A Treatment Formula To Follow for HIV & or AIDS

HIV Aids Treatment Formula For Oxidative Stress & Killing Viral and Bacterial Infections By chris Milbank October 11th 2017

I am not a medical doctor this is for your own research, I treated my AIDS this way without any drug antivirals. You have to make up your own mind, I am principally morally and ethically against the use of HIV Antiviral drugs, but that does not mean anybody else has to be. Take advice from a Naturopathic Doctor and a Medical Dr and make up your own mind.
Which treatment do I start 1st and why ?
In most cases of HIV I generally say reduce the oxidative stress and build immune system first, before switching to an oxidative therapy like chlorine dioxide or ozone. However if you have Aids and or serious infections, it is probably best to start on the oxidative treatments first. A simple email with your viral load, cd 4 count and any general illness symptoms and known infections can help with an educated guess which to start 1st. Or even doing a short boost with antioxidants for 2 weeks then doing oxidative treatments then back to a 2 or 3 month super boost of antioxidant treatments. For more information on the formula and how it works see my other blog. https://chrismilbank.com/oxidative-stress-hiv-aids/
What You Need For Antioxidant Treatments Reducing Oxidative stress in HIV & or AIDS In Adults
Daily 400 micrograms (mcg) of selenomethionine. That is two micrograms twice a day.
Liposomal Glutathione 2 sprays under tongue swish for 2 minutes in mouth and swallow, do three times daily. Wait ten minutes before eating or drinking or taking another supplement after the liposomal glutathione. (Ordinary glutathione is barely absorbed, and many ill people canot make glutathione in he body as their pathways maybe blocked through illness) so liposomal glutathione by passes digestion and goes directly into cells.
ACS200 Silver by RNA 20 sprays under tongue swish for 30 seconds to a minute in mouth and swallow do three times daily. Alternatively Argentyn 23 silver 4 ounces twice a day. Or If you make your own high quality colloidol silver with distilled water, you would need more probably a litre a day, but only if made right and is high quality otherwise do not use. The silver is not truly oxidative so it can be killing pathogens whilst not neutralising the antioxidant treatments, silver is best maybe taken an hour away from the other treatments if possible.
Vitamin C , The best Oral best form is sodium ascorbate as it’s a gentler on tummy, 20,000 mg (20grams) daily spread throughout the day
If Affordable take some liposomal Vitamin C too, 3 to 5 grams daily.
A general multi vitamin mineral formula that is recommended by a health store, (not pharmacy crap) go by recommended dose on container.
These will help lessen viral load and build immune system and reduce oxidative stress, perhaps the main cause behind Aids. This is as important if not more important than just killing hiv virus. The blog https://chrismilbank.com/oxidative-stress-hiv-aids/ explains why.
Links for these products that are also available from other suppliers and in different countries Oral Vitamin C most people tolerate sodium ascorbate best. A buffered form of vitamin c gentle on your tummy.
Liposomal Vitamin C Quicksilver scientific https://www.prohealth.com/shop/product.cfm/product__code/N1432
Or LivOn Labs sachets of Liposomal Vitamin C https://www.altrient.com/liposomal-vitamin-c

Liposomal Glutathione Quicksilverscietific https://www.prohealth.com/shop/product.cfm/product__code/N0746
Or as 2nd choice LivOnLabs Liposomal Glutathione https://www.altrient.com/liposomal-glutathione
Selenium in the form of selenomethionine as long as it’s is this form buy from any good source, I have used Solgar some use Youngevity or Thorne just look on line here is a link https://uk.iherb.com/pr/Solgar-Selenium-Yeast-Free-100-mcg-100-Tablets/48602

Silver Either make your own, and if so go to Facebook Like The Natural Health Library Page you can find on a FB search, when they accept you read the files section and look at the silver files you will learn honestly about silver and you can purchase a great kit that will make a gallon of silver for pence, you may need to drink up to a litre a day of it, and you must follow directions and use distilled water, or make your own generator with 9 volt batteries, it shows you how. https://www.facebook.com/groups/612308275622725/

Or I used ACS200 Silver by RNA https://www.resultsrna.com/advanced-cellular-silver-200-extra-strength/
Or Many Naturopathic Doctors wear by Argentyn23 this silver not as strong as ACS200 but there is less clumping of silver particles which may mean they reach around and circulate the body better. https://www.natural-immunogenics.com/products/argentyn-23.html and https://www.amazon.co.uk/Argentyn-Professional-Bio-Active-Silver-Hydrosol/dp/B006JG7138?SubscriptionId=AKIAILSHYYTFIVPWUY6Q&tag=duckduckgo-ffsb-uk-21&linkCode=xm2&camp=2025&creative=165953&creativeASIN=B006JG7138

Any decent Multi Vitamin Mineral Formula your health store recommends.

