The Mistake Is Treating HIV As A Virus

The Mistake Is Treating HIV As A Virus
By Chris Milbank 01/01/2019

Treatment Specialist

Many people diagnosed with either a very much weakened immune system where they are prone to all sorts of infections as in AIDS or the so called Virus HIV that the medical world wants us to believe causes AIDS, have been trying to eradicate a single HIV Virus.
The pharmaceutical companies don’t want people dead or alive and well they don’t make money that way.
All the current research funding by us the people is only for the eradication of the HIV Virus.
Yet, no HIV Virus has ever been found, no HIV Virus has ever been isolated. The scientists claim if you have a certain antibody you have HIV if you also fit into the category of being gay a sex worker or in a poor malnourished community. Yet this antibody is made by the immune system for over 70 different types of illness and health conditions.
The PCR Viral load test is the next main test they carry out for HIV, it supposedly is to count the amount of HIV Viral particles. Yet the discoverer of this test the Nobel Scientist Kary Mullis says it cannot be used to measure HIV.
The PCR test tests for DNA proteins, Scientists cannot agree which proteins belong to HIV , they did in a board meeting have a vote on which ones to include, they needed to present quickly to the scientific community. They cannot agree in which order these proteins are linked to make the virus. The virus has never been seen under electron microscope, you can see artist drawn pictures of what HIV is supposed to look like, but scientists disagree that even they are a virus.
What we do know is that those same proteins make up auto antibodies , our immune systems make to attack and mark foreign particles, like other pathogens and toxic materials, also those same proteins can be found in candida fungi bacteria mycobacterium mycoplasma and other pathogens.
I treated myself all naturally of all my aids infections and am more well today than I have ever been. I used the most effective antimicrobial treatments on the planet, and these are not pharmaceutical money making drugs. I used Chlorine dioxide, ozone , hydrogen peroxide ACS200 Silver by RNA to name some of them. All my infections and many health conditions totally cleared.
Except HIV so called virus. Yet when I detoxified worked on cleansing my blood of debris and used powerful binders to bind toxins and eliminate via the colon. The so called HIV Viral load fell by 89.5%.
Later when I again attacked this so called virus with ozone which no real virus can withstand, the so called viral level went up.

