Bio Films & How They Affect Over 90% Of Chronic Illness. Chris Milbank

Bio Films What They Are And Why they Affect Over 90% Of Chronic Illness. Chris Milbank

So what are Biofilms and how and why we should treat them
Let’s start by introducing two types of bacterial infection. The acute infection which a hospital or doctor may well prescribe immediate antibiotics for. This infection is generally free floating bacteria in circulation that the immune system has not been able to either and or seek and kill. Possibly due to toxic immune suppression , or toxic immune out of balance and it’s search and find mechanisms are out of balance in favour of all out attack, hence auto immune diseases like allergies and lupus etc where the body is attacking itself.
Now there are also the chronic infections which the medical world are notoriously poor at treating. Infections that often won’t show up on a blood test, and causing a whole array of possible problems. These pathogens most often types of bacteria, but also fungi yeasts parasites and it appears even viruses, that are sociable and they hang out in communities, they shield themselves from the immune system and antibiotics, by creating a gel like goo substance, that attaches to the insides of the body, whether that be the intestines, or veins arteries organs glands etc. This gel or biofilm, is made out of the pathogens own toxic waste, and also heavy toxic metals and other toxic substances used to harden the protection. Some pathogens create a hardened plaque, like oral bacteria in gum and tooth infections, that travel down the teeth nerve pathways and into the heart.
However these biofilms can be anywhere in the body, they may appear in the muscles as in fibromyalgia, or cause swelling in the prostate. HIV can hide in these biofilms, as can most disease forming pathogens. They get 5,000 times as an average more protection from the immune system and antibiotics by creating these biofilms.
Of course those that suffer long term conditions that may get temporary relief from antibioticsin acute flare ups, will not fully eradicate their conditions, until the bio film protective layers are destroyed, along with the pathogens that hide in them.
Many of these pathogens like a very low oxygen enviorment, and the biofilms can prevent good oxygen flow too the tissues, and create that enviorment, that the pathogens most like. When the immune system is most compromised some of these pathogens, will escape their biofilm, and seek to find new areas to colonise. All the pathogens communicate with each other through Quorum sensing, a chemical and even light signalling system, they will warn each other when immune system is good or bad, when antibiotics or antifungals / virals are being used, or when the biofilm is under attack, and they can even migrate the biofilm, like slime sliding down a wall. These biofilms, have their own water irrigation channels too. They cover areas where there are leaks in the gut ie gaps between cells, so they can enter the blood stream easily. They absorb nutrients and slow down nutrient absorption through the gut, they are intelligent and want to survive. They hinder also cellular detoxification. These infections cause inflammation which slows down detoxification pathways even blocking them so we get even more sick. As the cells in our body approximately 1 trillion of them become more toxic, they experience damage, and oxidative stress, as the immune system tries to handle them as best as it can. The cellular debris can often be mistaken for viral particles like what is expected in HIV under electron microscopy. This debris needs to be cleared but detox channels and nutrient absorption has already been compromised. Antibiotics, are making the pathogens more resistant and up for the fight. Eventually unchecked these conditions can cause serious health issues and death.
Just think of a stream, with rocks in, have you ever noticed they have a slippery slimey layer on them yes that’s biofilm, for years scientist checked the rivers and streams for bacteria by testing the water and often found little evidence of bacteria, until they tested the surfaces, where they hid in their abundance creating the biofilms. Now liken the rock surfaces in streams, to the inside of our veins arteries and organs and glands muscles and tissue, to know why a simple blood test, does not find these critters.

