How Toxic Are You ? Three Simple Home Tests.


How Toxic Are You ?
Three Simple Home Tests . July 2017
chris Milbank Consultancy


Many of us are gradually getting sick, not noticing the general decline in our energy and function, a deterioation in mood, higher stress levels aches pains and more. Then all of a sudden wham bam it hits us.

Food intolerance’s, trigger inflammation, and inflammation can be thought of as the opposite of detoxification. Inflammation throws our immune system out of balance, and therefore we have the inflammatory part in excess, and the find the toxin and pathogen part in suppression.
You can be properly tested for intolerance’s but a helpful guide is as simple as this.

1 After sitting for ten minutes take your pulse over 15 seconds, take the total pulses and times by four. This gives an average over 1 minute.
2 Without standing take a suspect food sniff and inhale even taste (providing your not allergic) allergy is different from intolerance. Then take pulse again over 15 seconds and times the total by four. Now if you have an increase of pulse of five or more, I would expect you are intolerant, near ten or more, I am pretty sure you are intolerant. It’s not a perfect test, but an indicator. You can then eliminate those foods you are suspect of for two to three weeks, then introduce one at a time noticing any symptoms in energy, mood headaches , sleep pain etc. See the Book by Arthur Cocoa, 2The Pulse Test”.

Garlic Test For Gut.
Providing you are not allergic or intolerant to sulphur foods, you may want to try this. If you have illness whether chronic or acute or are on blood thinners do not do this, as you will feel sick, and garlic thins blood already. Do not do if intolerant or allergic to garlic, do not do if under 18.
Garlic is a very potent antimicrobial it can cause instant die off of a range of fungi parasites mycobacterium bad bacteria and viruses. When they die they release toxic waste that can make us feel sick.
1 On an empty stomach, you ca take a mouth full of water and place one peeled whole clove of garlic in your mouth, chew, the water will dilute as garlic can burn when raw, when thoroughly chewed swallow. Those that are toxic will feel sick right away, and this herxeimer (detox) reaction will soon pass, if not take some vitamin c and or drink water and eat apples and or carrots raw, as the fiber binds the toxicity.
2 If you were fine on clove of raw garlic wait 24 hours and try on 2 raw cloves of garlic.
If fine on two raw cloves, likely your gut is in reasonable order, if you get sick even a little bit, you could lower dose of garlic and do daily for a few weeks until you can tolerate garlic daily without detox affects. Topping up with probiotics can be helpful. Yet probably a full GI tract detox would be useful, this is on another blog.

Vitamin C Flush.
This is a favourite of mine.
Any plain vitamin c with no added extras ie other vitamins minerals etc is fine.
However, some people have sensitive stomachs to vitamin c if so, I guess a gut detox and rebuild, is in order at some point, but you can use vitamin c as sodium ascorbate, which is buffered to protect stomach and is easily tolerable. Do not use time released vitamin c or liposomal forms for the bowel test.
1 On an empty stomach, take two to three grams of vitamin c every 15 minutes, exactly, this allows vitamin c to build up gradually. There is no known toxic limit to vitamin c, when your body has enough it flushes it out via bowel and urine. The more vitamin c your body takes without getting anal pee gushing through the higher the toxic toxin and or pathogen load your body has. So for instance a healthy person may start getting bowell intolerance at 20 grams even less, however if you have the flu you may get to 40 grams or 80 grams etc, I experienced 120 grams once then had major bowel flushing, I had flu and was not long before being diagnosed with a serious illness myself. If you get a lot of bloating stop, you may need to address gut issues and or change to sodium ascorbate version of vitamin c.
2 Now what ever the dose is before you are gushing out water from the anus, is remember it, as 24 hours later approximately 75% of that dose is what your body is likely to need the next day, but this time the vitamin c should be spread evenly throughout the day over 12 hours or so. Anytime you get a bowel flush, stop, 24 hours reduce to 75% of that level, again keep reducing on bowel intolerance. This is how you keep an eye on your toxic body load. If the body has little or low toxic and germ levels, it will need less so bowell intolerance will happen quickly. If you tolerate high levels of vitamin c then the body needs high levels of vitamin c.
Do if there are no contraindications of health, vitamin c will neutralise any toxin and any pathogen at high enough levels. Used intravenously in blood has been used effectively even against eradicating polio. There is no known infection or toxin that cannot be neutralised with a high enough amount of vitamin c. Even snake bites have been neutralised iintravenously. Take well away from medicines , oxidative therapies like ozone, and also anasthetic as it can neutralise all of these.

I am not a medical doctor, my information is for research purposes only.

Self Treatments With Collidial Silver chris Milbank

Self Treatments With Collidial Silver.
chris Milbank.
I am not a doctor just a home researcher who has self treated my own aids and hiv, also overseen many health conditions. Always seek medical advice, then do your own research before making a decision of any kind. If pregnant or on medications check with your doctor first, or a Naturopathic Doctor.

Whilst antibiotics that are prescribed, generally kill a small range of different types of bacteria often even 2 to 6 differing types, and also the bacteria are becoming dangerously resistant to them, and they destroy our immune system by also indiscrimately killing types of good gut bacteria. Silver is different, it is said to not harm good gut bacteria, but will kill over 650 different types of bad bacteria, also inactives viruses so they cannot reproduce abnd they die, but also kills many types of fungi, mold candida and also mycobacterium linked to lymes disease and many other disease states including Multiple Sclerosis.
There is a myth the pharmaceutical lobby would like you to believe that if you drink collidial silver, you will get blue grey skin called argryia. This is nonsense, the only people to have had this condition did not drink collidial nano sized silver but many gallons of silver nitrate over extended periods. Collidial silver which we mainly talk about here are nano sized particles of silver suspended in clean distilled water, and are passed out of the body in a very maximum of 28 hours, some non nano sized collidial silver may last in the body for 28 days, the particles of nano sized silver are so small they can fit inside cells, so unless you are drinking gallons per day you are safe. If you drank ten gallons a day of water it would probably kill your kidneys.
Why would you use silver and how.
Unlike some germ killing treatments ie ozone, hydrogen peroxide and chlorine dioxide,(they neutralise antioxidants and vice versa), you can use silver on the same day as antioxidants, they work alongside. So if you are wanting to rebuild your immune system with vitamins and minerals and antioxidants, you can still be killing many different types of pathogens at the same time. Silver may kill some pathogens a touch more slowly than some oxygenating treatments, however it lasts many many times longer in the body so can go on killing, getting more bang for your buck.
Collidial silver with nano sized particles between 10 to 25 ppm parts per million, can be safely used in eyes, externally on cuts rashes etc, mixed with aloe vera gel, or coconut oil olive oil etc and rubbed into skin or scalp. It generally has a soothing effect.
It can also be used internally to kill a wide range of pathogens. Adults may take 3 teaspoons twice a day as a maintenace, or with cold or flu may prefer a larger dose of three tablespoons. It is wise to work up the doses slowly, as when silver kills off many germs and fungi or general pathogens at once, you can feel sick or have a headache or the runs, as when pathogens die they release their waste into your body, and it takes a little while to get that out. If this is the case stop the treatment util feeling well again and restart at a lower dose again, and slowly increase. I know of people who have been seriously ill and cured liver cancer even lung cancer with collidial silver. It is known to kill pathogens inside cancer cells that trigger dna change that converts healthy cells to cancerous cells, when those pathogens die, the dna switches back to healthy cell mode. However these people generally drink between one and two litres of the collidial silver daily.
A man that helped thousands around the world with aids, would make up individual batches of the silver depending on the circumstances, but the rule of thumb was drink a litre or more daily for three months, to be cured of aids, many were cured earlier but for good measure three months was observed after that a general small maintenance dose would be taken. I used silver to treat my aids, I did use other treatments too.
Here are some of the ways I used collidial silver and why.
we can use it as a mouth wash, rinse your mouth swishing it round before cleaning teeth, so as to not spread gum and tooth decay bacteria, but also after cleaning teeth. This will help beat gum disease, cavities etc. Silver actually promotes tissue and bone growth.
Orally drinking the collidial silver, best to swish for 30 seconds or more first in mouth before swallowing this increases the absorption rate into the blood stream, avery worthwhile measure when fighting infections.

it can be used after a bowell movement, you can do a warm clean water with some silver added to just cleanse dirt in colon 1st. Then you can put straight silver into the enema bag and see if you can hold for 40 minutes or more. That way not only cleaning lower gut ie colon large intestine, but the silver will get absorbed through the portal vein thus getting a higher concentration of silver into your blood stream, almost as much as by intravenous drip which only a doctor or someone qualified can do. Some people take in a small amount like 60ml and hold inside them all night, some prefer a smaller amount like 10 to 60ml, although I would use a stronger silver for that which I will mention later. The enema treatment is absolutely amazing. This will clear a lot of infection more quickly and remember 70% of the immune system is in the gut so look after it. Here is the enema kit type I use on Amazon UK also available in pharmacies etc

wow this is good, I know a naturopath who recommends for every type of lung illness to nebulise with collidial silver, ie asthma copd, pneumonia, he has even helped two clients completly clear their lung cancer with nebulising silver, also the oral approach as well, however remember get checked out first and make sure the life style changes and nutrition are supported as well. Generally for lung conditions nebulise for 35 minutes twice daily, just fill the little medicine bowl, and inhale through the mask, don’t use the steamer type. Pneumonia can be cleared anywhere between 1 and three days nebulisng with silver, depending on immune health and how severe the infection is, will be how long it takes to heal, but vast majority get good relief within 24 hours. Just nebulisemore like 6 times daily. They get hot so switch off for half an hour before restarting.
Nebulisng generally gets more silver into the blood stream than equivalent oral amounts, however takes longer, so a combo works real well and is adviseable. Oral will work on small intestine too.

How to get silver into cancer cells and infected cells.
Because of the complex instructions that need to be precisely followed, I will forward a link all about the silver cancer treatment. If advanced cancer or in case of a tumor that may restrict brain or airflow consult with Dr or cancer clinic always. You will need to read and re read the protocol listed here. Read all three chapters first.

In general what silver I use and making it yourself.

First of all Collidial silver is generaly about 20 UK pounds for a half litre if you want a good quality. I have used Active Silver a high quality and found it highly effective it’s just 10ppm but made over a few days I believe which gives it’s ionic charge.
I have also used Silver Tec
Also Meosilver was always the top brand and highly recommended

ACS200 Silver

However there is a silver recommended by a natural Dr who has studied for almost 60 years, and is reckoned to be the most effective silver on the market, between a thousand times to one million times more effective than the best silvers, with huge amounts of independent research. It comes as a 4oz or 120ml bottle, tiny but you only need tiny amounts, I spray 20 sprays twice a day i my mouth, and it has helped reduce all my aids infections to zero and lowered my hiv by 85.5% okay did some oxygenating treatments too, but between blood tests when not using them I was using this silver and my infections reduced still rapidly. ACS200 Silver made by RNA read the research and decide for yourself. Even just 10ml of this held in rectum overnight has amazing results you can work up to using a third of a bottle worth this way via the enema, hold over night for amazing absorption. This is available for sometimes as low as 30 uk pounds with Amazon UK and or ebay.

Personally I would use ACTIVE SILVER or Silver Tec or similar clear collidial silvers from 10 to 25ppm in nebuliser or enema if doing reguarly as it will last longer. However if you have a nasty infection, or are really ill, ACS200 does the trick, it also lasts as an oral spray.

How to build your own collidial silver generator kit.

