What is Fridge Magnet Therapy

Me more teaching Yes an ordinary magnet that people stick on their fridge doors, mine has a picture of sun flowers and was bought in a tourist destination. This little magnet just like yours can help you heal man y emotional issues and help your health too.

Emotion means energy in motion, and when we are very emotional we have a build up of this energy, that consumes us, it will disturb the electrical activity of our nerve pathways therefore our organs and glands, and when of course these are not firing as they should do our body sends and receives incorrect messages, and generally misfires like a car with a blackened sooted spark plug.

A magnetic field is the opposite of an electrical field yet each one is present with the other. An electrical field draws energy inwards and a magnetic can draw energy outwards. Hence all we have to do is tune into an emotional issue, and swipe the magnet a number of times on certain powerful energetic pathways, and it reduces the emotion al excess negative energy that is enhancing our emotional problems.

chris Milbank an experienced therapist in many fields will use the magnet within the Reflective Repatterning Laws of Opposites to help create neutrality in conflicts, but will also use the magnet, with entities, traumas, shock, phobias, anxiety, depression, health issues, clearing past lives correcting affected dna from old ancestral lines too. The advantage of  a magnet is that it can work very deeply in any on e given energetic electrical pathway at a time. chris will use muscle testing techniques and or dowsing as he tunes in to someone’s conflict and test which issues and in  which order and where they need to be treated to get this done. 

This work has been inspired by  Dr Bradley Nelson  who developed both the Emotion Code and The Body Code. Some of chris’s work will be the same but he has also adapted it, to fit the Laws of Opposites and other energetic work, he does. The Emotion Code by Dr Bradley Nelson  is a worthwhile read if you are interested in this field.

Please feel free to use the contact page, to contact chris and ask questions, he may even give you a call if he has time for a quick chat.