How I Am Lowering My HIV Viral Load

How I am lowering My HIV Viral Load
Chris Milbank November 06th 2018

Some of you will have read my other blogs referring to my story of full blown AIDS and how I recovered naturally. Some of you may also be aware that I have no belief that HIV causes AIDS , and that I think much of what they measure in the PCR Viral Load Test is Cellular Debris containing a mixture of proteins and waste from cells. This interview here will give some insight into my doubts, of HIV being all Virus , as well as my previous blog , Is HIV Cellular Debris

Recap of My Treatments
When I was suffering with many AIDS related infections, I used high end oxidative treatments, that oxidise just like iron rusts, this intself is an extremly fast way to kill of an array of infections and pathogens, but can in itself create some oxidative stress, and will kill off infected cells that will release debris. This debris in my opinion is what is often mistrued as HIV. As my infections like syphillis herpes mycobacterium salmonella typhi fungi and candida infections etc disapeared I began to obviously feel a lot better, I was also using other mechanisms to kill infection like ACS200 Silver by RNA , but also doing rounds of antioxidants away from the oxidant treatments, to balance. My three types of arthritis also disappeared as did my Mortons Neuromas and severe nerve and muscle pains. However I still had high HIV PCR Test Viral Loads of 170,000.
I had decided to switch to using more antioxidants and removing toxins from my body. I used ACZ Nano Zeolite, and the amazing ZeoGold a Zeolite complex with fulvic acid glutathione R Lipoic acid in. Zeolites are well known for cleaning up rubbish in circulation, but may well also mop up viral particles. I used special binders that mop up toxins from pathogens like certain types of chlorella, and also detoxed mercury and lead with other means.
My Viral Load dropped down to 24,000 a 89.5% drop, I felt fantastic. I had a 3 month break in the sun, where I just enjoyed life again, did a bit of partying yes beer wine etc, and found my viral load had gone up by 3,000 which is almost insignificant, yet I did think, hmm lets nail this. So I did three more rounds of chlorine dioxide (a veery powerful oxidant treatment) of taking hourly ten hours a day for 21 days, in total I did this three more times, with breaks in between each 21 day period to top up my antioxidants. I expected my so called Viral Load to go down, but it crept up to 90,000, I did 27 Ozone rectal insufflations and felt amazing, but it crept up to I think 160,000, I bought my own ozone generator and did home treatments, again feeling better and better healthier and healthier, I did breaks of intense mercury and lead heavy metal detoxification, feeling stronger mentally better than ever and physically more energy than I ever remembered in my life, surely my Viral Load would be undetectable, I went to 200,000 . I was thinking ah well I am killing off infected and damaged cells and cells with too much toxicity, they are releasing dead virus, which is being counted in the PCR Viral Load Tests. Ozone doctors tell you, don’t do any ozone for up to three weeks before your blood test for this reason, and with chlorine dioxide they say even longer a few months even. So although super happy to be well and not believing the HIV tests, I still was dissapointed, because at some point whether virus or cellular debris, I would expect the levels to go down.
So I took another three months away, this time, I limited my treatments and no ozone as I had no access whilst abroad. My level went up to 290,000 . However without any doubt, I am at my healthiest ever.
Cellular Debris (HIV Viral Load) Solution.
I then added my blog to social media and it created a lot of interest by scientists and doctors, and also some treats from sceptics and pharmaceutical trolls of course. Several people pointed me in the direction of the amazing work of Dr Henrich Kremmer I was amazed that his research backed my own experience, at last even though physically and mentally my health had never been better, I wanted to also show this through the medical establishments own testing.
My HIV Lowering Protocol
I started some of my new protocols less than a week ago and next blood test is three weeks today, so it won’t have too much chance of kicking in, but may indicate to me if my new protocol is working at least the high upward trend of my viral load will have slowed stopped or reversed.
I will still do my oxidant treatment, but maybe four or five times a week instead of four or five times daily. Oxidants can be chlorine dioxide, or my preffered method Ozone rectal Insufflation. Ozone in the body creates Ozonides that travel around the boody boosting immune cells capabilities, and oxygenising tissues , it is an immune balancer, ad super boosts the cellular factories that are knwon as mitochondria that produces the energy ATP that is critical for life health and all cellular systems. A link to Dr Frank Shallenberger who explains the amazing benefits of Ozone therapy.
Bearing in mind that oxidative treatments may also bring about waste ie cellular debris, it was i my interest to find something special that depletes this waste. Wobenzym Plus is a German concocted enzyme formula with extra strength, with various enzymes that reduce oxidative stress and inflammation, that also triggers cellular debris, but also has enzymes that eat away at the cellular debris itself, which remember pathogens like to feed on, and those pathogens release waste and eat away at us and cause even more cellular debris.