The other way to go is to make your own Silver, if you get a generator kit, very easy to use a child can easily make it, if you can turn the tv on you can use the silver generator. It then costs pence per gallon to make.
Here are some examples of ready made silver generator kits, remember also buy the 99.9% pure silver wire or
However I know a naturopath who has made his own silver for years , he makes kits for 250 dollars that makes real high quality silver , his kit will make a gallon in 2 to 3 hours, it may not look as fancy as from the online shops, but it makes very high quality and good amounts, his name is Terry and if you contact me I will forward his email address, he makes them to help others more than a real commercial aim, so he does not advertise on websites etc. He will send you guides and a lot of files about silver how to apply and with over 20 years of experience making the silver.

I Got Myself Well, Perhaps You Can Too, chris Milbank

  I Got Myself Well Perhaps You Can Too.
                           chris Milbank

  chris was seriously ill with immune problems and many serious infections, he treated him self naturally and shares his knowledge to help others.
In my classes I ask the students, how many times there Doctor has actually told them the cause of their problem, on average it’s less than one in ten times. They just do not know, other than what they have been taught about managing symptoms, antibiotics, drugs to chemically change symptoms and a bit of surgery, they follow the software on the computer and have maybe seven minutes per patient. #Yikes.
Most illnesses have a Total Toxic Body Burden , of toxic metals like mercury lead nickel cadmium, absorbed via air pollution , chemically altered shit food, and industrial waste in food soil and water supplies, also nasty toxic vaccines and mercury amalgam fillings, but also inhaled furniture flame retardants, and over 70,000 new chemicals introduced into the enviorment since WW2. We live in a toxic epidemic. Boom Boom.
The metals limit mineral absorption in our cells,this in turn has the body absorb more toxic metals in place of the minerals they really need, throwing our body into dissaray, they cause leaks in gut lining, triggering inflammation that’s in every illness, which makes symptoms far worse, they weaken the immune system, so we can’t protect against germs in the usual way, they create a dirty enviorment so germs, and fungus and parasites like worms and flukes can invade our blood our organs gut lungs etc. This adds far more poison, the fungus like candida grows roots in the gut and spreads throughout the body, eating away at the extra dead tissue in the body the toxic metals have been destroying, causing more inflammation, more toxicity, a weaker compromised immune system, chemical changes in the brain, triggering heightened stress, causing more problems, with acidity in the body, a further weakened digestive system, poorer elimination and detoxification channels, the immune system to weaken even further. The list is endless, it goes on and on.
So what do we need to do.
1 Stop the tap running a flow of toxins into our body. If we have mercury amalgam fillings get them out, adult fillings leak on average 15mcg of mercury vapours a day, this is killing brain cells, and hurting you everywhere. Don’t use tap water unless filtered, eat a bit more wisely, I am not telling you to become an organic meditating monk, but eat the good stuff more.
2 Make sure our exits are clear ie we are getting three bowell movements a day, and drinking 3 litres a day minimum as an adult as a general flush, toilets need a flush so do we. It’s basic plumbing.
3 We need to cleanse the body and gut of toxic metals in circulation, that help make an enviorment for germs fungi mold and parasites.
4 We need to start killing the germs, fungi, mold and parasites in the body.
5 We then need to dig deeper and detox and grab the toxic metals that are held in deeper tissue, organs and bones, and start detoxing the brain cells of these metals.
6 We need to replace lost minerals, rebuild digestive system and repair gut.
When we address these problems, so many health issues clear up on their own, either way it’s the ground work we need to do, to get well, inevitably some people, after this may need a naturopathic doctor to run a few tests, and find ways to boost specific body systems, that may need further help. Yet remember the diagnostic tests can be expensive, the above needs to be addressed. Many occasions, I have known people to have alternative testing, and the cause of their problems are toxins, and pathogens like viruses bacterial infections and fungi or mold etc. The treatments I recommend, blanketly work with these.
I am not a medical doctor, my work is my own research and my own experience. Always seek medical advice 1st, but ask the doctor, what is the cause of my asthma, heart disease, neurological problems like Parkinsons, osteoarthritis, allergies etc, if they do not know, will they ever heal the issue or just disguise it.

I have a process, I guide people with a simple Skype call and follow up email, with simple steps. I will share an overview of all the steps. I charge a simple affordable fee to guide people through each step. I do not earn from the chelation detox supplements I recommend I am independent.
To enquire just email me If you are on medications by a medical doctor, advise them what you are doing, they may not understand, they wern’t trained in detox and nutrition, but as your body changes, medications may need to be altered and monitored.




Getting Well Simplified

Getting Well Simplified.
chris Milbank

  (I am not a Dr any advice is my experience and or my research only, seek always medical advice, The doses I have taken here listed are an adult dose, Naturopathic Drs can talk aboout a childs dose or what may be beneficial for children, or a medical dr )
Our doctors often give a label that covers our symptoms, like Asthma, Parkinsons, Auto Immune Disorders, and pretty much the whole A TO Z of labels. But what are the causes, why do we have a label, why do we have an infection, why do we need surgery, what is the cause of needing surgery. So often they do not answer these questions well.
Simply put, when we are ill, we have low voltage, our electrical pathways are not good conducters, in fact we show resistance. All this means a lowered amount of electrons are flowing through the body.
Toxins like toxic metals (lead, cadmium,mercury, alluminium, uranium, nickel, bio unavailable copper that we cannot use), also pesticides herbicides, toxic preservatives, toxic food colourings, fumes from carpets and furnishings covered in flame retardants, and many more, are Electron Stealers. Yes that means they lower our electrical flow and increase resistance. Also germs like bad bacteria, bacterial infections, viruses, parasites, mycobaterium, fungi such as candida, and molds, all steal electrons.
Many alternative therapists diagnose low voltage areas in the body and then test to see what increases the voltage to treat an illness or weakness. Accupuncturists, use needles as good conductors of electricity to help increase electrical flow.
So what increases electrons. Water helps us to rehydrate and increase flow, also flush out toxins. Antioxidants donate electrons. We need more electron donors than stealers to start correcting health issues.
I have below outlined two steps with parts in , for reducing toxicity and reducing pathogens ie germs parasites fungi mold etc. Generally if your condition is chronic and you are not in acute pain or in a life threatening illness, clearing toxicity first is a good idea, the more toxic you are the more germs viruses candida parsites will want to stay with you or even reinfect you. If however your infection is acute, or life threatening of course seek medical advice but you may choose to use the anti pathogen treatments first in step two, I did when suffering with aids hiv for instance. This blog is about removing electron stealers and adding electron donors, this makes the foundation for health, for some people this may be all they need to do, for others they may need to address causes in extra ways or specific ways, as well, so remember this is a foundation to build on, please on doing so send questions, if specific symptoms are still apparent, maybe I can offer you information.

Step One Detoxing toxic metals and other toxins.
First rule stop putting the toxins in, if you have mercury amalgam metal fillings, get them removed preferably by a biological dentist, if not at very least get them removed by a mercury safe removal dentist, who has at least minimum training. Ordinary dentists may drill your fillings, they already leak on average 15mcg of mercury vapour daily, drilling heats them and you may get a seriously high toxic load, or you may swallow bits of mercury. More is explained in my blog Total Toxic Body Burden.
Reduce packaged food and add more fresh and organic foods, up your vegetables, and aim to look for more alkaline diets.
2 Make sure your exits are clear, you will need to be defecating three times daily, if you are not, take a supplement of essential minerals, one called Concentrace is a good one amongst others. If you are still not doing three number two’s a day, you may want to do a herbal colonic treatment, search for Dr Natura Colonix, or try a supplement that combines oxygen and magnesium called Oxy T. We need your exits clear as it’s basic plumbing for draining a toxic swamp.
3 Draining the toxic bdy swamp. We want to do this safely, as mercury and lead are so toxic, they can cause damage and a lot of distress, if we use powerful detoxers but do not protect ourselves. Over the years I have tried many and researched many, the one I like the best is a product called ZeoGold. This is a purified first zeolite, a volcanic mineral negatively charged that pulls in positively charged toxins, mercury lead, cadmium, nickel, other toxic metals, dioxins, certain hormone disruptors, and even bacterial infections and virus particles in time. It will powerfully clean the gut of these toxins, the gut holds about 70 to 80%of our immune system, it is where we digest our food, and also we set much of our brain chemistry. Toxic Metals destroy the gut, weaken immune system, and destroy nervous system, all in time, they create a celluar imbalance, and cell destruction, paving the way for candida to be fed with dead tissue, and bacteria and other pathogens to use the metals in biofilm mucous and metals combined that protect them from the immune system, and even many medical drugs like antibiotics.
The ZeoGold also has absorbable vitamin c as an antioxidant, fulvic acid which hooks in toxic metals, and balances minerals in cells, R Lipoic acid that crosses blood brain barrier, neutralising toxins in the brain, it also has the number one top antioxidant gluathione, which detoxes deep inside cells and cleans liver. An adult would start off with one a day and work up to four a day. I recommend the 3 month detox which is 12 containers,for $300.00 . This will give time, to cleanse gut of toxicity, lower toxic metals in circulation, and get ready for killing pathogens. After killing pathogens we should aim to repeat the three month metal detox again, as when we kill pathogens like candida bacteria parasites more toxins can be released back into the body. So we reduce toxicity in circulation, kill pathogens and again cleanse more toxicity.
An ideal partner, to the ZeoGold during this process is a good collidial silver that is clear, and between ten to 25 parts per million ppm. I would aim to take two tablespoons daily, but start off at a smaller dose gently killing pathogens, as you get used to it increase. For those very ill, we can take a lot more silver, but this is about as much as we need if the illness is more chronic or it’s about prevention.
So to sum up Step one, stop putting toxins in, make sure you are defecating three times daily or more, drink plenty of water, work through the 12 containers of ZeoGold in their special 3 month detox and take the silver for that three months.