So what do we do about them, why does the immune system let these critters take over, and how can we prevent them.
Well first of all, pathogens of all types whether parasitic worms and flukes, bacteria, mycobaterium, mycoplasma, virons , viruses , fungi like candida and yeasts , etc love a toxic enviorment. Toxins ie poisons of course weaken the immune system, so this gives the pathogens a chance, candida and parasites use the toxic metals to protect themselves from the immune system, and also interact with huge electro magnetic fields, for instance mold can become 600 times more toxic when it interacts with wifi and emf (electro magnetic signals). Candida will hold many times it’s own weight in mercury and lead. In fact the body allows this fungi to grow, to absorb the toxic metals, it’s a short term solution to a very toxic problem. However in time the candida will grow rroots and destroy areas of the gut creating leakages, they will also excrete very toxic chemicals called endo toxins or lipo polysaccharides, which in turn can make lead and mercury and other toxic metals many many times more toxic still.
We are all born today with between 700 times and a thousand times more lead in our bones and body than babies pre industrial revolution, this plays with our genetics too. We still absorb lead from industry in air water soil and food, we absorb mercury from toxic mercury amalgam fillings, approximately 15micrograms of mercury vapour leaks from eacha dult filling into the body daily. A 1 log kill rate of mercury , becomes a 100 log kill rate when combined with one log kill rate of lead, ie lead makes mercury 100 times more toxic and vice versa in the body.
There is also aluminium, we find in vaccines as well as mercury, aluminium is used in chem trails for weather modulation also, we have large amounts in our brains and tissues these days, also cadmium from tobacco, but also nickel, and radioactive particles floating in the air from weapons used in the Gulf wars etc.
With more cellular damage and debris this gives even more food for the pathogens to eat up, as they grow, they grow their protective shields, and you can see why people have chronic illness, that gradually gets worse over time.
So these are the steps, the order you do them in, can depend on you as the individual. However a general rule, may well be to 1st of all remove any amalgam fillings. I would then seek a naturopathic doctor or functional medicine / integrative doctor that can guide you in detoxifying heavy metals. I have worked along side many during this process, I am not a doctor, but over the years, the method I have found to be best is the Quicksilver Scentific Detox Qube plus added liposomal EDTA, you can find them online.
It is generally found as people detox their metals, their pathogen levels fall somewhat, and their immune system regains some of it’s balance and inflammation improves and thus detoxification improves, removing the large amount of cellular debris that the critters love to feast on (yes our dying cells), but they also consume some of our nutrition, so less of them more nutrition for us.
Generally as I guess there isn’t anyone on the planet that is not laden with toxic metals, two of the Detox Qubes would have to be done, ie level 1 and 2, only the most toxic would need o do three levels. Level 1 is done over three months, five days on and two days off. The Lipsomal EDTA is generally for adults a teaspoon a day on days on. Level 2 is done over two months, so the same products are taken in higher doses, and level three is done over 6 weeks. The EDTA works very wellat particuarly removing lead but also breaks down some biofilms gradually .
As I say there are other methods of detoxing metals, many I have found fall short and some have serious detox side effects, there are methods of intravenous chelation, and only consider a doctor of some sort for this method, this is done by intravenously putting a substance that grabs lead mercury etc, straight into the vein, it can put the toxic burden too much on the kidneys and therefore if you consider this method, I would ask the doctor what binders you can use to transfer them out via the colon instead, a far safer route.
Some people like to do some detoxing of metals, then take a rest from that, once they have lowered the toxic burden of metals in their circulation somewhat, and then go on to eliminating the biofilms. When the biofilms are treated, they will release some metals back into circulation, hence it’s worthwhile detoxing at least some metals 1st.
I highly recommend using Ozone rectal insufflation and some colonics. Ozone breaks biofilms, and kills on contact viruses, fungi ,mold, bacteria, mycoplasma mycobacterium and virons as well as many parasites and other pathogens. It also modulates the immune system, so whether the immune system is suppressed like in cancer and aids, or over attacking like in auto immune diseases, ozone will bring the immune system back to balance. It will also as it oxidises the pathogens and biofilm, it will trigger the antioxidant enzymes in the body to release powerful antioxidants that further heal the cells and clear the toxicity.
The Ozone treatment for rectal insufflation take sOzone which is O3 ie three oxygen molecules into the colon, it will sanitise the colon and break up biofilm there, it will go trough the colon walls, to reach the liver and do it’s magic there, and then through capillaries and the portal vein, will go into blood circulation and again do it’s magic there too. Most biofilms start in the gut, so it’s a great place to start. You can do this at home safely and cheaply with your own oxygen tank and ozone generator, you can watch videos by Truly Heal on home ozone equipment, but also other outlets. There are clinics with ozone saunas, and medical doctors that will inject ozone gas into the vein, or withdraw some blood and ozonate the blood before putting it back into the vein.
Chlorine dioxide also known as MMS (look online for this and Jim Humble ) this is another oxidative treatment that can be taken orally, when mixed correctly and taken in dilution of water. One drop of sodium chlorite 28% is mixed with 10% citric acid or 4% HCL FROM HEALTH STORES, AND becomes Chlorine dioxide, this will kill pathogens and biofilm, but ozone in my opinion has the edge, although this treatment costs less than forty pounds and will last for may weeks.
Some people prefer to use essential oils, like oregano, clove oil, or artemesian herbs, and there are enzymes that work to break down biofilms, these can be researched online.
Whilst killing the biofilms, it is a great idea to use binders, as when biofilms are killed off and pathogens killed they can release toxic chemicals and endo toxins, this can be done to a reasonable level using activated charcoal, or for a far superior mopping of these toxins to stop them being recirculated throughout the body, i Like Ultra Binder from Quicksilver Scientific, some will use chlorella.
As the pathogens and biofilm are eradicated, we want something to re colonise on those surfaces once possessed by the pathogens and biofilms, Good bacteria. Many of those promoted do not reach the gut and die off in stomach acid, or do not have the enviroment that the good oxygen loving probiotic bacteria like. Hence I suggest, MegaSpore Biotics, which come highly recommended from experts, but I like Bravo Yoghurt a 42 strain bacterial yoghurt with immune boosting cholustrum and the enviorment the bacteria love you ferment this at home, and was created by Professor Marco Ruggerio and his wife. It increases immune macrophage cells that eat cellular debris and pathogenic organisms. Fermented foods you make at home will add to the diversity too, as your killing pathogens and biofilm, you are repopulating te good guys.
The diet that most assists with this, is a ketogenic diet, which restricts sugars and carbohydrates, but allows for good fat and lots of vegetables. Either way restricting an excess of carbs and sugars will be removing the food tat the pathogens most crave for.

The use of Bitters , these are bitter herbs, like dandelion and berberine, act like a detergent for flushing biofilm in the gut, and also confuse the Quorum sensing communication of the pathogens and biofilm, helping to make it less inteligent to the detox you are doing.

This blog is just an article with suggestions to research, some people will need to do pre detoxes before they are ready, and those that have illness, should go under the guidance of naturopathic or functional / integrative medicine doctors.
The purpose of the blog is to educate new ways of thinking and ideas that will assist your body in regaining health energy and vibrancy.
I am not a medical doctor, thank goodness or perhaps I wouldn’t be alive today.
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