Deta Elis Bioresonance

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Bioresonance, everything has a frequency we measure in cycles per second called hertz, everything on the planet vibrates at it’s own frequency, a butterfly will be different from a tortoise a human and a daffodil, we have frequencies that represent our optimal health and frequencies that we will absorb that can expand us til we explode. Just like the opera singer hitting the high note and smashing the crystal glass.

Royal Raymond Rife, invented the world’s most powerful microscope in the 1940’s and  viewed live viruses for the 1st time, he discovered certain frequencies would expand and kill these viruses,he found he could kill cancer tumors with the exact frequencies they needed, and actually cured many terminally ill cancer patients with his Rife machines. The Federal Drug Agency boss in USA under the watchdog of his pharmaceutical friends saw the danger to their cancer profitable industry, and after being offered to be bought out, he had his equipment confiscated, and horrible things happened to his scientific colleagues.

I have a Rife machine and am a member of several Rife groups, my equipment is antiquated but good.

Bioresonance is built on Rife technology with the added extra that it scans the body and treats at the same time, finding the frequencies needed to encourage healthy cells organs glands muscles etc, and treat the pathogens and toxins and stress causing us harm.

I have worked with bioresonance since 2002, I had an Elybra bioresonance equipment costing about 10,000 pounds, I was not impressed didn’t get any real results, and having scanned my body and finding a list of ills’ I scanned it again and found the diagnosis different, then one day I scanned myself and realised I hadn’t even plugged the machine into my computer yet I was stil getting a reading, ie the software on the computer just runs and makes up a random diagnosis. I sold it for 1,200 UK pounds telling the buyer I didn’t believe in it.

The Bicom bioresonance has always been a superior device but at a cost of over 30,000 UK pounds unaffordable to most people.

The Russians during the cold war had little access to Western pharmaceuticals and decided to look at physics as a way of diagnosing and treating health issues, they became the world leaders in this area.

Deta Elis worked for years at the forefront of Rife and Bioresonance and they have now come up with pocket sized (mobile phone sized) devices. That are so affordable and really work well.

A friend of mine struck with cancer and not eating down to 7 stone (44 kilos) I knew something needed to be done. So I bought her the Deta Elis Devita Ritm which came with 30 programs to balance stress and health issues and organs etc, and also the Deta Elis Devita AP 30 which came with frequencies that would kill the most common parasites, bad bacterias viruses fun gi molds etc in her body, she would wear one during the day around her neck hidden behind her t shirt and the other at night under the pillow. She began to feel better shortly within a few days, yet I needed to know exactly what was wrong with her. So we visited Dr Georgiou at the DaVinci Clinic in Cyprus, who diagnosed her with advanced bioresonance equipment see Deta Elis Professional . Once she was diagnosed with the exact toxins bacterias parasites viruses fungi molds etc and organ function tests, I used the Deta Elis Therapy 8 usb stic that has about 3,000 set bioresonance programs in, to program the pocket sized Deta Devita Ritm 30 and Deta Devita AP 30 machines with exactly what was needed for her wellness. She also followed a detox diet and took supplements to aid the bioresonance. Three months later everything we had worked on with the devices were already cured.

I also use these devices and students of mine have also used, one friend of mine who had many serious health issues just cried and said I cannot believe how well I am why did the Dr not help me and just give me drugs with side effects all these years, I replied “that is all the drs knew as they have been taught in medical universities funded by pharmaceuticals not physics or natural medicine and nutrition”.

The Deta Devita Ap 30 has 30 catagories of pathogens it is programmed to kill plus frequencies to lower inflamation at the heart of any illness.

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The Deta Devita RITM 30 has 30 catagories of frequencies that help resonate the body back to optimum health relaxation and healing.

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The Therapy 8 USB STICK has about 3,000 extra frequencies split roughly evenly to be used with Deta Devita RITM 30 and Deta Elis Devita AP30.

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I highly recommend to buy all three to start with that is the Therapy 8 USB STICK, the Deta Devita RITM30 and and the Deta Devita AP 30.


The Deta Cosmo is a bioresonance device for treating cosmetic issues like ageing and wrinkles and many more conditions.

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The Deta UDT is a combination of the Deta RITM and Deta Cosmo in one.


The Deta Pharma is a bioresonance diagnostic device only, this device diagnoses abd frequencies in your body enabling you to program your pocket Deta RITM 30 and Deta AP 30 with exactly the frequencies your body needs to get well.

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Deta Professional is a device that not only diagnoses your whole body but automatically treats it as well, it also ahs another amazing function, you can add things you are intolerant to, it will read the frequencies and invert them putting te inverted frequencies back into your body to neutralise the intolerances, this can also be used in many other ways, like inverting stresses pathogens and more. This device is sold with training which is for a small fee extra. The Deta professional Russian device is about one third of the cost of the Bicom Professional bioresonance, thus making it affordable for practitioners. 


I am free to be conatcted through the contact page on this site and am happy to guide people through setting up their pocket sized machines and using the diagnostic stick, also what frequencies and in what order are best used. Please just ask, I am not a doctor I don’t treat disease but I guide people to help their own bodies treat disease, just as people do when they sleep destress, relax eat well and exercise. Feel free to click on any of the picture links and browse the items.

best wishes chris Milbank