TTBB Total Toxic Body Burden Reduction

TTBB Total Toxic Body Burden.
by chris Milbank. February15th 2017. Me Ghost Busting This picture was whilst recovering from Aids reducing my TTBB Total Toxic Body Burden, now fully recovered.

Toxins, candida other fungi yeasts and molds, parasites, stress and emotional issues such as trauma fears and phobias. All add to our total TTBB.
There are many types of toxin, including food chemicals, additives preservatives, sweetners, plastics, nitrates, benzenes, pesticides, herbicides, Genetically Modified foods etc. However when we look at all of the above, and emotional issues, and candida, mold, fungi parasites, there is one particular type of toxin that helps us absorb more toxins and exasperates all the other toxic burdens, and that group is heavy metals. Such as mercury, lead , alluminium, cadmium, nickel, uran ium, plutonium and more.
As a general rule, heavy metals disrupt all body functions, they help destroy the gut lining, meaning we absorb less nutrients,and pass undigested foods into the blood stream which causes inflamation and accelerates auto immune disorders. As the gut wall becomes leaky, we are seriously weakening the immune system, and also dirtying the blood. This plays havoc on emotional problems, brain chemistry, depression stress anxiety and mood swings.
Heavy metals also block nutrient receptor points in our cells, blocking important nutrient absorption. This means the cells are mal nourished and also filling with more toxicity. This further throws vital trace minerals in the body way out of balance. For example, mercury blocks magnesium, magnesium is an antagonist of calcium, with less magnesium we may well get too much calcium, creating deposists in veins and arteries that may add to heart attack and stroke risk. Mercury blocks zinc, vital for immune, hormones and mental health functioning. Some people with poor zinc absorption suffer with schizophrenia and also paranoia, for example.
Some of these metals are actually a poison too, directly killing the cells they are in. Lead sits deep in cell tissue, and deep into bone, triggering allsorts of problems, like arthritis, osteoarthritis, but also brain damage, lower IQ, cardiovascular problems. Mercury also affects brain chemistry and loves to destroy, and harm our nerves and nervous system. The lack of nutrition, from these heavy metals added to the poisonous affects, and the changes in brain chemistry, the disruption of hormonal signalling and the affects it has on the immune system, and further blocking general detoxification pathways, weakens every system in our body.
These heavy metals are further used by parasites and bad bacterias and viruses, to mix with mucous and calcium deposits to create a shell around them called biofilms, to protect these pathogens from our immune systems.
Have you ever noticed kids with repetitive behaviors and or those with anger issues or mood variations and swings, or attention deficit disorders, calm down in a field or out in the country away from electrics and wifi. This is because candida which can be anywhere in the body after spreading from the gut, holds it’s own weight in mercury and heavy metals, worms and parasites in the body absorb the metals, so the human body’s immune system spends more time trying to oxidise the metals rather than destroy the parasites and candida. This is because the wifi at home or work etc and the emf electrical fields from nasty smart meters and cars and wiring loom trigger increased electrical fields in the human body with all the metals in us. This sends our brain chemistry hay wire, and can create insomnia, repetitive thinking excessive thinking, mood swings violent thoughts, ocd type repetitive behaviors, lack of focus brain fog and more. The parasites that love the metals, defecate (toilet) in our body and blood, this is highly toxic and can create further inflammation. Inflammation has been found in the brain with depression and anxiety. The parasites also eat nutrients leaving less for our own repairs and removal of toxins, they also eat away at our organs tissues cells, they further eat away at our gut lining, again this causes inflammation, now name an illness if you can that does not have inflammation. Candida also loves the metals, and that can grow roots through the gut lining, causing even more problems. Now for some people who are ill, the main cause might be a virus, or a bacterial infection, or a parasite issue, or a candida or fungi issue, or a heavy metal issue which is very common, yet more likely a combination, but one area all of these have in common are the heavy metals. If you want to address any of these issues, and lessen the chance of them reoccuring, rid the metals.
Heavy metals Refresher,
1 they destroy gut and immune system
2 they block nutrients in cells and allow more absorption of other toxins.
3 They destroy cells and therefore organs glands, bones.
4 They disrupt nervous system signalling and some actually destroy nerve pathways.
5 They create the enviorment for an overgrowth of viruses, bacterial infections, candida, fungi and mold issues.
6 They create brain chemistry disorders further affecting stress and therefore digestion too.
7 They disrupt hormonal functions, and hormones govern every bodily system.
8 They protect many pathogens from our immune systems, thus again creating over growth of pathogenic factors, ie germs viruses bad bacteria’s fungus candida molds etc.
9 They further block detox pathways, allowing even more build ups of, plastics, benzenes, formaldehyde, and more toxins, causing an over burden on kidneys, liver, skin, lungs brain heart pancreas spleen adrenals. Lots more.
10 The more our detox pathways are blocked the less able we are to detox even with supplements and sweating, the less nutrients we can absorb, the more our cravings for bad food add to our malnutrition.
There are so many other factors that heavy metals are a part of in a harmful way, but they were the ten that most came to mind in the spur of the moment writing.
I will write another blog called Heavy metals detailing which each common type causes in the body.

