Thought Field Therapy (TFT)


Developed by Dr Roger Callahan Psychologist, in 1979, Thought Field Therapy commonly known as TFT, is a way of using acupuncture points by simply tapping them to heal emotional trauma, anxiety and fears phobias and more.

chris Milbank trained in this method first in Ireland after a TFT practitioner saved his life during an anaphylatic shock after ingesting peanuts, TFT immediately stopped the anaphylaxia, and chris was so amazed he went back to Ireland to train in the method. He then bought every book video dvd audio tape and all the home study courses. He then flew to California and trained at diagnostic level TFT with Dr Roger Callahan and his wife.

chris then further trained at the highest level of TFT one on one with Dr Roger Callahan at the Voice Technology level this was then a $100,000 investment. The most advanced form of TFT. chris later went on to research TFT on Malaria in Tanzania and Kenya, and teach the world over, teaching on behalf of the Callahans their most advanced trainings and working his way up through the board of the Association Of Thought Field Therapy from director to Vice President and President. Eventually chris decided to go independent and make affordable the trainings.

chris currently teaches all levels of TFT by request

TFT algorithim level. This training is the first training chris did, using about 20 different tapping sequences, that work very quickly with a number of emotional states, ie traumas fears, anxiety depression and even pain and more.

TFT Diagnostic level, how to use a muscle test on someone to determine food intolerance’s and how to boost their immune response to the intolerance temporarily to aid a health or emotional treatment. The study of psychological reversal that blocks any form of treatment from working and how to correct this. How to diagnose the exact acupoints to tap and in what order to correct an emotional and or health issue.

Voice Technology , This supercedes the diagnostic level as far more accurate, and also can be used to diagnose anybody over the phone or by Skype from any distance and treat their emotional and health issues. I personally recommend the Algorithim training and then straight to voice technology training.

chris teaches the TFT just as it was taught him, but will also teach how to use TFT to remotely heal anyone of their issue, a method of treating self to treat family friend or client, this works even more effectively and is fun to demonstrate and practice in class. chris will also share a little knowledge of Reflective Repatterning’ s Laws of Opposites and how using this alongside TFT will make this tapping therapy even more amazing.

Please feel free to use the contact page to ask chris questions, he may even Skype call you or call your landline for a chat and listen to your story. chris offers Skype sessions in TFT .