WooWoo Official Training June 17th 18th 2017

  • WooWoo Training Oswestry
  • June 17th & 18th 2017. Special 1st course price of 250 UK pounds, all further WooWoo Trainings will be 450 pounds.

So what is WooWoo what does it doe and who can train in it. WooWoo is a remote way of treating anybody via, image in mind, photo, hair sample blood dna etc. I will be showing the unique way we apply healing to ourselves to heal others, how anybody can do this, and how if you are already trained in any therapy, use therapy equipment of any kind, or herbs homeopathy detox treatments they can all be applied to anyone wherever they are in the world remotely, this will include body therapies like massage Bowen Rolfing acupuncture, mind therapies Reflective Repatterning, Havening, EFT, TFT EMDR,NLP Hypnotherapy, machines like BioResonance, Rife machines, Biophoton, Laser, scenar and more.
WooWoo can also work with wizardry witchcraft, spells potions, love bombs, relationship enhancers, confidence and more. So whether you are a newly intrigued beginner or a curious professional this course is for you.
I will show you how to recognise the biofeedback mechanisms of yourself in your mind and body that diagnose where to treat and what to treat in somebody else.
We will explore, clearing energetic patterns, Time travelling, detoxification, inverting emotional patterns. I will loan out machines you can use on yourself to clear fellow students and those that need healing. Bring along a number of photos of people you want to work with.
There will be an advanced training, in WooWoo, and one of the reasons for the very special one off price, is so that I can monitor how much can go into levels one then two, the advanced.

You will be required to practice. With fellow students, and on self and others. WooWoo is all new, and stems from my work in RR, HaRRming To Heal and influencing world events.
Now if you think I am WooWoo I am forever grateful. Bookings are on receipt of payment email on [email protected]