So some people, need to address an infection super quick 1st it could be life threatening, like the 14 major infections I had when I had aids that I cured, some people may need to quickly address lowering a particular, parasite or metal, or candida etc. Those people can have individual consultations. Yet as a general rule, most people can benefit by following the TTBB guide.
1 Stop putting the poisons in, drink cleaner water, at least get it filtered, or have purified water.
2 Make sure your exits are clear. You need to be pooping three times a day. To do this you can hydrate, drink plenty of cleaned water, take a min imum of 5 grams of vitamin c daily, and magnesium citrate, some people take Concentrace a formula of many trace minerals, which people swear by. . Some of you have up to 15 pounds in weight of old dried fecal matter in your colons full of very old toxicity, that is being reabsorbed in to your blood, and slowing detox pathways and backing up intestines, liver kidneys and lings and skin etc as your detox pathways. If so I recommend either professional colonics and enemas, or Colonix a 3 month herbal and anti parasitical formula with intensely high fiber that will totally clean your colon/bowell . There are other formulas, some people do a quicker easier option that part cleanses colon and gets stools moving, called Oxy T this magnesium oxygenated product creates a softening of old fecal matter and oxygenates some of the harmful bacteria, but should not be used more than a week at a time. You can internet search it.
3 Get rid of your mercury amalgam fillings, a slightly acidic saliva, will break the casing and allow mercury vapours to enter the body. The average adult filling will leak 15 mcg of mercury vapours into your body daily. This is way over the safe limit, in fact there is no safe limit for mercury. It does not belong in a human body.
Many heavy metal detoxes should not be used until all the fillings are out, as they will detox mercury from the tooth into the body circulation. Some detoxes allow you to lessen metals in circulation for a month or two, then they say no more till removal of fillings.
Mercury filling removal should be done by a Biological dentist, if you cannot find one, find a holistic dentist, or at very least a dentist trained in safe mercury removal, but be careful. Just the dentists drill that gets hot will increase mercury vapours exiting the tooth, without a mouth guard you may swallow bits of mercury, many have ended up in hospital critical, your dentist should wear a mask and give you a mouth guard.
Detoxing of heavy metals can have serious side affects, especially if you have poor detox pathways, or are sensitive or already ill. I have used many protocols, yet I believe strongly the way to go, is the safest way. You some products, bind and pull on the metals, but their half life in the body ie the amount of time that supplement lasts in the body before becoming half strength may only be 3 or 4 hours, so they bind to the metal for example in the brain, pull out, and slowly navigate round the body and one and a half hours later that product loses it’s strength and drops the metals elsewhere, making you feel sick possibly or causing more damage elsewhere. Some of these treatments need to be repeated many times a day for several days to get the metal out, then a few days off, but this can mean night and day treatment and therefore exhaustion.
So as a safe rule before starting any very complexed but good heavy metal detoxing or known as chelation, unless guided by a Dr of Naturopathy or a Dr trained in chelation, who has specifically diagnosed you and ran many tests. I would consider the advice of Dr Gary Gordon 60 years in the business, known as the Father of chelation, I have used his products, I get way less serious detox reactions on his products but achieve extremely effective detox treatments.
Zeolite. This is a volcanic mineral, made from lava reacting with sea water. It has a negative electrical charge, attracting positively charged toxins into it’s cage like structure, Once it is in the structure, it stays there rendered harmless to the body, and it takes the body between 5 and 8 hours to pass the zeolite out, it will pass out mainly in urine but some in stall. The zeolite needs to be purified, ie not holding serious toxins absorbed from the environment. There are different types of zeolites, the most effective researched by far are the clinoptilolites.
I have used three different brands of zeolite over the years, however today I will recommend the same as Dr Gary Gordon, who has written over 7,000 published research papers in this field.
He suggests (unless critical) start with ACZ Nano Zeolite spray, start slowly, and work up to 20 sprays in mouth, hold in mouth swishing for 30 seconds and swallow, do twice a day. That is all, This nano sized zeolite will start cleaning the blood, but it will also pass the blood brain barrier as the zeolite has been nano sized, and it will clean the brain too of heavy metals etc.
Take your time, when you have finished your third bottle you can switch to ZeoGold. This capsule formula, you empty into a glass, stir wait two minutes and drink. These zeolites are micronised but nano sized, 40% will be cleaning blood and 60% approximately will be cleaning gut, which is critical to get well.
Zeolites negative charge attrac ts the highest charged metals 1st like, mercury, then lead etc, after it’s gone through these it will be finding other metals, but also benzenes, nitrates, some pharma drugs, toxic methyl mercury etc from vaccines also, but eventually onto pcb’s and also bacterial infections and even pulling in viral particles and antigens like allergens etc. What is left the body especially liver and kidneys will be in a far better position to detox.
There is a special deal buying 12 containers of ZeoGold ata cheaper rate so that you can take 4 a day, for three months as an intense detox, or you can go at one or two a day gently but effectively reducing your toxic load. One capsule of zeo gold is equivalent in zeolite as one whole bottle of ACZ Zeolite. Yet the CZ Zeolite will cross blood brain barrier to rid metals etc in the brain. So both types work well together. The ZeoGold is also fortified with amazing fulvic acid, which detoxes metals, and balances minerals in cells, also has the master antioxidant gluathion e, which many sick people are depleted in, has R Lipoic ac id which binds to mercury and other heavy metals is also a powerful antioxidant, and helps make gluathione last longer in the body. It also has a highly absorbable vitamin c in.

