Chlorine Dioxide HIV AIDS Eliminating Infections chris Milbank

Chlorine Dioxide HIV AIDS, Eliminating Infections Fast. By Chris Milbank November 11th 2017 .


Also known as Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS) as rediscovered by Jim Humble, Chlorine Dioxide the chemical name I prefer to call it, has proven to be one of the most potent eliminator of pathogens known to man,pathogens are bad bacteria, viruses, parasites, mycobacterium (tiny bacteria) mycoplasma (bacteria without a cell wall), biofilms which pathogens produce to protect themselves from medications and the immune system.
Jim Humble, found when he mixed sodium chlorite with an acid of the correct strength it formed chlorine dioxide. He was able to sterilise drinking water out in the jungle. Through experimentation he devised a formula, that in the vast majority of people fully cleared malaria in just 1 x 4hour treatment, others took at most two days. Since then millions around the world have used this treatment to treat aids, hiv, cancers, you only have to look online to find hundreds of thousands of people have used this succesfully. But do also know that government agencies around the world along with media and pharmaceutical interests are shutting down websites, and info on it, it would devastate drug sales.

How does CD work ?

Very well. CD is an oxidative treatment ie it oxidises pathogens, similar to metal rusting, it produces high oxygen levels in the body. It steals 5 electrons from a pathogenic organism, causing it to explode on touch. It does not harm the human cell, it’s voltage potential is smaller than the human cell, thus it does no damage, it will not bleach your skin like the very different and toxic chlorine or a bleach. It uses a mechanism of hunting down acidic pathogens like a magnet, as it has an alkaline nature, and an opposite electrical charge. It will determine a cell damaged by pathogens like an immune cell with HIV Virus in it. It will kill the cell, which then releases the HIV into the bloodstream, but this virus will have already instantly be inactivated, meaning it can no longer reproduce, which is part of it’s own life cycle, it dies, so in time the body just detoxes it out.
CD Treating HIV and or Aids.
After treatment with CD, be aware an early blood test may well show hiv viral levels have gone up and cd 4 immune count cells have gone down. Don’t be alarmed this is normal. As the HIV infected immune cells are killed off the inactivated HIV Virus leaves the cells and enters the blood, so when the blood test is taken they read the extra HIV in the blood, the lab does not do checks to see whether the HIV is inactivated or even dead, it may take the body 3 to 6 months to clear these inactivated HIV virus out, then all of a sudden you will notice Viral counts dropping rapidly. The immune cells infected with HIV that die quickly with CD, would die anyway, so in time the body then makes new ones. The process of using CD lowers HIV viral count enabling the body to make more immune cells than it is losing. Thus the prevention and or reversing of aids. I personally believe HIV is not the cause of aids, I believe it is oxidative stress causing immune cells to weaken and be taken over by bacterial infections, when this happens all viral counts in the body (yes we all have viruses) ie herpes, cmv, hpv, etc all rise through a weakened immune system. Either way it does not matter as CD takes care of them all. You don’t need expensive equipment and testing to know what infections you have CD does not care it just kills the bad guys.

Oxidative Stress,
Toxins, infections pathogens of all types cause oxidative stress ie cellular damage, that triggers inflammation that causes a further suppression of the immune system. But also to a lesser degree do oxidative therapies like CD. Everybody with HIV and or AIDS has high levels of oxidative stress. Thus it is important before treatment if there is time, and also after the end of your CD treatment to top up antioxidants. See my other blog for more info. The course of oxidising pathogens is a bit like having a fire and burning the rubbish, but if the fire gets out of hand it can burn, thus antioxidants clear some excess rubbish and act a bit like firemen to cool the fire, thus protecting cells from oxidative stress.
Do not mix antioxidants and CD or other oxygen oxidative treatments on same day, as they neutralise each other.


As the CD kills more pathogens you get an increase level of available immune system to target more infections. Remember the very best treatment for pathogens bar none is the immune system itself.


How to take CD.
For HIV and or Aids , add at 1st 1 drop of chlorine dioxide into a small glass of water, if you feel sick, it’s just the dying pathogens releasing their toxic waste in you, rest, when the body clears the waste you feel better. Miss an hour or next hour use half a drop, gradually, do this each hour and if feeling okay increase to 3 drops per hour. When you have reached this level, you start the HIV Aids program. Which is 3 drops of CD in water each hour for 8 hours per day for 21 days. (This saved my life when I was dying of aids). You will be feeling a lot better anytime from a few days in to the three weeks in, if you are still ill, that is unusual but it just means you have more pathogens to kill, so go another week or two. In the vast majority of cases the full 21 days is enough. Now it’s time to get on antioxidants see . Blood test will take 3 to 6 months to show the improvements in most cases some show in a couple of months but don’t bank on it.
If eventually the blood tests show you have more to do, you can repeat the round. Also you can add in CD enemas, this will clear HIV and other infections hiding in the colon, but also the CD is taken into the blood stream through colon wall and portal vein absorption at a higher rate, you can do these as well as the oral 21 day program. We can also target the lymphatic system, by using a product called DMSO that is highly absorbent, we place the CD diluted in water on the skin and then spray DMSO on top, and the CD is carried straight into the area of the body you placed it on. There is too much info here to write it all down but at the end of the blog I will give links. Remember use antioxidants for a few weeks minimum before and after the CD treatments, these will further boost the immune system, remove rubbish and lessen pathogens and protect cells from oxidative damage and inflammation.
Making CD
Some people add citric acid to the sodium chlorite to make CD. I used to but it tastes harsh and is harsh on tummy. I find the treatment so much easier to take with adding hydrochloric acid (HCL )at 4% . I advise you to do this.
Take a dry glass add 1 drop of sodium chlorite (25 to 28% strength normally used) to one drop of HCL 4% , wait 30 seconds it will turn yellow or amber, it is now chlorine dioxide, always add to water, drink. For 3 drop formula, add 3 drops of each wait til it turns amber yellow, then add water. Don’t put in juice as the antioxidants in juice will neutralise the CD. Avoid tea and coffee during the use of CD, until an hour or two after last dose. If you have to eat during the eight hours make it light and eat as near as poss to half way between treatments, otherwise some of the power of the cd will go into oxidising food not pathogens.
CD MMS Links.
CD MMS Suppliers of Sodium Chlorite and HCL
Info on CD and HIV AIDS
CD protocols some of these sites are old and still talk of making cd with the citric acid but the new movement is with HCL just remember it tastes 100 times better.

CD Enema Protocol

More CD info.

Remember earlier I gave a link to my Oxidative stress HIV Aids treatment formula, this will further help make it very difficult to ever get Aids again. I would strongly advise reading it. CD is just part of the overall treatment. Ozone is an alternative to CD.


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