Detox To Get Well chris Milbank

Detox To Get Well chris Milbank June 29th 2018

Treatment Specialist

Detox is about the elimination of toxins and also detoxifying infections including viruses bacteria fungi molds parasites mycoplasma mycobacterium and prions and any other pathogen.
Toxins and pathogens can disrupt every system in the body and affect every cell in the body and after all we are made of at least 1 trillion cells .
Each person is unique so the order people will do things will depend on their symptoms and what toxins and pathogens they are likely to have.
However as a golden rule, I like to think of detoxification like basic house plumbing. If the plughole is blocked ie you are constipated ie not having at least two to three bowel movements a day, that needs to be addressed. The body will also need the right materials to cleanse, so it will need all the essential minerals fatty acids and vitamins.
Once this is achieved, it is also very important to stop filling yourself with toxic crap. Foods generally in a packet or a tin, are full of crap. So you want to cut back on the sugars, cut back on the carbs, as carbs turn to sugar and sugar is not the best energy source, some people go on a ketogenic diet, others go part way. Lots of vegetables, berries etc which are lower sugar fruits like blackberries blueberries are great. We need to cut the junk out, and stop drinking tap water full of fluoride chlorine and toxic metals. Great now you have a plan, get it into action, the diet change costs nothing to implement.
Okay a foundational treatment most people ignore is the array of toxic heavy metals, these cause enzyme disruption, leaking of the gut that allows toxins back into the blood stream, poor digestion,nervous system problems, brain chemistry problems, immune problems like suppression and also over reactive immune like auto immune issues such as allergies lupus or any other symptoms where the body attacks itself, heavy metals affect the hormones, they lessen mitochondrial energy production that takes place in every cell. It affects healing, it blocks detoxification, causes inflammation, and what we call oxidative stress, triggering cellular debris and cell death, they also cause the cells problems in their respiratory systems. The body allows candida fungi and parasites to reproduce and grow, as they absorb these toxic metals, creating the enviorment for an out of balance immune system and pathogens of all kinds to thrive. The different types of bacteria like to stick to cell walls and create protective biofilms to hide in, to protect themselves from the immune system and antibiotics, the parasites like worms and flukes will so often hide in these biofilms, they eat your nutrition and release their pooh in your body, they produce terrible toxins we call endotoxins, which can be hundreds of times more toxic when in conjunction with the toxic metals.
So as you can see detoxifying heavy toxic metals is a foundational requirement to better health. These metals can come from mercury in fish, mercury amalgam fillings, mercury from industrial pollution, coal mining and more, lead in paint and in old leaded gasoline and its in the air in the water in the soil, we are born with 700 to 1,000 times more lead in our bones than pre industrial revolution .
You must remove any mercury amalgam fillings before detoxing metals from your body. Or the detox may well pull more mercury from your fillings into your body.
Once the metals have been detoxified, the biofilm will begin to lose it’s strength, and we will be better able to clear it, in general candida and parasite levels begin to fall as we rid the metals.
We then need to focus on ridding the parasites and the candida and all the pathogens and the biofilms, to restore the gut, improve immune system, reduce inflammation, rduce oxidative stress, improve detoxification, increase energy production and ATP our main energy source.
To beat constipation, taking magnesium or a magnesium product like Oxy T and also having some colonics, to make sure the body can exit these toxins and pathogens.
Removing the amalgam mercury fillings should be done by a holistic or biological dentist, at minimum a dentist trained in safe mercury removal. Taking as an adult 12 to 15 grams of vitamin c daily prior to amalgam removal is a good idea, but don’t take to close to the dental work as can affect the anesthetic . Taking activated charcoal after removal so it can bind some toxic mercury in case of spillage, and excess mercury vapors.
Having worked with many heavy metal detox systems over the years my preffered method is the Quicksilver Scientific Detox Qube plus their added liposomal edta. The edta particuarly targets lead and cadmium and also improves circulation, the detox qube is designed to help the body rid the mercury and other toxic metals, supporting the detoxification pathways, and using powerful binders so that when the toxic metals are pulled out of the cells, they are transported to the gut and then binders catch the metals and pass out via the colon, thus protecting the more delicate kidneys. Most people need to do both levels 1 and levels 2 of this. Do look them up all their protocols and videos and information can easilly be found on line.

Some people are highly anxious and or extra sensitive to deton the brain that are highly stressed, . These people tend to have glutamate receptors in the brain highly stressed with obsessive and excessive thinking. It can be a great idea to use the Colorado Hemp oil to calm the glutamate receptors and perhaps use Gabba an amino acid that balances the good feel chemistry to balance the glutamate receptors, some need both sme try one or the other. However although this is calming, what causes this heightened anxiety and or sensitivity, well often infections and or reactions to mold toxins in the body. Quicksilver Scientific, have the BlackBox 2, which addresses mold toxicity, uses bitters like a detergent for the small intestine removing debris and cleaning an excess of bacteria that can cause bloating, it increases bile flow, cleaning liver gallbladder and catches a broad spectrum of herbicides pesticides dioxins and other toxins in the gut. It also uses a product called DIM that helps to upregulate detoxification pathways. It is a 30 day treatment, that can really prepare people for detox and removing of the metals.
It is a great system.
For most once they have done the heavy metal detox clearing, and lessened their burden and cleaned the enviorment that causes pathogens to thrive, they are ready, to clear the pathogens.
Ozone rectal insufflation, is the ideal partner here. Ozone gas is O3, Oxygen is O2, so ozone has 1 x extra oxygen molecule, this is a reactive molecule that can enter the rectum kill candida and parasites and all the pathogens residing in the colon, but then be absorbed through the colon wall, into the liver and the portal vein and into blood circulation. There are clinics that do this, but equally you ca get your own oxygen tank and ozone generator and do this very cheaply at home, once you have the equipment it’s just pence per treatment in oxygen costs.
Ozone will kill candida and all pathogens on contact, it will modulate the immune system, and increase mitochondrial energy production increasing ATP. It will also increase the body’s own capacity to create antioxidants for further toxicity clean up. It will also kill biofilms that protect all the pathogens that antibiotics can’t reach, ending a whole host of chronic illness.

Whilst using ozone it is a great idea to use binders I like ultra binder again by Quicksilver Scientific this will bind a lot of toxins released by dying candida pathogens parasites mold etc in the body, and will pass them out via the colon, this reduces sickness in detoxifcation and protects the body.

Treatment Specialist

Use an internet search for information and videos for ozone treatments, Quicksilver Scientific Gabba Colorado Hemp Oil, Blackbox 2 and Detox Qube with Liposomal EDTA . Use internet to search colonics.
I strongly suggest Bravo Yoghurt or Megaspore Biotic to replenish good bacteria when you start killing pathogens so they can re conquer the body and fight off pathogens.

I have a number of methods and options I can advise people on depending on tehir budgets, some can’t do it all so some do small steps, some do one thing and leave it for a while and then do next step. Some people with less chronic conditions and more acute conditions may swap the order around a bit. I advise you work with somebody, take advice, check if there any interactions with medications, etc. This blog is for research and may not suit everybody.
Detox symptoms may be powerful, but above all the body needs time and plenty of good water. [email protected]