Step Two Pathogens.
Pathogens are viruses, bacterial infections, parasites like worms and flukes and more, candida, other fungal infections and mold. If you have been struggling with step one, it may well mean you have such a huge load of toxic metals in your system, you need to repeat it, right away. At anytime you can lower dose, skip a day give your body a chance to catch up etc, and lower dose. To reduce most metals takes two to three years to completly do it lead takes 15 years as it gets deep in the bone.
If the phase one has left you feeling really good, it will mean that your toxic metals and other toxins have been reduced enough in circulation, and we can kill some pathogens, and if thhey release more toxins into blood stream we are already cleaner to cope with it. Also our detoxification pathways will also already be clearer.
The big pathogens may well hold the most toxicity ie candida often holds it’s own weight in lead and mercury, parasites can hold bacteria and viruses as well as toxic metals. Clearing fungi and candida may release more bacteria and viruses held in it’s biofilm. Parasites may do more toilet in you as we begin to kill them.
At this point it can be good to kill the big pathogens first, for the reasons above. Candida releases so many toxins into the body, and so do parasites, and one treatment tool kills much of both. This is 100% pure gum spirits of turpentine. If it does not have that label do not use it, do not use the hardware type either that has other chemicals in. Turpentine has been used to kill parasites and also as an anti bacterial and to slow down the replication of viruses for hundreds of years. Our great great grandmothers so often talked of Turpentine. Everybody should read the pdf by expert Dr Jennifer Daniels 1st before doing this treatment.
Dr Daniels wants us to respect this treatment no adults should ever take more than a teaspoon, she states that children have far lesser doses. In fact start with a quarter teaspoon for adults. Children have to have considerably less follow her protocol. As an adult, I first used turpentine, 1 teaspoon in 3 cubes of white sugar, the parasites and candida thrive on sugar so they eat it and then die as turpentine enters them. Turpentine has huge antioxidant qualities, but may make you very sleepy, it may make you feel a little sick for an hour, just drink plenty of water and lie down. I have also used the turpentine with castor oil, to soak my small intestine and clear many pathogens there too, 1 teaspoon of turpentine I mix with one tablespoon of castor oil. Sun fruit Dan of you tube has excellent 5 and 10 minute videos on taking 100 % pure gum spirits of turpentine. I did take it twice a week, but upped to 5 days on two days off and on 2nd week all the candida came out of me in loads , white stuff that was stringy like mesh in the toilet, worms also passed.
When the parasites and candida all seems cleared or you are feeling even more super well, you can go back to repeating steps one. However, if you think you have other parasites, or suffering from infections. You have two choices either carry on with the turpentine, or using another method. Like chlorine dioxide (CD).
CD also known as Miracle mineral Supplement (MMS). Is made at home by buying a mix of sodium chlorite and either citric acid or HCL acid, when we mix the two together it forms chlorine dioxide. A seriously effective treatment for any bacterial infection and or viral infection ie herpes hiv , hpv, cmv, etc etc. You can follow protocol 1,000 this is slowly working your way up to 3 x drops of the cd, in a galss of water every hour for eight hours a day for 21 days. There is also a chlorine dioxide enema you can do that can also limit parasites, and personally this enema I have found has flushed many out in just a few goes. However do not use at same time as the turpentine, either use one protocol or the other, or complete one then use the other. Take a few days break in between too. With any of these detoxes if they make you feel queasy sick or have the runs headcahes etc, stop when better restart at a lesser dose. Work up gradually. Here are the links for the CD/MMS oral method and enema method. Protocols scroll down on right hand side You can look up Protocol 1,000 and enema protocol from here . I have used this many times, it saved my life when I was attacked with aids. MMS CD suppliers called water purification suppliers for legal medicine law reasons
Do not use antioxidants whilst doing MMS / CD, as they neutralise each other they will be ineffective. One can stop the silver when on the chlorine dioxide or turpentine. After doing the chlorine dioxide protocols, it’s a good idea to replenish your body with antioxidants as they get depleted with MMS/CD.
Now if you are feeling better, it is time to do another 3 x month of ZeoGold detox, if you have emotional and or psychological issues, it may be an idea to also use some ACZ Zeolite spray or Waiora Zeolite drops, these are nano sized and cross the blood brain barrier to detox the brain tissues of lead and mercury.
At this point some of you may like to contact me, as some of you may have very deep lead issues, some may be more mercury toxic, by this time if you are feeling better, some of you may want to go even further to even more deeply rid metals, at this point there are many options. However they all come with a warning, so do email me at and or contact a Naturopathic Dr, or a metal chelation specialist. You will have already doe a lot of preparation, gu will be cleaner detox pathways and cells cleaner pathogen load less, etc. If you are still struggling, it is far better to take lower doses and take more time, you have taken many years to get toxic allow time to detox.
When detoxing candida follow the advice in the pdf. There is at least 7 months of detox above, this is a great start, but not exhaustive at all. two to three years to fully rid mosst of the metals, lead 15 years from bone, however you may well show good in blood tests hair tests as a huge amount of toxins will bre reduced that were in circulation..
Steps were 1 Reduce toxins
Steps 2 Reduce Pathogens
Steps 3 Reduce more toxins.
ZeoGold if in UK make an order request by email to enable a UK Shipment, address to Sloan info on ZeoGold It is also available one at a time in UK but works out dearer from Spectrum Supplements.
Collidial Silver as long as it’s clear and between 10 to 25 ppm is good I have used before or Active Silver
Or something you can just spray in mouth 20 x sprays twice a day as its a stronger silver also available in UK from Amazon ebay and other suppliers.
Any of these Collidial silvers above will help with the detox, just choose one. Or research and find one that feels right for you.

The Zeolite spray for more specific brain detox again also available in UK Amazon ebay etc this is not instead of the ZeoGold but as an added extra for brain detox.
Colon Cleansing products
Enema Bag
Dr Natura Colonix also available from other UK Suppliers just search internet. Oxygen magnesium formula for softening fecal matter to increase defecation elimination.
During the detox apart from when using MMS/CD using a general vitamin mineral formula is a good idea, and adults should consider upping their vitamin c intake to 10 to 12 grams spread troughout the day. If your tummy is sensitive to vitamin c, try it as sodium ascorbate, which is less acidic, or a Lyposomal vitamin c by liv on labs.

My Get Well course is linked below. By following this blog you will be reversing electron stealers and increasing electron donors towards better health.
I can be emailed re questions at

Eradicating Viruses chris Milbank

Eradicating Viruses & Virus Reduction chris Milbank

I am not a doctor, I am not medically trained, I research successful treating of causes of illness with the least harm. By all means seek a medical Doctor 1st, I am probably legally obliged to say that, begrudgingly I may add. I experienced overcoming aids with aggressive HIV infection.
This blog talks in adult doses, not designed for children.
The methods outlined will also work in many cases with other pathogens like bad bacteria, some may work with mold fungi and some parasites, if they are not mentioned please look for my other blogs or research them online.
First of all I would like to mention, if you have acute symptoms, ie you are suffering with a virus and there is no time because it’s making you suffer heaps or is life threatening, then it may well be best to go for the quickest options, which are the oxygenating treatments, like chlorine dioxide, ozone, hydrogen peroxide, or the very best silver on the market ACS200 . I will explore these with you.
If you have time, ie it’s a chronic underlying virus that has been slowly affecting you, or a recent caught virus, that you can give time to prepare your body and strengthen it and the immune system. I would advise cleansing your body and slowly to increase antioxidants levels. In this case here would be a gentle yet powerful way to reduce viral loads, before switching to oxygenating therapies.
Chronic Viral reduction.
First we need to cleanse the gut and the body, of toxicity especially heavy metals like lead mercury cadmium. Dirty blood and dirty cells weaken the immune system and provide the perfect breeding ground, for all types of pathogens including viruses.
I often find either ACZ Nano Zeolite by RNA or the Waiora zeolite liquid drops a great place to start. Zeolite must be purified, the Zeolites I mention are all purified and are of the highest quality, and have seen so many amazing results with these products. Zeolite is a volcanic mineral that is negatively charged it has a cave type labyrinth structure, the negative charge pulls in positively charged toxins, like mercury first then slightly less charged lead and so forth, eventually it will even pull in virus particles. Viruses seperate and then come back together again to reproduce, when the zeolite pulls in a virus particle it renders it unable to reproduce and the virus then dies and is detoxed out by the body. The two zeolites mentioned above, are able to travel across the blood brain barrier as they are nano sized. If you have mercury amalgam fillings at this stage I would absolutely be looking to have them removed by a biological dentist, and or at least a dentist trained in safe mercury removal. Each filling on average leaks 15mcg of mercury vapour daily, this kills cells, blocks mineral absorption, weakens all areas of immune system function, destroys gut lining, nerve damage and much much more. To stay clean of viruses, you must get the body cleaned. If you have no mercury amalgam fillings, after two bottles of the ACZ zeolite or Waiora zeolite, then I would be looking to use the very powerful form called ZeoGold. One capsule of this has the strength of a bottle of the other stuff. ZeoGold is not known to cross brain blood barrier but will super cleanse the gut and body tissues and blood, it will raise the master antioxidant all important gluathione levels which are critical in any wellness program, and works as a synergy with ingredients like fulvic acid, highly absorbable vitamin c, R Lipoic acid which crosses bloodbrain barrier too. I would buy 12 containers of ZeoGold and use the four capsules a day which you open into a glass of bottled water, stir, wait two minutes and drink. The ZeoGold is a truly amazing product, the immune system will get many benefits, it will help create a more alkaline enviorment which will in turn help lessen the viral, load, it will cleanse the body, and when the body is cleaner search for viral particles, to pull in and render useless.
In conjunction with both zeolites, I would be using for the full three months, a silver that kills over 650 different types of pathogen on contact. According to independent research this silver varies from thousands to a million times more effective than any other collidial silver on the market. This ACS200 is in a 4oz or 120ml spray bottle, spray in mouth, swish for 30 seconds then swallow as simple as that. During this period, taking at least 12 grams a day of vitamin c throughout the day, ie a gram an hour or 3 grams every 4 hours, as this vitamin is also a powerful anti viral. Taking a good all round vitamin mineral complex, that includes vitamin e and a, and minerals like zinc, magnesium and selenium. To add to this taking the amino acid lysine, 1,000mg to 3,000mg a day. Lysine acts to stop viral replication and then the body can detox ou the then useless virus.
Links for zeolites and silver as above (lysine can be found in most health store). also available in Uk Amazon ebay etc. also available at Amazon and ebay in Uk ZeoGold special price for 12 containers for shipping outside USA you will need to call them or email them re your order, website orders for within USA only, staff are helpful and friendly. You can buy one container at a time in UK from Spectrum Supplements but discounts are poorer but less shipping and no customs adding vat on as its included
Remember this way is the methodical way to reduce viral load over a three to four month period. You will be mainly reducing viruses in blood circulation, however viruses can hide, and I will outline different approaches to detox viruses hidden in tooth root canals, the gut, the lymphatic system, the lungs and ear nose and throat.

Acute viruses and emergency virus situations where there is no time.
Some medical doctors use ozone, hydrogen peroxide and or chlorine dioxide, and may administer by intravenous injection, directly into the blood stream, this has to be done by a doctor trained in intravenous oxygenating therapies. It may cause rapid die off reactions. As pathogens are killed they may release toxic chemicals into our blood causing nausea, fatigue, headaches etc until the body has managed to eliminate them. If so drink plenty of water, rest and wait until feeling better, and restart treatment on a smaller dose. The doctor will advise you whether daily or weekly treatments are necessary. In just several treatments you are likely to get rapid reductions in viral loads.
Self treating acute viral loads.
Remember if there is time, load yourself for two weeks with antioxidants, because oxygenating therapies neutralise antioxidants and antioxidants neutralise oxygenating treatments rendering them both useless, do not do the two together, as it will be a waste of time and money. Wait at least two hours after an oxygenating treatment if you are going to use antioxidants, wait at least four hours if using an oxygenating treatment and you have taken antioxidants, as antioxidants can last longer in the body. Many people just avoid taking these treatments on the same day. A doctor trained in these treatments can advise you more specifically.
Types of oxygenating treatments.
Chlorine dioxide or known as activated Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS). This treatment can be taken orally at home, can be used rectally in an enema, in a hot bath, do not inhale, it will irritate lungs badly. Some people also make up the chlorine dioxide mixture, lying out in the sun in black plastic bin bags which makes a home sauna, with the chlorine dioxide inside the bin bag with you as the pores open due to sweating the gasses go transdermally through skin into blood plasma. I will show links on how to do this safely. I last paid 35 pounds which is about six months supply or more if someone were to treat daily. I used this when i was a day or two from death dying of aids it saved my life, however because i had not eaten properly for 6 weeks, I did not have the nutrition and got some oxidative stress in my feet. It saved my life and I was able to address this with antioxidants later. Chlorine dioxide immediately kills bad bacteria on contact by exploding a hole in the side, with viruses, it kills in different ways, but mainly it inactivates the virus so it’s harmless and cannot replicate or reproduce, thus it dies and is detoxed out of the body. Chlorine dioxide acts so quickly, it seeks out pathogens and leaves toxins till last so it actually acts more quickly then ozone. Yet it’s voltage is less, and also less than a cells, so it does not harm the human body.
A word of caution with testing. When chlorine dioxide is used, it will dig deep into body systems to kill the viruses and pathogens, they then may flood the blood with inactive and dead viruses, so it may appear for three to five months any viral load has gone, up as many virus tests cannot differentiate between live, dead and inactive virus, also this can affect cd4 immune counts making them appear lower before rising again. You will know that your feeling better, a rise in viral load and feeling better does not make sense, unless you have inactive or dead virus. Check 5 months later and you will notice viral loads drop dramatically. This can be similar in other powerful oxidisng treatments.
So the standard treatment for viruses whether HIV, Aids infections, herpes, cold flu, etc etc. Is to take three drops of Chlorine dioxide (activated MMS) an hour in a glass of water, every hour for 8 hours a day for 21 days. You slowly start off at one drop, any detox herxeimer reactions like headache, the runs, nausea etc, drop right back and stop, when feeling better restart at a lower dose ie half a drop (pour out half the glass). If you are doing fine increase. Chlorine dioxide is made by simply adding one drop of sodium chlorite to 1 drop of 50% strength citric acid or hcl, wait 30 seconds until it goes brown, add to water and that is one drop of MMS / Chlorine dioxide. 3 drops would be 3 drops of each. Generally the virus has cleared up so much in a few days that symptoms disappear. However 21 days for more serious viruses like HIV etc hepatitis is best to do the 21 days, then go to the maintenance dose. I will add links to chlorine dioxide for all the above protocols and where to buy. If you have had enough by the end of 21 days you can switch to the methodical approach of deep cleansing listed above, using silver and zeolite, instead, which will also help you raise your lowered antioxidant and gluathione levels. Links on how to safely apply the different chlorine dioxide (MMS) PROTOCOLS Go to link scroll down and protocols are listed on the right. Read his website first before using chlorine dioxide

