduce inflammation and lubricate lungs.
A product called Zeobind a purified zeolite that attracts positively charged toxins and pathogens and immune inflammatory antigens, also it’s combined with herbal plant horsetail that helps detox aluminum from the body. Zeobind can really help with all in this blog, and will remove the extra burden on the kidneys, by absorbing and binding many of teh toxins released so it can pass out safely.

I am on purpose a little vague, as everybody is different, all the products can be searched online, if you can’t afford it all, do some steps, you may improve, if not address what you can in time.
I am not a Doctor and legally I am supposed to say seek medicaladvice.
My email is if you want advice on my research, or a phone consultation.
Happy health
chris Milbank