Wobenzym also has the ability to destroy the outer coat of viruses, thus disabling varieties of them from entering cells, and also making them many more times more vulnerable from attack by the immune system and many natural antivirals.

So Wobenzym Plus is a great treatment
I started a while back on Mega Sporebiotics . These bacterial spores live in the soil for up to 2,000 years, they have a calcified shell which means 100% of them survive the digestive process and stomach acids intact. This range of bacterias used by German Doctors since the 1950’s and was only prescribed now come in capsules. Whilst abroad and taking these, one morning, I passed a huge round ball of candida with roots, it felt like I had been raped with barbed wire, I passed a little blood and was exhausted, I hadn’t realised it was the amount of these that I was taking each day, but for the next three weeks I was passing candida and ropeworms which are bio film a mucous protective layer that bad bacterias and parasites and fungi build to hide from our immune systems and anti biotics and anti fungals. I thought at first I was ill again sleeping 18 hours plus a day, but realised gradually, my body was ridding all this and parasite worms, because the MegasporeBiotics were attacking them. Ideally note take one every other day if okay go to to each day taking one, gradually build up to two a day and stay with it for a few months then step back down to a maintenance dose. I was taking four a day, I do not advise that. Now realise candida releases billions of mycotoxins daily that trigger their own debris, plus cellular debris and inflammation. These amazing biotics, balance the immune system whether suppressed as in AIDS and cancer or over excited as in autoimmune diseases. They also reduce cellular debris.
I have also added NCD Zeolite liquid, before I used ACZ Nano Liquid zeolite by RNA . Either will do, but years ago I had an amazing response to the NCD when it was called Waiiora it helped me after an anaphylatic fit, to feel amazing. This liquid zeolite gets into the blood, it will mop up circulating toxins, proteins, take pressure off te liver and kidneys to detox better, will reduce antigens circulating and also mop up viral particle fragments. Viruses seperate into components before replicating, when zeolites that are negatively charged, attract positively charged viral particles they trap them in their cage like structure, thus not being able to replicate / reproduce. The liquid zeolite gets absorbed through mouth and gut into the blood stream. The ZeoBind, is the powdered form that does not go into the blood stream but even more powerfully absorbs the same way in the gut, but cleanses the waste from the gut via the gut Villi.
It is important to get purified zeolite such as Zeobind, some people disagree with the liquids, but I and people I have advised have had great results from them. As the liquids are either micronised or as in ACZ nano sized, I can’t guarantee there is not some aluminum leakage, thus we take teh powdered form as well to mop up any leakage, and also you can easilly order online Horsetail tea or get a sillica supplement like Quicksilver scientific Intestinal Metal Detox, which is high strength Sillica this mops up aluminum like a treat. For now though a good liquid purified zeolite as mentioned and a good purified powdered form will work very powerfully, to remove causes of debris and debris in circulation and remove viral particles.
ACZ Zeolite by RNA
NCD Zeolite
Essential Fatty Acids I take two to three of the Solgar Gelatin Capsules twice a day, as someone who had serious asthma this helped tremendously, but taking them again I feel calmer, it also reduces may types of inflammation and highly reactive C reactive proteins. Anything that reduces inflammation will help reduce cellular debris and immune imbalance whether over active or immune suppressed. There are many brands but my local health store has these , Youngevity do them and purists may find healthier brands so do your own research, generally speaking people get better results with fish oils rather than just vegetable essentials, but some experts differ some don’t like fish oils at all, the fish used in this Solgar brand are small fish so very low in mercury , one thousand of these small fish is the equivalent mercury found in Tuna to put it into perspective.
Cistus Tea by Dr Dietrich Klinghardt
Okay Cistus Tea it is very anti viral, so even though I do not believe HIV is a virus as there is no proof, it could be, I definitely do not believe it causes HIV so why take antiviral natural Cistus Incus tea then. Well if HIV is a harmless retrovirus this tea will help to reduce it thus reduce the HIV Viral Load test results tus reducing lots of stress for everybody, but it will also work on the many in fact probably thousands of different virus types we all hold, most of which appear harmless but may not be if our immune systems are out of wack, but it will also reduce less harmless viruses too like the herpes family Cytomegalovirus (CMV) these viruses will add to toxic burden increase inflammation oxidative stress and cellular debris if left unchecked. CMV can be a real problem as can other viruses when the immune system gets out of whack. Yet also the Cistus Tea that is very high in antioxidants and polyphenols that work with a range of toxins and infections, also are lethal with many bad bacterias, and destroy the biofilm mucous protection they hide in. In the YouTube link above The world renowned Dr Dietrich Klinghardt explains how to take the Tea or the tincture. I ordered the tincture as the loose tea was out of stock, but it’s now in stock and I have two lots of the loose tea on it’s way.
Here are the supplier Links
Cistus Tea Tincture
Cistus Tea loose tea