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide.
This is again a very powerful effective anti microbial treatment. Yet first some safety cautions. 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide burns, you must wear gloves, even goggles using this stuff, it must be diluted down to 3%. The long term use of hydrogen peroxide may cause irritation, and may also cause some nausea, so following directions, closely will be of huge importance, remember use no other than food grade, as non food grade may have other chemicals and stabalisers in that could be harmful. It is an amazing and powerful treatment but like all these treatments needs to be respected.
To use hydrogen peroxide first read the information on this link.

Ozone may be treated through skin pores in an ozone sauna, or very powerfully rectally, as a gas, when this is done the session will be up to 35 minutes holding in the gas, which will disinfect large intestine, but also the ozone gets absorbed powerfully through the portal vein into the liver and blood plasma, where it will be oxidising germs viruses and toxins.
You can get your own ozone generator, that has the rectal ozone enema bags, tubes for ozone gas for ears and sinuses, and to be able to make ozonated water to drink.
Everything you need to know about home use of powerful ozone can be found at this link and with easy internet searches.
Things to remember using any of the oxygenating treatments like ozone, hydrogen peroxide and chlorine dioxide do not use at same time as antioxidants, use apart. If you are getting any detox reactions, stop the treatment, rest drink water to flush out toxins, and only when feeling well again start again but at a lower dose, these treatments are so powerful they will kill viruses you don’t need to do more and more, slowly gently easy is best.

Collidial Silver.
Collidial silver does not make you blue grey avoid the internet scare stories, that is silver nitrate if you drink ridiculous amonts for a long long time only.
Silver kills over 650 known pathogens a potent antiviral. It mixes better with either antioxidants or oxygen therapies than they do with each other. Silver may be bit slower, not a lot than chlorine dioxide etc, but lasts for many more hours in the body than oxygenating treatments allowing more time to seek out the germs. A good collidial silver should be clear and in a glass bottle or a special plastic bottle. Between 15parts per million and 25 (ppm) is optimal for most silvers. In the shops it may be about 20 pounds per litre. Yet if you buy your own silver maker and 99.9% silver wire, you can make your own for pence per gallon. For serious virus infection, you would want to drink about a litre a day spread throughout the day, ie if it was aids hiv etc. Even up to two litres with cancers and so forth. A naturopath I know gets even better quicker results with herpes, by adding 4 drops of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide into a litre of collidial silver. The combination is magical in killing viruses. Remember you would need to start off with 1 drop in the silver of hydrogen peroxide and if okay next day increase to two drops etc until you are okay with the 4 drops. It is a very powerful treatment. You can take the collidial silver on it’s own orally, as an enema holding in the rectum for half hour, or a small amount like 60ml overnight if comfortable or 20 or 30 ml, this will absorb even better into the blood stream. With any lung condition using a nebuliser will kill pathogens in lungs and respiratory track, home nebulisers can be bought for about 30 pounds, will help asthma lung cancer copd etc. Never do the oxygenatng treatments through a nebuliser they will burn lungs, silver is fine, it’s a nutrient and also aids and speeds tissue healing. About collidial silver link here is a random website there are so many you can research
ACS200 Silver, this silver is proven to be thousands of times even more effective than other silvers, the price for 120ml or 4ounces is between 30 and 40 pounds. However a maintenace dose is just six sprays in mouth twice a day, for lessening my HIV I was using 30 to 40 sprays twice a day, for life threatening infections you can even do 120 sprays in a day. It is an amazing product it’s safe and can be used alongside any of the above treatments, although probably best to use an hour away from other treatmets to get the best from it. You could nebulsie a few sprays into lungs, can spray in eyes, and I have done 10 ml rectal enemas over night and felt amazing and energised, I even did a third of a bottle overnight in a held in enema.

Many viruses are behind the rise of cancer, cmv and hpv viruses are well known to get inside a cell and switch it’s dna to cancer. There are ways of getting silver into the cancer cells and or chlorine dioxide to kill the pathogens viruses etc that cause the cancer, as they die, teh cancer cells revert back to normal cells. I would advise you to read and re read the protocols on these links, and follow as they say. The use of dmso to transport the silver directly into the cancer cell here is the key, do read and then re read again,
also see Over Night Cancer Cure using dmso msm chlorine dioxide silver nitrate and collidial silver

Where to get an enema bag this one I think is the same as mine

Whether your virus is chronic and you cleanse the body first or you do an emergency virus detox and then cleanse the body as written at beginning of the blog, the cleanse will help the immune system itself tackle viruses and prevent infections as it was designed to do. The cleanse is a great idea.
There are many metal detoxes, yet they can have drastic detox reactions, remember mercury is nasty stuff, I cover more about metals in Total Toxic Body Burden I am happy to explore with you other methods but the ones I have listed do really prepare you for serious metal chelation and detoxification.
Foods and supplements that are antiviral can be very powerful like Garlic eaten raw. Walter Last in his excellent blog The Ultimate Detox will guide you through raw garlic and olive oil for viruses.
Also do research powerful Oregano and viruses, citricidal, onions , Oleander that kills hiv,. However so many too many to include in this blog.

Machines that kill viruses.
Rife machine with the plasma tube either Spooky 2, the GB4000 with plasma tube or the BCX Ultra, these machines vibrate the viruses until they expand and explode, however you need to know what virus and then look up the frequency, very effective, but if you don’t have a diagnosis, there are millions of frequencies. Here is a random Rife machine link
BiCom and also Deta Ellis Bioresonance the professional models can diagnose viruses and eliminate them. and
Do check out the PMT 100 and PMT120 I think a clinic in Harley Street has them, they are pulsed magnetic electro therapy machines, that can push out viruses and inactivate them, great for almost any illness they work in so many ways. Tey help detox metals and toxins too, and energise cells increasing teir voltage toward optimum health.
The Andi machine there is a clinic near Waterloo if interested email me. This equipment energises the cells, chakras organs meridians, pushes out viruses bacteria pathogens, using high voltage low amperage through the outer energy field I have witnessed this amazing equipment and therapist. email me at for access to the Andi practitioner in London.

There are an array of machines, and one though that is very special that really help save my life when I was innundated with agressive aids and infections everywhere, is Biontology, this machine can diagnose and treat viruses, it diagnoses through voltage where problems are, and then the practitioner checks various obvious pathogens metals vaccines etc that can strengthen those systems, if the treatment strengthens they use, it, the treatment is sending biophoton light signals that can reverse the light signals of viruses etc and neutralise them. Once neutralised the body pushes them out. For access to Biontology, I recommend practitioners in Notting Hill Gate London and Portsmouth. Please email me for details The interview here is breath taking this man is a genius his work saved my life.

To be on top of viruses, think about strengthening the immune system, Beta Glucan 1.3 a very special product by Transfer Point only their product I know of passed all the research hands down regulates the immune system, many get huge increases in just 6 weeks or so.

Restore is a product that seals leaky gut and creates the right enviorment to build a diverse and ideal ground for good bacteria in the gut, this is important in rebuilding the immune system, which in turn protects us from viruses.
This blog is not by any means an exhaustive blog on the possibilities but certainly mentions some of the top antiviral treatments. Viruses can turn the dna in cells to cancerous when we can reach them and kill those pathogens the cells can revert back to healthy cells. Viruses can cause infllamation which is a major issue in nearly all disease and pain.Viruses can topple the immune system, exhaust us the list goes on. They can hide from anti viral treatments in the gut so we can address them through the rectum and orally with some treatments, they can hide in the lymphatic system, so we can use ozone gas in saunas, or pulsed electro magnetic therapy or the Andi machine, Rife, silver and dmso, Biontology etc, they can hide in the spinal fluid, so just taken oral antivirals they possibly won’t reach the viruses, different approaches are necessary, pathogens can hide in root canals, and biological dentists the equipment mentioned food grade hydrogen peroxide silver can all help there.

Viruses can hide in bacteria and parasites, killing off parasites, can release bacteria into the blood stream, killing off the bacteria can release viruses. Fortunately on this page what kills viruses kills bacteria etc, but do go to my Blog Total Toxic Body Burden where I talk a little on parasites and how to control them, we all have them in some form or another.

Detoxification is best supported with an alkaline diet, plenty of vegetables and fruit, and lots of clean water. Vitamins and minerals are good but with the oxygenating therapies at same time.
My time is available over skype for consultations regarding my research and experiences, but above all I have shared great information here, that can help people share with others and take charge of their own health. The information on this blog is not beneficial to pharmaceutical drug profits, so you won’t hear on mainstream media who sell advertising to drug giants, the government haven’t taxed us yet for passing this information as it were over the backyard fence.
Excuse me I haven’t edited or spelled checked, I am no academic, excuste the typos but enjoy the info.
Best wishes chris Milbank of and email
check with your Doctor before making any decisions and remember he or she is not trained in most cases of treating causes but symptoms , okay I need a cuppa bye x

Heavy Metals Lead chris Milbank

Heavy Metals Lead & Why & How To Detox Them

By chris Milbank

Through industrial waste in water and air, through leaded fuel and paint, cosmetics, hair dyes, water supplies, leaded water pipes, lubricants with lead added, and even foods, the average human being has 1,000 times more lead in their bones than 400 years ago.
Lead is known as the death metal. It is hard to detox out as not only does it sit deep in all of our body tissues, it hides very deep into the bone.
Psychologically lead, in the brain causes, dark thoughts, agression, violence and violent behaviours., lower IQ, attention deficit, dementia, suicidal thoughts, a sense of me, me, me and less consideration of others and a lot lot more.
Physically in the body lead causes cardiovascular problems, hardened arteries (atherrosclerosis), osteoporosis , anemia.
Lead is an antagonist to both calcium and magnesium. Calcium loss caused by lead triggers many bone diseases, calcium loss will also create acidity, and cause blood anemia. Lead is also a leading cause of cataract problems and high blood pressure. Because of the damage lead does and blocking mineral and nutrient absorption and damaging the gut lining, will cause inflamation throughout the body and brain and wherever it resides.
Calcium is used in hundreds of bodily systems. Magnesium is crucial for every cell, and three or four hundred enzyme processes in the body, the heart needs heaps of magnesium.
There is no safe limit of lead in the body, it damages at a celluar level way before any government maximum limit in the body is hit. In fact lead also displaces iron, manganese and zinc all crucial for our health. It affects the brain chemistry by deactivating enzymes affecting hormones such as dopamine. It affects the krebbs energy cycle and can be a cause of chronic and acute tiredness or fatigue.
Lead destroys the nervous system, leading to neurological disorders like MS, ALS, Parkinsons, tremors, fits, epilepsy, vertigo, the list goes on and on and on, muscular skeletal issues another biggy.

