Calm Brain Weekend

Calm Brain Weekend. Saturday 05th and Sunday 06th December 2015 Oswestry Shropshire. 9.30am til 5pm.

Me being Zombified

At times you may feel like the Zombie photo of me above, there are plenty of therapies that work with the meridian system they use in acupuncture, like Tapping therapies Emotional Freedom Technique, Thought Field Therapy, Reflective Repatterning, but I am wanting to introduce therapies that directly work with the stress held in the brain.

There are differing systems in each of us that hold on to trauma, such as fascia, the soft tissue that holds emotional stress and attaches to all organs muscles glands in the body and dealt with in bodywork like Rolfing, Myofascial release, Massage, Bowen Therapy and Neural Structural Technique. There are therapies that work well in the meridian system as listed in the  first paragraph.

Yet we over look therapies that work directly with stress held in the brain that affect all the systems including respiratory , meridian, fascia, lymphatic and a lot more.


This weekend is for Professionals and beginners alike, and those that just want to help themselves friends and family and also those that want to help clients.

I will introduce 5 different brain release therapies, depending on time, that work very powerfully to reduce brain stress in different ways, resulting in a calmer, and quieter more peaceful better focused less tired brain.

The aim is to remove most of the theory, and just get on practicing, in a fun and practical way these techniques to in spire solid change work.

1 Brain Stare, A treatment, of locating an exact eye position that correlates with where the brain stores the exact stress/ trauma or fear phobia, holding this eye position, and allowing the brain to offload, bucket loads of brain stress, this method is powerful and can be in tense during the process yet the end result is incredibly powerful.

2 A treatment where the client lies down, and we hold certain finger positions on their heads that correlate to energy centres in their brain that hold stress, fears phobias and all sorts of brain functioning that may get stressed. This work based on Access Consciousness and also on cranial reflex work that I do, works in a non specific way, to release many rigid thought patterns stuck memories, and energy that restricts our lives. People find this treatment very powerful creating deep and lasting life changes and mostly incredibly relaxing at the same time, however physical body movements may occur as the body also lets go as the brain relaxes.

3 Havening introduction, introducing how to use a gentle brushing of relaxing delta brain wave sensory points on the backs of arms, on faces and in palms, to by pass the fight or flight, amygdala and hypothalamus reactions that trigger and cause an excess of stress, in fears phobias trauma and anxiety. This work is based on the works of Dr’s Ronald and Stephen Ruden, who you can contact for more extensive Professional training’s.


4 A quick Brain to Meridian treatment hold that we use in Reflective Repatterning especially in remote healing’s, this hold works deeply in the meridians that support the limbic brain such as the Governing Vessel and the Bladder meridians that run two lines either side of the spine, the spine being the extension of the brain .

5 Depending on time and the vote of students either the Alphabiotic Head Pull,which balances left and right brain hemispheres by letting go of the tight dural matter in the cranium that pulls on fascia elsewhere in the body creating and holding a stressed state, or the Alphabet Game used in  New Code NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) that creates left and right brain balance.


6 We will explore how these important therapies enhance all other mind and body therapies, building  more solid and longer lasting emotional treatments keeping at bay even long term chronic anxiety. These therapies are each stand alone therapies with amazing results in their own right and also super supportive of other therapies that work in other stressed systems of the mind and body.

The weekend Training fee is 250 UK pounds per person, I have a contact page on this website or you can email [email protected]

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