Aids HIV My Recent Relapse

Aids My Recent Relapse
Chris Milbank July 04th 2019
You have only got to read my blogs on to know I seriously doubt the so called HIV Virus causes Aids. I believe there are many causes for immune dysfunction, and each person is a unique individual with unique circumstances. I am not a medical doctor therefore I don’t give medical advice but I am happy to share what worked for me.
Three years on from being attacked by multiple infections salmonella typhi syphillis fungal parasitic, mycoplasma and myco bacterium, all treated naturally (See blog HIV AIDS My Journey on my website). I became ill again. It started off needing more and more sleep, generally feeling drained, I lost some weight and had had loose stools. I came home from a quick sauna in March 2019 had a migraine then vertigo chills sickness and lots of loose stools. I recovered from that but the tiredness grew. After teaching for a week in Wales, I arrived back in London March 16th. I normally stay with a friend, but the house was full, so I stayed with another, a smoker,. I had spent my savings on a good cause and had left myself broke. I had for my first thirty years a deformed chest and serious lung and bronchial issues, so living with the smoke showed how much I had improved. A one bedroom flat so I was sleeping on the floor, but the apartment beneath was suffering with mold and the bottom of my duvet was damp each morning as a consequence via the floor. My pal likes a lot of junk food so it was often easier to eat together keep costs down I ate the wrong foods and sweets biscuits way too often.
I am painting a picture of my immune system being under strain, poor diet, cigarette smoke, damp, mold.
I lost in all 26 kilos, as my I ended up with explosive diarrhoea, I was broke, my breathing started to take its toll, and I was very weak.
April 29th 2019 I move to my normal address for UK which was available again, no smoke.
My breathing got so bad I would struggle for 30 minutes at a time just moving in the bed, or from sitting to standing etc, then another 30 minutes of panting.
My blood tests and visit to the HIV Consultant, came up. The consultant told me I needed to be taken right away to the specialist hospital by ambulance put on anti virals an antibiotic drip and steroids. I refused.
She had me taken by a porter to chest xray for pneumonia, then have the back of my eyes tested for advanced hiv infection because of fears of blindness.
As I was bought back the consultant took a range of tests, found I had very low oxygen, very low blood pressure, very high pulse etc. It was a Wednesday in May, the last bank holiday was the that weekend coming.
The consultant looked me in the eye and said I am sorry, you may not make the weekend. She talked about legal papers for me to sign to be seen by witnesses and a solicitor, as I had refused drug medications and being hospitalised.
It is important to stay alive to deal with your emotions, and fears as however well meaning, the medical system does play by fear, drug companies sell more drugs that way and doctors get their knowledge via drug research done by drug companies.
I took my logical and rational mind back to the exray, the consultant had showed me a clouds in my lungs that were in her word advanced hiv infection and pneumonia a bacterial type. I asked her ” but what is it really you can’t see infection” , she admitted as I predicted she was seeing inflammation.
I had asked the eye specialist, who had been warned of my HIV and AIDS and that I was extremely ill, She had told me that she could see advanced HIV Infection at the back of my eyes, she showed me the pictures at the back of my eye, she said “look at the white marks thats advanced HIV Infection”. I replied surely you would need an electron microscope to see if it was HIV and was a virus etc, what are we actually seeing, she replied markers for a lack of oxygen to the eye.
I bought this up with my consultant, and said if I didnt have HIV there would be many causes of having a lack of oxygen to the eye over a period of a life time, head trauma (ive had) pneumonia and low oxygen levels, mercury in the eye from vaccines and more likely dental amalgam, other infections, toxicity, plaque, inflammation etc.
I pointed out, as a child my lungs had more clouds, i would spend an hour upside down everyday to drain them, have ultra violet light to my chest fortnightly, on over 20 meds a day, and I had loads of clouds, so no surprise there is inflammation showing on the xray but far less than when I was a child.
I got an ambulance home.

