Voice Technology (VT)

imagen003 Developed by the late great Dr Roger Callahan, VT is a method of diagnosis and treatment of emotional and physical pain, even entering into the realms of many health problems.

We diagnose certain electrical points on the body that are involved in healing and communicating with the nervous system that are stressed through emotional stress and or intolerances to food and enviormental problems. We call these points meridian points or also known as acupoints, the same points that an acupuncture practitioner would use with needles or electrical stimulation.

The VT practioner diagnoses the exact meridian acupoints to treat in the exact order that person’s healing system requires by using a specific self muscle test as the client speaks, then he/ she will tap those points, guided by the practitioner. Sometimes a reversal of energy ie an opposing force blocks the treatment we call this psychological reversal and the practitioner will further diagnose this and have the client treat in specific ways to clear the reversal opposing the treatment. These reversals can be triggered through trauma stress shock and even in many cases intolerance’s to foods or enviormental products.

We recommend the client does  not wear perfume, and tries to avoid washing their laundry in the usual brands of washing detergent in the super markets. Buying a non perfumed brand of laundry soap from a health store, is generally a good idea. Also throwing out air fresheners and especially the plug in variety as these are the most common enviormental products that trigger reversal states in people.

chris teaches VT at cost effective prices in comparison to elsewhere, and offers years of experience and how to enhance VT with NLP and The Reflective Repatterning Laws of Opposites. chris also offers sessions over a landline phone and Skype.

Feel free to use the contact page on this website to ask questions, chris may also call you and listen to your story and offer insights.