Emotional Rapid Release Technique

chris Milbank

chris Milbank

From the Laws of Reflective Repatterning Laws of Opposites, a new technique that works so quick it makes the fast effective tapping therapies like EFT and TFT appear slow.


An issue like an emotional problem or stuck thought idea etc can appear quite serious when it’s troubling you and also make sense that it does, how about combining in space and time that problem with something ridiculous that makes no sense at all. Now if this sounds like Neuro Linguistic Programming it’s not, we use an energetic map of the body that triggers these two opposites to hold the same time space, and when they do, a level of neutrality kicks in and the emotional issue stuck thought etc just disperses.


Well, when I first discovered this I barely believed the results I was witnessing, I kept thinking oh people cannot think about their problem right now or it will come back. Only earlier this year 2015 on a four hour flight did I really play with it, and found myself emotionally releasing through yawning sighing relaxation tears to a  number of issues I was currently involved in. I was then back in the UK teaching Reflective Repatterning and also a training event clearing past lives entities and so forth, and I faced a client that other therapies were just not working with. So I used the Rapid Release her issue had given her headaches tension anxiety and more, and in  seconds she said she couldn’t think of the problem anymore, it doesn’t work, so we did another and another each

time the client said they could no longer access  the problem so they didn’t think it was working, we did this on six different problem areas, At the end I said write down the issues and try every day for two weeks to be bothered by them and let me know, of course she couldn’t.

I have used Rapid Release with anxiety panic attacks hurt rejection fears phobias and a whole lot more.

It is very quick to learn and very quick to treat with in comparison to other therapies. Will it work for everybody no.

Can anyone learn this even without previous experience yes, can professionals use this yes .

A session or a training in Rapid Release is done over Skype and a t a cost of 200 UK pounds

Feel free to use the contact page on this website, I am happy to answer questions.

Best wishes chris Milbank