Oxidative treatments.
Ozone, find an ozone clinic near you, the best ozone treatment is major autohemotherapy, where they take some blood and add ozone and then put this back in vein. It kills pathogens of all kinds very quickly. The 2nd best (ie it will take a few more treatments is rectal insufflation of ozone some ozone clinics do this and it gets into blood via colon wall absorption and portal vein, it will also strongly target hiv hidden in colon. Or their are ozone saunas, only proper clinic ones by a trained ozone specialist is good to use. You must never breathe ozone it will damage lungs. Or you can buy your own ozone generator rectal insufflation kit with accompanying videos and simple instructios, you will seperately need to order your own 95% plus pure oxygen bottle.
Chlorine dioxide known also as MMS. Is far far cheaper and maybe as effective as ozone. About 40 UK pounds will get you about 3 x 21 day treatments.
You mix 1 drop of sodium chlorite with 1 drop of hydrochloric acid (stomach acid hcl), combined they turn into chlorine dioxide in 30 seconds. (PLEASE NOTE Some people use citric acid instead of hydrochloric acid, yes I used to but it is not as gentle on your tummy and it tastes so much worse, many people have succesfully switched to using the hcl as I have stated above to activate the sodium chlorite to make chlorine dioxide) The HIV Aids treatment is to start off with 1 drop of chlorine dioxide in a glass of water per hour and if okay build up to 3 drops per hour always in water for 8 hours a day for 21 days. At any time if you get sick or headaches back down the dose slightly until feeling fine, these are just herxeimer detox reactions as the germs are killed they release toxins that can make you feel ill, until the body clears them. Note this treatment hunts down acidic pathogens which include virus and bacterial infections and oxidises them, it will alsos oxidise an HIV infected immune cell, thus that damaged cell dies, and HIV leaves the cell and enters blood stream, but thats fine as it is already inactivated. However after the 21 day treament is completed it may take 3 to 6 months to show the massive improvement, as temporarilly there will be a few less immune cells and dead or inactivated virus in the blood. But rest assured if the blood tests show worse results wait a few months and you will then see massive improvements in the vast majority of cases. I had blips in blood tests followed by massive reductions. If after completing one full 21 day treatment of chlorine dioxide you need further treatments to iradicate hiv until undetectable, you may need to add chlorine dioxide enemas, and or the use of chlorine dioxide and DMSO via skin. However you can contact me via my website when the time comes, complete 1t stages 1st. www.chrismilbank.com

Links re Oxidative Treatments
Ozone info http://www.docrowen.com/ozone-therapy.html
Internet search Ozone clinics in your own country.
Own at home ozone generators for rectal insufflation see www.trulyheal.com
Chlorine dioxide suppliers for the 4% Hydrochloric Acid (HCL) and the Sodium Chlorite http://waterpurificationsuppliers.is/ (listed as water purification treatments due to diabolical FDA rules).
How Chlorine Dioxide (MMS) treats HIV http://mmsmineralmiracle.blogspot.co.uk/2011/05/aids-hiv-and-hepatitis-c.html

Remember oxidative stress is the main killer of cells in the body, toxicity causes oxidative stress, and so do pathogen infections. Switching from the antioxidant oxidative stress reduction over to oxidative therapies that kill pathogens is important. Do not combine the treatments as they may neutralise each other, unless a Doctor in Naturopathy advises you too under their guidance.
I like to see people complete at least 1 x 3 month of the antioxidant oxidative stress reduction treatments, I would suggest once tey are over treating and have an all clear or are feeling well to stay on this program and maybe reduce the doses.
The oxidtive treatments are generally for 3 weeks, at a time, when you do these, they deplete antioxidants so it is important to get back on the antioxidant program to replensih body and remove more oxidative stress. Some people feel so much better and get great blood test results one one full cycle of each, others need to repeat the cycles.
Give time for the body to be able to show the improvements in blood tests, let blood tests be a guide, do not be concerned in blips, but longer term trends of several tests over months.
www.chrismilbank.com I have many HIV AIDS Blogs on my website under hiv aids archives scroll down through them.


  • just wanted to know that if you complete the 1st 21 day cycle on CD how long should you break to rebuild the antioxidants levels. Also suppose you are now taking maintenance dose will you be mixing with antioxidants since they nutralise each other.

    • Chris Milbank

      Best to take any oxidative treatment, then wait an hour before taking antioxidannts, do see my blogs

    • Chris Milbank

      Hi if you are not feeling massive oxidative stress ie swelling ankles and over breathing etc, just do a two week splurge. Re antioxidants and oxidative therapies, no problem, chlorine dioxide will last less than an hour in the body, so after your last dose wait an hour and take antioxidants, most antioxidants if you take will last a few hours in the body at least, so if I take antioxidants I wait at least four hours before taking an oxidative treatment, different antioxidants ave different half lives in the body, some people will use up antioxidants more quickly depending on toxic load metabolic rate etc.

  • Leon Olivier

    Hey chris, is your hiv completely eradicated? Or is the mms just another cocktail like the antiviral drugs? I keep hearing the word “CURED” when taking mms be it Jim humble, forums, or even testimonial YouTube videos. Cured and a maintenance dose is really two different things. Maintenance dose implies that the virus is still in hiding and replicating. I notice you never mention anything about maintenance dose. So is it cleared?

    • Chris Milbank

      Hiya my aids is totally eradicated and all my aids infections, re HIV I believe it’s a myth that the test is testing viral load its seems that it is testing cellular debris and some proteins they reckon to be in hiv although the scientists differ there. whats interesting is that yes mms aka chlorine dioxide and ozone cleared my aids, but later as i used them the so called viral load appeared to go up despite me now being more wellthan i have ever been in my life, when i applied binders like zeogold and acz zeolite spray and others my viral load went down 89.5% , so im thinking that as we oxidise we kill off infected and intoxicated cells that spill their debris, thus gets measured as viral load, remember the hiv virus has never ever been isolated or actually seen under electron microscope all they have seen is cellular debris and some proteins, having worked this out i then discovered the work of Dr Henrich Kremmer who verifies these findings further, it is really important to do anti inflammatory treatmets like wobenzym plus, and megasporebiotics, curcumin, essential fatty acids, a anti inflammatory diet, like the keto diet, drink lots of water avoid all grains use restore 4 life to reseal gut, im happy to skype you and above all detox heavy metals after any mercury fillings have been removed, remember aids is one thing and hiv is another hiv in my opinion does not and cannot cause aids, im not a medical doctor this is my opinion all the best cris