Types Of Treatment Sessions

Treatment Specialist

Chris offers a wide range of treatments if you do not see them here, just ask here are some of them.

Reflective Repatterning (RR). This is a treatment for emotional issues, stuck thoughts and feeligs, rigid unhelpful beliefs, trauma, anxiety stress and depression to name but a few.

RR Works in many ways on many levels, to create more neutrality around any problem. It is by far the most effective psychological treatment, and will treat at least 22 more parts to any issue than any other psychological or emotional treatment I know of. 

Accessing all 14 meridian (energy lines) in the body to treat all kinds of emotional stress through a framework of opposites, we destress the energy lines, and give new and opposite thinking to the mind kind of hypnotically at the same time. This creates neutrality, which in turn offers peace and a more flexible thinking mind.


Brain Stare. A treatment tat diagnoses exactly where a trauma or fear or emotional Issue is trapped in the brain, and treats by releasing it. This treatment is very powerful and when taught can be practiced at home too.


Thought Field Therapy Voice Technology (VT). Chris uses testing of the voice, to locate which acupuncture points are most stressed, and guides you through a tapping sequence over the phone to alleviate the emotional stress, fear phobia etc.

Toxin Testing with VT, is a way via your voice Chris locates which toxins are most affecting your condition whether anxiety emotional state or health.


Rapid Release The Fastest Emotional Release Technique, often treating an issue in seconds. Used with other treatments to deepen the impact.


Brushing (stems from the original more outdated version Havening by Dr Ron Ruden).

Using palms and fingers and other body parts to gently slow down the brain stress activity to bypass the amygdala and hypothalamus fight or flight stress reactions. Great for trauma fear phobia and anxiety. 


Cranial Reflex Points to alleviate physical stress and stressed tightened muscles over the phone, by tapping certain areas of the head whilst performing a breathing exercise.


Fridge Magnet Therapy. A magnet has the opposing field of an electrical one, emotions are electrical, by focusing on our issues and swiping the electrical fields we can change the intensity of our emotional issues fast. This is something once treated with, you can try at home. For fast relief.


Time Travel, Chris is often asked to look into ancestral traumas and health issues ie passed down through dna , that are affecting peoples health and or emotional well being, Chris uses his own time travel technique to access time, and then go in to resolve the issues where they stemmed from, this can also be used with past lives and entity, ghost, and psychic issues, of all kinds. Chris is well known for resolving psychic spells, witchcraft and even Voodoo, of all kinds. However big strong or small, Chris will take it on.


There is barely a psychological or emotional treatment Chris hasn’t trained in, he has taught all over the world public and professionals alike. His aim is to quickly and effectively resolve the issue and offer something better instead.


Contact email [email protected] or use contact page on this website. Many thanks chris.