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I have been invited to teach talk at the Richmond NLP Group Thursday Feb 25th by Henrietta Laitt if you are NLP trained please contact her 1st if you want to attend here is a copy of the email and event details.Ooh love NLP thankyou xx


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I’ve known Chris Milbank for many years and have a tremendous respect for him. I’m sure he won’t mind me saying that he is a one off, a maverick, totally unique and he’s brilliant at what he does. Chris is a very busy man and travels internationally – a lot (he doesn’t live in the UK). It’s taken me almost 3 years encouragement and persuasion to get him to you!

Constantly thinking ‘out of the box’ and pushing boundaries, he not only talks his talk, he also walks it. And he’s an expert at working with complex issues, having a huge degree of flexibility and ability to adapt his practice ‘in the moment’ As a pioneer in his field, he has taken his initial NLP knowledge, amongst other things, and is regularly creating, developing and refining new practices and protocols for enhancing and simplifying his work and therefore client results.

This is a unique opportunity to experience how he works. It’s be a fun, energising and interactive session. Rather than a formal ‘blurb’, here’s what you’ll be getting, in Chris’s own words, This will give you a sense of what you can expect (and prepare to expect the unexpected as well!) on the night. It’s a bit longer than usual, but well worth the read………

Chris Milbank

Thursday 25th February 2016

Beliefs and differing ways of addressing them – and Introduction to Reflective Repatterning Laws of Opposites

‘Hi, I am Chris Milbank. I have been involved in the areas of psychology and energy psychology for many years. I had a massive spiritual change when I spent time understanding the spirit of NLP. I worked with it loads, and then began to adapt it to my meridian based energetic work.

When I guided people to shift submodalities in their beliefs, I would see energetic changes, and when I had people aware of their mind body program re their belief or emotional conflict, and just treated the electrical pathways or reflex points and other energy areas, the submodalities would change for themselves, in very often a better way than either the client or I could choose. It really meant that deep unconscious shifts were happening.

At the time I was traveling all around the world teaching the most Advanced levels of Thought Field Therapy and treating with Voice Technology, a way of muscle testing and diagnosing which points to be used whilst working and doing treatments over the phone. The two magically blended together.

As I went on to discover Reflective Repatterning and develop it, I created several ways of taking the mind and body map of a belief and the opposite of that belief, and treating both to create more neutrality. Neutrality in the sense of personal freedom, flexibility and choice. Neutrality is like a flow of feeling good and the ability to choose, in the moment, one thing or the other, depending on what is best for that person.

To give you an example, a NLP student in practice decided to let someone make changes re her religion (not a good move) as she was happy with her religion, but they both chose to do this through their inexperience. Some twenty years later she had RR. Her God experience was shattered so you can imagine the mind body map here. We used RR as a treatment making some gentle balances, until she was wanting to ponder on what would serve her best. A week later she said “My childhood understanding of religion is different to my spiritual adult understanding, and am not sure which is best”. I replied “Lets balance both these opposites”. As we did, the thousands of shattered pieces came together and blended an adult religious spiritual understanding that meant loads to her. She was free to pick and choose what felt right for her.

During this two hour talk, I will give chance for you to use RR with an energetic hold and also a magnet. The hold works with all 14 meridians at once and the magnet will be used very deeply on one master meridian, both to great affect. RR was designed to treat beliefs with respect by working in opposites, the person makes better choices to decide what is best for them with little interference from the practitioners limited view or mirror of themselves.

We will have fun with stories metaphors demonstration explanation and practice.’

Whilst these concepts may initially seem a bit weird, remember that people once thought that the world was flat….and Chris can give you academic and anecdotal evidence as to how and why this stuff works. Do join us.

Please ping back an email to let me know you’re coming. All welcome, so please feel free to pass this on.

See you there

Warm wishes


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Christopher Milbank <[email protected]>
To Henrietta Laitt
Feb 11 at 5:57 PM
Thankyou so much you made that email so exciting I want to listen to the talk myself lol, great so excited, sorry has it really been three years. Alexia Leachman RR Advanced Prac /Teacher, once said of me, “your like a balloon that drifts in and out of anyway, going as you please and I am your rudder who gives you direction” , lol she sure did

than kyou for this opportunity
hugs chris xxx

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