Woo Woo , Modern Day Science of Magic Wizardry and Witchcraft.

Modern Day Magic The Science of Wizardry & Witchcraft.By chris Milbank

Most of us love Magic and the idea of magic, and I mean real magic. These days there is a science behind it. Quantum physics shows that we are all connected to everything and everything is connected to us. So that is what we use in Woo Woo. It’s magic.
A Culmination of all my studies and learnings in psychology, hypnosis, energy psychology, energy therapies, Reflective Repatterning RR, HaRRming To Heal, detoxification and nutrition, natural medicines, mind and brain training techniques,physical body therapies,herbalism, homeopathy the studies of Shaman Healers Voodoo, all kinds of healing and the black arts and a whole lot more. I have found huge areas of commonality. They can all be done remotely.
An early example would be, treating people via distance with Reiki, they would feel calm relaxed I was able to help someone hundreds of miles away in a stressful situation. I would be able to read what was happening, pick up images with stories and talk through them, and help people know where the causes of their emotional problems may be. Years later teaching a psychological treatment that uses acupuncture points (Thought Field Therapy) I was able to demonstrate, that instead of tapping the points of the student to relieve a trauma fear or phobia, I could think of them and tap away on myself, from another room. I was soon teaching this to hundreds of students, who found that treating themselves to treat others was more effective, and quicker in most cases.
I soon learned, that other treatments could be done the same way. I had a class of students, watch one volunteer, I turned my back and sat in a chair several yards away, the volunteer with eyes closed and his back to me, was to let me know of any experience, they had if any. I told nobody what I was going to do, in fact I didn’t know myself until I sat down, then I borrowed a pen and wrote down what I was going to do, folded the paper up and placed in my pocket showing nobody. I started to do in my mind a Feldenkrais body method, of moving my pelvis as if around a clock face, but only in my mind, of course the body does actually follow with micro muscle movements but so tiny the new students were unable to notice them in me. The volunteer and students were on a Thought Field Therapy tapping acu points training, so they may have presumed that was what I was doing. At the end of my completion of the pelvic clock, I asked the volunteer what was his experience. He replied, “nothing really, except a weird kind of feeling that my pelvis was rotating and my spine, and I feel really relaxed and more flexible “. I showed everybody the paper, of course they were shocked.
I would have discussions, with Bowen body therapists, and heard wonderful stories, of people, being bent over in pain, and Bowen done remotely, sorted the problem straight away. I saw other Thought Field Therapists using tapping remotely for pain.
One day a lady who cared for a man with severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, he had no nails many inches long, hair uncut, would not leave the room, for fear and anxiety. The lady explained he would not see anybody. I explained, that her worries were also energetically affec ting him, and first we should relieve those. We did, we used EMDR, a psychological approach that relieves trauma and anxiety through eye movements. The OCD man appeared more relaxed. I then suggested that she should think of him and do the EMDR on herself, whilst keeping his anxiety stress anger etc in mind, she did this in another room, without him knowing. The following day he joined his Mum and Dad for a walk on the beach, unprompted, the first time in many many years. I am not saying it was a cure, but it helped dramatically improve lives.
My research into this field grew, I taught every different therapy I knew, one on one and also remotely an d found students got quicker results remotely working and deeper and more effective work in most cases than one on one. Yes simply by treating how they felt about the persons issues and treating that, they would do this from another room, even building and in time, different countries. Yes I have treated hundreds of people from UK and Canary Islands that live in USA, Australia, New Zealand, Kenya, South America Europe etc.
I found also using alternative therapy equipment, from mind training machines, to soft tissue lasers, Rife Machines that work on frequencies enhancing body systems, and blasting germs, viruses etc, worked very well. In fact there is a group of Spooky Rife practitioners that now work this way, also Radionic machines,bio resonance machines, I have used many times a sound machine that relieves trauma fears anxiety etc, on myself whilst focusing on a clients photo, and have achieved amazing results.
So why hasn’t this taken off, well most of the students would say, I can’t use this as the publioc thinks it’s WooWoo. So I have grasped the name, and proudly use it, because it gets the results.
A couple cursed by a Voodoo spell, tried every healer, and therapist they could, even travelling to powerful Shaman in S. America, they could not get the spell overturned, in fact one therapist became suicidal trying,a nd another got cancer, others had bad experiences. I was able to feel the energy of the spell that kept the couple apart for years, if they were together, they would wake up feeling strangled, get ill, bad experiences nightmares. I took the energy and met it with it’s equal but opposite energy, I sweated from head to toe in a tshirt on a cold day, but suddenly the energy was inverted and neutralised. the couple were fine. They were on an African Island I was at least a few thousand miles away.
Homeopathy works with the dilution of a substance to thousandths and even millionths of its original form, so it is an energetic pattern, the body reacts too.
I discovered that thought is the connective pathway, and the emotion and feeling we generate in ourselves, is like the voltage and ampage we send down the connective highway. I developed from Reflective Repatterning and it’s laws of opposites, a therapy called HaRRming To Heal, where we generate huge voltage of negativity, or shame anger etc,and send down the connective pathway, to bring up a clients worst but hidden nightmares and fears, but then immediately invert them, that gives massive change in a positive way for the client.
I was challenged many a time to work on a company, or a physical outcome, and was able to produce shocking results.
So what can we do with Woo Woo. Well first of all we need to be in a good frame of mind, we need to work through our issues. We can then work emotionally and psychologically remotely with people. We can further learn about natural medicines, potions, detoxification procedures, do them ourselves then learn how to use them remotely.
I have demonstrated many a time, how to Time Travel, well actually make Time Travel for you, this can be amazing for treating ancestral problems, like shock trauma and more, that affect our very dna and get passed down generations. The field of epigentics have proven this. Well we can remotely treat this, to help on physical and emotional levels.
Recently I have been helping people remotely with serious illness, running major detoxification treatments, they can experience, hugely increased urination, tiredness, headaches etc, then feel amazing. Generally they feel less bad than physical detox procedures, yet the results are marvelous.
Of course I am not a scientist to do the extensive research this deserves, or have the funds to conduct the research. Yet you can search online, research in the power of prayer, collective consciousness, Rupert Sheldrake’s work, who had a parrot say the words of every card he held up even though they were miles apart, we are all connected. Years ago I read a story, how it was noticed that starlings or sparrows in Australia suddenly all started pecking away at milk bottle tops on peoples door steps, then all of a sudden they collectively were doing this around the world. There is much evidence that a brand new invention and or idea is thought of in two or more different places at once.
I will be teaching Woo Woo , you can email me for the latest courses, or for treatment sessions.
The Training is a four day level one training. This covers the understanding and training to work remotely, and how to apply it. For those that study my other courses,Reflective Repatterning RR, HaRRming To Heal, Get Well Total Toxic Body Burden, Brain Calm, Fridge Magnet Therapy, will be able to add other levels to, their WooWoo training.
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