Ageing should not be an issue, but as we get older we experience more bone loss (even more so the more lead we have). As we get more bone loss, huge reserves of lead leaks out from the bone into the body, yes this is a major cause of how and why older people get sick, suddenly get a stroke or a heart attack, dementia, memory losses, aggressive etc, or overly emotional.
Lead is a major cause of still birth, reproductive problems, hypothyroidism, insomnia, psychosis, mood swings bi polar, anxiety, adrenal issues, pituitary issues, and so so so so much more. Try and name a health issue lead is not involved in.

How do we know if we have lead toxicity. Unfortunately simply enough we all have, we breathe it in, drink it, goes on our skin in cosmetics, we are passed lead down through the placenta from our mum’s, Mum’s detox when they give birth, so each generation we are getting more and more toxic children. When we consider other metals like mercury , nickel, cadmium, alluminium, etc block mineral absorption destroy gut and block detoxification pathways, we absorb even more lead and nasty toxic metals plastics etc. Lead weakens the immune system, when our detox pathways get blocked we store more benzene a leading cause of breast cancer and immune dysfunction leading to aids.
Okay yes you have lead, however there are some tests. Hair analysis and urine and fecal and blood analysis, these are only good if your detoxification pathways are somewhat clear, if not the tests may show clear but you may be hiding lead deep in cells and bone. To test the bone is not affordable for most.
A hair test can be done, then follow two months of a heavy metal detox protocol and then see if the next test shows more lead pushed into the hair, if so there is lead that needs to come out, you would detox another two months and retest until hair is clear.
A urine challenge test, would be checking urine samples over 24 hours, then taking some DMSA prescribed by a naturopathic Dr or metal detox (chelation) therapist. This pulls lead out, then a 2nd 24 hour urine test is performed and again if there is a lot of lead in the body, the test will show a marked increase of lead in the urine. These tests are probably the best.
Personally I have had tests, but would not bother now, as we all have this and other nasty toxic metals in us. There are many ways of detoxing lead and other metals, if it’s not done right it can be dangerous, and or can have huge detoxification side affects, including emotional, psychological, and physical, until the detoxing has stopped or until the lead is greatly reduced.
Detoxing Lead.
Fortunately having experienced many heavy metal detox protocols and having had huge amounts of lead in my body, I talk from experience. I worked and grew up in the motor industry serving leaded petrol and working in a car workshop with exhaust fumes running all day for almost three decades. Having tried many, I would suggest starting here, for further advancement past these first two steps, email me, as it gets a bit more complicated depending on a number of factors.
First step if you have amalgam fillings, most metal detox treatments will pull even more mercury from your mouth and cause more problems. Getting mercury amalgam fillings out is a very important 1st step. However there is a mineral called zeolite in almost homeopathic form, which you can start with even with amalgam fillings. It is called ACZ nano zeolite spray by RNA. Spray into mouth, swish round in mouth for 30 seconds and swallow. Follow guidelines and work up gradually the amount of sprays each week. The zeolite is a volcanic mineral reacted with salt or sea water. It has a negative charge and pulls in toxins positively charged. ie Lead mercury etc. THE ACZ Zeolite spray has nano sized particles so can detoxify the brain crossing the blood brain barrier. Generally four bottles will create a great detox for the brain some use five, just a few sprays twice a day and thats it. When your amalgam fillings are out, do at least anotehr two bottles as each filling on average leaks 15mcg of mercury vapour daily.
Then if your fillings are out and you have used the ACZ Zeolite, you can switch to ZeoGold. This very very powerful formula, will cleanse the gut deeply, get ready and clear detoxifcation pathways, and clear body and blood of metals. After it has cleared metals it will clear many other toxins and also it will absorb bad bacteria and even viral particles.
ZeoGold has in the capsule, master antioxidant gluathione, a highly absorbable vitamin c, fulvic acid which rebalances mineral content and hooks out toxic metals, calcium edta, which helps clear calcified arteries, and hooks into lead and pulls it out, it also has other detox properties. One capsule of ZeoGold has the power of one bottle of ACZ Zeolite spray, they are both important as they have slightly different functions.
How long should I take ZeoGold for? well the minimum is to commit for three months, as you can build up to taking 4 capsules a day for three months which is twelve containers and longevity plus has a special offer on twelve. However, normally people go on for 3 to 6 months after their symptoms have gone to be sure. But remember it takes 15 years to fully replace all cells in the skeletal system so to 100% rid lead would take 15 years, but most people feel better in months some even in weeks of reducing this nasty poison.
The three months of taking zeogold will leave the gut cleaner, at first it can feel like a magnet pulling in your tummy as you feel the pull of the metals coming out and being absorbed in the zeolite cage structure where it can no longer harm the body and brain, about 8 hours later you will urinate most of that zeolite back out again. Thus the metals leave too. Your detoxification pathways, will be better too. If you then wanted to up the detox, you could add in Essential Daily Defense or CardioFlow, these have higher doses of calcium edta, which has an affinity especially for lead, I would still take the Zeogold as it will help rid the lead out as the EDTA digs deeper to find it. Calcium EDTA is the main ingredient for cardiovascular chelation treatments to increase blood circulation, and reduce risk of needing cardiovascular drugs, stents, and surgery. See Dr Garry Gordon chelation videos on Youtube.
There are other products called DMSA (Dimercaptosuccinic acid) that hooks into lead, and the QuickSilver method, also the Andy Cutler protocols, however for the least side effects, I personally would always at minimum, work with 4 bottles of the ACZ Zeolite spray by RNA and then a 3 month use of ZeoGold as the base before adding or using or swapping other chelation (lead, heavy metal detox) methods. info also available in UK by other suppliers including AMAZON EBAY ETC. ZeoGold is also available in single containers from Spectrum Supplements in UK.
With any metal detox support with daily dose of vitamin e, and about 12 grams of vitamin c daily spread throughout the day, vitamin c as sodium ascorbate is more gentle on your tummy.
I would also take a full mineral complex, to replace any metal minerals that may have been displaced by the toxic metals and or the detox. A product called Concentrace which can be found online is an excellent source of minerals. Magnesium and zinc are important.
Drink as an adult two to three litres of water a day, and make sure you are defecating about three times daily, if not adding more minerals will help.
If side effects of nausea, headache, light headedness etc appear, stop the detox until your feeling well again, then restart at a lower dose. Follow product guidelines, seek advice if you have nay health conditions. I am not a medical dr, this is just my own research.

I will be adding more blogs on further lead and heavy metal detoxification treatments, however the above are my foundation for most toxic metals.

The Zeolites I have mentioned are purified zeolites, so you can ignore warning blogs that relate to unpurified zeolite.

Turpentine 100% Pure Gum Spirits of Turpentine

100% Pure Gum Spirits of Turpentine.
My Experience by chris Milbank            imagen005

Turpentine is a natural very powerful anti viral, anti bacterial, anti candida, anti fungal, anti parasite and antioxidant in it’s pure form. It needs to be respected and has so many health benefits, perhaps you will only begin to realise if you research this yourself.

I had naturally recovered from Aids, and all aids infections, and was looking at ways to boost immune system and lessen any HIV Viral load (which is really immune responses to other pathogens see my blog
I had spent a fortune on regimes diets and supplements to defeat candida overgrowth, candida is like a fungus that starts in the gut growing it’s roots through the gut lining, it is caused by antibiotics steroids and other toxins like mercury killing beneficial bacteria and candida which we all have then takes hold and gets excessive. I also had taken several parasite cleanses which have helped but only partly. Ridding these that we have in excess, cleanses our body and blood, helps nutrient absorption and lessens pathogen (germ load) in the body.
I took my first dose of 1 teaspoon worth of this pure turpentine and used a dropper to drop the turpentine in to sugar lumps. I chewed each lump, and swallowed and followed with a full glass of water. It tasted better than I thought, I went a little light headed and giggly, I felt the turpentine almost washing me going around in my blood, my head body arms legs feet hands etc, it felt so cleansing. Then I felt a little maybe sickly, but just wanting to lie down, I shut my eyes fell asleep for a few hours, and felt like I was on some calming relaxing nutrient, in fact felt sleepy all day. Each day there after I took at night, I went from no more than four hours sleep a night to 7 hours, then 8 and 9 hours one day I slept 12 hours. It was wonderful. During the second week of me taking it 5 days on 2 days off, I released a huge amount of candida, white stuff grey stuff and worms were filling the toilet bowl. I got a huge energy boost, and felt the need for exercise. I did this for 5 weeks, then took 5 weeks off, and decided to try the castor oil protocol. This protocol has the castor oil cover the entire gut but with the turpentine in it, which then kills all the nasties. Oh boy, lots of toilet visits the next morning, I detoxed mucous, slime, grease, and really awful smells that my body had obviously had to cope with. I did this for 5 weeks also. I also had a further 30% decrease in my hiv viral load, and an increase in my immune strength and percentage of available immune to kill further infections.
My personal thoughts are, there are not enough evidence to say it really detoxes heavy metals, and so as candida can hold it’s own weight in mercury and other metals, and parasites use toxic metals like candida to protect themselves, so the body oxidises the metals not the pathogen, I would recommend a good idea to detox heavy metals first, however most people do not and seem to have very good health benefits. If you have amalgam fillings, get them out, use a mix of ACZ Zeolite spray by RNA and ZeoGold which has so many detox benefits to help lower the metals. Zeolite is a volcanic mineral that has a negative charge, it acts a bit like a magnet and pulls into it’s cage like structure positively charged toxins like mercury and lead and more, thus will help reduce toxic detox reactions like nausea etc. I take this in morning and the turpentine at night personally. Where there is candida and parasites there is always heavy metals that created the enviorment for them. You can read about these products and where to get them on my other blog Total Toxic Body Burden.
Okay a must must read is the pdf instruction book by Dr Jennifer Daniels internet search this. The Candida Cleaner – Dr. Jennifer Daniels.pdf
Also do look on youtube for her videos.
I also highly recommend watching SunfruitDan Turpentine videos and his different approaches to using turpentine. I ordered my first batches from SunFruit Dan and had these amazing health benefits from his guaranteed pure Turpentine. His website is and one of his videos is this I like to order from him as he has put a lot of good information out there.
It is recommended to start with a low dose, and see how you feel, many will start with a quarter of a teaspoon. The reason people use sugar, is that candida and parasites love sugar so eat it, but with the turpentine in it, the candida and parasites die. The turpentine sugar protocol also gets into the blood quickly.
The castor oil and turpentine also work well with candida, the castor oil also helps flush out parasites and pathogens and covers the gut for deep gut cleansing with turpentine in it. I mix 1 teaspoon of turpentine to two desert spoons of castor oil, of course you can do less like 1 teaspoon of turpentine to two teaspoons of castor oil. Take organic pure castor oil from a health store, not one with additives.
Danny on his videos also talks of taking up to 7 drops of turpentine in water.
The consensus is for adults never take more than 1 teaspoon of turpentine in a 24 hour period, it has it’s toxic am ount like anything so 1 teaspoon is maximum. Check with Dr Jennifer Daniels of doses for children, which are generally no more than 2 or 3 drops. Drink plenty of water. Make sure you are defecating twice daily minimum, if not start taking two magnesium citrate tablets with evening meals, and two or more grams of vitamin c, so you can pass out any toxic waste easily.
This blog is about my experience, I am not a doctor, and it is down to you to research this information, if in doubt, ask a naturopathic dr or a medical doctor.
Best wishes with your research, eat a healthy diet and if detoxing candida and parasites, avoid wheat dairy sugars etc, whilst using turpentine.
Time for a cup of tea. x Bye. PS Also helped asthmatic breathing in me loads. I can be found on Twitter too @ChrisMilbank feel free to use my website contact page to email me.