Once the body has less heavy metals in circulation, and you are feeling stronger and more energised. That can be the time to reduce the parasites and candida in the body. Remember when we kill parasites and candida they may well release not only a lot of toxic chemicals but also up to their own weight in more heavy metals, that is why we reduce our toxic load first, with the ACZ Nano zeolite and the ZeoGold. So it’s still good to have the zeolite on hand.
Reducing toxic burden load of parasites viruses and bacterial infections many of which will be low level and not detectable in a blood test as they hide in deep tissue and also nerve pathways etc. Well there are many options, you may want to read my How I cured my HIV Aids blog, and about chlorine dioxide.
However for this blog, I will talk about collidial silver as it works with the products you may consider using that I have mentioned in this blog. You can either make your own collidial silver which after buying or making the equipment and the silver wire, will cost you pence per gallon to make, and is best for serious illness to drink up to a litre a day, or if terminal even two litres daily. Or you can use the most powerful silver by a million on the market and use 40 oral sprays per day, or more if in a serious way. This is ACS200 Silver by RNA, same company that makes the ACZ Zeolite spray. The silver will kill many parasite egss, and small parasites, it will start destroying the biofilm that protects many pathogens from our own immune systems, it won’t kill bigger parasites, but there is no known, germ virus bad bacteria that can survive silver on contact. The ACS 200 Silver works side by side with the zeolite I reckon everybody can benefit from it. Very few are allergic to real silver, but if in doubt, spray a bit on arm if no rash in an hour, or more try some orally, if a rash appears or pain itching or allergic reaction develops avoid it.
The zeolite will be reducing heavy metals other toxins and absorbing bad bacteria and viruses, and the silver will be killing away pathogens in blood and circulation, it’s nano sized to get i cells organs glands and cross blood brain barrier.
I suggest healthy eating, lots of vegetables and fruits, although unless very ill, I am not suggesting you have to live like a monk to get well, however if you have been ill, follow healthy eating options, alkalising foods etc very closely.
Saunas are good and exercise as much as you can a daily walk is good, keep moving.
Vitamin e is crucial as is vitamin c and magnesium, any hormonal or immune issues or anxiety consider a zinc top up.
Ill people may need to be guided with consultations I do these at 40 pounds an hour by Skype, individuals will have different needs, some may be sensitive to vitamin c etc, or have trouble in the bathroom. So this TTBB is a general guide only. Some treatments like enemas and colonics may not be suitable so seek medical advice, same if you are already on prescription drugs of any kind.
Naturopathic dr’s can diagnose specific problems with many tests, but most of the causes will be either a combo of or one of metals, plastics, viruses, bacteias, parasites candida etc that are treated in a general way with the zeolites and ACS200 silver. However if you are feeling better but not fully recovered the might be the time to be tested by a naturopathic Dr.
Serrepeptase and turmeric are also powerful anti inflamatories that can assist in the detox healing process, BlockBuster serrepeptase also helps break down those biofilms.
Parasites and Candida.
Remember killing these can temporarily increase toxic burden, worms and flukes and candida etc may hold bacteria’s to be released in the body (yay for ACS200 Silver), when bacteria’s are killed they may release viruses (yay for ACS200 Silver ). The candida and parasites will release toxins, also defecate hugely and release metals like mercury lead etc in the body (yay thankyou zeolites for mopping them up).
