Self Treatments With Collidial Silver chris Milbank

Self Treatments With Collidial Silver.
chris Milbank.
I am not a doctor just a home researcher who has self treated my own aids and hiv, also overseen many health conditions. Always seek medical advice, then do your own research before making a decision of any kind. If pregnant or on medications check with your doctor first, or a Naturopathic Doctor.

Whilst antibiotics that are prescribed, generally kill a small range of different types of bacteria often even 2 to 6 differing types, and also the bacteria are becoming dangerously resistant to them, and they destroy our immune system by also indiscrimately killing types of good gut bacteria. Silver is different, it is said to not harm good gut bacteria, but will kill over 650 different types of bad bacteria, also inactives viruses so they cannot reproduce abnd they die, but also kills many types of fungi, mold candida and also mycobacterium linked to lymes disease and many other disease states including Multiple Sclerosis.
There is a myth the pharmaceutical lobby would like you to believe that if you drink collidial silver, you will get blue grey skin called argryia. This is nonsense, the only people to have had this condition did not drink collidial nano sized silver but many gallons of silver nitrate over extended periods. Collidial silver which we mainly talk about here are nano sized particles of silver suspended in clean distilled water, and are passed out of the body in a very maximum of 28 hours, some non nano sized collidial silver may last in the body for 28 days, the particles of nano sized silver are so small they can fit inside cells, so unless you are drinking gallons per day you are safe. If you drank ten gallons a day of water it would probably kill your kidneys.
Why would you use silver and how.
Unlike some germ killing treatments ie ozone, hydrogen peroxide and chlorine dioxide,(they neutralise antioxidants and vice versa), you can use silver on the same day as antioxidants, they work alongside. So if you are wanting to rebuild your immune system with vitamins and minerals and antioxidants, you can still be killing many different types of pathogens at the same time. Silver may kill some pathogens a touch more slowly than some oxygenating treatments, however it lasts many many times longer in the body so can go on killing, getting more bang for your buck.
Collidial silver with nano sized particles between 10 to 25 ppm parts per million, can be safely used in eyes, externally on cuts rashes etc, mixed with aloe vera gel, or coconut oil olive oil etc and rubbed into skin or scalp. It generally has a soothing effect.
It can also be used internally to kill a wide range of pathogens. Adults may take 3 teaspoons twice a day as a maintenace, or with cold or flu may prefer a larger dose of three tablespoons. It is wise to work up the doses slowly, as when silver kills off many germs and fungi or general pathogens at once, you can feel sick or have a headache or the runs, as when pathogens die they release their waste into your body, and it takes a little while to get that out. If this is the case stop the treatment util feeling well again and restart at a lower dose again, and slowly increase. I know of people who have been seriously ill and cured liver cancer even lung cancer with collidial silver. It is known to kill pathogens inside cancer cells that trigger dna change that converts healthy cells to cancerous cells, when those pathogens die, the dna switches back to healthy cell mode. However these people generally drink between one and two litres of the collidial silver daily.
A man that helped thousands around the world with aids, would make up individual batches of the silver depending on the circumstances, but the rule of thumb was drink a litre or more daily for three months, to be cured of aids, many were cured earlier but for good measure three months was observed after that a general small maintenance dose would be taken. I used silver to treat my aids, I did use other treatments too.
Here are some of the ways I used collidial silver and why.
we can use it as a mouth wash, rinse your mouth swishing it round before cleaning teeth, so as to not spread gum and tooth decay bacteria, but also after cleaning teeth. This will help beat gum disease, cavities etc. Silver actually promotes tissue and bone growth.
Orally drinking the collidial silver, best to swish for 30 seconds or more first in mouth before swallowing this increases the absorption rate into the blood stream, avery worthwhile measure when fighting infections.