Longer Deeper Calmer Sleep chris Milbank

Longer Deeper Calmer Sleep chris Milbank


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There can be many reasons for poor sleep, including stress and anxiety, fears, poor nutrition body toxicity, and even being over tired. When the body heals the most is during deep sleep, and healing takes a lot of energy, so if body energy is low then you will sleep poorly. Sometimes a high energy snack before bed can make a difference here.
A great place to start is magnesium citrate as an oral magnesium. You see when we are emotional stressed or anxious we deplete huge reserves of this calming mineral, but so does junk food, and alcohol depletes it so quick our magnesium levels get real low, and almost all pharmaceutical drugs tested deplete magnesium levels in the body. So even if your original insomnia c auses were not magnesium related they may well be worsened by this vicious cycle.
Magnesium is an essential mineral, but is also so widely used in the body creating and helping three or four hundred enzyme processes in the body , being key to hormanl and neuro chemistry yup that means our feel good natural chemicals our brains and emotional self rely on. Magnesium is also key to the heart, those that die of heart attacks have been found to have severe deficits of magnesium.
Magnesium as in say Solgar Magnesium Citrate as an adult one with morning meal and two with evening meal or as directed will often kick in on the first day to help with your next sleep but if not after a few days in most cases. Lamberts have a highly absorbable magnesium called Mag Absorb which is perhaps even better. Magnesium will end in many cases restless leg syndrome or sometimes that is a potassium problem which a naturopathic Dr can test you for. Magnesium will reduce overall anxiety and stress levels and most often help with depression too.
You can make your own magnesium oil, by buying magnesium chloride adding 5 tablespoons to clean bottled or filtered water in a one litre glass jar with a cork, shake it up and then rub it in all over, and this will absorb very quickly through the body and soothe aching muscles too. This can be done daily.
Alternatively get either magnesium chloride granules or magnesium sulphate granules known as Epsom Salts and add three cups to a hot bath and soak in for an hour, this will also help give you a good night sleep.
Food intolerances cause inflammation in the body, so avoiding what you know is not good for you helps, if not you can internet search a Vega tester who will test you hopefully locally.
A way of self testing for food intolerances is to be seated for ten minutes and then take your pulse for a minute, or for 15 seconds and times the result by four to make a minute. Then stay seated, and if not allergic, eat or smell or taste a suspect food, then if you repeat the same pulse test and get a pulse increase of ten or more, likely that food you are in tolerant to, and possibly suffering with more in tolerances.
Inflamation in the brain is found to be in those that are depressed and anxious so natural anti inflamatories are a real good idea, do not mix these though if you are taking the medical pharmaceutical crap as anti inflammatories so check with Dr if your on Pharmaceutical medications. Anyway natural anti inflammatories are BlockBusters serepeptase, Lamberts Turmeric high potency, a full range of omega oils so great for the brain functioning, and about 6 grams or 6000mg of vitamin c daily. There is a great product called Brain Link from with plenty of am ino acids that m ake you feel great in minutes but you must check with a Dr if these interfere with any anti depressants and other medications, so always check first. There are man y other brilliant natural products like taurine gabba glutamine that produces calming gabba, 5htp which increases seratonin but many of these may be dangerous if on Drug Medications.
We have lives with work and deadlines and kids and school and washing work, etc all stressful so we must be aware of the hormones adrenaline and cortisol known as stress hormones, whilst these are essential for life and survival, we do over pump these around our body, so a daily walk of at least say 20 minutes where we are slightly out of breath or similar exercise will rid the body of these excesses, this will help you all relax and chill out.
Now if your mind is racing with thoughts you may try one or all of these quick techniques.
1 Take index finger of either hand and place on the forehead where the nose meets, place thumb of same hand on your right eyebrow at the inner end ie nose end. Close your eyes and make your thoughts race even faster, think about all that is wrong now hold this position until your mind and feelings begin to calm down. This can take from 5 mi utes even less to about 20 minutes.
2 Take thumb and ring finger and hold top of bridge of nose, then middle finger place in middle of forehead, and opposite han d horizontally across lower back of head. Whilst in this position close your eyes and say only inside your head “I can’t sleep” then “I can sleep” each one about 30 to 50 times, many start drifting off in this powerful energetic hold.
3 Take this brushing movement from Havening, take your palms and alternate from brushing with both palms forehead and face about 30 times, then cross over your arms brush only downward down the back of the arms from shoulders to elbow only, and next place is rest one hand palm up in your lap and slowly brush one palm over the other saying I can ‘t sleep for at least 30 b rushes in each position and then again for each position saying I can sleep now. These brushing moves help mimic delta b rain waves designed for deep sleep and healing, this wil calm the nervous system down usually within 20 minutes.
If the three techniques are not calming your mind you can always contact chris Milbank who may suggest some emotional treatments that he can address over skype or suggest another way to use those techniques described above (everybody is unique).
4 The Straw Technique , breathe in if possible through nose, now breathe out about one third of the air out slowly through nose, and last two thirds very slowly making a sshing sound (very important) as if through a straw, you can even use a straw if you have one. Once all the air is exhaled, let in your breath it may begin to feel more automatic, Breathe normally for three breaths then repeat again, keep doing this with eyes closed and your whole nervous system and mind will calm right down. I have awoken man y time the next morning having done this technique.
Thyroid can play a part and a Naturopathic Dr can do very good tests and check for real functioning sometimes patients are short in iodine which is so needed by the thyroid, some people do well on zinc because they don’t absorb it through their food too well, and supplementation of that can be helpful as well as having the digestion and elimination channels tested too. If you have a toxic body you will have an acidic body which also entails a low oxygen threshold at cellular level and a lowered electron flow which aids healing and rest and all systems in the body. There are many detoxes that can be done again a good Dr of Naturopathy can diagnose what you as individual best needs.
Being hydrated is of course crucial and every system is needing this.
House mites and dust can add to inflamation issues, but also be aware to throw out artificial air freshners in the house they play havoc on our systems and really affect peoples behaviours as well as some perfumes etc.
Fluoride in water will coat the pineal gland in the brain and this may disturb sleep patterns and endocrine ie hormonal patterns to.
Eating about three hours before bedtime, will mean digestion is almost over and sleep time can kick in .
Feel free to use the contact form on this website, and I will get back to you when i can.
Remember there will be a cause to your sleep disturbance and so in the vast majority of cases I think this blog will help but do remember a good Doctor of Naturopathy has training in many areas that a Pharmaceutical medical doctor does not like nutrition.

Brilliant Breathing Exercises


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Brilliant Breathing as the Yogi once said, “Perfect breathing perfect health”.



Perhaps the most important and most under looked tool for better health and mind is better BREATHING.

An early mentor and trainer of mine Miss Mandy Langford would always say “Chris become a detective.” (I think of Colombo) when working with a client. Look for the clues they are giving you, the language patterns, posture, breathing, what they are wearing and skin colour etc. Of course, I learnt to do this, but only to a degree.

I worked on myself TFT, EFT, EMDR, COUNSELLING, HYPNOTHERAPY, BOWEN, ROLFING, FELDENKRAIS and NLP. You name it, I did it! And yes, everything helped, particularly the body work of Bowen and Rolfing when it came to my Asthma. Great, but they started something and I needed further help, something I could do for myself. I found solace in FELDENKRAIS BREATHING.

Then I discovered breathing exercises that were simply the best of the best and my breathing improved by miles. I had done an A TO Z of therapies for my asthma and missed the bloody obvious. Mandy would have laughed at me on this one and just like Colombo can spot the differences in others, he was not so good with himself (hung-over, in trouble with his wife and needing loads of coffee).

Well now, being a detective and having done my breathing training I noticed that the common denominator in all stressed, anxious and emotionally charged people was poor and dysfunctional breathing. I can identify it over the telephone and in people passing by in the street.

I recently worked with a group of 6 people who were under psychiatric care. I was given access to them on the hush and each of them had severe anxiety having been under care for between ten and twenty years each. Because of protocols I was only permitted to do breath work. I had them do a series of breathing exercises (I taught them over the phone individually) for just over three weeks. At the end of this time five of them reported no anxiety and their emotional/depression problems had improved tremendously although they had not gone completely. The sixth had their anxiety decreased by at least 70%. They all had been on very high medications.

The incredible thing in all of this was that four of them had been smokers and given up during this time and a fifth smoker had reduced from thirty a day to one every three days!

UNDERSTAND- Breath work is crucial in resolving stress, anxiety and emotional disturbance work like depression and post traumatic stress disorder.

I now teach breath work to almost everybody I work with unless I’m doing a one off session. The results always amaze me as they do the clients. In my trainings, the parts students tend to enjoy and benefit from the most is the breath work.

Early Yogis, Tibetan Masters and Shamanic Healers around the globe have used similar statements, “Perfect Breath, Perfect Health.” I am beginning to believe that this is the most obvious and perhaps the most important change we can make in our lives. Commit yourself to these exercises each day for four weeks and you will be thanking me for the rest of the year, commit yourself for the year and you will be thanking God or the universe for the rest of your life.


Do you remember as a child when your guardian, parent or even strict teacher entered the room to tell you off and your internal voice said “Oh no,” and you gasped a quick breath and held it? Well guess what, you have got used to doing that! It is the equivalent of stepping out in front of a bus and saying “Oh S – – T,” gasping into the mid chest area and jumping out of the way.

Yes, it can be useful however it alerts the brain chemistry to fire up adrenaline and to send it to the heart to pump blood to your arms and legs; the well known fight or flight response. It saves lives but it can, in the long term, kill us through stress, stress that will inevitably lead to anxiety which leads to depression.

When we are overworked or overwhelmed or ready for an exam or learning something new, we hold our breath, we breathe into the mid chest area and we fire up our fight or flight response. This is SNS (sympathetic nervous system) breathing. The sympathetic nervous system runs fight or flight. It saves lives, a fantastic tool, but we practice it too much in 21st century living. Now the PNS (aka parasympathetic nervous system) deals with healing, relaxation, digestion, deep sleep, and also breathing. We need a balance and to move forward to PNS breathing. Throughout our lives through habitual patterns, trauma, relationship breaks, overworking, general stress, fears and phobias our breath reflexes become SNS dominant. This manual will show you how to redress the SNS dominance.

More poor breathing

Of course there are other factors and many other systems in the body that affect breathing. We will look at a few in this manual and we will guide you where to go for further help too.

