About Reflective Repatterning RR.

                  About Reflective Repatterning RR

                  by Chris Milbank Sept 2017 04th.

Treatment Specialist

I developed RR some ten years earlier. It is the treatment of opposites, to create more neutrality. Something that has been sort after by many spiritual minded people and organisations throughout time.


The concept being that the whole field of psychology and psychological treatments have in the past missed the obvious. They have competed to only have you feel less bad about a bad thing, which is a great start, ie a traumatic event, this can save nightmares and anxiety. However when this is achieved there is a whole lot more the person is still holding onto, we need to balance the opposite by reducing the stressful resistance to loving it too. You see the more we hate something it is like charging a magnet, the more we begin to love it’s opposite, and the more we love that the more we will hate the other. An example being one end of a magnet say north, loving freedom, the other end south hating being trapped. The more we hate being trapped the more we will love freedom, the more we love freedom the more we will hate being trapped. Thus we have a huge value conflict, something traps us or someone else, or we trap someone, the more emotional stress that would cause us, because we are loving freedom. RR energetically using all 14 emotional energy lines in the body that contain acupuncture points, treats the energies to reduce the emotional state in all the opposites of any value conflict and or emotional state or trauma, belief and a whole lot more

Some of you may have heard of Emotional Freedom Technique EFT or Thought Field Therapy TFT , these treatments tap one point in one meridian at a time, to treat the negative feelings about a negative issue, ignoring any opposites. Now both EFT and TFT, are quick and successful therapies, yet they miss using the power charge of using all points on all 14 meridians at once, and treating at least twenty one parts less than RR.

Yet RR does even more than that, it also treats the left logical side of the brain, by bypassing the conscious mind through overloading the neural pathways with logical opposites, why a bad thing can be good, and why a good thing can be bad. This creates a lot of neuro flexibility. New thoughts and ideas come flooding through. So not only do we treat 22 parts to any one part in any other psychological treatment, and we use all 14 whole meridians, but we also work with the left brain creating many new choices, kind of hypnotically. The right brain gains changes through sensory changes and as the emotional stress is lifted. Thus this RR is a left and right brain, treatment as well as a meridian based treatment.


Yet is more than that, it also changes whole mind body programs, let me explain. We take the person through in their mind, all the past experiences of the issue, or belief trauma fear phobia value conflict or whatever it is we are treating, we take them through how it is in the present and how it may be if the issue keeps reoccuring in the future. We note their thoughts, any tension in the body, any emotions and or anxiety and where they are located in the person,we note their posture and breathing, we then take them through 22 steps of the RR process, and change at the same time the meridian responses, the emotional responses, the physical tension responses, the breathing responses and posture, in past present and future, as well as adding logical reasons why the negative issue can be positive and why the positive can be negative. The shifts are incredible.


When we take into consideration all that RR does, we can say often the shift is in about 50 parts compared to as I say the one part many therapists actually work with within an issue or problem.


The good news just gets better than this, all of the above is just one basic RR framework we use, however I now have about 50 different frameworks, for a whole range of psychological and emotional challenges.


As well as offering sessions over Skype, I also run 5 day RR transformation workshops. Where transformation is a priority, over and above that, you will learn how to use the process not only on yourselves but others too.


The emphasis, is on personal transformation, however many therapists come more to particuarly learn how to use RR on their own clients friends and family too. I have found over the years the best practitioners of RR are the ones that go through the process, so I offer each workshop attendee a one on one Skype session of RR .


RR workshops and treatments are for beginners and professional healers and therapists alike. RR is so very different from other treatments, sometimes there is an advantage being a beginner, yet those experienced in healing and therapies will be able to apply the learnings from RR and The Laws of Opposites to their own treatments too.


Email [email protected] or use the contact page on the website, feel free to ask questions, and check spam and trash boxes for my email as yahoo can sometimes throw a wobbly and spam me.


best wishes chris.