Emotional Health Weekend chris Milbank

Emotional Health Weekend
chris Milbank
Oswestry Memorial Hall October 21st 22nd Weekend.
Specifically Treating Emotional Issues & Beliefs That Affect Health.

Many believe that their emotional issues traumas fears are held in the meridian system, some believe they are held deep in the brain and or mind, anduse techniques accordingly. They are actually hed in several different systems, and clearing one is often not enough.
We will be targeting where our brain holds stress and emotional resonance specific to health issues, and learning how to more deeply clear them.
We will also learn how to target emotional issues stored in the body.
We will be working through these issues in body, in movement, in deep brain and meridian system.
We will target beliefs about our health or what the doctors and friends family tell us, we will be able to neutralise intense beliefs to allow new and better beliefs to come in.

This weekend will be more about self treating and doing, and less about how and why it works, although this gets covered.

We will also target generalised emotions that have a particularly heavy impact on our systems, and learn what organs and glands hold specific emotions the most.
High stress, negative emotions lower the voltage in the body, where the voltage is low, toxins accumulate and pathogens breed.
For many of the attendees, this will be an ongoing process over the weekend, that they can follow, to lower emotional stress, and raise their physical voltage and energetic vibration.
Fee 300 UK pounds. email [email protected]