Ideally our out-breath should be a little over twice as long as our in-breath. Ideally we should breathe about four times a minute give or take and even less if you have great breathing. Our inhale should be deep down into the lower abdomen and it should feel like a skater on ice, not a series of steps or events.
Exhaling Test
While resting, slowly exhale your breath fully and hold out while counting per seconds (time yourself with a watch). Hold out until it would be uncomfortable to hold any longer and then inhale. What count did you get up to? Ideally 70 seconds is good if you have great breath.

Hands-on-belly Test
Place one hand above your belly button and the other below. Breathe normally. Notice where your breath goes. Some will be lucky and it will go below the belly button. If so, does your tummy expand down towards your legs as well as to the sides and outwards? If not, further work is necessary. Does your breath reach your upper hand? If so, you have dysfunctional breathing. Does your breath only go as far as your chest or very top of tummy? Well, you need more work.

John Grinder (co creator of NLP) taught me that disease has a state in which it survives. John would often work with Parkinsons disease and cancers and would eliminate all symptoms of the illness by regressing the client to physical and mental body mind states that existed before they were unwell. In very clever New Code NLP games he showed us and taught us how this was possible. Many people have said to me over the years, “I can fix someone’s problem, but it comes back” or it does not hold, or they cannot fix the person’s problem at all.

Well thanks to Mandy and John and all my favourite gurus and mentors it has become obvious why. With Thought Field Therapy (TFT) we are working with meridians and we solve the causal affect in the meridian system and the person is better, sometimes for good. But when they are not, it is because another system is affected. Emotions are released from the body through Bowen, Rolfing, Deep Tissue Massage, Shiatsu, etc. The fascia are softened and worked through. The muscles are worked through. The meridians are worked through and structural holding patterns change. Through breath work we change the way we breathe emotionally: shallow breathing, holding breath, not breathing in at all, tight anxious breathing over-breathing and panic attacks. Toxins in our body are linked to traumas. Detoxing people often find themselves emotional, craving addictive substances, etc. Of course our energy patterns and chakras and aura may need attention, too, balancing, cleaning, opening, etc. All of these systems or any combination of these systems may need working through, as well as Mind Programmes and Belief Patterns to make a lasting change and to make a change where change has not happened. While all of these systems affect each other dramatically, breathing properly in my opinion is the common denomination that is perhaps the most overlooked in most people.

Qigong, Yoga, Tai Chi, Martial Arts, Energy Gurus and the like talk of breath as Prana Life Force Energy. We breathe in good vital energy that feeds our organs and all of our systems, oxygenating the blood and killing anaerobic bacteria viruses and oxidizing toxins as well as a host more. We exhale carbon dioxide (which is acidic) and exhale unwanted and stuck energies. A full breath in allows our brain to scan the body and a full breath out allows those messages to be noted.

Signs and Symptoms of Poor Breathing
wanting extra breath
high altitude breathing difficulties
anxiety of any kind
chronic fears
chronic emotion
sleep apnea
attention problems
back pain (mid or lower back)
bluish lips or nails
digestive problems
blood sugar swings
when deep breathing, neck muscles bulge in collar area (check in mirror)
breathing feels like a series of steps rather than one continual flow breathing feels stuck
breathing is laboured or tight
shallow breathing
can’t meditate or relax
can’t walk and talk
cold hands with sweaty palms
chronic pain
cold air bothers breathing
confrontations make person’s voice pitch rise
loss of general awareness
lower abdomen cramps
sternum or side stitches
poor digestion
giddy when overexcited or anxious
mouth dry
fall asleep watching tv or reading
bump below breastbone on deep breath
suffocating feelings
finishing off other people’s sentences for them
drowsy driving
night time teeth grinding
heart conditions
heavy breathing
blood pressure problems
abuse or trauma
hot flashes
hypocapnia (too small an exhale, overdosing on CO2)
irregular heartbeats
deformed rib cage
jaw tension
jet lag bad
lump in throat
weight problems
shifting weight from side to side while standing
panic attacks
quiet voice
bad sleep patterns
pulsing or stabbing around the ribs
heightened sensitivity to pain
self esteem issues
rounded shoulders
yawning and sighing a lot
poor singing
feeling band of tension across chest
breathing problems like asthma or emphysemia
sunken chest
tight stomach
tight neck
swallowing difficulties
eye tension
excessive and or negative thought patterns
Type A personality
stomach abs like a six pack

These are some. There are 136 groups of signs and symptoms in my breathing training. These symptons and signs do occur when there are other problems, so if you are unsure check with your health care practitioner.

People with dysfunctional breathing have poorer oxygen levels, this happens as most people do not breathe out fully and are not ridding themselves of the correct exchange of carbon dioxide. Thus even if they were to breathe in fully, which most people do not, they would get just a fraction of oxygen needed as the exchange is all important. People with poor oxygen levels have poorer brain functioning, weakened celluar strength, deteriorated detoxifying and immune systems, strained nervous systems, poorer digestion and therefore absorption of nutrients, less healing and brain scanning capabilities, and they get sick more often or stay sick longer. Perfect Breathing means Perfect Health (when eating and drinking sensibly and when other lifestyle options are good).

POSTURE IS ALL IMPORTANT. Alexander Technique,Bowen, Rolfing, Feldenkrais, or Deep Tissue Massage may all help with posture if you require it.

Modify your home seats or chair with two cushions behind your back. This will help you sit up straight. The diaphragm needs an upright posture. Think of this dome shaped muscle being on a track. As you inhale the muscle moves downward. If you are partially bent over as you exhale upward, it has no smooth passage. The diaphragm in most of us is undersized and not making its full up and down journey. It acts as a pump. Think about pumping up the car tires. If it is underused, like any muscle it will shrink, and when it shrinks, it makes a smaller passage and will not pump a good air exchange. The most important thing is to get the diaphragm functioning fully. Lung expansion is usually second in its importance in breathwork. The heart sits above the diaphragm, and the liver and kidneys are situated below. The spine and rib cage are linked to the diaphragm, so as they move, so can the diaphragm. When the diaphragm functions fully and travels the correct distance, it massages our vital organs which is vital for good health.

We recommend the breathing exercises to anyone in this book, but if you have any injuries or any reason to wonder if these exercises are OK for you, or if they hurt or are too uncomfortable in any way, stop and ask your healthcare provider first.


Drinking Straw Exercise
Obtain a straw or imagine having one. Take a gentle but deep breath. Place straw to mouth and close mouth around straw. Slowly exhale very slowly. Don’t blow. Just exhale until your lungs are 80 percent empty, then remove straw, close mouth and slowly exhale the last twenty percent through your nose. Allow the in-breath to come, and take three normal breaths to normalize breathing. Then repeat the exercise. Do this for ten minutes a day for calming, helping breathing difficulties, meditation, addictions, etc. This technique acts takes your breathing reflex from stressed, fight-or-flight sympathetic nervous system breathing to parasympathetic breathing. Great for people anxious about flying. Pretending to have a straw also works. Just go through the actions in your mind.

Tilt and Lift Exercise
Lie on your back with your lower legs resting on a low chair or end of bed or a cushion approximately 18 inches from floor. Have a cushion behind your midback, up to between your shoulders but not as low as the lumbar curve. Have another cushion behind the neck, and you can also use a pillow under your head. If you’re not comfortable then you are not in the right position.

Exhale the air in your lungs fully. Hold air out and then lift and tilt your pelvis until there are two to three inches between your bottom and the floor. Hold for three to four seconds, lower your bottom to the floor and then allow your in-breath to come in. You will find it is deeper and more automatic than normal, allow two or three normal breath cycles or until breathing feels calmer and then repeat process. Do this for fifteen minutes daily and you will further increase the dominance of the parasympathetic breathing over the old sympathetic nervous system’s fight-or-flight breathing.

Leg-lowering Exercise
Lie flat on the floor only. Use pillow or cushion if necessary to be comfortable. Legs are outstretched, arms are by your sides. Inhale and hold raise right leg. Exhale SLOWLY, VERY SLOWLY, as you lower leg to the floor. Synchronize your exhalation with lowering your leg so that when you have fully exhaled your leg will have reached the floor. Inhale and hold, raise left leg, and exhale as you synchronize lowering your left leg to the pace of the VERY SLOW exhale. Repeat, alternating between legs for twenty each leg, 40 all told, or less if you get tired or need a break. Aim to do 40 daily. This will train your exhale to be longer help the diaphragm and increase lung capacity. An amazing tool.

Chair Exercise
This will help increase the lung capacity by 30% as the lungs have the most chance of expansion into the lower back as there is the most room there for them. Sit on the edge of a chair upright, place your palms on knees. Start bending your torso over your thighs and slide your hands down your legs until they are somewhere in front of your feet. Now fold your arms normally as if you were sitting upright, and let them hang there just in front of you. Hang your head down there, too, with your feet apart. Now take in twenty breaths, as slow and deep as you can, breathing into your lower back on both inhales and exhales. You will find that your stomach stays flat so the air has to expand your lungs into your lower back. Often my students say it is like having a back massage. When you have completed all twenty, or less if you’re tired or uncomfortable, slowly slide your hands (after unfolding them) back up your legs so as you gently and slowly rise to a sitting position.

Hands-on-Hips Exercise
Stand with your hands on your hip bones, thumbs pointing out over the kidney areas and fingers over either sides of the tummy. Exhale fully and squeeze your hands tight, resisting as you inhale. Let go, breathe normally and repeat. Do this 10 to 15 times. This is a great calmer for anxious people and can be done at any time when stressed or as needed.

Seat Belt Exercise
Obtain a car seat belt less the mechanical parts. In the UK, check This website contacts all the car breakers yards in the UK and you tell them what you want. Then all the breakers yards in the UK will contact you and you get the cheapest price, usually no more than five UK Pounds. Any seat belt will do as long as it will wrap around you a couple of times and have a couple of feet free at either end.

This exercise needs to be taught to you by your trainer first. It is very safe when done as per instruction. If you have fractured ribs or other injuries you may opt out of this exercise until your health care practitioner say it is OK to do so. It has been verified by orthopaedic surgeons, chiropractors and many more as very safe and very effective. I have shown it to my own body work practitioner who thought it highly effective.

Position One
Wrap the seat belt around you from the back around the front of the upper chest, high up under the armpits. Exhale and cross over the ends. Exhale and pull tight. Swap hands with belt ends. While pulling tight, inhale into your chest, imagining that you are trying to break the belt with your chest. Once you have fully inhaled, release belt. Allow a few breaths and make sure you are breathing comfortably. Repeat this process in Position One up to ten times.

Position Two
Move to position two over breast nipples for men, below breasts for women. Do not tighten over a female breast. Again wrap belt from behind and then in front and across chest, swapping over ends for tight pulling and hands. Exhale and then pull tight, keep ends tight. Inhale and expand chest as before while resisting with belt. Once inhaled, slacken off breathe normally. If OK, repeat about ten times or until tired. If breathing is uncomfortable in any of these belt exercises, go back to the one before or the next one that did feel comfortable and leave the uncomfortable one out.

Position Three
Tie strap from behind lower back across front of lower ribs, cross over belts and hands and fully exhale. Tighten and hold belts, resisting as you inhale and try to expand chest. After a full inhale, slacken off and breathe normally repeat ten times or until tired.

Stomach Breathing

Position One
Go to Position One. Tie belt around back under arm pits across to front, swap ends and hands over this time. Exhale fully tighten belt and deep belly breathe into your abdomen. You may feel diaphragm stretches and frontal chest stretches. After you have fully inhaled slacken off breathe normally. If fine, do another twenty or until tired. Repeat in Position Two and in Position Three.