What is happening, is an autoimmune issue, this is where the body attacks itself, because of foreign particles in body’s tissues that the immune system is going after. For instance many people have a thyroid issue, where the immune system is attacking the thyroid cells trying to get rid of certain toxins and pathogens that may be hiding out there. Depending on enviormental factors, genetic factors and emotional levels, will depend where the immune system is most likely to attack.
As the body attacks it kills off the cells that are too badly infected or damaged this is called cellular apoptosis. This then of course releases even more cellular debris including cellular dna and proteins, that one many of them get included in the viral load test for HIV. Yet also the body further makes more antibodies to then attack the debris.
The immune system has many arms and many types of immune cells. When we have a high pathogen load, of bacteria, viruses parasites and or toxins like mercury lead arsenic cadmium glyphosates pesticides and herbicides, these cause what we call oxidative stress, this damages our cells, our body’s tissues and of course trigger inflammation. It is this inflammation and oxidative stress that is a trigger for just about all chronic illness. This switches our Immune T cells from TH1 search and find immune cells to the all out attack inflammatory T Cells. This is okay for rapid attack in an acute infection, but when it is prolonged, our immune system is kind of blindfolded for seeking out the pathogens, and will almost fire their guns at anything including our body’s tissues.
TH2 Cells are then increased but the all important TH1 cells are left behind we produce a lot less of them, our body sends many of the TH2 T cells to our bone marrow, where they trigger antibodies, yes more antibodies sharing the same proteins that scientists say belong to the HIV virus that they have never found, or isolated or proven exists in any way shape or form to this current day.
Of course the more antibodies the more the attack the more the cellular debris the more the so called HIV Viral load appears higher.
The remaining CD4 T cells that they measure, will now be less likely to be in the blood stream, as they will be busy in the spleen and the lymphatic system, devouring more and more cellular debris, yes that is there job, and thus that’s why CD4 Immune count appears less when your viral load is higher. Thus the trick that an HIV Virus causes AIDS.
No recreational drugs, alcohol, smoking, poor lifestyle, poor nutrition, poppers, petroleum products, heavy toxic metals, cause inflammation and oxidative stress, they throw the immune system out, which causes more and more pathogens to breed and replicate, that causes more and more inflammation and oxidative stress, and throws the immune system into an inflammatory action.
The so called HIV Virus which hasn’t been found, but certain proteins has been found, has only ever been found in 1 in 100 CD4 T cells, so it’s entirely impossible that this pretend virus can cause the total eradication of CD4 Cells triggering AIDS. No virus has ever gone out to kill it’s host.
Do look at the interviews of world renowned scientists like Professor Peter Duesberg and Eleni Papadopolos here
If you actually have AIDS and Aids infections I would seriously look at what I did to treat those, you can find my earlier HIV AIDS blogs on this website.
However if you have been diagnosed with HIV , just remember the stress the doctor puts you under, causes a massive cortisol production via the adrenals, and what is the biggest depleter of CD 4 Immune T cells yup you guessed it cortisol. The diagnosis and so called treatment is designed to earn the pharmaceutical corporations, the medical systems, the scientists who invent testing patents, and the doctors and surgeons who earn good salaries and only know what they have been taught. Doctors are paid high salaries, and when they do not follow the medical system they are struck off.
My advice is, to get DHEA and Cortisol balance tests, to use Proteolytic enzymes to beat down cellular debris, to use some natural anti microbials to treat other infections, to lessen heavy metals, to use treatments that heal a leaking gut. To avoid all grains as they have proteins that tear the gut lining allowing undigested foods into the blood stream causing even more antibody response. To avoid cooking oils, except coconut oil, as they are mostly rancid and get oxidised too easily. Thus creating more inflammatory responses. Avoid sugars and any known food intolerances.
My treatment plan for HIV autoimmune may work better for some than others, it will all depend on what is causing the oxidative stress and inflammation in each person. This takes time testing or trial and error.
However some obvious pointers are Proteolytic enzymes, that actually not only devour cellular debris that is protein based, but also eat away the outer coating of viruses, which inactivates them, rendering them inert. They reduce inflammation, and also keep in check auto antibody production. So whether you are not convinced HIV is not a virus or you are either way it’s a great tool to have in the arsenal. I started with Wobenzyme Plus enzyme formula, I believe it’s important to start with this product before working up to even more powerful proteolytic enzyme formulas, after a couple of months you coud switch to Vitalzyme, or Enzyme defense extra strength by Enzymedica . We don’t want to break down too much protein too quickly as it can overload the system, so Wobenzym is a great starter. I could talk all night re enzymes, so what I have written here s just a pointer.
Restore for Life a product by DR Zac Bush, seals leaky gut and cellular membranes everywhere, this again stops leakage of proteins into the blood the immune system wants to attack. It creates a greater diversity in the gut biome, and it’s this bacteria in the gut that may make up to 70% of your immune system.
Cistus Incanus from Ki Science, this is loose tea leaves from this highly adaptive plant, that survives an extreme climate it is full of important phyto chemicals, that work on biofilms, that a lot of pathogens hide in, but it is also a very powerful anti viral, so it’s great totake this too.
I also love ASEA which is the first ever stabalised Redox Signalling supplement, this stabalises and creates balance at a cellular level, it’s great with auto immune issues, and increasing cellular energy production including in immune cells.

I suggest those that are thinking of researching along the lines of this blog contact me. Individuas need different approaches, detoxification of toxic metals can be complex to get right.
I am not a Doctor, and all this in this blog is my own personal research, by law I believe I am obliged to say check with your medical provider first even if I don’t beleive in what they have to say.
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