it can be used after a bowell movement, you can do a warm clean water with some silver added to just cleanse dirt in colon 1st. Then you can put straight silver into the enema bag and see if you can hold for 40 minutes or more. That way not only cleaning lower gut ie colon large intestine, but the silver will get absorbed through the portal vein thus getting a higher concentration of silver into your blood stream, almost as much as by intravenous drip which only a doctor or someone qualified can do. Some people take in a small amount like 60ml and hold inside them all night, some prefer a smaller amount like 10 to 60ml, although I would use a stronger silver for that which I will mention later. The enema treatment is absolutely amazing. This will clear a lot of infection more quickly and remember 70% of the immune system is in the gut so look after it. Here is the enema kit type I use on Amazon UK also available in pharmacies etc

wow this is good, I know a naturopath who recommends for every type of lung illness to nebulise with collidial silver, ie asthma copd, pneumonia, he has even helped two clients completly clear their lung cancer with nebulising silver, also the oral approach as well, however remember get checked out first and make sure the life style changes and nutrition are supported as well. Generally for lung conditions nebulise for 35 minutes twice daily, just fill the little medicine bowl, and inhale through the mask, don’t use the steamer type. Pneumonia can be cleared anywhere between 1 and three days nebulisng with silver, depending on immune health and how severe the infection is, will be how long it takes to heal, but vast majority get good relief within 24 hours. Just nebulisemore like 6 times daily. They get hot so switch off for half an hour before restarting.
Nebulisng generally gets more silver into the blood stream than equivalent oral amounts, however takes longer, so a combo works real well and is adviseable. Oral will work on small intestine too.

How to get silver into cancer cells and infected cells.
Because of the complex instructions that need to be precisely followed, I will forward a link all about the silver cancer treatment. If advanced cancer or in case of a tumor that may restrict brain or airflow consult with Dr or cancer clinic always. You will need to read and re read the protocol listed here. Read all three chapters first.

In general what silver I use and making it yourself.

First of all Collidial silver is generaly about 20 UK pounds for a half litre if you want a good quality. I have used Active Silver a high quality and found it highly effective it’s just 10ppm but made over a few days I believe which gives it’s ionic charge.
I have also used Silver Tec
Also Meosilver was always the top brand and highly recommended

ACS200 Silver

However there is a silver recommended by a natural Dr who has studied for almost 60 years, and is reckoned to be the most effective silver on the market, between a thousand times to one million times more effective than the best silvers, with huge amounts of independent research. It comes as a 4oz or 120ml bottle, tiny but you only need tiny amounts, I spray 20 sprays twice a day i my mouth, and it has helped reduce all my aids infections to zero and lowered my hiv by 85.5% okay did some oxygenating treatments too, but between blood tests when not using them I was using this silver and my infections reduced still rapidly. ACS200 Silver made by RNA read the research and decide for yourself. Even just 10ml of this held in rectum overnight has amazing results you can work up to using a third of a bottle worth this way via the enema, hold over night for amazing absorption. This is available for sometimes as low as 30 uk pounds with Amazon UK and or ebay.

Personally I would use ACTIVE SILVER or Silver Tec or similar clear collidial silvers from 10 to 25ppm in nebuliser or enema if doing reguarly as it will last longer. However if you have a nasty infection, or are really ill, ACS200 does the trick, it also lasts as an oral spray.

How to build your own collidial silver generator kit.

The other way to go is to make your own Silver, if you get a generator kit, very easy to use a child can easily make it, if you can turn the tv on you can use the silver generator. It then costs pence per gallon to make.
Here are some examples of ready made silver generator kits, remember also buy the 99.9% pure silver wire or
However I know a naturopath who has made his own silver for years , he makes kits for 250 dollars that makes real high quality silver , his kit will make a gallon in 2 to 3 hours, it may not look as fancy as from the online shops, but it makes very high quality and good amounts, his name is Terry and if you contact me I will forward his email address, he makes them to help others more than a real commercial aim, so he does not advertise on websites etc. He will send you guides and a lot of files about silver how to apply and with over 20 years of experience making the silver.

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