These seat belt exercises are the quickest way to expand the chest and the diaphragmatic muscles I know. Your breath will feel fuller and more satisfying. You may experience emotional release as so much emotion is held in the ribs, just take a brisk walk and it will calm down generally after a few minutes but may last a few hours.

Take your time building up to the amount of repetitions listed in the manual, starting at half the amount. After a week or more, build up to the full amount. You may experience your ribs expanding and sometimes they may feel sore for a few days, so rest from the exercise until they feel better. This is part of the expansion process. Enjoy these exercises. They will work wonders.

Ask your trainer where you can order a diaphragm strengthener, too. This will aid your breathwork no end.

The main detoxifying routes are through liver, kidneys, bowel/colon, and bladder. However most people’s sytems are very toxic and these elimination channels back up. In that situation they will try and eliminate through the next safest routes, avoiding major organs like heart and brain until they are the only route. So the largest organ of all, the skin, is the next safest route. If you have poor skin, it is generally an indication of what is going on inside of you. Hence saunas are wonderful for detoxifying. The next place to send waste is the lungs where we can cough out phlegm and catarrh containing with all sorts of nasties. Hence we often get coughs, colds, or pneumonia as a way of detoxifying.

So get your exits sorted first. Many people are put off by colonic clinics, having tubes in your bottom and enema drips, etc. However I have experienced firsthand the wonders of two recommended ways of clearing your exits. Check out the best site, Their Colonix programme uses psyllium husk, other herbs, parasite cleanses, and a herbal tea – best done for three months, two months minimum. Another way that’s a little easier is using three 600mg capsules of Oxy-T last thing at night for two months and then a small maintenance programme. Ideally use the Oxy-T first and then follow with the Dr Natura programme.

I would also recommend everyone to look at a candida website and check any symptoms with their questionnaire that you might have. Take a look at While their recommendations and their plan are the best I know of, there are substitutes that can be easier and are more affordable with diet restrictions like Threelac or Fivelac. They may take a lot longer though and do not come with the same support as the McCombs plan does. Also oregano, capryllic acid and citricidal are great antidotes with a diet restricting all sugars, alcohol, yeasts, all grains except brown rice, all juices and even some fruits. But I would advise you to do this through a naturopath.

There are a number of good detoxes on the market. Kidney flushes can be organized through your naturopath or you can source the herbs through or


Although this has been done safely around the world by perhaps millions now, if in doubt, check with your health care practitioner first.
Ideally it is best to do a parasite cleanse for a ten day period first. can provide you with black walnut green hull, cloves and wormwood herbs to cleanse or you can do a google search or ask your naturopath about a good, safe natural parasite cleansing formula.
Many people do the liver cleanse without the parasite formula. However those that cleanse the parasites first have less chance of feeling queasy and get an improved cleanse.

For 48 hours do not eat fats – no dairy at all, no meat or fish, no butter, sauces, bread, cake or anything that has fat in. You can eat vegetables, fruit and brown rice, which are all very healthy. The second day, eat your last meal by 1.30 pm. Only sip water after that. No food or drink.

At 6pm take three teaspoons of Epsom salts (careful if you have high blood pressure) in half glass of water. You can substitute Epsom salt capsules (available, perhaps thirty to make up the equivalent amount. Stir and drink salts or swallow capsules. Repeat again at 8pm. Get all your bedtime chores done. At 10pm take a large glass and half fill it with freshly squeezed pink grapefruit juice. (If you cannot eat grapefruit substitute with juiced green apple and some lemon, never concentrate.) Fill the glass halfway with juice and then fill to the top with virgin olive oil. Immediately after drinking the juice and oil, lie down on your right side to allow the mixture to work through gall bladder for twenty minutes. Then lie on your back. Think pleasant thoughts about your liver cleansing.

If brave, more Epsom salts at 6am and again at 7.30 am. Drink juice at 8am, eat fruit at 10am, and eat normally from midday (day three). Day three you will be using the loo up to about lunchtime as a guess. You will not have much sleep and will be tired. A jacket potato cooked ahead of time is great to have at midday as it will give you an energy boost. However, the following day you will be buzzing. The effects of a liver cleanse are amazing.

Wait at least two weeks before repeating. Overall after several cleanses many people achieve getting rid of up to 2000 liver stones. These stones contain acidic nature and cholesterol with a range of toxins, bile, parasites and their larvae. The stones are contained in bile ducts in the liver which block proper functioning to the liver and may contribute to allergies and disease. The Epsom salts open the bile ducts, having no fat for 48 hours builds up bile pressure, and the juice with virgin olive oil flushes the stones through. Repeat until all stones have gone. You will see the stones, some green, some brown and some tan, floating on top of the loo water as they are excreted.

Remember to do flushes at least two weeks apart, or better still, monthly. Once clear you may repeat yearly or every six months or as your naturopath advises.

Asthma How I turned it around

Daniel and me on the rocks

I am not a Dr,  this is my story, view it as fictional, all health matters should be discussed with your MEDICAL DOCTOR BECAUSE THE LAW SAYS SO. I personally prefer a Dr of Naturopathy of course. The products in this blog or self recommendations. Blah blah blah.

I was born with severe asthma and respiratory problems, always in hospital and 30 years of steroids antibiotics and hospital visits, much of my childhood I remember gasping in the night unable to breathe fainting, my chest was severely pigeon shaped, Doctors never expected me to live.

Breakthrough a cranial osteopath, got me through a very bad patch, I do recommend visits, I was able to go back to school and even enter school sports day, after six sessions. Yet as a teenager I started smoking, and doing all the wrong things, and I got real bad again. A hypnotherapist got me to stop smoking.

I went to visit a Bowen therapist and Neural Structural Technique therapist see My first session i felt my diaphragm was working for the first time ever, obviously it had been working but now my breathing got deeper it felt a huge relief. I later went on and had some amazing transformational work called Rolfing, it changed for ever my pigeon shaped chest and the steel band that was always around my chest disappeared.

Yet I was still asthmatic and my bronchial tubes would constrict and I would still get chest infections and a lot of catarrh (as a child I would have to hang upside down over the back of the sofa for an hour a day to drain my lungs).

So what radically changed my condition after this work, well four main things. Let’s explore these ingredients.

1 A quarter of a teaspoon of cayenne pepper in hot water helped break up the catarrh in my lungs so I could spit out, catarrh is a breading ground for bacterial infection. Also four drops of Lugols 5% Iodine with 10% Potassium Iodide in water, this iodine is used in the mucus of the lungs as an antibacterial mineral.

2 Very High dose vitamin c starting off with a vitamin c detox flush. Day 1 I would start on an empty stomach, and take a teaspoon and a half of vitamin c powder (either as sodium ascorbate or magnesium ascorbate) every 15 minutes passed loose stool until I have an enema type of flush from my anus. Ie until your passing out gushing water. This means the body has absorbed as much vitamin c as it needs to neutralise bad bacterias and viruses and toxins. The vitamin c is also a powerful anti inflamatory, therefore increasing volume of air through the bronchials. After day one I would stay with about two thirds of the amount that would create an enema flush spread throughout the day and evening, and generally never less than 15 grams a day spread throughout the day. My first enema flush I took about 86 grams worth, that showed my body needed the vitamin c in that quantity, the less you need the healthier you are. How much you need is determined by the amount that causes the flush.

Do see this Doctor yourself website re vitamin c and asthma


3 Magnesium is needed in at least 300 enzyme processes throughout the body, it’s the most important of minerals and is known as the calming mineral. Magnesium is known to relax bronchial tubes, and ease asthma symptoms, it is also so depleted in asthmatics, and is also depleted by stress and alcohol pharmaceutical drugs and junk food. There is n ot enough magnesium in the soils these days for vegetables to have the pre war amounts, due to pesticides and herbicides and fertilisers used in farming and filtration techniques removing a lot of magnesium from our water.

So I used Magnesium chloride flakes / granules, I dissolved four to five tablespoons of this in warm bottled water, and poured into a 1 litre aproximate size, glass bottle (don’t use plastic or metal) I then topped up bottle with bottled water and used a cork. At night I would splash this everywhere all over my body and even face neck etc and head as I have short hair. Magnesium Chloride works best transdermally ie the body absorbs this very well and not so well orally. When you rub it in the body takes the magnesium to where it’s needed the most whether the heart or lungs or tight and painful msucles which will begin to relax. Most people find they will sleep very well with this, at fist it may tingle or itch or feel hot, that shows your body is super absorbing it fast because it has a deficit of magnesium.

I would also as an and or strongly advise Lamberts MAG Absorb which is an oral tablet that is well absorbed by the body, I as an adult take two at evening meal and one in the morning with breakfast. Do see DR Carolyn Dean website re Magnesium


3 Niacin also known as vitamin B3. Warning this can affect blood pressure check with your medical or preferably Naturopathic Doctor 1st. Niacin will cause a hot flush and your skin may feel tender to touch and hot for an hour or so after taking it, after a few days it will lessen as your histamine levels reduce. I found Niacin to be amazing, I started low at 25omg and worked my way up to 1000mg a day, start low because of the flush as it can be intense. The Niacin works best when you take a separate B vitamin complex. The Niacin is a major detoxification supplement, about 80% of the body’s toxins will be stored in fat, Niacin tears open the fat cells and releases the toxins, so good exercise ie walk then to sauna afterwards, to rid these toxins circulating, or at least a few hours afterwards on empty stomach take activated charcoal that will absorb many of the toxins for elimination. The niacin improves circulation dramatically and helps flush the lings, also lowers histamine levels that may be affecting asthma trough allergies ie dust foods etc. Niacin also has a calming affect after the flush. Do see Dr Lam website on Niacin for more info

Taking the supplements above made an enormous difference on my asthma finally not having to use the array of medications, I was once on over 20 medications a day and having many xrays each year.

Extra things you can do, is to message me on the contact page and ask me to send a free breathing exercise manual.

Reducing stress is very important do see reflective Repatterning known as RR

Also Havening Malika Spethenson used Havening on some breathing difficulty memories and I found my breathing improved emotioanlly

I recommend finding a therapist give you a few treatments with a quantum scalar laser that is a cold laser that relaxes chest muscles and is very calming, see link

Also and or finding a therapist that uses a Scenar Cosmodic that increases energy flow through the vital organs this can make a deep and profound difference to asthmatics


Generally asthmatics are not good with wheat dairy and foods with sulphites in, but you can check this out with Vega testing to be sure. Also they will b e able to run other diagnostic tests too,


Many asthmatics may have a burden of heavy metals for nstance an excess of copper that becomes bio unavailable ie the body cannot use this particuarly affects the lungs. To detox heavy metals, do see you can arrange hair analysis tests to determine mercury lead copper arsenic cadmium nickel levels etc.

A new product by medical Dr Zac Bush, called Restore, helps repair leaky guts caused by low good bacteria in the gut and yeast overgrowths, this product reduces inflammation , and restores gut health, when the gut is healthy, less toxicity arrives in the lungs, in fac t in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the large intestine and lungs are energetically connected, clean exits will result in cleaner lungs and less food in tolerances.  Also here is an email address for a UK vendor of Restore

Most naturopaths would agree a general multi vitamin and mineral supplement is helpful as well as a full range of omega oils.

Two other anti inflammatories to consider are Lamberts Turmeric which is a high petency formula, not only reducing inflammation but also an important antioxidant. Also Blockbuster Serrapeptase an anti inflammatory enzyme from a silk work work that has many amazing benefits see


All of these things I found useful, please do your own research and talk with your medical dr and naturopath before making any changes, I am not a medical dr and am just a private researcher, who shares info for others to research and consult with their medical Dr’s.


My contact details are on the contact page on this website.

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