A good vitamin mineral complex, I can’t tell you how important it is as no one vitamin works as well without the support of the others, and even more so minerals that work with every system in the body. When detoxing heavy metals we may be depleting minerals, we don’t get enough in our soil therefore our food and with the toxic enviorment we live in especially. Youngevity do a range of the 90 essential vitamins and minerals a complex they call Tangy Tangerine , so do look online, but at minimum ask your independent health store for a good formula, make sure it has selenomethionine in it for extra protection. Selenium high soil areas have the lowest incidences of both HIV and AIDS even in the highest most promiscuous areas, not that I believe HIV is sexually transmitted, but low means low so added protection.
I drink loose green tea in fact gun powder green tea I add in ginger and turmeric, I do at least two mugs of this daily, it’s anti inflammatory and full of phyto nutrients and antioxidants.
Note 1 I am not a medical doctor, this is not medical advice, I think medical advice is advice that profits pharmaceuticals and surgeons and hospitals, but I am no Doctor.
2 Do what you can afford, for those that can’t afford all the supplements prioritise.
3 An anti inflammatory diet is needed, look them up online, a Ketogenic diet is ideal if it works for you, some people struggle and do better on an almost Ketogenic diet, 10 to 15% of people cannot do this and genetically are more wired to higher carbs. Yet ideally we can all do anti inflammatory diets, see them online, I ask you to cut out sugar, yes it’s hard, but one teaspoon of sugar can reduce immune system by 70% for up to 5 or 6 hours, a can of coke is well known to reduce immune strength by 70% for four hours, and probably more in immune compromised people.
Cut out all grains no wheat no corn no rice ,no oats they all have proteins that are harsh on our guts. They have glyphosate in them even the organic varieties, this tears the gut lining, and causes massive amounts of cellular debris. You can do extra protection by using Restore 4 life, which is amazing, but some people prefer to rid the parasites and candida first.
4 Avoid any oils in a tub or bottle because they will already be oxidised ie rancid, this will cause again inflammation thus oxidative stress thus cellular debris, the only possible exception is a good cold pressed organic coconut butter / oil that has not been on the shelf long.
Otherwise cook with organic butter, preferably from cows that are grass fed, ie organic is likely grass fed or Kerry Gold butter.
5 Avoid burnt foods, they cause inflammation so no burnt potato skins or overly done meat etc.
6 It’s imperative at some point to get mercury fillings out, please see my other HIV and Aids blogs also I have blogs on toxic metals, they are the foundation of the a to z of ill health issues chronic and acute. I guide people through serious metal detox.
6 Everybody is different, so different people may need different treatment s and dosages, adults differ greatly from children this blog is for adults, if you need advice for children Functional medicine doctors integrative doctors and Naturopathic doctors seek their advice, if you have complications in your own health seek their advice, if you are on current medications, ask them or a medical doctor if any of these approaches interfere with the medications. This blog is for research with some great great products many doctors advise their patients on, but tey see them individually so what is listed here may not be right for you.
I do call people on either Skype or telephone landlines and advise, I have a fee for my time, 40 UK pounds for up to an hour. Many of you can get started on some of the products with a doctors or professional health advisers say so and start boosting your health.
7 It is not advisable to start everything at once, some people start on a vitaminearl formula and essential fatty acids (don’t take fish oils if allergic). Then progress to Wobenzym and a slow introduction to Mega SporeBiotics.
8 If you have infections and or AIDS I have different advice and advice blogs, this blog is for those with a positive HIV test.
9 Remember I have done a lot of work, I have already made huge progress detoxing metals was and is incredibly important as are oxidative treatments, and how to separate them so they do not neutralise each other. I have had 24 years in the alternative field, and the last three years extensively every day studying HIV and AIDS in an out of the box way, these are my thoughts and are totally experimental, I am no a medical doctor,. This blog is my next intended step to reduce viral load now I am feeling fitter and healthier mentally and physically than I have ever done in my life, purely to reduce so called HIV Viral load I belive may be more cellular debris
My email is [email protected] check spam and trash boxes for replies.
Best wishes
chris Milbank

Sorry re typos grammar spelling, I am not an academic, but then again Academics who spell and do grammar nicely, have wasted 40 billion or more on the premise that HIV Causes AIDS and killed tens of thousands of people with AZT and have created bogus tests and immune compromised hundreds of thousands of people with toxic drugs. So I am sure the message will read okay and be understood, but if not you can ask other non academics for assistance.