Two days later the Friday of the last May bank holiday weekend, a nurse and chief medical officer, called round no appointment, wanting me to get my papers in order, every other sentence went back to the anti viral drugs, and that I should be admitted right away, I asked them not to stess me, they were real nice, but I had made my decision, the nurse said I am sorry but we will probably never see you again after the weekend, they expected me to be dead within 48 hours.
My breathing got critical I looked like I was in a concentration camp, all skeleton, no strength.
I fell out of bed and couldnt get my self up for half hour, I fell into my suit case when I did and was stuck there. I needed to start self treating fast.
Some income came in, and I obtained a special formula, that removes many toxic metals from the cells and mitochondria (energy producing mechanisms vital for life). If tested for mercury those most ill people show low to negative levels in the blood, where its tested, five times more can be found in the plasma and 20,000 times more in the cell and attached to mitochondria. Mercury attacks macrophages gut bacteria and white blood cells, blocks oxygen to cells, and the list goes on, its devastating to the immune system. This is a long term treatment, but considering a lot of mercury lead and other toxic metals are stored in fat and I had lost 26 kilos and now was not more than bone that had been released in me. This product grabs certain toxic metals and immediately makes it inert so no more harm can be done, and will not let go of it as it clamps to it, the only way it found,can be released is with a blow torch at at 224 degrees celsius. I saw improvements, but would also be hallucinating, more tired, sleeping and missing whole days and nights. It removes also hydroxy free radicals on contact even before toxic metals, thus reducing dramatically inflammation and oxidative stress.
I also needed to address the explosive diahorrea and the general gut infections and pneumonia, but these treatments were not compatible with the metal detox, I would have to wait 48 hours after taking last dose of metal treatment, then I could nebulise 2.5% hydrogen peroxide into my lungs. However this speeded my mind up to almost manic and ocd levels, so I would need to rest and go back to the metal treatments that calmed me down. Yet I could only do those three days in a row, before I started back with those detox affects. So it was a slow process.
In total I got 18 of the metal treatments done, I bought enough for 133 days, removing oxidative stress was important as hydrogen peroxide kills by oxidation which can also cause oxidative stress if your antioxidant supply is used up. In total I did 4 or 5 hydrogen peroxide treatments to completely clear my pneumonia.
I am now on just ozone daily taken as a gas rectally, You can’t use that on your lungs. I swear by ozone and now I am walking each day a mile, normal stools, a little out of breath that is self correcting I was diagnosed with severe anemia .
The consultant told me advanced HIV caused the anemia, but severe diahorrea and not digesting foods to me was the cause. She dismissed another leading cause intestinal parasites, she told me only people in the tropics get those, well I saw hundreds when I cleared those out previous year.
What I am saying is, conveniently if you have the so called HIV Virus, they are labeling more and more disease and sickness states that millions of people have had for more than hundreds of years, on one virus, bacterial in fections on a virus fungal etc etc. Yet if you don’t have the proteins in a blood test that they call the hiv virus, but have those infections, they treat them as they normally would. It’s all too convenient for drug companies to scare people into highly profitable drugs and keep them on them for life.
Those drugs weaken the immune system further, they slow down cellular apoptosis, the healthy killing off of damaged cells that release cellular stress proteins, the same proteins that they say make up hiv. These drugs are like chemo they kill good and bad bacteria, so people feel better, it seems that HIV levels have gone down to undetectable, but ‘ because they are preventing cellular apoptosis. The cd4 count goes up as they go off to lymph and are not found in blood when there is cellular debris to clean up, it seems the drugs are working. But of course a virus that is supposed to take 10 years unlike any other virus to take hold, if you stop the anti viral drugs, they show an increase a rapid increase in the proteins they call viral load, and your immune system is even weaker, can you see the trick they are playing. It’s highly profitable, people become even more immune supressed and dependent on the drugs for life. What a sale.
Excuse spelling and grammar, I am not an academic, so my skills are thinking outside of what we are told to question, and find evidence based research. My experiences /evidence can be seen in blogs at
I can be contacted by email [email protected] Please read at least several of my blogs as they may have many points that will save me answering by email. I am not a Doctor, but I have real life experience of so called HIV and AIDS.