Okay to kill parasites, silver would have started the process some will have been cleared already plus less larvae the silver has sorted, you can do Hulda Clark cleanses of black or green walnut hull, cloves and wormwood, this will kill some too that the silver won ‘t get. Also you can do the almighty 100% pure gum spirits of turpentine. Follow a strict anti candida diet, ie no dairy or wheat or sugars or refined carbs, look up on internet or be guided on a one on one consultation. You must read Dr Jennifer Daniels report on Turpentine, an adult must never use more than a teaspoon of turpentine in 24 hours, should never take any other internal treatment of turpentine accept orally. To clean blood of candida take 3 sugar cubes place one over the other and use a dropper, to gently drop no more tha a total of 1 teaspoon of turpentine into the sugar, when done eat one cube at a time crunch and swallow drink water. The candida and parasites love white refined granulated sugar the best, they will grab it and the turpentine will kill them. Turpentin e is also further anti bad bacteria and anti viruses. It will lift brain fog, and help sleep. But reduce those metals 1st. Some start off with a quarter teaspoon, others work up to1 teaspoon. Some do twice a week, some do 5 days on two days off.
Another way of using Turpentine, is 1 teaspoon of turpentine mixed with 1 desert spoon of natural organic castor oil. The castor oil will line entire gut and the turpentine will soak gut, getting the candida and pathogens growing there. I actually did 5 weeks of sugar protocol then 5 weeks of castor oil protocol. I passed so much candida on week 2 of my sugar protocol, felt energised, dark thoughts may occur, as liver gets burdened take afew days off drink water drink lemon juice, cleanse and restart when you are ready. Watch Dr Jennifer Daniels Turpentine videos and also SunFruit Dan.
I will give links, but crucially read Dr Jennifer Daniels pdf on turpentine candida protocol before using it, this is essential. Always do your own research I am not a Dr, this blog is my own experience experimentally and my own research. I am currently independent of all products and I do not profit from them. Research and take advice from your health care advisor. If you disagree, this blog has at least given you the option. That is the prupose to share information so people have more choices in their own health care.
Turpentine PDF Must read by Dr Jennifer Daniels
If you want to purchase a collidial silver maker I will put you in touch with a natural health care provider who is very helpful in this area.
ACS200 Silver
ACZ Nano Zeolite

These products are available in UK at various differing prices, and other countries.

I also highly recommend Restore 4 Life, that reseals leaking gut, helps happiness resets brain chemistry encourages a diverse range of good bacteria, reduces inflammation, helps digestion, and so much more. It is amazing with auto immune diseases, and was discovered by three times medically board certified Dr Zac Bish alsoa leading oncologist.


Please feel free to share the blog, I can be contacted via my website on my contact page or via email [email protected] I teach Get Well courses with
I highly recommend Reflective Repatterning as a thorough effective deep treatment for stress fears phobias traumas limiting beliefs emotional stress and anxiety, see my website internet and youtube.

Please remember reducing TTBB Total Toxic B ody Burden s the way to happier health.
Best wishes
happy health
chris, okay time for a cuppa x.


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    • Chris

      Hi many thanks sorry for delay in responding. Yes I used the turpentine 5 days on 2 days off for 5 weeks then took a couple of weeks break and restarted again. Turpentine makes me feel real good, it helped me pass loads of biofilm and candida and parasites, especially when combining 12 hours apart chlorine dioxide enemas, which you can look up online, commonly called MMS enemas re Jim Humble.