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Free Yourself from Fears and LEARN HOW to have them stop from running your life.

Fears are of course a great thing, I applaud every time my fears surface of walking to near the edge of a cliff, being rude to a violent person, feeling fearful and negative about investing my savings with a fraudster and or marrying a serial killer. Fears and negative thoughts and emotions save us everyday, from terrible mistakes and life threatening situations for ourselves and loved ones.
Fear is a survival mechanism, yet the way our nervous system uses them and stores them, can in today’s high tech busy stressful world be way too in tense, they build and begin to act negatively against us. Our fears can generalise from protecting us against a fraudster to not trusting anyone, or having to protect us from making us feel bad about heights to not being able to climb a ladder use a lift or elevator or cross a bridge. Fears are particuarly good in our early years we have the fear of falling and loud noises that many mammals have, yet as we grow older and we k now the bang of thunder is okay when we are in our secure homes, we shouldn’t have to tremble, we should fear stepping out in front of a car, but not crossing an empty road etc.
Fears can be positive and negative, but so can positive feelings of confidence, great to be confident in public speaking and have no fear, but fear can be a driver for us to learn competence, I want the pilot of my aeroplane to be competent at flying even more so than con fident, a false confidence with a stranger can lead to nasty con sequences, I don’t want to be so confident that I lose my awareness. Sometimes it’s good to be able to have the freedom choice and flexibility, to jump from one opposite to the other, experience fear as a warning, but logically accept it’s message and then feel confident in your understanding, and of course vice versa.
Reflective Repatterning (known as RR) uses a special energetic hold that works all fourteen meridian energy lines that carry good and negative emotional energy, when we clean this energy of any emotion whether fear or guilt or any conflict with it’s opposite we create a neutrality, a free flow to be one thing or the other that we choose. RR also teaches us reasons why the bad and negative things can be good, and the good positive things can be bad, this grows the flexibility of the brain, better enabling it to adapt .
So how do fears affect us, well lets say a base of any negative emotion is fear, we fear we may have done someone wrong so we feel guilty or ashamed, we fear we will make a fall of ourselves and get anxious or embarrassed, we fear not being able to move on and feel trapped etc, when people get angry it’s a response to a fear sometimes of being rejected not listened too misunderstood , being left out etc.
Addressing Opposites is crucial for real in depth healing. An example would be someone feels fear that they have harmed som one, they feel guilty and ashamed, yes these are all emotions that can be treated within the meridian system, yet they will resurface at some point until you can also treat the huge resistance to loving the bad things you have done, where you treat shame treat the pride in what you have done, this is so very often a bigger emotional issue you are holding onto than feeling bad about a bad thing, yes you need to feel good about it too. We then also need to find what the right thing would have been or is, ie rather than harming someone supporting someone, well we need to treat the excess need to support someone and the resistance to hating supporting someone. After all give too m uch support you will wear yourself out and people will become dependent on you and not able to be responsible for themselves let alone others. Treating the resistance to harming is so important too, sometimes to protect loved ones family children we may have to harm an attacker, some people will not fight back they have a fear of harming which is strengthend by their love of supporting caring or nurturing.
When we balance our fears as good and bad with the areas in our life we love or are most confident or excited about, we allow for more logic to come through, we can have more choice, we needn’t be overly kind and nice or overly stressy and agressive we can be somewhere in between or jump into either opposite depending whats needed.
RR gives us that choice that freedom that flexibility where we have been fearful and trapped in our lives.
So what will this work with, just about any issue, belief, value and moral sets, anxiety depression stress, fears phobias traumas and more.
Let us look at traumas, if somebody loves safety and security as their most favourite values, then a car accident will be more traumatic than for a person that loves danger and adventure.What we love drives what we hate, when we love safety we will avoid danger, when we love freedom we will hate being trapped, when we hate dishonesty we will love honesty, if we hate disloyalty we will love loyalty. These opposites are all like magnets with north and south poles. If the north pole is the love of freedom it will attrac t the south pole the hatred of being trapped, and yes you will attract the things you emotionally don’t want in your life. When we clear what we fear versus what brings us confidence, when we clear what we excessively love that makes us hate and we treat what we excessively hate, our world comes in to balance, and this balance this feel good neutrality is like a flow, when everything is just flowing and feeling real good.
Many people get treated for depression but may not be treated for the resistnace to joy or happiness, yet it’s obvious when we look at it when someone says I have nothing to feel joyful or happy about, because so manythings are wrong in my life, husband has left me, lost my job, my pet parrot says it hates me etc, the resistance to the good thing empowers the hatred of the bad thing and vice versa.
Reflective Repatterning RR works at a minimum eighteen times the effectiveness of other mind emotional treatments, by working in depth with The RR Laws of Opposites.
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